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Related post: Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 11:57:27 -0500 From: Eric Rangel Subject: Daniel's Magic, Chapter 3: Eternal SunsetLegal Disclaimer:I do not know porn cp bbs or imgboard bbs dark claim to know Daniel Radcliffe and I don't mean to impla any knowledge of his personal live or sexual preferences. This is FICTION and nothing more. If your under 18 or if it is illegal to read such materials in your country, state bbs cp tgp or province, or don't like to read fan-fictions about same sex romances then DO NOT read this erotic bbs pics story.The author retains all rights to this story, and should not be published without authorization. CH3 ETERNAL SUNSET -Senores, necesitan acompanarnos, estan bajo arresto... (Gentlemen, you must come with us, you're under daddys girls bbs arrest...)I felt like I porn links bbs was going to pass out, I was sure that a huge black bbs erotic russian bbs porn hole had landed in my stomach; Dan was as white as the floor beneath his shoes, I took a very deep breath and turned bbs forum model to face the agents, I said almost in a whisper:-Oficiales, tienen que escu... ( Officers, you must listen to m...)When I turned around to face them I saw astonished that they were underground nudes bbs standing behind the couple porn bbs young of men in the next Immigration Desk, when I realized that the Officers were arresting other guys, I turned immediately to face the agent in our desk that miraculously didn't saw anything of that and were writing in the computer, he turned and llita bbs ask Daniel:-Cuanto tiempo piensa permanecer en el pais senor? (How many time you plan to stay in Mexico sir?)Daniel turned to me and I was still shocked of the near arrest, he took my hand and squeezed a little, so I came back.-Solo un par de semanas (Only a bbs free naked kdz couple of weeks)- I said almost in a whole big word He typed the information and returned us the passports and with a great smile said:-De acuerdo, Bienvenidos a la Ciudad de Mexico! (Ok then, Welcome to Mexico City!)I was shaking from my hair to my toes when I stretched my arm to took the passports from his hand, and I said to him, almost crying:-Gracias (Thanx)- I picked child lo bbs up my baggage and when I started walking I realized that Daniel's hand was fotoplenka bbs pic still in mine, I turned to him and tried to smile (I didn't did it very well, I assure model girls bbs you), he tried to return a smile as weak as danish incest bbs mine, I squeezed his hand and let it go while I passed my arm around his shoulders and pressed him against me while we were walking out pics bbs nudes of the airport.As soon as we got out of girls forums bbs customs I saw that my driver, Jaime, was standing on his toes trying to get a better look of the people coming out, bbs galleries usenet he waved at me and indicated with his hand to go to our right, we did as he told us. I was still hugging Dan rape forum bbs when I realized that he was so shocked that he were walking elwebbs topkds admin gallery in one of the most crowded airports in the bbs teen nude world without his sunglasses!, making possible that anyone could recognize him at the time. I start walking faster, with this he turned to me lsmix bbs with a interrogative look in his bbs 11yo gaze, I looked down to him and whisper:-Put your shades on, somebody could recognize you!- He looked immediately alarmed as he was starting to look desperately in his head, shirt and pockets, then I remembered that when the Immigration Agent asked him to take them out he putted them over the desk, surely they were still there. I gave him mines, and teens sex bbs he putted them on as elwebbs free gallery we reached the parking elevators.We were alone in the elevator so I use the free space to talk to Jaime:-Jaime, I know vlads bbs sven your discretion is excellent, but this time due ru sex bbs to pedo rompl bbs the special and sensitive situation, that I'll explain to you later, no one must know that this child bbs young boy is here. And I mean my home, the city or the country, ok?- he was nodding with a very confused look in his face- He is Daniel Radcliffe...-when I said that Dan immediately looked at me alarmed -- It's ok boy, this man has all my confidence; isn't that way Jaime?- -I'm proud robbs celebrity page of it sir- -So you bbs extreem young must stay fozya bbs ls quiet about all this, you can't tell model sex bbs this to ANYONE, am I clear?- -Absolutely sir- he answered with a little bbs girl nude bowWe walked out of the elevator at level 5 and with my hand free bbs tpg from my suitcases I kept holding Daniel's shoulders and he looked very comfortable with that. We got to my car and Jaime opened the back door for us, Dan climbed first and I followed him; Jaime put the suitcases bbs 15 nude in the back and returned to the litle pussy bbs driver seat. He turned to saw me in the mirror and before he can ask me, I answered:-Home, please-He nodded and started driving. As we were going out of the bbs model videos parking lot the afternoon sun hit me right in my eyes, I closed them and turned my face to cover it with my hands; looking at this Dan took my sunglasses off and said giving back my shades:-Hey, we're out of the airport now, nobody will recognize me now, and your eyes will be melted with this sun- -Well it wont be a big lost compared if the world lose the most beautiful blue sight I've ever seen- I said smiling at him He was looking straight into my eyes and I felt the very same inquisitive look that I saw in him the moment I found him in the street, but this time a huge smile came out of bbs korean nude his thin lips and completely awake this time bbs webcams he laid his back at bbs teens links my side and rest his head at my shoulder I put my arm around him and he replace his face placing it on my chest, then he putted my sunglasses back again in a very playful way. After a moment (very short, for me) he sprang up in the seat and looked amazed through the window,-Oh my god, I never thought I'll see skyscrapers in Mexico junior girls naked bbs City- he said while we were passing in front the Torre Mayor (Major Tower) -Hey, come on, what do you think that you'll find people riding in horse back to get to their jobs?- I said with a fake offended look on my face He laugh in a way that let me think that he was actually waiting to see that, I preferred not to comment that, kids naked bbs and instead I instructed him:-We are in Paseo de la Reforma (Reforma Avenue) young pussy bbs and here you'll nude teen bbs see some of the most modern and amazing towers of Mexico City, including- I said livedoor sports bbs 12449 this pointing to the left window- the top bbs kds fuck Chapultepec Castle- with this his jaw almost dropped to the floor.-Is that a REAL castle?, among that enormous forest???- -Yes, that is Chapultepec Forest, and in that Castle lived the former Emperor of Mexico, Maximilian of Habsburg. But you mustn't be surprised with a teen bbs topsites castle, I mean, you're from tgp bbs 12 16 England!- -Well yeah, but over there we hardly free lol bbs zeps saw a Forest with a Castle just in middle of the City!-I laughed at his innocent commentary and told him:-I think you'll find amazing "The City of Palaces"- and when I saw that he had japanese porn bbs not idea of what I was talking about I explained sexy bbs to him- that's how Mexico City were known in the bdsm tgp bbs Colony time, like 300 years ago.He looked very interested in my improvised history lesson and were hearing very carefully at every word; I was talking but he turned to the glass again when we reached the double level of the Peripheral Circuit of the city, I explained to him that this is one of the bbs russian pictures most important ways elwebbs bbs site of communication in the city, and that's the reason that the city government build a photos bbs nude second level to help traffic.Finally we great girls bbs got home, shock sex bbs I live in russian teens tgp bbs a very cool neighborhood, called Gardens on The Mountain located in one of the multiple mountains that lollita sex bbs round red videos bbs Mexico City, when we arrived photo free bbs porn Jaime pulled into the garage doujin gallery bbs and climbed down to open the door, I climbed out and helped Daniel out. I guided him through the door and to my SALA and he was looking all around at my home. I sat on my favorite couch and he crushed in the one in front of mine.-Well, we're finally safe, you can bet- -Yeah I can sense it- he answered with a very relaxed look in his face-What do bbs uncensored thumbs you think?, like it?- I asked him pointing with my forehead at the space in which we were-I love it!- he said- child rape pics bbs I won't never miss my home! I was really bbs naked pics touched by that commentary, does he actually bbs forex plan to stay here for a long time?, I preferred not to start making illusions. -Come on, we arrived in a perfect time to show you something I sven pages bbs cphc love from my place- I said to him as I helped to stand on-Close your eyes, don't spy!- I said to him and jap bbs after hesitated for a millisecond posts bbs girls illegal bbs toplist I took his hand and guided him through my living room to the main balcony just in front.-Ok, you can open your eyes cute models bbs now- He did as I naked teens bbs told him, and saw my favorite part of the day displayed in all the majestic of the sky: the sun was about to hide under the west mountains and were bathing all city with an amazing red and warm top 100 model bbs light that makes look the city like an xxx sexy bbs ancient photograph. The sun were partially covered with a cloud that were painted in red, pink, yellow and gold tones; the whole image were really breathtaking. I took a deep breath smelling the afternoon board3 bbs pteen and nude pt bbs enjoying the view, I was going ls bbs porn to turn to ask Daniel what did he think when I were took by young angels bbs total surprise: before little girls naked elwebbs I can realize what was happening I felt his warm lips pressed against mine, his arms were around my neck so I putted mine preeen bbs around his waist and start kissing him so softly that I swear the time flowed very slowly children models bbs that moment. I could cp bbs info feel that he was giving me his entire soul in that kiss, we were embraced so tightly now that I could feel his heart beating in duvx bbs my chest. The moment last an eternity, I start caressing very lightly the back of his head as I tried to impress the taste of his mouth in my mind; then I felt that something wet in young models bbs lol my right cheek, it took all my will to break the lock of our mouths and see forbidden teens bbs what was that. Just as
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