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Related post: Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 01:24:21 -0700 (PDT) From: cool cat Subject: Cyber NeighborDisclaimer: None of the latin girl bbs events of this story are true. The lola teen bbs author does not endorse or defend molestation of children. This story is merely intended for the pleasure of others who have no intention of touching a child, but still dream. None of the characters are real and therefore no one was abused or actually participated in the activities described below. Cyber neighbor (M/b) By: The Cool cat I am a 35 yr old single male. I have been married, but like most bbs rompl pedo men like me it did not work out. You see, I have known for years that I was a boy lover. I knew from the age of 14, and had my fair share of boys until I was 16. Thinking I could bbs naked pictures hide it from the general public, I did all the things a heterosexual would do. I married a girl who had a boyish look about her, and loved watching as her boyish looking face looked up at me as she sucked my hard cock. My mind would go back to the young boys who had sucked my teen cock. But after a few years, I just couldn't do it anymore, and felt it was unfair to keep up the ruse, so without explanation I asked for a divorce, and was soon a single guy again.I moved into a quiet neighborhood and settled in. After my first week in the house I was looking out my back deck and heard laughing and giggling. The sound was coming from the yard of my neighbors to the south. Looking over I saw three boys running around throwing volleyball at each other. One of boys I recognized as my neighbors son, Dustin, who I had met when his mother and him came over to welcome me to the neighborhood. Dustin was 13, freepics bbs stood about 5'4 and maybe 90 lbs. His brown hair was kind of long and shaggy, his bangs coming to his eyebrows, and his ears barely covered. He had deep green eyes when he looked right into my eyes I thought I was going to faint. When his mother and he left, I closed the door and dropped to the floor and laughed out loud. Damn, I was going to have a rough couple of years with this kid next door. The other two boys appeared to be a few years younger. I guessed that they were not over the age of 10. I stared at the boys awhile, and thought back briefly to when I was 14, and how good I was with boys that age. 10 yr olds always seemed to be a little less inhibited about trying new fun things, and when I found one that age, I pretty much knew I was going to be in their pants soon. Shaking my head to clear those thoughts from my mind, I looked up and saw Dustin wave at me. I waved back and decided it was best bbs posted pic young to go back into the house. I went to my room and got on my faithful computer looking for some material to relieve myself. A couple years earlier I had found a computer site that had me hooked from the first time I read the first boy story. There was a section called young friends that always brought me pleasure, thinking of other young boys discovering the delights to be found with each other. Soon I found a chat room associated with it. Not knowing what to expect, I kept a low profile. It was soon apparent that the chatters in the room were mostly gay men, none of the regulars appeared to be pedophiles, nor did they endorse pedophiles talking publicly in the room about illegal activities. The banter in the room was fun and lively, with an occasional room orgy with all the guys describing things they bbs fashion would do to each other if they were actually in the room. Every once in a while someone would join the room and it was quickly apparent that it was some pedo looking for a young boy to cyber with. They ranchi bbs mummy usually came in claiming to be 13 or 14 and looking for another similar aged boy to have a private chat with them. The private chats are a way in which two chatters can go into a private chat, and talk freely, and it usually ended up with some sexually explicit cyber, with the goal being to get the other person off. It didn't take long for me to figure out it was probably some old fart pretending to ls bbs sandra be a teen, and soon found myself playing games with them. In my mind I could imagine a cute teen on the other end of the computer jacking his cock slowly as I described what I use to do to my young friends. I became pretty good at making up hot story lines, and got use to the other person going quiet, and then after a minute, a quick "thank you" and free teen bbs passwords then they quickly exited the chat. I would grin to myself knowing that I had gotten some old fart off, without actually having to touch him. seks bbs youth girls bbs All of this chatting only proved to get me hornier and longing for my teen days. But it was a great release for me, and my blue balls, so I was back on a regular basis. Then one night I met a particularly fun chatter, claiming to be 14. His nick was Dustin14. The nick caught my attention just because it reminded me of my neighbor boy, who I found myself avoiding accept for the occasional wave. Although I had told him that I was 34 in the main room, I soon heard a familiar ding, and looked down to see he little tits bbs tgp was trying to private me. I opened up the private: Dustin14> Hi, Chase34> Hi, how u doin?Dustin14> horny, lolChase34> well most boys your age are. Lol :PDustin14> What stories do you like to read mostChase34> umm, well your going to think I am a perv, but I like young/friends mostI grinned to myself knowing that the chatter on the other end was probably older then me, but I was horny and liked to imagine. Since I had been doing this for a while, I was pretty certain they would come back with a response somewhere in the positive, and tell me photograph bbs how cool that was, and how it was their favorite too. And since I had told them my real age, I was also certain they would want to know what I liked about boys, so we could exchange fantasies. So when the next line popped up, I chuckled at how predictable these guys had become to me.Dustin14> Kewl, I like that section too. Why do you like it? I don't think you're a perv.Chase 34> Well , I use to fool around with boys when I was your age, and get horny thinking about boys getting each other off.Dustin14> oh, you don't do things with boys now?Chase34> Nope, lovely pedo bbs don't want to end up in jail. LolDustin14> that's a stupid law, if a boy wants to have fun, it shouldn't be illegal.Chase34> No, it's a good law; you wouldn't want some old fart like me all over you. LolDustin14> ha ha, but what about when I am older, why can't I do things with boys younger, if jessi bbs they want 2.Chase34> well believe me, its hard, but it's the law so I just stick with it.Dustin14> r u a boylover too?Chase34> Yes, I amDustin14> When did you know you were one?Chase34> Well I knew when I was very young, but didn't do anything with boys until I was 14.Dustin14> I have been fooling around with boys for 2 yrs now. So I beat you, lolChase34> lol, lucky you, and lucky friends. How old were they?Dustin14> umm, like two are young bbs porn 10 and one is 8 I felt my cock twitch, this guy must have chatted with me under a different nick, because he knew how to push all the right buttons, and get my attention. Grasping my hard on through my boxer briefs, I yanked it up and down a couple times, and then went back to the conversation.Chase34> Wow, that's hot, I loved em at that age too.Dustin14> Yeah, they are fun. Did you fuck any of the boys u were with?Chase34> Nope, I have never been into anal, I just liked jacking and sucking em.Dustin14> Kewl, me too. Now I found this a little different. Because most the pervs wanted to hear me tell them how I rammed my teen cock into a willing tight ass, and I rarely played along with that game, because personally it made me sick to think some pre-teen boy was being hurt.Chase34> Kewl, I thought you would think I was weird saying that I didn't.Dustin14> Naw, that's just gross. We chatted for about a half hour, him telling me some things he liked doing to the boys, and how he found them. I told him how I found my boys when I was his age, and for the most part, we had both used the same methods. He described to me how he got one boy in particular off three times in an hour. The story was so real and sexy I soon found myself pumping my cock and releasing cum all over my stomach, and chest as I leaned back in my chair staring at the screen. Then it was me who was silent, cleaning the cum off my body, I quickly typed.Chase34> OMG, I just came all over my nude teen magazines bbs stomach. That was a sexy story. Thanks!Dustin14> I am jacking off right now too. BrbChase34> kI waited a few minutes, going back into the main room and chatting briefly. Then I saw the flashing red light, telling me he had sent another message. So I opened it up.Dustin14> Hehehe, I just shot a load all over movie bbs my stomach too. Do you bbs young video eat your own cum?Chase34> very kewl, sometimes I lick up my own cum. But tonight you made me cum so much, I couldn't have eaten it all. Lol :PDustin14> I like the taste of my cum. HeheheChase34> Wish I could lick it forum bbs sex off you. LolDustin14> That would be kewl, you would like my cum, all the boys do. HeheheChase34> omg, they eat your cum? I am jealousDustin14> yep, would you really eat my cum if I was with you?Chase34> If it weren't against the law, yep, in a heartbeat.Dustin14> You sound nice, I would probably let you.Chase34> You trying to get me hard again? That's mean!!!Dustin14> lol, I am already hard again.Chase34> Well I am an old man, so it takes me longer.Dustin14> poor you. Sucks to be old heh?Chase 34> Yep. It does. Well anyways, thanks for the chat, but I have to get some sleep now.Dustin14> Me too, thanks for latina models bbs chatting with me, most the older guys won't chat with me. Have a good night, chat with you later, hopefully???Chase34> Sure thing. You were a lot of fun.Dustin14> YAY!!! Ok, sleep good, old man :PChase34> lol, ok, bbs childporn I will . cyaI turned off my 12yr bbs computer and smiled. That was probably the most realistic chat I had ever had on the channel. bbs amituer I put on a robe and walked out on my back deck to smoke bbs board porn a cigarette. Looking over, I could see a bedroom light on. Looking closer, I saw young Dustin walking across his room in just his saggy underwear; he stopped at the window and looked out. My heart skipped a beat as I saw him stand and wave at me, and then close the shades. Damn, now my neighbor boy was going to think I illegal pedo bbs porn am a peeping tom, but really, I was just smoking, after a night of hot cyber sex. Then I shook my head thinking how ironic it was that I was just chatting to some old fart who called himself Dustin, and got off better then I had in months, and now I just saw the real Dustin in just his underwear. My cock started getting hard again. So I turned to go back into the house when I saw the light go out. I thought how I wish I could just peak in and see him jacking off in his room. Knowing that was not going to happen, I went to bed with visions of my young neighbor in my head. Dustin14 soon became my favorite cyber buddy in the chat room. We chatted in private at least a couple times a week. It got to the point that when I saw his nick in the room that my cock would just get hard. He told me of some boys he was doing things with, and explained petite teenies bbs in vivid detail of how he brought them to pleasure, or they got him off. I tried recalling different things I had done at his age. In the back of my mind, I knew this was just an old fart reliving his youth like I was. Finally I couldn't keep my doubts to myself. And I asked him what his real age is. He responded that nude art teen bbs he was 14. So I pushed it and said I really wanted him to be honest with me.Chase34> come on now, for some reason I innocent girls bbs know your not 14.Dustin14> How do I know your really 34?Chase34> Why the hell would I lie about being 34??? Its not a sexy age.Dustin14> oh, well I think your sexy, even if you are old. LolChase34> lol, thanks, but tell me your real age now... or I won't chat with you anymore!!Dustin14> Why? Your japanese adult porn bbs going to be mad at me and not chat with me anymore? I like you!!!Chase34> I promise not to get mad at you if you just tell me your real age. I promise!!!!Dustin14> ok, I am 13, but private pedo bbs will be 14 in three months. Honest!!Chase34> ok, I see your not going to be honest with me, so I guess this is it.Dustin14> wait.. I
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