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Related post: Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 05:19:51 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Gaige lolitas preteen little virgins Subject: Brothers, Friends, & Lovers - Chapter 12DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between men, teenage boys, and between men and teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then - I hope you enjoy it! Brothers, Friends, & Lovers Chapter 12-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jason got home very late that night. In fact it was already the next morning. 2:30 AM to be exact. He was so late because of the long good-bye he and Dan had shared.Jason slept in late the next morning. It was 11:30 when he finally got up and pulled finest teeny loli models on his jeans and went downstairs.Luke was sitting in the kitchen, alone, about to take a bite out of a sandwich he'd made for himself."Lukey! Good to see you man!" Jason said, smiling at him.Luke grinned and said, "Likewise!"Luke stood up then and the two brothers briefly hugged each other."So... Dan went home then?" Luke asked, quietly.Jason smiled wrly and looked at Luke. "Yeah he did.""I'm sorry. I know you're in love with him. I can't imagine how much it must hurt. I know I'd die if I ever lost Brian!" Luke said."Yeah. Well, I never really entirely had Dan! He was spoken for when I met him," Jason said. "He thinks you're the greatest little brother a guy could ever want though. Must have something to do with whatever you two were talking about that last night!"Luke smiled a little. "Did he tell you what I told him?""Said it was private and I should ask you," Jason said."Well, we'll keep it that way," Luke said.Jason smiled and said, "Well, I got the impression you did something nice for me, so whatever it was, Thanks, and I owe you!""No you don't. Seems it didn't work," Luke said."Well, whatever," Jason said.The two had lunch together then. * nnude preteen loli pictures * *As they preteen lolita video models were finishing lolita girls photo art eating, Brian arrived."Jase! Good to see you!" he said, as he walked in the door."You too Bri," Jason said, standing up and giving Brian a hug."Wanta sandwich?" Luke asked."Nah, just ate. Thanks anyway," Brian said."Let's go up to my room then," Luke said. "We gotta study for tomorrow's history final. Last one thank God!"Jason smiled to himself, as he noticed the twinkle in Brian's eyes, and the bulge forming in the crotch of his pants. The two took off and ran upstairs. Jason picked up his dishes, then went upstairs himself to unpack his things. He grinned to himself again, when he saw Luke's door was closed. * * *"So did you tell them about your seizures yet?" Brian asked Luke.The two boys had stripped immediately after they closed Luke's door, and were now laying naked together on Luke's bed, playing with each other's hardons."Jase just got home late last night. I didn't get a chance yet," Luke said."You're gonna tell them though, right?" Brian said."Will ya just lay off it already Bri? I'll get to it!" Luke said."You need to get to it soon!" Brian said. "That was a bad one you had yesterday afternoon!""BRIAN! I SAID I'LL GET -" lolitas underground bear hug Luke started to yell.Luke never finished the sentence, because suddenly, a pain shot through his head, and he stiffened and started shaking violently."SHIT!" Brian exclaimed."JASON!!!" Brian yelled urgently then at the top of his lungs, as he leaped up and straddled Luke to keep him from falling out of bed. very very petite lolita * * *Jason was unpacking a box of books and putting them on his bookshelves when he heard Brian's yell. lolita top preteen models He could hear teen girl loli porn the distress in Brian's voice."What's wrong?" Jason hollered, as he headed for Luke's room."Get in here quick!" Brian answered.When Jason opened the door, he was shocked to see Brian and Luke naked on Luke's bed. At first glimpse he thought they were having sex. Brian was on his hands and knees straddling Luke. His ass was sticking up in the air and Jason had a perfect view of his pink rosebud. It was encircled with a tiny amount of light brown hair. Brian's large testicles were hanging loosely between his legs in their sack below his ass. Jason's dick tingled in the split second he took all this in. Then, to his horror, Jason realized that Brian was holding Luke, as he was shaking violently, and his arms and legs were flailing about. Obviously he was having a violent seizure."NO! Not again!" Jason cried, running over to the side of Luke's bed.Jason knelt on the bed next to Luke and looked down at him. His eyes had rolled up into his head, and all you could see was the whites of his eyes."It's OK Luke. Try to relax. It'll pass," Jason said, leaning over him and stroking his hair gently."What happened?" Jason asked.Brian looked at Jason and said, "Nothing! We were just talking. He didn't like something I said and got angry, then he started seizing.""What'd you say?" Jason asked, as he scrunched down so he could hold Luke's head and shoulders in the crook of his arm.Brian didn't reply.Jason felt Luke's shaking beginning to slow down."It's stopping," he said.Slowly, Luke's eyes rolled back to normal, and his body stopped shaking. He lay still, bathed in a thin sheen of sweat, looking up mournfully at his brother."It's OK Luke! It's over," Jason said.Brian leaned in next to Jason and looked down at Luke."I'm magazine fashion loli girls sorry Luke. I didn't mean to upset you. But at least now they know!" Brian said.Jason looked at Brian and said, "How long has this been going on?"Brian went red in the face and looked guiltily at Jason, but he didn't say anything.As Jason looked pointedly at Brian, Luke croaked, "It's not his fault. I made him promise not to tell!"Jason looked down at Luke and said, "So how long have you been having them? And how bad are they?""A while now, and I usually don't remember most of them," Luke said."what you saw is as bad as they get," Brian said."How often do you have them?" Jason asked."It depends. They seem to young lolita alone pantie happen when I'm exerting myself in some way," Luke said."And Mom and Dad don't know?" Jason asked.Averting his look, Luke guiltily said, "no.""He didn't want anyone to know, so he could get his license back," Brian said."I thought they might go away," Luke added, woefully."They've been getting worse though!" Brian said."You should have told Mom and Dad, or me!" Jason said, looking down at Luke, who, guiltily looked away."And if he didn't, you should have!" Jason said, looking at Brian.Tears welled in Brian's eyes, as he looked at Jason."Alright, I can tell you both realize that - so enough about it. In the future, Luke, you have to be honest with us. And Brian, if he isn't, please, tell us. And Luke, if you'd let this go on and gotten your license back, what do you think would happen if you had a seizure while you were driving? You could kill yourself, any passengers in your car, and maybe even a carload of other people! This is serious! We need to have you examined so they can do something to stop them," Jason said."I'm sorry," Luke said, dolefully."I know. I'll drop it now, OK?" Jason said."Thanks," Luke said.Jason pulled the covers up over Luke then, as he'd begun shivering."You rest for a while," he said.Luke just looked sadly at him."It'll be alright," Jason said. "Brian and I will lay here with you."Brian crawled off Luke, and stretched out beside him, and Jason stretched out on the other side of him. The three lay together quietly. Within a few minutes, Luke had fallen asleep."Why don't you come with me for a while? He needs to rest," Jason said to Brian.Brian, who was still naked, got up and gathered up his clothes, then he followed Jason to his zeps freedom lolita bbs room. * * *"So how long did you know he was having them again?" Jason asked, as Brian set his clothes on the bed."It's been a couple months. I was with him when it happened the first time," Brian said."What happened then? What was he doing when it happened?" Jason asked.Brian turned red, and looked down at his pile of clothes, and started to pull out his boxers."Well, we were ... you know..." Brian mumbled."What exactly were you doing though?" Jason asked.Brian went absolutely crimson then."Well... he was on top of me, fucking me," Brian said, unable to look at Jason."So it was exertion that brought it on then?" Jason asked."Yeah, seems to be most of the time," naked nymphets and lolitas Brian said, as he lifted a foot to step into his boxers."You should've told us!" Jason said. "He should've seen a doctor right away!"Brian spun his head toward Jason, who was standing next to him, to answer, just as his right foot was about to go through the leg hole in his boxers. His foot missed and hung up in the fabric of his boxers, which he was holding up with both hands. Brian teetered, and lost his balance. Jason reached out and caught him before he fell on his ass. When he caught him, Jason threw an arm around his back, and reached down to grab his leg with his other hand, but ended up cupping his right buttock, as Brian had tried to lean forward to break his fall, and had overcompensated and pitched forward slightly. As Brian finally came to rest in his arms, Jason realized his middle finger was pressed firmly up against Brian's asshole.As embarrassed as he was, by stumbling so ungracefully, and ending up in Jason's arms, Brian couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of Jason's finger, which was practically forcing itself up inside him. If there was one thing Brian found arousing, it was when someone stimulated his anus. Naturally, his penis began to rapidly expand.As Jason momentarily held Brian in his arms, realizing he was touching Brian's hole, he realized he couldn't just drop him, but also worried that trying to help him up lolita tween girl pics would send his finger right up inside the boy, so he just held onto him, not really sure what to do. As he held him, he felt Brian's sphincter contract and relax slightly a couple times.Embarrassed that he was getting hard while Jason's finger was up against his hole, Brian attempted to stand up, which only made matters worse. As he attempted to push himself up into a standing position, his sphincter relaxed and his butt pressed down a little. Jason's finger slid right through his asshole, and half its length, up inside him."Oh!" Brian gasped, as Jason's finger slid up into him. He was mortified, yet at the same time, his penis instantly became rock hard.Jason was shocked when his finger slid up inside Brian. He also saw that Brian's penis had suddenly become fully erect though. He hadn't seen the boy in an aroused state in a while, and was impressed with the size of his fully engorged member."Well," Jason chuckled. "This is certainly a strange position we've gotten ourselves into. How about I just help you stand back up."Jason lifted Brian up then, but in doing so, forced his finger even deeper up inside Brian."Ohh!" Brian gasped, feeling the pressure of Jason's finger."Fuck! I'm sorry man!" Jason said, as he pulled his finger out of Brian's asshole, and stepped back from him.Brian stood red as a beet, the tip of his rock hard cock glistening with a drop amicolola falls water level of pre-cum. Jason stared at the boy's penis for a moment. It was beautiful, and stood straight out from his body, pointing directly at Jason. It looked to be about 8" long now too, the teen lolita underage models same length as Jason's."It's OK. It didn't hurt. And it wasn't your fault," Brian said finally."Not your's either. Could'a been me who fell on you!" Jason said, forcing himself to look back up at Brian's face."Would you get a hardon over my finger sliding up your butt?" Brian asked, ruefully."Most likely," Jason said, smiling sympathetically at him. "I think most guys like it when their hole gets fingered!"Brian smiled a little then, "so you like it too?""Oh yeah!" Jason smiled, tinging a little pink.Brian's gaze dropped down to the large bulge that had formed in Jason's crotch."Guess you like fingering holes too," he said, huskily.Jason turned a sha
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