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Related post: Kayden III Part 3 This is gay-oriented fiction. I don't like writing `bout sex, so you won't find it here. I might suggest some of it, but no hardcore. This story is not about my life, although certain people portrayed in the story may be real. There is no sex... blah, blah, blah. You know the rest. If you've come this far, I can't stop you. Kayden and Zac by Ryan Keith Chapter 3 - Unexpected Danger ***Kayden*** What could I say? February 14th was a blast. I know Zac isn't into that whole romantic thing, but I think I might be. Sometimes I look for things I can do for Zac to surprise him. Seeing his spontaneous smile when something good happens always makes me feel a bit lightheaded. Add to that Zac's best friend Jett, and a girl who has the best sense of humor, and you get a night of fun. I think Lenne tends to be the funniest of the three girls in our close group. She never takes things too seriously, like Maya sometimes does, and she isn't as bold as Mai. Mai is very different; the kind of girl who's better suited hanging out with guys. Not to say Mai is a man, but she does tend to have a hint of tomboyish charm. Yet she still manages to look like the Asian princess she is. Over the weekend everyone got together and went to Casey's Bar and Grill. Usually, when it's your birthday, you get your meal free. The day we went was actually neither Maya's nor Scott's birthday. It was a neutral day in between. Luckily, Maya has some hookups with her uncle, who's the manager at Casey's. Maya and Scott got their meals for free, but not preteen sexys before the entire staff sang happy birthday to them, making Scott turn a colour I'd never seen. Give Scott a little attention and he'll have the time of his life. Give him too much, and he loses his edge. ************* It was after school on Wednesday. After the whole Brad thing in the hallway, Zac and I had both gotten separate detentions for `disturbing school peace'. I don't know why Zac didn't just tell Mr. Sanders, the vice principal, that it was Brad who caused the noise by slamming his fist into that locker. I guess preteen hot video Zac's like that. He's nice to everyone, even guys like Brad. Brad still confuses me. "Hey, shitface!" All I saw was red. I turned to the voice and was ready to leap, until I realized the insult wasn't directed at me. I was stunned. For about a minute, I pictured myself back in my old high school, with Blake, Sean's older brother, doing the shouting. In reality, it was Ted, but this time I wasn't his target. It appeared that Brad was. From where I was standing, they couldn't really see me. I was behind a section of wall that hid the exit I had just come out of. They were outside the cafeteria doors, in the area where Mai had once confronted me. Since it was after hours, the cafeteria was empty. I noticed Brad smiling. "Excuse me? I don't think I heard you correctly," he said coldly. gay preteen bbs "You heard me, fag. No way in hell am I playing hockey with a gay guy on the team. I know the other guys feel the same way, so do latin preteen ass yourself a favor and take your sickness elsewhere, or bad things will happen," Ted threatened him. As usual, Ted had some of his jock friends with him, four of them. Brad chuckled. He sleepover preteen models fuckin' chuckled! He's gonna get his ass kicked! "Man, you have nothing to be scared of. I'm not into hairy guys like you. And I already checked out all of you guys on the team. There are only a handful of you I'd even consider messing around with. Your equipment is...what's a nice way to say this...inadequate," Brad said, curling nn preteen webshots his lips venomously. "You fucking f-" "You call me fag once more," Brad said, his tone and features totally changing, "and I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life. Still think you'll have friends after a queer beats fotos porno preteens your ass?" "Is there a problem here?" I asked, stepping up. I really didn't know if Brad could take on all five of them. Even I would have had trouble with that. I'd definitely get hurt if I tried. I'm not superman. But, I preteen photo blog thought that if Brad was as good as he was confident, we could fight them off. "You shouldn't fight anymore..." Zac's voice rang in my head and I almost shit my pants. Shit... I made a promise to Zac that I wouldn't fight anymore. Intimidation... I can use that. "Five on one isn't fair at all. Wanna try your luck against two, Ted?" Ted knew I could kick his ass easily, plus at least two other guys. I hoped he'd have the brains to walk away. "Fuck off, Kayden. I didn't know you were the defender of fags, too!" Ted shouted. I felt like decking him. I walked up towards them, ready to pounce, but Brad stuck out his arm to stop me. He turned to me slightly. "Hey, my own knight in shining armor, eh? Stay back preteen bikini butt Kayden, I can take him." "But..." "How about this... Ted, right?" Brad's smile wasn't his usual attention-grabbing one, but more like a dangerous one, with a mix of Scott's mischievousness as a filler. "You and me. One on one. If I kick your ass, you back off and leave me alone. If you win, I quit the team. No friends, just me and you..." Ted gave an arrogant smile and nodded. He was definitely bigger than Brad. I was about to object, but I changed my mind. If I protected Brad, that might hurt his pride more than the beating he would get from Ted. "If your friends step up, Ted, I'm taking them out. And you know I can tear up all five of you. We've already been there, remember?" I said, jogging his memory. Ted preteen sites photo didn't say anything. He knew it was true, and I prayed he wouldn't try anything on me. models preteen galleries I really didn't want to fight. I'd promised Zac. Before I even realized it was beginning, Ted flew towards Brad. The fight was over within seconds. A good solid right punch to Ted's face and a powerful left sidekick to his body, and he was down. I couldn't believe it. It was exactly the same thing I would have done. Ted was too open when he flew forward at Brad. Brad was fast, and I saw enough to know he would probably be an even match with me. Ted was fast, too, but I saw the opening, and Brad saw it, too. I knew that wasn't a coincidence. Brad was a scary guy. "It's over," I said to Ted's friends. "He'll have a black eye, for sure. You guys might want to take him home and fix him up." Ted was on the ground, clutching his face. There was no blood, which was a good thing. Either Brad knew exactly what he was doing and pulled back, or it was a total fluke. He could easily blind someone with a punch like that if he pressed a knuckle to the eye. I looked at Brad as he stood smugly with his arms crossed. "I told you, you call me fag and you'll fucking regret it. Now go home. There won't be any more problems, Ted. Not from preteen galleries incest you, anyways. I hear anything from you about me and I'll do much more than give you a black eye." Poor guy. A black eye from me a few months earlier, and now one from Brad. I couldn't see much of Ted's eye, because he was still clutching his face. I could tell he was in pretty serious pain, and I was worried that some of the faculty might come out. "You guys better get his ass outta here. If you care about him enough, that is. That eye could be pretty serious." His friends took the hint and they supported him as they made it towards one of their cars. They were all shouting at each other, trying to get preteenagers are hot their whole group to move faster. I think they were intimidated by the fact that Brad and I were still watching them. Since Brad could do that to Ted, the biggest of them, and they knew what I could do, it didn't take a genius to know what the outcome would be if they tried to avenge Ted. After they were gone, Brad turned to me with his hand extended. "Thanks, man, I really appreciate your help. I think you scared them off." "Not was mostly you," I said, shaking his hand. He held on a bit too long, so I made the release. "It might be hard on you for the next few months, but if you need preteen angel nudes help, you know that Zac and his friends will help you out, right?" "I think I can handle myself. I guess you and Zac aren't out yet?" argentina preteen "No, we're not, and we want it to stay that way until we're ready. All of our close friends know, and they're fine with it. I would appreciate it if you'd keep it to yourself," I told him. "That's not a problem," Brad said with a grin. "I'm pretty good with my mouth." I didn't like the way he grinned at me, so I said goodbye and headed towards the house of the only guy I really care about, Zac. ***Zac*** "Hey, Zac! How's my precious grandson?" Grams said when I answered the phone. "Grandma? Hey! How are you?" I said excitingly. I hadn't talked with her since the week before Christmas. She and Grandpa were traveling, again. "Oh, same as usual. Your grandpa and I are in Australia right now. He had a meeting here. What about you? How were your exams?" "I passed. My average is eighty-two. A bit lower than Dad's grades when he was in high school." I heard her sigh. "Your dad was a very serious student. Nothing short of high nineties. He would get so upset when he got even a percentage point lower than ninety-five." I know my dad is hardcore, and I'm okay with that, but he would have seriously pissed me off if I had known him as a kid. Ninety-five grade average? What the hell was wrong with him? "Well, that's Dad for you. He was the perfect kid, wasn't he?" I asked. "Oh, far from it, Zac," Grandma laughed. "He was so rebellious, your grandfather and I didn't know what to do. He was very much more cunning and manipulative than we could ever be. We would fight constantly over the smallest things. No, Zac, your father wasn't perfect, but I'm starting to think you are." I laughed. "Grandma, I'm gay, remember?" I didn't know why, but it kinda bothered me to say that. "I'm not really normal, if you look..." "Zac, if I hear you say that ever again, I will book the next flight, just to smack you over the head. Do you understand me, young man?" she said angrily. I'd heard Grandma upset, even sad, but never had she raised her voice at me like that. "Zac, there is nothing wrong with being who you are. You're still perfect to your grandfather and me. You're a good kid, you're smart, you think of others, and you have a will as strong as your father's. You are a one of a kind, Zac. So, please, don't ever say that again, okay?" I could hear the sadness in Grandma's voice. I could tell she was crying. It suddenly struck me that tears were falling from my eyes, as well. I've never been yelled at like that... I didn't know if my tears were from being shouted at, or because of the fact that my grandma loved me that much. Either way, it only showed how much I meant to her. I was overjoyed. "I'm sorry, Grams. I didn't know that would upset you, and I really didn't mean it like that. It's just what people say sometimes." "Zac, the rest of society can go screw themselves," she said bitterly. That shocked the hell out of me. "You are my precious grandson. That's all that matters to me. Don't be afraid of what people will think, Zac. Everyone judges... God knows, I do. But those who judge you for being gay will be missing out on knowing one of the most remarkable young men I've ever known." I preteen hardcore xxx felt myself laugh. "Grandma, you're going thailand ls preteens to give me an ego the size of my head." "If you grow one, I'll be sure to shrink it. The reason your father and I fought so much was the fact that my words could rip the ego out of him," she said flatly. I didn't doubt that. "So, Dad was really a problem child, huh?" "Oh, God, yes, but there was a big change in him after he met your mother." I felt a rush in me that I couldn't describe. "Grandma, do you think you can tell me a bit about her? You know, without your biased views. Just tell me who she was..." She didn't say anything for a moment. "Zac, you need to understand. I really didn't like that girl. I could never control your f
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