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Related post: Date: Sun, lolicon russina 24 Mar 2002 20:44:10 -0800 (PST) From: Ice Cold Subject: incomplete harmony-1Disclaimer: Ummm...anyone who knows what fiction means, please raise your right hand. (Right imgboard loli cp not left, Sean). For those of you who didn't raise littles loli their "RIGHT" hand, I'll spare you the agony bbs image board loli of lugging out the big, old cp newsgroups loli and dusty dictionary. Fiction means not real or didn't happen and that's what this story is. Fiction. It never happened and will never happen. OK? Remember. Fiction.Ramblings: Laptops suck. They are meant to be put on your lap but once they start to heat up from the usage, they become very uncomfortable. I remember when I was so excited in writing something about this story and I just dumped my laptop in my lap. What loli illegal porn I don't recall is that I lolicon tgp pedo left the laptop running for two straight hours.So what happened is I fried my balls. And top loli model loli dark angel anal I jumped up and almost threw the laptop out of the window.PrologueJC has always been the songwriter of Nsync. Though Justin puts in some lyrics, it's JC little loli fuck tgp who comes up with loli link pic most of them.And, to JC, it was normal to suddenly find your mind blank when it comes to thinking about asia loli bbs the next line. If that happens, all JC would do was sing what was written and the next line would immediately come.If not, he'd rest, find a book and begin to read. Usually, it comes to him a little while later. If it doesn't, he throws away the song and starts a new one.But loli message board this particular song had JC enraptured. He was at the last line of the chorus when his mind lolicon video post went blank. He loli gateway bbs tried everything. Singing it again. Reading a book then singing it again. Nothing.And though his mind screamed at him to throw it away, JC folded the piece of paper, tucked it in his notebook and went to sleep in hopes of figuring out what the next line should be.--------------Incomplete Harmony"I can't believe we're going to Michelle's house!", Lance said and began bouncing around the limo."Never thought I'd see the day serious and calm Lance would goof around like some kid.", Justin commented."Must be true love.", Chris added."Or it could be that I japan loli bbs fed him a hundred spoons of sugar this morning.", Joey said."Nah. He'd die of diabetes.", JC put in."He's not diabetic.""But if you feed a person that much sugar, he becomes energized so much that his poor brain can't handle it and it would just melt to putty.", JC defended."But we're talking about little lolis bbs tgp Lance here. The guy who can memorize a schedule with one glance.""The lolitta sex sites guy who knows what we wore last night. Or the day before yesterday. Or the day before that day or the day before that day before pthc lolifuck that day.""The guy who knows how to preteen pthc cp loli instantly wake us up. Annoying but true.""The guy who knows every lolitta nu embarrassing moment in the history of Nsync and can use it as ammo against us.""The guy who can single-handedly make us all blush simultaneously with just a few choice words.""So who's keeping him in check?", Justin asked."Michelle?", Chris suggested."Yeah.""Thank god for Michelle.", the other lolicon free galleries four chorused.--------------------"But it's true. loli yong You're like the braniac of Nsync. Who else can do that? I bet Kevin can't. His brain is too old bbs lolite and musty.""Justin, that's not nice.""Oh come on, you know it's true.""Justin, we are friends with Back...why is your mouth hanging open? Close it."Justin's eyes widened and pointed out the window behind Lance.Simply put. It best naked loli was enormous. Michelle's lolit free house was enormous."Oh my god.", JC said, awestruck. "Lance, your girl's richer than you.""She said quaint. You call this quaint?", Lance said in awe."But I want to answer the door!", someone said from behind the oak doors."But madam that's my job.""Don't call me madam and it's my house, if I want to answer the door then I will answer the door.""Very well madam. gymnastics lolicon Your wish is my command."Moments later, a girl with fiery hair and emerald eyes stepped out and greeted them."Hi guys!""Hey Michelle!", york loli they all said except for Lance."Hi sweetie.", Lance said in that 10 yr loli video phone sex voice."Hi Lancey-pie.", Michelle said.Lance made a lolicon and free face. "Since when did you start calling me Lancey-pie?""Since you started calling me sweetie earlier.""Awwww. Now the lovey-dovey couple is gonna fight.", Justin piped in.Lance turned to Justin. "At least, I'm getting some. Unlike some person who has to do loli complex themselves last night when he thought everybody was sleeping."Justin turned crimson and he began loliteen pics tgp looking for a place to crawl in as Chris and Joey turned their heads toward him. "Is little Justin tgp loliza looking for some little loving?""Ack! No! I'll get you porn loli p vids for this Lance!"Chris and Joey made kissing lolicon sex sites faces and began chasing Justin as he ran away. "Come back, little Justin. Me and Joey are gonna loli nu porn give you a little loving."Justin turned his head. "I'll get you for this Lance! I swear I will!""Pshhh. That's what they all say."Michelle kissed Lance on shaved loli the cheeks. "Come on. We're gonna take the grand tour and your tour guide is yours best loli sex truly.""Just hope, we don't get lost.", JC said.-------------------"And this is the library.""Wow. Library, indeed.", Lance commented."So lolite pretty many books. JC would be happy here.", Justin said.True to his word, JC was already exploring pedoland loliotas every shelf, ptsc board bbs loli looking loli child pic for fantasy books."And that concludes the grand tour of my house.""Sheesh. I thought it would never end.", Joey said. "It was so gazou loli bbs big.""But where are the secret passageways? I'm sure that a house like this would have some.", Justin asked, still trying to fix his hair after Joey and Chris messed it up in pthc loli board an ftp lolicon attempt to make Justin little virgin lolitta look like he just had sex."Nope. Nothing like that.""This house is boring.""You'd little loli free galeries be surprised what this house holds.", Michelle said and smiled.--------------------Nate sat down and swept his right hand over the black and white keys of the piano."Jeremy..."And he began to play.-------------------And it resonated throughout the whole house, forming a beautiful yet sad melody.And silence reined. lolicon watersports The relishing kind of silence as everyone listened to the loli preteen nudist girls beautiful melody, the beautiful but sad melody.The melody ended. Cut off as it was about to reach its climax.Once more, silence reined russian child models loli as everyone let the goosebumps subside on their body."Who was playing?", Chris asked.Michelle looked at Chris. "My brother.""That was so...sad.", Justin added."Ever since he broke up with his boyfriend, he's been like that.", Michelle explained."Excuse me? Boyfriend?""Yeah. My brother's gay. Any problems with that?", Michelle clarified."No. None at all. We were all a little surprised, that's all.""Right answer. I feed homophobes to lolicon preteen bbs the dogs."Uh Michelle, can I get a drink or what?", JC asked."Sure. In the kitchen. Do I have to show you or I'll just give you directions?""Directions, please.""Okay go out this room. Go left. Then when you see the tapestry of a soldier, go right. Then at the large oak doors, turn left and you'll find a carpeted hallway then tiny loli go through it then you'll see a grey door and there's the lolite movie kitchen."JC nodded dumbly.Though JC was sure he mazok loli would get lost, he still teen loli models tried his luck. Apparently, his luck wasn't that good today.He came upon a room where there was a boy sitting in front of a piano. And with shaking fingers, the boy started playing pedo pedo loli loli the piano agian.The sad melody from earlier floated through the air again, coursing through JC's ears."So he's the one."Finally finding the kitchen, JC was able to obtain nude lolis a bottle of water. Turning lolicon russian to the kind chef he asked water from, he spoke."So who was the boy that kept playing the sad song earlier?""Oh. You mean Master Nate."JC burst out in laughter. "Excuse me did you just say Master Nate?""Yes. Master Nate. Miss Michelle's brother.""I'm sorry but Master Nate is just too close to something naughty."The kitchen doors top50 loli swung open and a new voice joined them. "Really loli offhost now, would you be so kind to tell me what naughty word it bbs virgin lolitta is too close to?""Master Nate.", the chef lolicon doujinshi incest said and smiled.JC lolitta vids burst out lolit sex pussy laughing again much to so yuong lolis the annoyance of free preeteen naked lolits Nate. "What the hell is your problem man?"Composing himself, JC replied. "I'm sorry but it was just too funny. pretty lolits free Your name is too close to mast-""Yes, I lolitta sex pictures know. And I don't need you to repeat it.""Hey no free loli flash game offense but it was just too funny.""See? That's why I don't like you to call me Master, William.", Nate said to the chef, smiling."JC! JC! Where are you?!", Michelle's voice shouted."I'm here, Michelle!""Thank goodness, you didn't get lost.""Yeah, you should lolis free put directional arrows lolit photo in this place of yours.""It's your fault freepics loli for being such lolit pussy a lousy hostess."Michelle turned around to face his brother. illegall little lolitta boys "Nice to see you're still alive. What brings the mourner down here?""I was hungry.""I told you, you shouldn't have lost all that weight for that scum you lolitta hungary call your ex-boyfriend.""Michelle, I wanted to be skinny too. I didn't like myself when I was chubby.""But you're too skinny.""Michelle, give it up.""You're TOO skinny.""And what exactly do you call youself?""Sexy!""HA! Yeah right!"Michelle sighed. "I want you to xxx loli imgboard gain weight or I'll force feed you and you don't want that.""Ummm...guys, I'm still alive here, you know.", top 100 loli model JC interjected."Oh sorry, Jayce. Come on let's get back to the guys."Before going out the door, Michelle turned back towards her brother. "Ten pounds or it's force-feeding."------------------"Come with us Nate. It'll do good for you.""I don't want to, Michelle.""You just can't hentai lolicon sit here free lolipop nude preteens all day and mourn.""I've been doing loli ukraina it for a whole week already and you can bet your enormous riches lolits russian that I can do it for another week.""It's not healthy.""When did getting your heart broken ever become healthy?"Michelle sighed and looked to the three guys behind him. "Guys, some help would be appreciated."Chris stepped forward and began being lolits teens enthusiastic. "Come on Nate. It'll be fun!""I'm in no mood to be fun right now.""Oh come on. You gotta have some fun.""No, I free loli teen sex don't.""Yes, y
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