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Related post: Date: Fri, 26 non nude model lolicon Mar 1999 19:40:08 -0800 (PST) From: "D.Z." Subject: Boys on the Farm 1This is a story about 2 teenage lolita preteens sex pics guys who discover man sex and love for each other while on a summer vacation at the farm. It begins slowly but builds in intensity as their relationship deepens so please be patient as you read this first part. If man to man sex or normal reproductive acts of farm animals offend you then you should move on to something else. This is my preteen all nude lolly first attempt at writing fiction and I would appreciate any comments ls lolita studio photos emailed back to me at BOYS ON THE FARM is a work of pure fiction -- the characters and the events do not hottest lolitas gay boys represent any person or situation. Copyright (c) 1999. BOYS ON THE underage pics lolita preteen FARM By D.Z. Arrival at the Farm. Tristan and David were both 15 years old and had been buddies for years. Tristan was tall for his age with a medium build and a great tan. His eyes were brown and he had dark, curly hair. They had finished the ninth grade and were looking forward to attending senior high school at the Central Campus of their urban community. David was the shorter of the two boys and had light blonde hair and blue eyes. David went without a shirt as much as possible and already this summer he had a nice tan on his torso and legs. Both boys' physiques showed the promise of a man's body as their muscles began to define and grow in their journey into manhood. The boys were on their rivea corymbosa ololiuquis seed way to the farm where David's grandparents, John and 10 12yr old lolitas Edna Brandt, lived. David invited Tristan to stay with him at the farm for a couple of weeks and after weeks of anticipation they were nearly there. young lolitas 15 yrs Tristan constantly looked out the window of Grandpa Brandt's 4x4 pickup at the wide open spaces, the new crops, and the herds of livestock. The sun was casting a golden glow on the countryside as it was setting and the air smelled so fresh. This was the beginning of a new and exciting experience for Tristan, a city boy, to be in the country and out on a real farm. In twenty minutes they had traveled from town out to the farm. They pulled into a tree-surrounded farmyard that included a big house, huge red barn with a silo attached, several graineries, and a gigantic farm equipment shop/garage. Two Dalmatian dogs ran up to the car, wagging their undergrand small lolita russian tails and barking. David jumped out of the car and ran over to the dogs, holding and petting them. "Be quiet Fritz, you too Mabel", he said to the matched pair of dogs. After their suitcases were carried inside, David was bursting with eagerness to show Tristan around the farm. Accompanied by the dogs, the two boys made a tour of the farmstead. First they toured the equipment garage looking at the big farm equipment. But, over in the corner, dwarfed by the large modern equipment was an old horse-drawn wagon, and to Tristan's amazement, a stagecoach! "Why does your Grandfather have these-they're awesome!?" exclaimed Tristan. "His hobby is keeping the olden days alive with this old stuff pulled by big draft horses", explained David. "The horses are probably out around the barn and he has a stallion he keeps penned in there." "Can we go see them right now?" "Sure, let's go." They dashed to the barn and slid open the central sliding door. Penned inside naked tulips lolita 2008 was a black Clydesdale stallion. The boys went over to the pen and held their hands out as he came over to them and sniffed them through the boards of the sturdy pen. "He's huge-what's his name," asked bbs young lolita nymphette Tristan. "Ace, as in ace of spades". "Does anybody ride him?" "No, he mostly is used to breed Grandpa's mares and sometimes Grandpa will hitch him up to cultivate the garden or pull an old mower." "Awesome. Where are the others?" "They are either in back of the lolita toplist preteen girls barn or out in the pasture. 2 loli loli gallery I wonder how many colts Grandpa Brandt has this year. Let's go look". The boys dashed outside and around to the back of the barn. There they found three mares and two nasty virgin preteen lolitas colts. They spooked the horses by their sudden appearance and out to the pasture galloped the colts and mares. "We scared them", said David. "I forgot young passion lolita gallery that you can't run up to horses. Maybe later they'll be back by the barn and we can walk up to them and pet them." By this time the sun had set and the boys went back to the farmhouse. It was a white, two-story house with a roofed porch across the entire front. Grandma had cookies and ice cream waiting for boys. cp lolita hardcore loli Then it was time ebony lolitas nude pics for bed. "We get up early on the farm", Grandma Brandt explained, "so you boys need to get to bed. Are you sharing a room or do you want be sleeping separate?" Tristan looked over to David. "Share?" he asked. "Course", replied David. Up a lolita wild nymphs the stairs went Grandma with the boys. "Here boys, you can sleep in this room-it has a double bed. Put your suitcases over here and get settled. Don't stay up too long . . .Good night," she said as she gave each boy a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Your grandma is sure nice," Tristan said as soon as the boys were alone. "Yeah, but wait until Grandpa shows us a good time. You'll like him too." The boys arranged their suitcases and began changing for bed without a concern for modesty. Tristan loved to look at David's naked body-the smooth perfection of his arms, legs, ass, and the dark little lolita pussy galery blonde hair over his uncut cock. He had a perfect uncut cock young virgin lolita photos and set of balls--his tiny preteen lolitas nude body could have been lolita nn model links used a model for an ancient Greek statue. As best friends they had seen the other naked often since they did everything together. They had slept over at each other's house and gone to camp together. Sleeping over was always fun, especially when the boys could sleep in the same bed. Tristan quickly pulled his nightclothes on to hide his slowly rising cock. "Oh man" he thought. "How am I going to keep my dick under best free little lolits control if I don't jerk it every day? I don't want him to think I'm gay." Tristan made sure free lolicon hentai doujinshi his crotch didn't come in contact with David as they lay daddy s lolita girl together and made plans for the next day and slowly dropped off to sleep. Day One. Right away on their first morning nude bbs lolita pussy they were exploring the barn and hayloft. They had a great time swinging all around the hayloft from a rope attached high up on the roof. By mid morning the boys had to take a leak. "Man, login gratis lolita models I gotta find someplace to take a leak" Tristan said after a particularly wild swing on the rope. "I just about pissed my pants on that one!" He began heading for the stairs and was passing by the open hayloft door looking out to the barnyard. "Do you think anyone would mind if I just did it out the door?" "Nah, I've done that before when I was here other summers. Move over, I've got to go too." Tristan always unbuttoned his jeans and zipped down his fly so he could piss unrestricted. David was usually more young teen preteen lolys inhibited, but since they were on the farm, he followed Tristan's example. There they cp lolita child nude stood, side by side with their hands holding their cocks, pissing out of the hayloft door of the huge old barn. As boys will be lolita bbs pretty teens boys, they were involved in a friendly competition to see who could piss the furthest. Tristan looked at David's powerful stream arcing out and down through the air and exclaimed, "Wow! Look how far you can make it go! You've got me beat by a mile." Both boys shook the remaining drops of piss off their cocks. Tristan gave his an extra shake or two enjoying the feelings in his dick that his young nymphet lolita nude hand was creating. He was beginning to get really horny since he wasn't able to jerk off the last two days. He tried to put out of his mind all thoughts of his sexual urges out of his mind. "Hey David, let's go see that stud horse again". Down they went to see Ace who was standing in his pen munching on hay. The boys peered through the boards of the pen at the back end of the biggest horse they had ever seen. And, hanging beneath him was this huge horsecock with a set of balls the size of apples enclosed in a velvety pouch. Ace's black cock hung down about a foot and was easily three inches in diameter. It young lolitateen girls nude swung from side to side as Ace shifted his weight, swishing his tail at flies. Tristan was semi-hard from just looking at it. As the boys were looking Ace let more of lolitas preteen nn upskirt this awesome cock come out--it lengthened to two feet long and Ace began to piss--it was a river of piss. "Look at that freakin' monster of a cock and those huge balls!", murmured Tristan. "Yeah", replied David. "You should see it hard when he's breeding Grandpa's mares. It preteen lolita 1op 100 gets even longer and fatter. If we're lucky we might get to see Ace doing it. You'll know that a mare is in heat if she hangs around the barn all day with her tail up." "Cool. I hope loli cp lolilta board so--I've never seen animals fucking." Tristan had to put his hand in his pocket and arranged his hard dick into a better position. He looked toplist lolita nude bikini over at David's crotch and could tell David's crotch was fuller than usual too. "What should we do now?" "Lets go get the dogs and see the colts out in the pasture." The boys went outside and were looking and calling for the dogs. "Here Fritz, here Mabel." David paused, "I wonder where they went--they always come pthc lolitas google torrents when you call them. We better look for them." David and Tristan began checking everywhere in the farmyard. As they went between two grain bins they caught a glimpse of the spotted dogs. Something didn't look right and the boys started running. Around the grain bins there were the dogs--Fritz little lolitas pics only had his front legs over nude child modeling lolita Mabel's back and he was pumping away. As the boys russian free lolita galleries stood and watched this act of canine reproduction Tristan's cock grew so hard it ached and he had to casually rub it through his jeans. Shortly Fritz withdrew his pointed, pink dick and both dogs lay on the grass gothic lolita corset dresses and were licking their genitalia. "Man, I just said I've never seen animals fucking and it happens just like that. My cock is so hard it aches-doesn't yours?" Tristan asked as he tried to find a better position in his pants for his aching cock. "No shit! This is making gymnastics women gallery lolita me way too horny". David looked around checking to make sure they weren't in sight of the house or the shop. "I need to shoot some juice". He opened his pants, pushed down his briefs, and pulled out his hard cock. He started rapidly stroking it, moving his foreskin back and forth over his flared cockhead. Precum started rolling out of his cock slit and was spread by the movement of his foreskin. Tristan thought he would shoot off right then in his pants. David real xxx lolita pics was jerking his cock in front of him! "Me too!' Tristan echoed David's actions and quickly had his teen-age boner outside and preteen baby loli girls began pummeling his meat. His other hand cupped his balls and massaged them as he stroked. The sexual tension in his body rapidly built and his young foot lolita preteen existence centered in that hard cock gripped angel naked preteen lolita in his hand. "Here it comes" he panted as five strings of white cum jetted into the air and landed in the grass. Tristan began shaking the remainder of his cum from his long semi-hard cock before tucking it back into his jeans. That sight was all David needed for his release of hot cum. His orgasm was intense and he young lolita pics mpegs shot out load after load. His knees were weak as h
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