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Related post: Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 21:14:01 +0000 (GMT) From: Kat Katie Subject: Katie and Samantha part 1This is a story written for russian preteen mpegs a great friend of preteen wet lingerie mine, of just what me and her might get up to if we had a day alone together. GIRLS ONLY, I'd love to hear your thoughts preteens bbs pictures on this story or If you'd like just to chat, please preteen bunny do email me on or visit my preteen model katya website which is . And please only girls, none of the `I know I'm a guy and you said not to but...'. Hope you like!I've come over to see you in the summer holidays to be your maid as you offered :) I'm out here for a year and this is only our second day together. The first day, we preteen models gym met, we talked for ages, then amateur dirty preteens you drove us down to your house, just me and you. We got in and you showed me around everywhere but it was late and I was really tired from the journey so we decided to have an early night. You didn't want to nude japnese preteens be pushy so we slept in different rooms but, just as I was heading into my room, you said "Katie" nude preteen lollitas I turned around and looked at you and you beckoned to me. I walked towards you and you slid an arm preteen model skye around my back and touched your hand against my cheek softly. My heart's beating like crazy as you move your lips towards mine and preteen imgboard japan kiss me oh so tenderly. It's my first ever kiss and I'm not quite sure what to do but I just let it happen. After a few seconds, you preteen in nylon break off and, lovely preteen vicky looking into my eyes, whisper "Night Katie". "Night baby" I reply with a cheeky smile and you smile back at me. preteen board cgiworld Then we each go to our separate lola photos preteen rooms and go to foto preteen sex bed. The scene is set... The next morning, I woke preteen cartoon girl up early with the sun streaming in through the windows because I hadn't thought to close the curtains, I'd just laid down in bed and fallen fast asleep last night. I couldn't stay in bed any longer, I was so excited. I got up and went into the bathroom to wash my face and check I look OK , then crept along to your room in my t-shirt and thong. I pushed the door rushian preteen slightly ajar to see you laying there, still preteen nudist malyshok fast asleep. You ebony preteenz looked so perfect, the sunlight across your preteen girl pthc face with your hair flowing across the pillow. You were smiling and I couldn't help but wonder what you were dreaming as I could rapidshare preteen see your eyes dancing beneath their lids. I tip-toed up to the side of your bed and knelt down. I softly kissed your sleeping lips and the smile spread even wider across your face. Then I thought back to our kiss last night and began to feel a lil damp as I couldn't help but think what fun we'd have. It suddenly occurred to naked preteen girlies me to slip pedo preteen nn into bed beside you. My first reaction was no, I can't, but then I thought what a nice surprise sex preteens porn it'd be so I lifted the covers slightly and slipped in next to you. I moved a little closer, careful not to wake you. My hand touched against your soft warm tummy and it sends a shiver through me, my first feel of a naked girl (other than myself of course ). I moved closer still until I was right up next to preteen nylons you. I touched your cheek and softly ran my hand down your body, past your neck, around one of your breasts, across your stomach and then paused, then cautiously continued my exploration. I felt where I expected the waistband of your panties to be but felt nothing. I moved a preteen sex srories lil further, expecting it preteen bbs guide might have slid down a little. Before I knew it, I reaSammyed my hand was on your pussy. I froze, terrified that you'd wake up and think I'd been playing with you while you were asleep. It was no use though, I couldn't resist touching more, feeling around. My finger ran up and down your slit, then seeing you still sleeping quietly, I slid a tentative finger inside. It illeagal preteens felt so good, my finger surrounded by soft, warm, moist Samantha and I preteen n felt around a little, excited no end by sweet preteen pedo what I was doing. This was like nothing I'd ever felt before and I felt for your clit with my thumb, almost out of instinct. I decided you wouldn't mind and erika preteen model began to slide my finger in and out carefully. Suddenly, I felt you stir and my heart leapt. Your eyes eased open, caught a glimpse of my face, then closed again, struggling against the light. You smile again and I kiss your neck softly. You nuzzle against my lips and I smile, sure now that this is what modeling undewear preteen you want. I resume making love to you, sliding in and out, occasionally adding another finger. Your beautiful face now has an expression of sleepy bSammys across it as you hold my free hand in yours. I continue to kiss your neck and you moan softly picture preteens art and wriggle against my fingers. `mmmmm' model tgp preteen you whimper softly, then `oh, oh, ohhhh, mmm, american preteens models oh yes' handjob preteens in the same sleepy tone as I speed up a little, sliding in and out, in and out until I feel your love flood your pussy. I continue to only preteen supermodels caress your pussy with my fingers as the waves of your orgasm pass away, then take my hand away and take my fingers to my lips and kiss each one, then suck your juices off them. You have your eyes open now as preteen nn upskirt you lie facing me sideways, watching me lick preteen tgp gallery my fingers. You taste amazing and you can see it as our eyes never leave each others. When I've tasted every kds preteens drop of your sweetness, you kiss my lips and pull preteen galleries girls me close to you. I feel the heat of preteens sex pedo my body against me but shiver all the same as your I feel your long preteen model mpgs slim legs in contact with mine, your tummy against mine, your tongue against mine. Your arms hold me as we kiss and I slide a hand around your back preteens sexy fotos and into your hair. We kiss and cuddle for a few minutes, then look into each others eyes. `Morning' I whisper to you. `Morning Katie' you reply, grinning. You still have a sleepy look on your face but I can see you're starting to wake up. `How long have you been here' you laugh, `I don't remember you here when I went to sleep... unless preteen gallery sandra this preteen 17 nudepics is all just a dream' and you put on a look of fake panic. `Nope' I smile, `this is real!. I couldn't preteen girls picturesw wait, so I came to see if you were asleep still and I couldn't resist snuggling up with you when I saw you. Then my hand began to wander'. You laugh and kiss me again. `Thank you' you say, `that has to be the nicest wakeup ever!. How much have you explored?'. `Not free pix preteens much else yet' I admit, `I kinda went for the honey-pot'. models preteens 12yo You smile again, then take my hands in yours. You place your nude preteen sites palms on the back of my hands and my hands on your tummy. Then you slide them up to your breasts and onto the top, touching against your slightly preteen images hardcore hard nipples. Our eyes are fixed again as we seem to communicate without words. I gently preteen panty photo squeeze your mexican pre teen nipples between my fingertips, rolling them and teasing them. Then I take over and touch around your side and then up your neck to rest on your cheek, drawing your lips back towards mine as we kiss once again. Your hands are touching my nude preteen insest tummy by now and you feel the cold metal of my tummy-button ring. I can feel your mouth change shape as you smile, still kissing, and run your hand up a little higher. You can feel my heartbeat quickening once again as your hand works its way up my chest and, for the first time, touch my breasts. You touch against my nipples and circle them preteen thai teens lazily with your fingertip before moving to the other. Our mouths magic preteens nude still locked, your wet little tongue still teasing mine, you slide your hand back down my chest and under my thong. Your hand had moved much more confidently than mine until this point as you almost become shy, touching ever so gently against my clit, then sliding down to run a finger along my slit and around. At this point, I break the kiss and whisper `how about some preteen bdsm free breakfast before we go any further', then flash you a cheeky smile ilegal preteens teens as I slide away from you on the bed and get out. You look at me surprised. `Is there a problem Katie' you ask, concerned. `Not at all' I smile, `Just that I'm your maid and lpreteens angels I think I would be neglecting my duties if I were indian preteen cum to allow you to take any... exercise before a good meal' I wink and turn away, to head out the door. By this time, you've whipped the sheet off and you're getting out of bed. I turn to see you and begin to run away from you, you telling me there's no way I'm getting away now. I run along the hallway and you preteen chill chase preteen hot stuff after me until we reach the sitting room where I preteen nude tube fall onto the couch with you on top of me. `Gotcha' you shout, grinning and pinning me down, `cheeky little Imp'. I wriggle against you but I know I want you to movie preteen japan touch me more than anything so let you hold me still. I turn in your arms so I'm facing you and you kiss my lips. Your hand slides down my side and back inside my twinks preteens thong. `You little preteens illegal sure wet preteen nymphet you don't want breakfast first?' I ask, already knowing the answer. `I'm sure' you reply, smiling at me. Your fingers caress my pussy, cupping it in your hand, then you slide down my kidz nude preteens body and pull my pussy smell preteen thong down. You begin to kiss around my pussy, not on it, preteens dancing nude around the insides of my thighs and my lips. You tease me like video preteen girls this for about 5 minutes and I'm wiggling my hips around to try and underage lo preteen get you to kiss my clit but you know what you're doing and make me wait. Then, suddenly, you slide your tongue right inside me, as far as free passwords preteens it will go, and preteen picture sexy I let out a little preteen boys nu moan. It feels so good as you make love to me with your tongue. You lick your fingertip and begin to massage my clit with it, increasing the speed of both, then dropping back down to erotic preteen gallery slow, gently loving. Every time you speed up, I moan louder, then quieter again as I relax a little. Then, you speed up and keep going, harder and faster. You switch nudist preteens groups to licking my clit with the tip cock gobbling preteen of your preteen underage com devils tongue and slide two fingers inside of me. `Oh Samantha, oh preteen skinny dipping oh, oooohhhhh, I'm coming.....' preteen 11yo asstr I moan as I feel my first orgasm with my baby beginning to sweep over me. I squeeze my breast with one hand underneath my top50 preteen photos top preteen naked body and run the other through your hair as pre preteens phot
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