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Related post: Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 14:32:09 -0700 (PDT) From: Reid Subject: Karma- Part 2 (gay male/celebrity/soulmating)|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-| ~ S O U L M A T I N G ~ |-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-| by reid ||||||||||||||||| || DISCLAIMER || |||||||||||||||||This story is meant to imply nothing about sweet nymphets preteens the sexuality of the real people involved. Anything mentioned from this point on is preteen girl pornstars purely fictional and not meant in any way but the highest regard.The lyrics used within are not meant to imply anything about the individual preferences, practices, or lifestyle choices any of the musical artists mentioned. The lyrics are not used for any personal monetary profit...If you have any objections to my writing, then why in the name of Jesus are you reading this? I know some of you might like Hanson but I don't buy the whole "I didn't know it was a GAY STORY!" defense. So shut up and don't send me any more hate mail you stupid, obesessed little Christian girls.As always.... Comments, Suggestions, and Criticisms can be sent to saboteur_98155yahoo.comWARNING!!! My stories contain mature themes and may project images or scenarios that are inappropriate for younger or sensative preteen naked schoolgirls readers.Or on AIM at xXxReidxXx...Enjoy!|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| || Karma- Part 2 || |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Zac didn't want to get up. He wanted to lay his big ass in that bed until no later than one p.m. and not have to get up for any reason other than because he wanted to. The best thing was... he could do exactly that. There wouldn't be anyone tapping on the door with an annoying delicateness to tell him that he "really needed to get the show on the road". He wouldn't have to get up and face radio interviews or soundchecks or Meet & Greet sessions with groups of dumbass groupies. He could just lay there in bed and not have to worry about it. Of course, it hadn't always been so easy. Up until three months ago, it had been harder than fuck. All the endless media shilling and ass kissing. Yet somehow in the middle of it, he'd managed to find someone. He'd found someone who loved him and not the bullshitting public persona. Then fame had tried to take Reid away. Maybe not take him away but it had definitely tried to mess things up pretty bad and there was no way that Zac could allow that.Fame, fortune, and adoration was nice... but not nice enough to fool him into thinking it was worth giving up true love for. Zac had been raised way too well to sacrafice something so good for something that would eventually run dry. Some people who once appreciated his maturity probably cursed it now and that was okay.Zac smiled against the pillow as he dimly recollected in the space between sleep and wake. He couldn't let it mess this up, he thought, he couldn't let their bullshit wreck his chance at love. Tay and Ike may have been fooled into thinking it was worth it and God knows they had tried to convince him... but they didn't. There was no way they could have. Zachary Hanson was just smarter than that, period.So he'd fixed it. He took his future into his own hands for the first time and fixed his situation. Zac could still remember it like it was yesterday. Two weeks before their followup album was going to be released... he quit. He quit the band and quit being famous with a surprising amount of ease. Sure, they told him he would regret it. He would regret throwing away his stardom and taking his share of the cash and leaving it all. And yet... he wasn't regretting it. Maybe once the endless days of snorkeling, sunbathing, sailing, drawing, and having hot sex having wore thin, he might start to think different. But it wasn't too likely.* Three Months Earlier *Our lips locked together in an obscene dance of kissing as we stumbled through the hotel room door. Zac hurriedly shut it behind him and urgently pulled me to the bed where he laid back as the loose strands of his thick blond had begun to cling to his forehead and neck with his perspiration. Slowly, I lowered myself down onto him and as soon as I was on him, he pushed his hips up, arching his back and presenting his sweaty, flushed body for my pleasure. He still smelled musky from the ninety minute concert he'd just performed and his body was still swimming with the finely tuned sexuality he oozed on stage... but now it was becoming less cultivated and much more natural.The kissing broke as my lips suckled at the thick muscle of his straining neck, sucking and licking at the sweaty skin. Zac writhed and moaned underneath me, his broad chest heaving as my hands found their way under his clingy black t-shirt. The silky, damp skin of his chest radiated with heat as I ran my hands up and down over the muscle, finding his tiny preteen anal dark nipples and stroking them slowly. Another moan left his luscious lips and his body lowered back onto the bedspread as he raised his arms and allowed the t-shirt to leave his torso. For just a moment, I pulled back and looked at his tanned body glistening with droplets of his sweat. Almost as if he'd been lightly sprinkled with sexual dew.In my moment of lapse, Zac had grown beyond impatient and his shaking hands flew to the fly of his baggy green cargo pants, trying to somehow tap a reserve of clear headedness long enough to get them off. I smiled and gently moved his hands away, receiving a grateful look in return and my fingers gently undid the button and slowly pulled the zipper down. A shiver ran through his fleshy body as the sound of the zipper caught his ears and he moaned softly, his long fingers digging into the comforter.Once the waist of his pants had gone loose, my fingers curled in the hem and pulled them down slowly, forgetting completely about his shoes and socks and allowing his cute smiley face boxer shorts to see the outside world. Little by little, the pants came down Zac's thick legs and exposed the bronzed flesh to the air conditioned air of the hotel room. Goosebumps stood out on his calves and he let out another moan, arching his back and thrusting his cotton covered erection into the air.My fingers went back to his waist and I pulled down the boxers over the resitance of his hard cock. Once the boxers were clear, Zac's throbbing five inch erection bopped up and slapped against his stomach, precum oozing from the slit like a slowly erupting volcano. Quickly, I leaned in and took a speedy lick at his uncut cockhead, preteen vagina issues tasting the sweet muskiness of his hard tool. The sensation of my tounge sent a rapid shudder through Zac's body and he cried out, jacknifing on the bed before my hands calmly traveled to his bare shoulders and laid him back down.As I went back down, preparing to seal my lips around his dick like a vacuum, Zac suddenly rolled over onto his stomach. His large, sweaty bubble butt was immediately in my face and for a split second, I was grossed out until... it actually appealed to me. Zac giggled and shook his ass at me, pushing it right in my face and sending a clear message of what he wanted. I smiled and gave the creamy mounds a playful slap, drawing a growl of mock pain from Zac. Even in the hottest moments of sex, we still had our sense of humor.Things got serious as Zac laid down on his side, kicking off his shoes and pulling his legs up to his chest, assuming our usual "loosening up" position. Taking a few seconds to undress myself, I crawled down next to him, running my hand up his bare legs and stroking his curvy hip, feeling him squirm slightly. My fingers moved from his hip to his buttcrack, pushing inbetween into the hot jungle-like crevace. After a second of searching, the fingers found his thick, tight hole and using sexy preteen naturalist the sweat to my advantage, I began to ease my index finger inside.Zac groaned softly, all his muscles seeming to tense at once as his tight ass began to swallow my finger, pulling it deeper and deeper inside. I added my middle finger and slid them in and out, feeling the tender, hot inner walls of his body. They probed further and further until my fingertips felt the small, hard pebble buried deep inside him. Zac cried out and his body jerked again, my fingers finally finding and massaging his aching prostate.My free hand traveled around and found his erection and I began stroking it, slowly at first and then speeding up. Zac's moans became more guttural and primal as he thrust in one direction into my hand and the other back onto my exploring fingertips. His body gave off waves of heat and lust as he allowed me to pleasure him from both directions. The moans escaping him stopped and the rumbling groans began as his body began to shake. I began nuzzling his neck, licking it and suckling at it and my hand tightened on his cock, stroking him faster as my fingers massaged his prostate in long, firm thrusts.Then there was a knock at the door.Zac was fairly over the edge into extasy but our ears had become so trained to interruption that he immediately went lax and swore under his breath. My fingers slid out of his ass and my hand left his cock as he began to shake beautiful preteens videos with a different emotion. Smouldering, he got up from the bed, pulled up and zipped his pants and searched for his shirt. I could tell that this one was pretty bad by the nude preteen teenies way his jaw was clenched like a vice, his shoulders tense with anger and unresolved desire."Hey," I gapsed, my mouth dry, "It's okay."Zac stopped and his voice sounded shaky, "No, it's not. It's not fucking okay."He went back to pulling on his shirt as he got up off the bed and mopped the sweat from his brow, his lower lip shaking imperceptibly to those who hadn't become attuned to it. Several times as he flustered around, pussy preteen I was worried that this would be the one where he would finally snap and realize it all wasn't worth it. This could very well be the one that makes him dump me, I thought.* * * * * *Zac struggled until his shoes were on and he walked over to the door. Why? He asked himself, his chest beginning to feel tight with anger. Why couldn't they just have the rest of the night to be together? Why did something always have to get involved and screw it all up? He resisted the urge to just tell whoever it was to go away, composing himself the best he could as his hand closed around the knob. Zac slowly opened the foor, finding their tour manager looking apologetic."I have some preteen models vombat girls who couldn't get into the meet and greet," She said, intimidated by Zac's obviously irritated demeanor, "They'd really like to meet you, Zac. If you could just give them a few minutes, that would be so nice."Zac inhaled, keeping his temper in check, "Look... I performed for them. I shook my ass and pretened to like them. I made preteens top hot eyes at them and got all sweaty and bulgey. I even wore my extra tight jeans for them and now I'm finished. I'm through. I'm done for the night."She went on quietly, "Zac, they're fans. You know that it's important to be accomodating."Zac inhaled through his clenched teeth and pulled his hair back, defeatedly walking out the door of the hotel room and following her down the hall. Inside, his temper seethed and he struggled not to put one of his fists through the hotel hallway wall. Why did he even do this? It's not like he particularly cared what the fans thought. In a way he did, but not so much anymore. Not when he felt the scratch on his arm from when they got a little over-excited or too eager to grab his arm."Why should I even bother? They're just testosterone snorting sluts, anyways." Zac spat under his breath, inhaling slowly."Temper temper." She said.* * russian preteen sexpics * * * *Zac's feet drug on the hallway carpeting as he walked back to the room. He rubbed the red mark on his left forearm from where designated annoying groupie #1 had grabbed him and twisted more than a little too hard. It hurt. It hurt pretty bad. But it's not like his pain mattered. The three little crotch sniffing bitches had gotten their whiff of him and now they would run home and get on their websites and talk about how he had obviously been hitting on them.And of course, they'd insisted on clawing at him for as long as they could. Nevermind that he might be tired after the concert. Don't worry about if he might be burned out on screaming girls. He owed them a one on one meeting because he was Zac Hanson. Teen rock star. Just
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