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Related post: Kazar 2 KazarPart 2He lifted himself onto his elbows exclaiming, russian preteen stars "Shit! When he looked down and noticed the stain on his trousers.Kazar grinned saying, "You've had a hands free," looking at the wet patch that was on Jonathon's clothing.The man looked around the park it was still quite empty and would stay that way till the shops shut and the Saturday cricket matches were over. "I'm going over to the public loo to clean up.""Good idea I'll keep you company, or if you want I'll clean you up.""Kazar what's with you?""Nothin, why d'you ask?"Jonathon started for the toilets with Kazar in tow, "Why do I bangkok preteen models ask, shit you walk out of the house earlier as if I'd insulted you then the next thing I know you're trying to get you hands around my dick by offering to clean up my," turning to the boy, "What did you call it?""Hands free.""Yeah my hands free, sounds better than a wet dream. So what made you catch up with me again?""Just wanted to say sorry for acting like a prat.""How did you know where to find me?""Your mum, seems like she knows where you hang out when you want to be alone,""That's the trouble with mums they know too much,""Who is David?""Huh""David young euro preteens who the hell is he? You were mumbling his name when I woke you and seems like he was the cause why we're heading for the toilets.""Umm, he was a boy I knew when I was twelve, we were friends for about a couple of years until he moved out of the neighbourhood."They arrived at the toilets and entered to find the place deserted."Kazar I'm going into one of the cubicles to clean up you stay out here.""Why.""Because I said so isn't that good enough.""What's up with you Jonathon, preteen lesbian pictures you should know I fancy you let me come in I won't do anything.""Christ Kazar you must be crazy, say if someone walks in and hears us in the cubicle together. There is no way that they're going to believe that a man had a fourteen-year-old boy free preteen modles in a public toilet and nothing was going on.""Okay I'll stay out here but don't take all fucking day cleaning up."Jonathon smiled as he went to the cubicle leaving the boy who'd placed his bum on the rim of the sink folded his arms and pouted. Five minutes later he was out of the cubicle the stain on his trouser covered by his shirt hanging out over it. The boy stood seeing Jonathon exiting the cubicle."Where are we going now?""I'm going back home to clean up properly and change my clothes, what are you banned underage preteens going to do?""You want company?""You bet."They made their way back to Jonathon's house. Whet they arrived he checked to find that his mother was still out turning to Kazar he young legal preteen said,"Stay in the sitting room I won't be too long.""This isn't a public preteens erotics pics loo Jonathon I can give you a hand if nude ilegal preteens you want?"Jonathon walked over to the boy till their bodies were nearly touching. He lifted his hand and ran it through the boy's hair stroking his head at the same time saying,"Kazar if I was fourteen the same age as you, you wouldn't have to ask me if I needed help, you'd be trying desperately hard to fight me off. I would've most probably stripped you naked by now and had you in my bedroom with me preteen girls thongs naked alongside you. But I'm not fourteen or fifteen for that matter I'm twenty two that means if we get nudist preteens pictures caught preteen topsites galleries I go to prison do you illegal photos preteen understand.""I understand I wasn't born yesterday I know what the age of consent is, but unless bbs tgp preteen we get really careless who's to know.""Kazar please don't push it, will you, just leave it for the moment I have to think, no, I don't have to think its illegal preteen russian no, not till your sixteen, now stay down here I won't be long."As he turned to leave the boy held his hand stopping him."You know I've got something going on inside of me for you don't you?"Jonathon lowered his face and kissed the boy on the forehead, "Yes I do," and left to get cleaned up.The boy watched as the man climbed the stairs he wished that he could be accompanying him, "Bollocks what can he do he can't kill me," so he followed the man up the stairs. Hearing the footsteps behind him the Jonathon stopped vombat bbs preteen and looked over his shoulder to see the boy at the foot of the stairs intent on following him. He raised an eyebrow saying, "Where the hell little preteen cheerleader do you think your going.""Just looking around.""Well look around downstairs.""I've seen the downstairs I want to see what's upstairs."He smiled, you don't give up easy.""Nope.""Okay, follow me to my room it's at the end of the corridor.""Can't I come into the bathroom with you?""No," Jonathon pedo preteen incest went into his room picked up a change of clothing waited till the boy joined him in there then left saying, "Wait here I won't be long."As soon as Jonathon had exited the room the boy started tender preteens pics looking around. As bedrooms go preteens preteens models it was pretty tidy no clothes lying around, or unmade bed, the dressing table had some Boss aftershave a box of tissues and other toiletries on it. Kazar went to the bed and buried his face in the pillows and taking a deep breath inhaled the aromas stemming from the pillows. He could banned preteen insest smell the man, and his loins became aroused at the preteen cgi boards thought of being in the bed of the person who he wanted to lie naked with.Jonathon returned to the room showered and changed to see the boy lying on his bed his face buried in his pillows. Going over to the bed he sat next to the boy stroking the back preteen lina nude of his head. Kazar turned onto his side clasping the hand that had been stroking his head and brought the palm to cover his sexy candid preteens face. He inhaled deeply then kissed the palm of the hand before taking it away to look at the man sitting asian preteens beside him."You smell brilliant.""You don't smell too bad yourself actually chinas preteens movies I think you smell better than me and I've just had a shower.""You never said anything about your feelings when I said I've got all these sort of feelings going on inside top board preteen of me.""Do I have to say xxx preteen nymphet it can't you feel it solo preteens xxx when I touch you.""Yeah but I want to hear it as well."Jonathon looked down at the boy lying on his bed, he wanted so much to be able to take him into his arms and make love to him instead he kissed the tip of his index finger and placing it on Kazar's lips said, "I love you."The boy sat up, "I knew it, I knew it the moment I saw you, now can you give me a proper kiss.""No Kazar please don't ask that of me, first it'll be a kiss then a feel and before you know it we'll be naked on the bed together. I wouldn't mind, actually I'd be all for it if you were sixteen but your not, so there's not going to be anything done that can lead to sexual involvement.""Shit sixteen I have to wait a year and eleven months that will take forever."Pulling the boy to his feet Jonathon said, "Come naked russian preteen on lets go downstairs twenty three months will go so fast you'll wonder where the time went.""Balls just one term at school seems to take forever preteen pajama models and that's only three months, just think nearly eight terms I'll have to wait, God! That's sheer bloody cruelty.""Stop moaning and come on down my mother will be back soon and it won't look too good if she were to find us together in my bedroom." Reluctantly the boy followed the man into the sitting room they hard barely sat down when they heard the rattle of a key in the front door and preteen 16 year Jonathon's mother entering the house.With the greetings over Jonathon's mother asked Kazar if he was going to stay for dinner. He declined the offer saying, "He had preteen masterbation pics to get home, that his mother preteen development photos had cooked and it would go to waste i bbs preteens if he didn't eat."Making his goodbye's to dutch preteens bbs Jonathon's mother Kazar left the house with Jonathon following.Outside in the street the boy turned to Jonathon, "You don't have to see me home I can make it on my own."He stopped looked at the boy, "Okay see you sometime later," and left to return to the house. He'd taken a couple of steps when he was restrained by the boy's hand, "What d'you mean you'll fantasy preteen sex see me sometime later.""Exactly what I said, I'm not sure what you intend doing tomorrow or the next day or any day after that, so I'll see you sometime when your ready to come and see tpg preteens picture me.""Will you walk with me?""What made you change your mind?""Because I was scared you were angry that I said I could get home by myself.""I was sort of angry, you were doing the same thing as you did earlier in the day when you left the house, now in the street you were giving me the brush amature preteen nudes off. asian preteen modeling So you find your own way home and don't in future try and manipulate me and if you don't know what that means look it up in the dictionary and I'll see you whenever preteen xxx you want."He turned his back on the boy leaving him standing in the street and returned home.Kazar walked home dejected, he'd thought by telling Jonathon that he could find his own way home he'd have Jonathon insisting on accompanying pre teens toppless him home preteen beasty girls and then agreeing to it only because the man wanted to take nude virigin preteen him home. But it hadn't worked Jonathon had sussed out his intentions, and now he made his lonely way home realising that he wasn't as smart as he though and that again he'd have to apologize to Jonathon for his behaviour. Jonathon sat reading, it was twelve-thirty pm and his mother had just retired to her bedroom he was on the point rusian preteen cuties of going to make a late night coffee when the phone rang. Picking it up he answered, "The Blake residence."He heard the sound of young voice greeting hot preteen sexy him and answered."Hi to you too.""It's okay Kazar apology accepted and I'm not angry with you. So what are you doing up so late.""I'm flattered that artistic nudea preteen you're thinking of me.""Umm no I wasn't, I was going to make a cup of coffee, but I was thinking of you earlier.""About how you look, your lips that look like you've put a pale pink lipstick on them, your nose, and those blue eyes of yours that preteenn pics seemed to look like two little blue pools that one aisan preteen pussy could dive into and indian sexy preteens immerse oneself in forever, and what we would do if when you were old enough and could live together only of course when you finished your schooling.""I earn enough money for two people to live on and you wouldn't have to go looking for a job straight away you preteens erotic pics could even go on to university if you wished.""Yeah, I love you too it's a bit late preteens nude pedo now you had better get to bed.""Okay see you later, bye." His preteens naked gallaries mother yelling at him that the phone was for him dragged Jonathon into the world of the living, stretching his hand he picked up the extension and hearing the click as bbs girls preteen his mother replaced the handset downstairs."Yeah who is it.""Bloody Hell! Kazar preteen tgp naked it's just gone nine and I went to bed after two.""No, no, don't ring off just give me time to wake up," he put the phone down and got out of bed, drew the curtains to let some light into the room and at once regretted doing so as he had to squint his eyes to screen out the light.Picking up the phone again he enquired, "So what did you wan
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