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Related post: Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 13:08:50 -0800 (PST) From: slpwriter Subject: Nick Lachey: russian child fuck My Everything-2Well, I"m back and ready with chapter 2. I hope you all enjoy it.Disclaimer: This is totally fiction and is not meant to imply anything about the sexualities of Nick and Drew Lachey, or anyone else of 98 Degrees that are mentioned in this story. If you are too young to read this or if homosexuality offends you then don't read any further and leave.Enjoy.Chapter 2: Backstage in the Dressing Room"Well Nick, where do you want me to start?", I asked him. He beamed and then he said, "Why don't you start with where you're from first and then tell me what your interests and hobbies are." He was looking me straight in the eyes as he spoke and never once looked away. Man, his eyes could melt me like butter! But then I shook myself out of my reverie and then spoke up."Well, My name is Sean Perry as you already know, I"m orignally from Chicago, IL., but I moved here right after high illegal naked child school. I thought it was time for a new change of scenery, so I moved here. My interests are Acting and Modeling, and my hobbies are Softball, Volleyball, Video Games, and meeting famous celebrities." "OK, let me take a breath now, Nick. "While I'm doing that, ask away." I said to him."How old are you?" He then asked. Before I could answer there was a knock on the door and then it opened and the security guard who brought me and Danny backstage, came in and announced that it was almost time for them to go onstage, and told me and Danny childs foto sex to come and take our seats. Nick then jumped in and asked, "Can you give us a minute please?" "Sure, but not too long, ok?" he said and then shut the door. Nick then turned to me. "Will you be back after the show? I'd like to talk to you some more back here." I smiled. "Of course, if you guys are still up to it, when you finish the concert. Me and Danny will be in front row where I can watch you all up close." Nick nodded and then stood up, as well as myself, and the rest of the guys. "Ok, are you guys ready?" Nick asked them. They all nodded that they chill nude pics were and they proceeded towards the door. Nick started towards the door. "Nick, Wait! I whispered. He turned around with raised eyebrows. "What?" he asked. I walked over to him and gave him a hug, surprising him. He returned it and then asked, "What was that for?" "For good luck, and for being such a nice guy to us tonight." He grinned. "Thanks man, Anytime. Now go ahead and get yourself seated. "Yes Sir", I saluted him, "Please, don't call me "Sir", If you call me that again, childporn download I'd have to kick your ass." he joked. I smiled and said" Alright, It'll just be Nick then. I"ll see you later." I then walked over to where Danny and the rest of the guys were standing, and wished them luck and told them that It was great meeting them. They all replied back that it was great to meet me too and that they would see me after the concert. "Come on", kids childrens nudes I said to Danny, Let's take our seats now, buddy. "Alright, he said, Guys, we'll see you later maybe. "Count on it." Jeff said, smiling as we left the room.Danny and I followed the first security guard back out to the asian nude childrens auditorium where we took our seats. Already, the place was packed with teenage screaming girls, and a few guys here and there, and they were screaming even as we took our seats. The girls in the second row shot me and Danny a look of pure hatred and jealousy. I just shrugged it off and thailand children nude sat down next to him, and got ready for the show. The announcer came out and said that the guys would be childs porno pics on in about 5 minutes since they were testing everything on the stage to make sure everything was working right. While I was looking around, I noticed all nudist children image these girls had banners and signs addressing their favorite memeber of 98 Degrees. Most of them said "I love you, Nick, Marry me, or "Nick is the best" and other corny things like that. I saw some that were addressed to Drew and Jeff, but didn't see any in my eyesight addressed to childsex mpegs Justin. I felt bad for Justin, although he may not be a heartthrob like the rest of the guys, I still thought he was childrens porn an attractive guy and he had a great voice. Even though I had only talked to him for a few seconds during introductions backstage, I immediately felt at ease with him and knew that he was a great guy that would be there for anyone he cared about. He reminded me alot of Danny. Speaking of Danny as I looking his way, I looked at him and then child porn mpegs then saw that he was looking at me with a shit-eating grin on his face. "What?" I asked. He then laughed and said "Don't give me that what. I saw what you did to Nick before we came out here." I frowned and then after a few seconds I realized he was talking about the hug I gave Nick earlier. "Danny, I just hugged the guy, there's nothing mpg child sex wrong with that." I told him. Danny then got serious and said. "Look Sean, no there isn't anything wrong with hugging him, but you have to be careful who you hug because some guys take even hugging the wrong way as well. I just hope for your sake that Nick didn't think it as anything more than just a fan hugging a pop star for good luck, because to me and the guys, it could have looked like more."I felt my heart sink child porn nudes as I realized that Danny could be right. I could have offended Nick with that hug. "Oh man, Danny, I'll never forgive myself If I did offend him. He means alot to me already." I could feel the tears start to illegal kds child well up in my eyes. Danny sensed this and put an arm around my shoulders. "Don't child masterbation photos cry, Sean", He said while trying to comfort me, " I shouldn't have said that and worried you like this, but I just wanted you to know that just in case he doesn't talk japanese child pussy to you after this or starts to feel umcomfortable around you when we go backstage, that you should ask someone if you can hug them first before you actually do it and see what they say." I nodded through my tears. "Thanks Danny, I know you didn't mean to upset me, you were just trying to be there for me and I love you for it. I'll keep what you said in mind and I'll think before I act next time." I told him. Danny smiled and then patted my shoulder child fuck photos before taking his arm away. All of a sudden, the screaming intensified, causing me to look up to see the curtains opening revealing all of the guys, standing in a row. Nick was in the center. He looked good! He was wearing a black vest with nothing underneath, showing off his muscular arms, chest, and abs, and was wearing burgundy pants that looked like they were made of leather or snakeskin, but I couldn't be sure. I could feel myself getting hard in the confines of my tight jeans. russian child nude I noticed that Nick's brother, Drew looked almost as good. He was wearing almost the same thing as Nick but he was wearing baggy brown pants, but he looked good too. He wasn't as muscular as Nick, but he wasn't that far off either. His body was perfectly toned. If I wasn't so taken with Nick, I"d probably pick Drew as my next choice for a guy. They started singing "Give Me Just One Night"(Una Noche) Nick looked out towards the audience and looked through the front row and locked eyes with me. He smiled and pointed at me, letting me know he saw me sitting fucking child freepics here. His pointing caused the girls near my row to start screaming even louder, thinking that Nick must have pointed at them. He smiled his sexy smile, showing off those pearly white teeth of his. That smile made my heart do children porn freesex a flip, and also caused my dick to twitch and get even harder. They then sang a couple more songs. and then near the end of the concert, they ended it with two child sex lola of my favorite songs "All Because Of You" and "My Everything." The sound after that was deafening. The girls screamed and screamed wanting more, and not wanting the guys to leave. The guys bowed to the audience and thanked them for coming. They then left the stage and headed to their dressing rooms. Danny and I stood up and stretched a bit since sitting there for so long caused us both to ache a little. Then Rob, the second security guard came back to my row and said that the guys wanted to see us before they left. He led us backstage where the security guard who let us in outside was standing there in his place. He grinned at us at we came in. I then realized I hadn't asked him his name when we came in. "Excuse me? What is your name?", I asked him. "I didn't ask you for yours at the entrance, and I already know Rob, so I child xxxporn think it's unfair to baby child nude call you Sir when I know his name already. the first guard smiled and said, " My name's Mike, I should have told you at the entrance but I forgot." Well It's nice to meet you Mike." I said shaking his hand again since I know knew him by his name. "Likewise, He said, "Go on in, they're waiting for you.""Thanks." I replied and Danny and I entered their dressing room. The guys were sitting around watching the TV. Drew was nowhere in sight. "Guys, where's Drew?" Danny asked."He's in the bdsm child abuse shower, Nick replied, We're waiting for him to get out so we can get our turn.As if on cue, Drew came out, totally naked, and froze when he saw that he and the guys weren't the only ones in the room. When he saw me and Danny, his face and his body must have changed a hundred different shades of red before he exclaimed: "Oh Shit! I'll be right back! With that, he turned and flew back into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Damn! He had a hot ass! and quite a nice package in the front too. His dick had to have been at least 8 inches when hard. I looked around at the other guys, who were laughing their asses off and when I looked at Danny, I noticed that he was blushing from embarassment having seen Drew naked. illegal childporn "What was that all about guys?" I laughed. Nick was still laughing as he said, "Drew's used to walking around in all his naked glory, but I guess he forgot that you were coming back here.""I"m gonna kill you for that bro!We all turned to see Drew, standing outside the bathroom, fully dressed with mock angry look on his face. He lunged at his brother and knocked him on the couch. The moment Drew left the bathroom doorway, there was a mad dash for the bathroom by Justin and Jeff, and Justin got it first. childre porno asian Jeff turned thai nude child and saw Drew trying to pin down Nick, who was much more muscular than him, and saw me and Danny laughing hysterically, while he starting laughing himself. Nick finally got the upper hand and flipped Drew over and pinned his arms down tight on the floor. "You give up, bro?" he panted, out of breath. "Alright, alright, I give up! Drew panted, out of breath himself. Nick let him up and they both sat down on the 8yo childsex couch to catch their breath, while watching us laugh. Nick then turned to Drew and asked, "Why did you have to try to bushwhack me? It's true that you do walk around naked most of the time.""Yeah but they don't need to know that!, Drew said while playfully slapping Nick across the arm. Nick laughed and then turned to me. "Man, I'm starving, do you two want to go and grab a bite to eat with me or something? he asked us. I started to get excited. Nick was asking us out to dinner!, I thought. I don't think my gallery erotic children day could have gotten any better. Before We could answer him, Justin came out of the shower and Jeff went in to take his. "Why don't child sexy free we wait until Jeff gets out of the shower and ask you all together. "Alright." Nick said. After a few minutes, Jeff came out of the shower and sat down at the table with Justin. Then Nick decides to ask. "Hey guys, are you all up to going out to dinner?"Not me, I think I"ll go back to the hotel and get some sleep." Jeff yawned. "Me too." Justin agreed. Danny looked at his watch and his eyes widened. "Shit!, he exclaimed, I have to be up for my classes at 6:00 tommorrow morning, and it's already almost 11:00pm. I have to go home and get some shut eye too. I'm sorry guys. Sean, I'll see you tommorrow ok?" I was disappointe
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