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Related post: From: Newsgroups: Subject: Fiction - Male B&D - bondge10.txt - (10 0f 10) That's all, folks! Date: 11 May 1996 teens abused lolita young 09:21:25 GMT Organization: Organization? Ha! This is a newsgroup! Lines: 1604 Message-ID: Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: IBM NewsReader/2 v1.2.5Please remember, we live in the age of acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Unlike our sexy fictional friends Daniel and Matt, and their new friend Steve, we must remember in casual relationships to use condoms and practice safe sex (not that Daniel and Matt have any kind of casual relationship . . . ). Bondage 10: Daniel's BirthdayMorning Daniel awoke to feel the first warm rays of the sun reaching through the angled studio windows high above. Instantly, he was aware of the still-slumbering form of his lover, Matt, beside him, and a moment later, he remembered the date - it was Saturday, his birthday. The air in the big apartment was quiet, and dust motes lazily danced in the shafts of sunlight. A sheen of sweat had formed on Daniel's brow and the sheets were sticky with the spent ardor of the previous night's lovemaking, so Daniel gently pushed the soft cotton sheets away from his upper body. He saw that Matt, in his sleep, had already done so, for the sheets on Matt's side lay low about his hips. Daniel glanced at his friend's muscular back. Matt was highly tanned, and a narrow strip of untanned flesh was exposed just above where the sheets covered his buttocks and lower body. Daniel sighed in contentment. He almost always awoke before Matt, and he would use the quiet moments to drowsily flush the remainder of dreams from his mind, set goals for the upcoming day, and reflect upon his generally pleasant life. He stretched, and at his left ankle he could feel the encircling warmth of a locked, leather-lined shackle. The shackle's short chain was fastened to the metal corner post of the scarred old bed, and it had been placed there by Daniel himself before he went to sleep. Matt didn't approve of overnight bondage sessions and often refused to give in to Daniel's desires, but Daniel liked the warm, limiting feel of ropes and chains against his flesh. Matt had said nothing, the night before, as Daniel had attached the shackle, but still sweaty from their pairing, had watched with a purposefully neutral expression (which might have hidden secret amusement). As a prelude to love making, Matt was generally more nymphets loli nude sites excited by Daniel's body than by bondage, but he gamely obliged Daniel's desires most of the time, and sometimes even allowed himself to be tied up by Daniel. Matt didn't feel a need, a desire, a satisfaction in being bound, vulnerable, and exposed, not the way Daniel did. Daniel thought about that. He knew that Matt felt as much love for him as he did for Matt. That love was deeply satisfying, within him and a part of him, love that he knew he could never abandon. Something like this, Daniel reflected, was what his parents must feel for each other. He and Matt were so much girls lolitas puberty models alike, and so very much unalike. Physically, Matt was a body builder, with big striated abdominals and massive arms and legs. Daniel was whimpy compared to Matt, small and slender, with the lightweight, elongated build of an Olympic swimmer. Matt was a year older than Daniel, and came from a working-class family. Matt's father was a diesel mechanic, and his mom had stayed home to raise kids. Daniel's father was a lawyer, and his mother sold real estate. (A million in sales last year. Daniel was proud of his mom.) Student loans and a job at the health club kept Matt in school, but maintaining a B or better average kept the parental bucks flowing for Daniel. In fact, the need to make good grades was responsible for he and Matt having met. Daniel, finding himself floundering in an introductory calculus class, had been referred by a teacher's assistant to Matt as a tutor. At the time, both had been living in dorms on campus, but a relationship had soon developed between them, and after weeks of searching Daniel had found the rental room in the old, converted paint factory that they now shared. Daniel smiled. He knew that two things about him confused his friend. One was that Daniel was bisexual. Although he dearly loved Matt, he also had a ongoing relationship with a young woman, the warm, dizzying, unquenchable Taylor from downstairs (who also, it turned out, was bisexual, and lived with her lover, Sarah. The second thing that confused Matt was the very fact that Daniel was such an ardent bondage enthusiast. He loved to be tied, chained, and shackled, and loved seeing other people being tied, chained, and shackled. Even though Matt had come to accept these two characteristics of Daniel's, sometimes Matt questioned Daniel about how he had come to be that way. Daniel could only answer that he had always been like that. His first erections were from reading comic books, where, at least once per episode, the (often hunky) hero was bound and gagged and forced to kneel in front of the enemy's throne, or staked out (shirtless and) spread-eagled under the (descending) razor-sharp pendulum, or any of a dozen standard perils. Comic books were his earliest turn-on. At the age of twelve, Daniel had persuaded an eleven-year old cousin named Joshua to hog-tie him in the back yard. While Daniel, barefoot and shirtless, squirmed in delight, his mother had glanced out of a kitchen window and then put a stop to the horse play, leaving a frustrated Daniel with dirt on his chest and marking the outline of an aching erection inside his jeans. Of course, he had no desire whatsoever to explain any part of this to his mom. Because of this event, Daniel had become far more circumspect in his bondage play. Alone in his room and in the loft above the garage, he had practiced auto-bondage, binding himself with rope and a pair of handcuffs that he had secretly purchased at a pawn shop. He enjoyed fantasizing that he was helpless and vulnerable. In high school, he discovered that he was equally attracted to girls and boys, and determined that with a little planning and the right amount of luck, he could find himself in bed with either sex. Getting his choice of partner into the sack was one thing, though, but getting them to tie him up was another thing entirely. Matt grunted and began to wake up. lolita pics 9 15 Daniel had watched the process hundreds of times and could almost have choreographed his partner's movements. First, Matt's arms little lolla models naked moved. One arm pushed beneath the pillow and another came up to shield his face from the morning light. Then Matt burrowed his face into the lesbian lolita video bbs pillow, as if seeking more darkness and more slumber. The quality of Matt's breathing changed, going from sleep to wakefulness. As Daniel grinned, Matt groaned again. "Wha'zit?" Matt grumbled, his voice muffled by the pillow. Daniel resisted the urge to laugh aloud. Instead he looked at the Mickey Mouse clock on the bed cute young lolita models stand. "It's after nine," he said softly. Matt gave out a longer groan. At this point, he would either go back to sleep or stretch a leg over the side of the bed, testing the still air for its lack of firmness, Daniel supposed. For a moment, nothing happened, and then Matt's right knee lolita free pics gallery flexed. Casually, he slipped his leg over to the edge of the bed, with his foot dangling over the side. This movement made the covers slip further down, and Daniel had a view of Matt's ass. young litlel lolitas rusia Just this view was enough to spark Daniel's imagination and get some attention from his cock. As if it had a mind of it's own, it plumped and began to slide up his right thigh. In vain, of course. Matt wasn't into early morning lovemaking. He wasn't a morning person. "Gotta pee," Matt said, which was an uncharacteristically clear communication for so early in the morning. He threw the covers the rest of the way back and found his feet on the wooden flooring. He yawned, and then looked at Daniel, who had the sheet gathered modestly about his waist. "Mornin'," he said, and yawned again. Daniel grinned. Matt looked blank and fuzzy for a long moment, and then said, "Oh," as realization descended. "It's your birthday." Daniel nodded. They had struck a deal. Daniel's birthday present, at Daniel's request, was to be twenty-four hours in bondage. It had started at midnight Friday, when the shackle first cinched around his ankle, and would end at midnight Saturday. By fastening the shackle himself, Daniel had kicked off the period, as well as having indicated that he was a willing participant. Matt grinned too, although somewhat ruefully. It seemed that he had a slave for the day. Daniel would do anything he asked (ordered), but he had promised to ensure that Daniel would spend the entire time bound in some fashion. "Well," said Matt, "I still gotta pee. Hang loose." With that, he stood up and walked naked across the room. Daniel watched him go, watching the play of muscles on Matt's back, ass, and legs. Matt padded past the cabinet that held the key to the shackle at Daniel's ankle. The key would remain there until and if Matt decided to release him. Matt disappeared into the bathroom, and Daniel heard the rustle of Matt's piss against ceramic, and a moment later, the shower starting. For a second, he wondered if Matt remembered that he was chained to the bedpost. It was a well-developed part of their routine that they showered together in the large, industrial-style shower room each morning. After a moment, a sleepy-eyed Matt reappeared, and he walked across the room to the closet where he and Daniel kept their collection of bondage toys. The closet's door obstructed Daniel's view, but he heard the jangle of chains being moved, the soft susurration of ropes sliding over cardboard boxes, and he grinned. Matt had not forgotten. "One of these days," Matt said, "I'm gonna make you straighten all this junk out. Maybe get some hooks and stuff and hang it all neatly up." Matt stepped around the door, and Daniel could see that he carried a pair of handcuffs and a pair of brightly reflective ankle shackles. Stainless steel. The length of chain between the anklets was about eighteen inches, and Matt liked to refer to them as the "hobble chains". "Then," said Matt, "it won't take so long to locate the proper . . equipment." He elbowed the closet door closed and padded over to the bed. Daniel folded the bed sheets away from his lower body and looked up at his lover, his partner, his owner, his master. "Here," said Matt, handing Daniel the anklets, "put these on." As Daniel obediently leaned forward, Matt admired the slender boy's form. After the metal anklets clicked into place, Matt ordered, "On your belly." Seconds later, he was attaching the silver cuffs to Daniel's wrists. With his left hand, Matt ran his index finger up the warm line between Daniel's ass cheeks, brushing lightly against Daniel's anus. When the bound boy squirmed, Matt smiled and said, "Hold that thought," and then he padded across the room to the cabinet and retrieved the key to the shackles. He realized that he would also need the key to the handcuffs, and he walked back to the closet. The keys were hanging on a hook, attached to a short chain like soldiers use for dog tags. This was imminently practical, because one of the safest places to keep the keys of bondage devices is around the neck of the victim. In severe cases, a bit of surgical tape would serve to hold them down against the captive's chest, making escape impossible while still providing easy access to the releasing key. Matt opened the small padlock on the leather restraint, leaving the key hanging in the lock. "Let's head for the showers," Matt told Daniel. Daniel turned over, and Matt assisted him to the edge of the bed by simply grabbing the length of chain between Daniel's ankles and dragging his legs sideways. He watched as Daniel's bound feet found the floor and the boy stood up. "C'mon," said Matt. With a hand at Daniel's left elbow, he guided the boy toward the restroom. Due to the length of the chain, Daniel was unable to make normal strides. It took almost a minute for them to cross the room. Matt stopped in front of a stall. "You gotta?" he asked. Daniel nodded. "In you go," said Matt. Daniel stepped forward. His need was fairly urgent, but his cock was at half-mast. Hitting the oval target with his hands bound behind his back would be tricky. Tricky, yes, but not impossible. (Daniel had had practice). Matt walked away, lea
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