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Related post: Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 spanish cg loli artist 23:53:14 PDT From: blake carrington Subject: Turning Point (Dawson's Delight Part 6) ### I'm not connected to Dawson's Creek naked black lolipop girls in any way. This is a fan fiction story and isn't supposed to reflect on the sexual preferences of pics illegal lolit the actors who play the characters. All characters are the property of Sony and Outerbank Entertainment and copywrited to them. Dawson Leery sighed and rolled over onto his side. free loli bbs He was lying on his loli pedo porns bed in his darkened room. The only light came from the moon, who's rays were shining little loli porn in through the glass of the window. Dawson closed his eyes and pictured Pacey's face. loli kdz bbs His heart felt heavy, as it often did when he was alone in the dark, thinking of his love for Pacey and nymphs bbs loli all loli pass board that could underage lolicon comics never be. Inevitably, his japanese lolicon porn movies thoughts turned to Jack. He wasn't gallery junior lolitta at all confused lolia ped about his feelings for McPhee. He liked him as a friend, and they'd had a lot of fun together. But that was over now. Jack was getting way too serious, and that wasn't something Dawson could deal with, at least not with Jack. He was surprised by a light tapping on his window. Turning over, he was suddenly overtaken by a sinking feeling. It was Chris! Dawson wasn't in the mood to have to service him tonight. Then again, that had never mattered to Chris anyway. "Chris, please. Not tonight," Dawson pleaded as he pulled up the window. "We have to talk, Dawson," Chris said as he climbed inside. He walked quickly across the room and preteen lolia models switched on the light, then turned to face Leery again. Dawson felt a tingle of anxiety when he saw the look on Chris's face. Instead of his usual cocky self assurance, Chris loli angels nymphets wore an expression of guilt and worry. "What is it?" Dawson asked. He felt a jolt of fear. Had someone seen them in the school lolitta art photos bathroom? He'd known it was too risky! "Dawson, man. I have to tell you something. bbs kids loli I kinda let slip to someone about you being gay. There was a misunderstanding smoll lolits and I thought he already knew," young virgin porn lolipop Chris said, looking apologetic. For a few moments, everything stopped. It seemed to Dawson, who didn't breath or even feel his heart beat, that time itself had come to a stand still so that hentai lolicon bdsm loli nymph his mind could process this information. "Who?" he finally asked, his voice a hoarse whisper. "Look, Dawson. It was your fault anyway! If you and Jack hadn't called him with an anonymous tip-" "What in the hell are you talking about?? Called who?" Dawson yelled, his head spinning in utter confusion. "Doug Witter. You mean you didn't call him? It must have just been Jack, then," Chris said more to himself that Dawson. "DOUG WITTER? Oh my God. Oh my God!" Dawson began quickly pacing back and forth, his heart pounding furiously. "Doug is Pacey's brother, Chris. What am I going to do? There's india loli pics links no loli 3yo way that he's not going to tell Pacey board loliteen about this. Those two hate each other. All it's going to take is Pacey insinuating that Doug illegal lolity is gay. That's all. loli ls stars Then Doug will turn it around and throw pussy girls loli the fact that Pacey's own best friend is the real queer right back in Pacey's taboo little loli galleries face! Oh my God!" Chris watched as Dawson sank down to the floor and rested his chin on his knees. He looked so hopeless that even Chris felt momentarily sorry for him. sex with lolite "Listen, Dawson. Doug isn't going to do anything to hurt you. Not even to one-up Pacey." "You don't know the Witters, Chris. You don't know what that family is like. It's just the kind of thing Doug would do. God, he'll even tell his dad, just to make Pacey look even worse in his eyes. Then he'll call my dad. Everyone's going to know," Dawson said. His voice sounded almost dead horny loli and his eyes matched his gallery lolicon tone of voice. "Dawson, listen. Doug won't out you to the whole town. I don't know, he might say something to Pacey. But no one else. He's gay, too, man," Chris tried to assure Dawson. "What?" Dawson looked up at Chris. "Trust me. Doug Witter is gay," Chris grinned. "Even if that is true, he'll still tell Pacey. underage lolitta sweet I'm going to lose my best friend," Dawson looked back down at the floor. "Listen, I'm sure it'll all work out. I have to go, I've got a date with that new chick from class today," Chris grinned. He headed back towards the window, pausing before he started to climb out. "Oh, and Dawson? You're off the hook, man. You don't have to give me any more blow jobs. Unless you want to." Dawson raised his head and looked at the familiar smug look loli young hot models bbs loli nymphet angel hentai forum loli on the teen's face. "Get out, Chris." Jack loli mpeg list inhaled Pacey's warm scent as he moved his mouth slowly up and down Pacey's hard cock. Pacey stirred a little in his sleep. His hand softly touched the back of Jack's head and he sighed. "MMM...Dawson?" Pacey asked, slowly opening his eyes and coming out of the dream he'd been having. Looking down, lolitta sexy galleri he saw Jack looking up lolit video at him intently, his mouth filled with Pacey's loli top young teen cock. "Jack?? What the hell are you doing???" Pacey yelled. He struggled to sit up while Jack continued his methodical sucking motions. "Stop it!" Pacey yelled. A shudder of pleasure suddenly overtook the teen and he gasped. "Oh my God!" Jack slid a hand slowly up Pacey's chest and began to play lightly with his hard nipples. "No! Jack stop loli supermodels it!" Pacey brushed Jack's hand away. A surge of energy propelled Pacey lolicon freeporn off of Andie's bed loli fuck gallery and knocked Jack over onto the floor. Pacey stood loli nude petit model glaring down at Jack, his breathing rapid and his hardon still sticking out of the fly of his pants, standing at nude loli boys attention. "What the hell do you think you're doing, McPhee?" Pacey demanded. "I thought I was giving you an enjoyable blow job. You seemed to like it," Jack smiled, glancing up meaningfully at Pacey's hard rod. Pacey followed his gazed and turned around lolicon little angels in embarrassment, stuffing himself back inside his pants and zipping up. Turning back around, there was still a noticeable bulge in the front of them. "Damn it Jack, I've made it clear to you that I'm not gay! I'm dating your sister, loli virgins pass man! How could you do this to her? That's just low, McPhee," Pacey spat out. "I tiny young loli had to find out, Pacey. And I have," Jack sighed. "Found out what??" Pacey yelled. "If you were gay or not," Jack answered quietly. "I'm NOT GAY! Just because you lolicon and incest gave me a hardon doesn't mean I'm gay. I was asleep for God's sake! It could have been Andie for all I knew!" "Or Dawson." "What the hell does THAT mean?" Pacey demanded, blushing in spite of himself. "That's what you said, Pacey. When lolicon free video you woke up and felt what I was doing. When you put your hand on my head, you called me Dawson," Jack sighed again. Pacey was speechless for once. How the hell could he explain something like that? Had he nude little lolitta models really called out Dawson's name? "Damn you, Pacey. You're going to ruin everything, aren't you? I love Dawson. I loli nonude bbs LOVE him. But I can't compete with you. Or the feelings he has for you. Damn you!" Jack was near tears as he stood slowly up to face Pacey. "No, Jack. Damn YOU!" Pacey yelled as he lashed out, punching Jack squarely in the nose and storming past him. He quickly went down the stairs and left the house. Alone in Andie's loli stories free room, Jack's tears began to flow in earnest and he tended preteen loli bbs gateway to his bleeding nose. He'd been wrong to do what he did with Pacey, he knew that. But he'd had to know. The worst part was, he did know now. He'd lost Dawson. Pacey might be in denial now, but eventually the two best friends would each figure things out and find their way to each other. "I'm all alone," Jack cried softly. Pacey walked home, his mind in turmoil over what had happened with Jack. Everything that McPhee had said was the truth, and Pacey knew it. But he couldn't let himself be that way. He was already enough of a disappointment to his family the way things were. He had to be straight. He made his way slowly up to his room, loli nymph art his anger at Jack having cooled off. Now he felt only intense sadness. Why did this have to happen? Why couldn't things be simple like they had been when he, Dawson, and Joey had been kids together, playing on the creek. Everything had been so easy then! Pacey jumped as he turned on his bedroom light and found his brother sitting opposite bbs pedo loli illegal the door in a chair, arms folded across the front of his police sweet lolicon thumbs uniform. "Jesus Doug! What are you doing sitting in my room in the dark?" Pacey asked, his anger returning quickly. "How was the date?" Doug asked, his voice clearly indicating his opinion that hentai loli galleries it had been a failure. After all, everything Pacey did was a failure to loli lands Doug and to their father. "What do you care?" "I don't really. I want to ask you something. preteen russian naked lolitsa About Dawson Leery." Pacey recognized the tone of Doug's voice. It was his brother's 'no nonsense, nude lolitsa this is police business' tone. "What about Dawson?" Pacey lolicon incest art free suddenly felt worried. Had something happened to him? "He's your best friend, right? You know everything about him?" Doug asked. "Yeah. So?" "Even that he's gay?" Doug asked quietly. Pacey stared at Doug in complete shock, unable to believe that he could have possibly heard what he had. "Don't answer, I can see from your face that you didn't know that," Doug sighed. He stood up. "Listen, Pace. There was a little trouble with a student blackmailing other students. Nothing too serious and to work it private loli russia all out. But preteen models loli Dawson's name came up in that context." "Oh no," Pacey sat down heavily on the chair next to the door. "It'll be just like with Jack. Everyone's going to trash him. I lolicon flashgames don't think Dawson can take that. He's too sensitive." "Don't dark dream loli worry about japan loli ls that. bbs preeten nude loli I'm the only one who knows. I'm telling you because your his friend. He's going to free videos lolicon need someone to russian lolitta free talk to. He's not only been dealing with being gay and keeping it a free loli videos secret, but anime lolicon free with blackmail, too. It's got to be tearing him up. I thought you should know so that he has you to lolitta and dad lean on and doesn't do anything stupid." "Thanks, Doug," Pacey loli hairless said weakly. How could he tell his brother that he not only already knew the truth, but could never talk to
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