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Related post: Date: Fri, porno girls 15 years 19 Mar 2004 21:27:47 -0500 From: Sequoyah Subject: Moiuntian Magic Chapter 19Warning!The usual warning applies: This story contains erotic events amateur years porno involving alternative sexualities. Do not read the contents if such will offend you. If accessing this site causes you to break local laws (village, town, city, county, province, state, or country, etc.), please leave now or accept the consequences, should there be any.By reading or downloading this file you implicitly declare that you accept total responsibility for your actions in regard to material intended for mature, responsible members of society capable of making decisions about the content of documents they wish to read. You are accessing this site of your own free volition. You have been warned!DisclaimerThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental and/or used fictionally.It is under this rubric that literary license is taken with the conversations among the hospital staff, law enforcement officers and our three heroes--and other characters (when they occur). Much of what the three learn would not be information they would be privy to under the new rules and regulations about personal records.Only the Patriot Act permits anything and 16years teen porn everything about you becoming public knowledge!!.Copyright Notice ReminderThis story is copyright by the girls years pics author and the author retains all rights. Expressly prohibited is the posting of the story to any sites not approved by the author or charging for the story in any manner. Single copies may be downloaded and printed for personal use provided the story remains unchanged.Other Stories "A Special Place" "The Concord Five" "The Oberlin Five" "Climbing Bear" "Aaron and Andreas."All these stories can be found as Adobe files in one of the Yahoo Groups dedicated to Sequoyah's stories,, nude 17years on the Gay Writers Guild website,, and on Nifty. ASP and CF in the High School section, CF in the College section, CB in the Relationships section and AA in the Beginnings section.ThanksReaders and I both owe a debt of gratitude to SAH, DA and GC, editorsDedicationThis chapter is dedicated to those couples, gay and straight, who take seriously the sanctity of marriage and work for the right to be married as an expression of their commitment.CommentsI'M GOING TO KOREA! I have been notified that I am a recipient of a fellowship in Korean Studies and will 14 year girl porno be going to Korea the first of April.Good, bad or indifferent are appreciated: sequoyahcharter.netSequoyahChapter NineteenThe next morning, before either Jason or I was awake, Wesley knocked on our door. I groaned as Jason answered, "Yes?""Hate to be this way, but if we are going to Asheville today, I think we need to be moving," Wesley said. "Granddad may have some things for us to do and we have to get back early enough to do the cleaning for Jake. I've finished in the bathroom. It's all yours," he added.That was the first real indication we had that Wesley was an early riser and definitely a morning person. So much nude child 14 years so that at times even Jason, who is also a morning person, was ready to strangle him."I hate the superior attitude early risers have," I groaned. "I may kill Cousin Wesley before he makes it to eighteen.""I may kill him for his superior attitude, 13 years sexy girl period," Jason said. "And I'm awake enough to do it! The very black 16 year porno idea of HIM telling US what WE need to do as though teenz movies 15 year WE were the newcomers around here!"Jason and I went to the bathroom and did the minimum: drained our lizards and brushed our teeth, put on work clothes and went to do morning chores. Since we didn't have to go to school for a while, we had taken on milking as well as our usual morning duties. We finally convinced Granddad he didn't have to schoolgirl 16 years nude come to the barn at all in the morning until school started 13 year sex again.When we had finished with chores and breakfast, we showered, taking our own sweet time about it--and it was definitely sweet time. We got into some very heavy and hot erotica 16 year girl kissing in the shower, managed to get ourselves completely wrapped up in each other--not just figuratively--and each covered the other when our attention to the other got the desired results. Since we were still in the shower, cleaning up was quick and easy.When we got back to our room, 13-16 year old nudist I got dressed as Jason braided his hair. Soon he, too, was dressed and we were ready to go to Asheville. Hank's dad had said Hank could go with us to complete his Christmas shopping, so we dropped by the music store and picked him up.Turns out I was really glad he went because he helped me find a wonderful present for Jason. Later, Wesley asked about my going with him and I did as Jason and Hank went off to finish their shopping. We got our Christmas shopping done--and Wesley did have a neat idea for the grandparents' gift and had taken care of that.There was no problem getting back in plenty of time to do the cleaning Jake had for us and to do our evening chores. All in all, it had been a good day.Friday and Saturday were clear and unusually warm for December--I mean it was not like summer, but not cold either.Granddad had everything ready to go early Friday morning and all four of the males in the household finally spent the day cutting wood. Granddad felled the trees and then kept a close watch on Jason as he used the chainsaw to cut the trees into blocks. When he needed a rest, Granddad took over. Wesley and I were kept busy taking the blocks to a splitter, which split them into wood ready for the fireplace, and loading it into the truck. As soon as we had a load, we'd all go to the house, unload and stack the wood, then take a break.We also cut wood Saturday and when we had stacked the last load, Granddad said, "Men, I must admit I am surprised at the size of that stack of new wood. We probably have cut enough, unless we have a streak of really good weather and just want to cut more."Christmas Eve--the Last Sunday in Advent for us--dawned bright, sunny and downright warm. When we came out of church there were people driving around with their 10 year young porno convertible tops down. The forecast was for real winter weather later, but it certainly didn't look likely.The high school group was going to sex xxx 14 year hang the greens and decorate the church, so as soon as we had lunch, we headed back to Grace. We had asked Hank and Jonathan to go with us--Hank was going anyway because Beth had told him to, and Jonathan was invited to go along. Hank said he was picking up Beth, "So I'll take Jonathan with me, but I'd really like it if you could take him back home," he said.When we arrived at the church, no-one had started doing anything. The weather was still unseasonably warm and everyone was standing outside the entrance to the parish house in the sun. The three of us walked over to the group where, after a round of Merry Christmases, I introduced Wesley to everyone.After everyone shook Wesley's hand, Ken Nash--a classmate of Hank's and mine--introduced Cody Andrews, a kid about Jonathan's size and build, but the day 13 year teen galleries to Jonathan's night: very blond with hair almost an Afro it was so curly and 14 years free porno long. "Cody's my cousin from Raleigh who will be living with us from now on," Ken said. "He's a freshman.""Cody, you'll have to get to know Jonathan Henderson. He's also a freshman. He's Hank Dennison's new brother. They will be here shortly," Jason said."Very shortly," Hank said, walking up behind Jason."Time to get to work," Beth said, and everyone moved inside.Jonathan and 16 years naked Cody immediately hit it off and they and Wesley spent nearly as much time talking and giggling as they did decorating. As a matter of fact, I was a little concerned that Wesley was flirting with Jonathan and I was sure Jonathan didn't know it. But they were not the only ones goofing off. I wondered if the church would get decorated because there was as teens 17 years naked much horseplay as serious decorating, but finally everyone calmed down and started singing Christmas carols as they hung the greens. Mid-afternoon the church looked very much like Christmas. Everyone sat down and the church became very quiet for a few minutes then someone said, "See y'all later," and the exodus began.When we got outside, Beth wanted to treat us all to hot fudge sundaes and we were happy to oblige. Sundaes in hand, we beautiful girls 20 years all got seated and Beth said, "Well, Cousin Wesley, I haven't had a chance to talk with you since I plucked you out of the 'bleak midwinter'," and asked what we should have expected. "So why are you joining the McElrath family? I know you are Douglas's cousin and all that but, if you'll pardon my French, your family has treated him like shit and you yourself have been a first-class asshole, so why are you here?"I was shocked at Beth's language. She's no goody-two-shoes, but just isn't into foul language. But then, as Hank says, she doesn't suffer fools gladly. Yet I had never seen or heard her be quite so frank and acid. Of course, she had heard plenty about how 40-year old virgin musical the mom's family had treated us.If I thought Beth had been direct, I was totally unprepared for, and very shocked by, Wesley's response. "I'm gay and had to run away from home," he said as if he were announcing, "I am male and like baseball."Beth and Wesley were the only ones who were calm at Wesley's announcement. Fortunately, no-one sprayed ice cream across the table, but there was a lot of choking going on. As soon as everyone was almost under control, Beth 14 year teens xxx said, "So your parents are not only snobs, but ignorant bigots as well. It figures. Too bad. You have a lover? I guess not, since you are here. Well everyone here's taken except Jonathan, and he's way too young for you." I was ready to panic, as was Jason. Beth knew more than she should have. It seemed obvious Hank had told her Jason and I were gay and lovers, but he shouldn't have and, even if he 16 years schoolgirls pics had, she should have kept her mouth 15 years old sluts shut."I mean I don't think you are man enough to fight off the entire female population of Coldsprings High--excluding moi of course. They are about equally divided in claiming Jason and Douglas," Beth reached over and pinched both Jason and me on the cheek and said, porn 12 year olds "These two just set those little old girls' hearts afluttering."I wasn't sure whether Beth suddenly realized what she had said and was trying to cover up or if she had simply meant what she said. Anyway, it was something we had to take up with Hank.We took Jonathan home and when we got back to our place, we sixteen girl year topless were hardly in the house 12 year teen nude before Jason was on the phone calling Hank. Jason said, "Thanks, Mrs. Dennison. I'd appreciate that," and hung up the phone. "He's not home yet and we should have known. He took Beth home and, I am sure, found some place to park for a little making out before he dropped her off."Only minutes later the phone rang. It was Hank, calling from Beth's place. Later, when the Jason and I were alone, I asked Jason what Hank had to say for himself. "You're not going to believe this, but Hank said he asked Beth what was going on as soon as they were in the car. 'I've told her nothing about you two, I swear,' he said. 'When I asked her what she meant she asked if you two were my closest friends and I didn't know you were gay. "It's so obvious," she told me. "Just watch how they look at each other. They are in love all right, and I assume that means they are gay and know it. They are so sweet together." I just left it at that, but I did want you to know that I hadn't betrayed your trust. And I am not sure I'd call you sweet, together or separate!' Hank concluded."Jason assured Hank we believed him, but said it had seemed otherwise when Beth said what she had."I have heard some men have 'gaydar' and can spot a gay man a mile away, but I Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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