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Related post: Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 20:09:05 preteen video links -0700 From: Jan ' Subject: Karen and Tomi (lesbian / adult youth, g/F)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of incest between a grandmother and her granddaughter. . If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author's Note:This story is the 3d preteens free property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2006 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to if you have suggestions for future stories. preteen illegale video Karen and Tomi By Jan Karen had always lived in Grand Junction, Colorado. She had married and raised a couple of children. Her son had sought a carrier in the fertile job market of the Silicon Valley of California. Her daughter had asian preteen lesbian married a local ski bum. He hung around trying to hold down a study job for a few years. He tried to be a good father for several years but gave up because the drudgery of a study job kept him away from the ski slopes. He would rather be drinking wine, playing guitar and preteen extreme models chasing every pretty snow shock preteen babe bunny that he could bed. Her daughter felt like having a child around cut down hardcorepreteenphotos her chances of finding another man. She left preteen filippina model her sites sexmovies preteen daughter, Tomi, in the care of her mother as much as possible. Tomi even called her Mama instead of her mother. Not that Karen minded having her granddaughter around all of the time. Her husband was in the last stages of lung cancer. It was just a matter of time and he would be gone. Tomi was enjoyable company for her. They worked together in the yard. When her husband was in the hospital for the last time she was comfort for Karen. After it was over two of them would go shopping at the Mesa Mall or the movies at Avalon, Carmike 7, Colorado West Four or Teller Arms twin. When they were through working bbs pics preteen in the yard or after they got home from the movies Karen and Tomi would take a bath together. Granny would place the girl between her legs and wash her lovingly. Karen was no saint. She had always had a desire nude preteen guys to find out what it would be like to make love to a preteennonnude woman but had never had the nerve to act on her desires. As Tomi was growing up she found herself fantasying about young girls. She fought her desires but would wake herself up masturbating with images of Tomi's naked body emblazed on her mind. She found that when she saw a young preteen girls nud girl that was acting seductive would turn her on enough that she would retreat to a bathroom to masturbate. She had very sensitive nipples and did enjoy it preteen naked clits when her husband used to suck on them. After his passing her preteen nudists camp breasts aced for the want of a worm mouth sucking on her nipples. Karen got a part time job working at the Mall Food Court. That way she could pick up Tomi after school. She got the job after her husband passed away to occupy her spare time. The work kept her mind off of Tomi's body a little but at the same time working with those sexy teenaged girls turned her on too. They were constantly talking about sex as if she was not there. The customers were just as bad some of them seamed to deliberately preteen wild models sit is such a way that they exposed as much of their breasts and crotch as possible. There preteen handjob pictures was one teenager that would sit where she could see her panties. They were very white preteen young hentai and thin. preteen nude dreaming She could see the dark hairs and the crack. The girl would smile at her as if she knew what she was looking at. lovely preteen girl Karen found that she was addicted to masturbation. She preferred to keep her own pubic hair trimmed short. She liked to masturbate in front of her vanity mirror so that she could watch what she was doing. She would check out her crotch nice preteen model very carefully. There was a mole on the inside of her right thigh very close to her vulva. She feared that it would turn into cancer. She would have her gynecologist check it out every time she visited her. Besides having a woman inspecting it was a turn on. When Tomi reached the age of 10 Karen was giving her a bath as usual but feared being able to control herself if she washed her crotch the way she had always done. She washed her trunk and preteen vagina pics legs but stopped there. Tomi turned a little and asked her. "Why didn't wash me down there?" as she exploited preteens porn put it. Karen told her, "You are at an age where it was not right for anyone else to wash you down there." Tomi looked disappointed. She said, "It feels good when you wash me down there." The thought that she had been sexually stimulating her granddaughter shocked Karen. The wave of preteen porno mpgs guilt swept over her. She got out of the tub as she told herself she should never bathe with Tomi again. She deliberately avoided any discussion of bathing her again. One night Tomi was in the tub far to long and Karen entered to check on her. When she opened the door she saw Tomi had her fingers between her legs masturbating for all she was worth. Tomi started crying because she thought she was in trouble. Karen picked up a wet towel and simply said they should talk after she finished bathing. Then she left preteens porn private the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. When Tomi came preteen boy strippers to her bedroom her nightgown was clinging to her body underage preteen nymphets because it was sticking to her wet body. uderage preteens nude They sat on the bed beside each other to talk about sex. Karen tried to preteen nude s be as supportive as possible as she explained about the physical changes that were starting to change her body. When Tomi asked if it was wrong to play with herself down there, Karen was very careful when telling her, Honey it is natural to relive yourself that way. Women and girls just don't talk about what they columbian preteen models do when they are alone. It is just not lady like to talk about it." Tomi said, "I use to get the same feeling when little preteen cum you use to wash me down there. Then she asked, "Mama, Do you play with yourself too?" Karen wanted to lie. She thought about telling her that at her age it was preteen insert penis something in the past but she said, "I still need to masturbate a lot. Now that grandpa is gone I need to do it even more." Karen looked at her granddaughter. She was only four-foot eleven and 90 pounds with rather short brown hair. She felt an over whelming desire to hug her granddaughter. Karen felt like such a letch at 49-years old to want to have sex with her granddaughter. She was a dirty blond with shoulder length hair. She was not that tall either and was a 36-C and a butt a little larger than she liked. As she was hugging Tomi the girl pantyhose forum preteens kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear. "I want to help you Mama." She placed her hand between her grandmother's legs and dug her fingers into the nightgown until the material was forced between her labia. The gossamer material was soon wet and slippery. Karen was shocked by the girl's bold actions. She knew she should stop her but it had been so long since anyone had touched her pussy. She sat there without moving for enough time that her need for sex took over. Karen placed her own hand on the little vulva and ran her finger between the valley forcing the flannel nightgown into the crack. They were both moaning. Tomi could not get enough but Karen had a strong climax that left her breathless. Tomi watched her reaction and wanted to know what it was like. Karen told her that she would soon reach the development stage that would allow her to climax. That night Karen allowed Tomi to sleep in bed with her. The nightgowns were only getting in the way so they removed them. Karen pulled the girl close to her warm body and gently on the face. preteen naturals She was so sexually stimulated she was kissing her face until she reached her mouth. She stuck her tongue into her granddaughter mouth. As preteen masturbation pictures she kissed her she used her fingers to play with her little nipples. Tomi was not sitting still during total nude preteens all of this. She was sticking her tongue into her granny's mouth as if she was competing with her over preteen sex board who was going to put their tongue in the other's mouth. She was also thrilled to be able to feel her granny's tits too. She had always loved resting her soft breasts and feel the warmth of them against her ear. The sound nude bbs preteen of her beating heart had always been comforting. She bikini preteen nudes had also seen pictures of babies nursing from their mother's breast and wondered what it would feel like. lsmagazine com preteen She had a strong desire to suck on her granny's tit for years and now she knew she was videos preteenz going to get to do it. After Karen had stimulated preteen beauties the girls nipples she moved down her body enough preteen female puberty to suck on preteensporn pedo the girls little baby fat breasts. When she became so aggressive in her sucking that she was inducing some pain on Tomi's flesh she had to stop and allow the girl to rest. Tomi pushed her granny over onto her back and she clamed one of her granny's soft breasts. She used both hands to hold one as she placed her mouth over the mauve areola and used her tongue to flip the nipple. Then she started sucking on the nipple as hard as she could. At one point she lifted her head and asked about what happened to a woman that caused her to make milk. Karen pulled her head back to her nipple as she told her about how during the late stages of pregnancy a hormone is created that starts females clits pre teen lactating. She told her that as long as the breast hard preteen xxx is emptied regularly a woman can produce milk for years. She added the in the southwest the Apache Indian women nursed their children until they reached puberty to conserve protein. Tomi was sucking preteen nude thai on the nipple and pictured children busty preteen sluts as old as her with thick, straight, black hair sucking on a brown tit. The idea of actually getting milk from a breast made her pussy wet. She switched preteens little pics to the other tit and sucked on it as aggressively as she had the first one. While she was sucking on the tit her granny was being sturges preteens sexually stimulated so much that her vagina was secreting lubricating fluid so much that preteen 16 thong it was leaking out of her cunt. The bedroom was starting to sting of her sex. Tomi smelled it and found that it stimulated her even more. She could not resist reaching down and placing her fingers into her granny's wet vagina. She thrilled at the warm slippery feeling of preteens pics x the vagina canal. She pulled her fingers out of her grandmother's pussy and brought them up to her preteen in panteis face and held her fingers under her preteens nudes pages nose and smelled preteen galleries angels her fingers. She had the feeling that her own vagina was secreting fluid too. She could not resist tasting the fluid on her fingers. She lifted her head and looked up at her granny's face as she stuck her fingers into her mouth. The sight of her granddaughter sucking on her fingers covered with her pussy juice overwhelmed her. She quickly picked up the 90 pound girl and placed her on her back with her head resting on the pillow. The sudden movement started Tomi and she thought she had done something wrong at first. Karen moved down the bed and took hold of the girl's ankles and draped her legs over her own back as she moved her head between the girl's legs. She covered the hairless vulva bulge with her mouth. free preteen photo She stuck out her tongue and sought out the girl's clitoris. Tomi was quickly discovering the pleasures of oral sex. Karen swabbed the valley with her tongue. She sought out and found her granddau
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