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Related post: Date : Fri, 16 October 21, 1999 51st PDT 28 From: Starchild u003cstarchild12 hotmail. com u003e Subject: My Nanny part 2 Chris n My babysitter Chris 2 Starchild Saturday , 16 October 1999 comments are welcome. Star Child [ StarChild12 hotmail. com] ------------ Thanks to all who read the first part of this american nude virgin girl true story, and I wrote asking for more. Here is the continuation of my experiences with my baby- sitter Chris. If you missed the first part of this story, please go to Nifty Files ( http://www. Nifty. Org) and search my name in the author productive is found or section of the other stories I have written. ------------- " Morning Mom. " I told my mother when I awoke to the next morning. " Do you have a good time with Chris last night? " She asked. " Yes Chris was fun. I want to look after me all the time. " I replied. " Let's see. " My mother told me when she left my room. Today was Saturday. Maybe I can play with my longtime friend DarenTag today. We drive to the wheels is usually around the apartment complex, or played in the Orangery next to the apartments. I loved riding my bike in the orange groves, it was as if I did not feel in the air in the jungle away from civilization. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to pee. Since I was a standing in front of the toilet dropped my pajama pants and realized that my pee was difficult. I recalled the night before, and had done well as Chris, I am. I picked up two fingers in my childhood eyes and slowly slid the skin up and down the shaft as well as Chris had done before me the night. It was wonderful. But then I heard my mother coming down the hall, so I stopped rubbed my pee and pushed into the toilet and forced me to to pee. When finished in the bathroom, I walked into the living room. I s father reads the newspaper and my mother made me breakfast in the the kitchen. I sat in front of the TV is on and cartoons. "What have you and Chris last night ?" My father asked me. " Chris is so cool. " I replied. "I was playing with my cars for a long time time n. Then we watched a little TV for a while, and went to bed. I like Chris is much better than Lisa. Can you see me all the time ? Please, Dad. " " I do not see why not. "he said. "As long as you like. Seems as a very nice guy. " " He is. It's much more fun to have here as Lisa. " My father returned to his reading of the paper, and my mother called in the breakfast room. virgin daughter sex "Is it okay if I go for a bike ride today with Daren ?" I asked my mom. safe. I do not see why you can not. While the hourly log , of course. " " Okay, Mom, I will. "I say. finished my breakfast, got dressed and went top hairless virgins photos to Daren the apartment. " Hey Daren. Want to go bike riding ? "I asked. " Sure. "He said. " I'm going to ask my mother first. " waiting on the porch when I saw Daren retirement home to to obtain permissionSion. Daren and I were friends for about three months and the as they were hung together a lot. Daren is the same age as to me, seven. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He keeps his hair cut fairly short. Daren back and said he could n for about 2 hours drive and then had to go shopping with their parents. " Where do you want ? " Daren, I asked. " Let's go to the orange grove. " I say. agreed and we went into the trees. The orange groves were large enough for a child of seven years. It felt as if we are not careful, that s, would be lost. I knew there was going to happen, however. You could hear that automobile traffic from the main road on one side and the other side had the n and apartments over the other two sides were houses. If you were in the depths of the woods, you could not see the other buildings around. drove the wheels hacked passwords virgins went deep in the forest of weeks of our strength. I had built out petite virgin pussy defloration of cardboard boxes that we found when peoplehe thrown from moving into the apartments. They worked very well virgin girl pic to cover the ground and overhead. We even have branches all over the n outside, so no one could see, our little fortress. We would spend a lot of the time sitting in the comic books to read and speak. Daren had an older sister who was about 14 years and hated it, a around. I could not blame him. Girls are so stupid. So we have come to would be here as much as possible. " Do you know this guy who lives next to me, Chris? " I asked Daren. "No. " He replied. "This Ls virgins is more than 17 years and has blonde hair and blue eyes dads little virgin pics like me. " I said. " No". Daren said. "OK. Anyway, he sat for me last night while my parents were out. He is so cool. Much better than Lisa. I can not wait to sit, can to me again. " ' Cool. What is so special about him? " Daren said. " Well, for one who is not a free new virgin clips stupid girl. " I said. " And yet, it's fun n ' s to be with them and like to play. Are back rubs really good too. "Chicken n WELT I was almost about to Daren about what Chris said to me last night, but I promised I would not Chris. To change the subject Daren bet you until the end of the orange groves and race could the back and beaten. " Oh, yes. " He said. " You know litle virgin girls I cyber virgins porn sites 'm nude girls virgin nude faster than you. " " Sure. " I held back. "I could beat any day. " " Prove it," he replied. "OK. But we also have something for him to bed. " I say. "Like what ?" I asked. "do not know. " I said. "And the winner of the losers should virgine nude be 10 of his best comic books. " " This is not a gamble," he said. "We give each other funny petite teen virgins nude books n ". virgin teen having sex " What now ?" I asked. "You know, my mother is not any money. " N "I know. " I said. " How about making a sequel. " "OK. Like what. " He asked me. " must be something really scary, it's worth. " I said. " Yes. " said. " How about the loser has to pee on the door of the old witch Mrs. Arnold. " " Nope. Not know what any of us want to get into trouble when gt prisoner. " I said. " I have an idea. " I said quickly. " What about the losers to mount his bike from here to the end of the orange grove on the road and back naked? xxx virgin 18 new " felt it was very brave saying this because none of the n us was the other one had seen her naked. " I do not know. " Daren said. " What if someone saw us. " " How, how often have we seen anyone else here in the orange groves ? "I asked. " virgin pussy foto several times. " He said. " Or have you forgotten that we teens the past weekend saw? " That's right. I've forgotten. We had to leave our fortress, and was the way home, when the teenager was behind a large orange jump tree in front of us are afraid and we really bad. began to another direction and ran as fast as we could go home. " This is just for effect teen lesbian virgin to be even more frightening. "I said. " OK. " Daren reluctantly agreed. " We started here and set to of the road, turn around and drive back. The newest here has to walk naked. " We lefton our bikes and prepare for the race. " On the count of three we go. " Said Daren. " One Two Three. " petit sex virgin gallery At three, we both went to pedal as hard as we could. It was a kind of Ruff is because there were only about 6 meters between rows of trees and soil was soft even harder to pedal. We were very close to the neck and neck until halfway to the Daren street beat me and my front tire hit his rear tire and I almost crashed into a tree. I heard them laughing at me as I pedaled Daren away from me. took a moment to regain russian virgine control and went hunting him. Daren horny little virgins came from the orange grove, and stopped on the pavement roadside slip leaves a mark. I tiny virgin boys gave him when he was re-enter The Grove amature virgin voyeur porn and I stood on the sidewalk. I braked hard, turned went back into asian virgin porn the greenhouse on the heels. I slowly began to catch and halfway back to the fortress that had to go back with him. He was only about 6 feet from meand how quickly they were able to pedal. russian virgins nude Up front, where I see our strength and I was about virgin sexcams all I had a cycle value of n. I almost got even with him when he crossed the last line in front of me fuck virgin daughter the race to win. " Yeah!" Daren called. "I won. " " Yes " I replied. " But I would have won if he would run in the tires. I turned to see if caught. " N "I was playing with you. " He said. "I could have left you, behind him. " I do not innocent virgin sex free believe him, but I would not say anything. Suddenly I felt a little embarrassed to know how should ensure that naked equal rights, but on this occasion. "Okay Jason. " Said Daren. "Get Naked". " wait a moment while I catch my breath. " I said. We parked our bikes and entered the fortress. The two lay in a sheet of cardboard to catch his breath came quickly. After 10 minutes, they both felt rested enough to continue. " OK to pay the time. " Said Daren. buccaneer us virgin islands "OK. " I complained. Now, if tor get naked I'll little sex virgin be a good year for the n him. Finally, my best friend and we're both children and if another have never been completely naked. I wonder if I had done This would not know what Chris had me at night. up Before I put on my shoes and socks. Standing as turned to Daren, who was with me are too keen on. I reached out and pulled his left arm in the sleeve of my shirt and then the n 's right. Then I pulled the shirt over my head and go as slowly as are possible. When I wear my shirt in the bottom of the box saw Daren And he was watching with a smile on his face. that reached down and unzipped his shorts and then unzipped it. I grabbed the sides and slowly staggered on my butt and my legs down , when he stepped on the floor. I started to sexy pics virgin indian feel a little embarrassed when I got less than underwear and so began to move away from Daren. " No, do not. " He said. " Youon this road and take a out. " I turned to him, and now I just wanted to get it over with I understand the sides of my underwear and let it fall around my ankle and shook and more of my shorts. standing up, I was faced with Daren, who had a big smile on his face n. I thought this might not be so bad. at least it is makes me laugh cases. put my hands on my hips and swayed back and forth to do me wee bounce to the other and both started to laugh. " right of all. Let's do this. "I said. N I went outside and looked around to see if anyone around see me naked.. I got on my bike and saw Daren was in getting your. \\ \\ N " Where are you going ? "I asked. " will nude sexy skinny virgins follow you, be sure to go all the way and no try to hid from the eyes and tell me you went all the way. " " I would not do that. " I said. " Let's go. " We started driving down the street. I did not want to go fast this time and could end up runningNing in someone like a teenager again so rode slowly. I listened to them and know for sure was that s no one else around. The more we get to the fortress, the better I felt. This felt quite teen virgin galls well, naked. Before I virgin teenys knew we were close to on the road. video 13 yo virgin " You mean you have not already out of the woods are you going? " I asked. " is not better. " He said. " I do not want you get caught and get is already in trouble. " We turned around and headed for virgin nue the fort. I was very the starting point for this fun Daren happy and this wild teen virgins was in reality and should be to give it a try. In fact, it felt so good on my bike rides naked through The orange groves I started to have an erection. Daren was behind me so that I n ' m sure he could not see it. Finally we reached the fortress, but I still had an erection. " seems to really like. " He said when he saw my erection Daren highlights of my body. I smiled, grabbed my small dick with her hand and shook it s and said, " Yes. "They both laughed and went inside the fort. I started coming to my underwear when I turned around and Daren said. " Not now, Jason" ".. You saw me naked, now is the n aked " replied. N "I have to get home or I get s in trouble. " "OK. " I said. "But what happens the next time to time. " " Sure. " Said Daren. I'm dressed again and took us back home. I said goodbye Daren, when we come home, and went home. When I got home, I went to my room and play with my toys until lunch. After lunch, my mother said she would return tonight of a particular function of the co
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