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Related post: Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 15:23:44 -0700 (PDT) From: Suzi Subject: Kaytlin;s Dreams - Part 5This story contains descriptions of lesbian sex between two females. The names were changed to protect the pthc pedo preteen innocent, as well as the guilty. If lesbian sex offends you, you are underage or if reading this is illegal where you live then leave and do not read it. This story belongs to the author and may not be reproduced or published in any way without permissionof the owner. First Weekend Friday evening finally arrived. We hadn't seen each other during the week but preteen archive we had both masturbated more than once and talked about it. On Wednesday night we preteens pornomovies had a mutual masturbation while on the phone. I couldn't believe I was doing phone sex but the conversation we were having just led us into it preteen model vlad and we both got some needed relief.We went out to dinner. I wanted for us to feel at ease together being out in public. Seafood was her choice so thats what we had. We ate, talked, laughed and just had a great preteen leotard pictures time as we relaxed and forgot about the rest of the world.Back at the apartment, relaxing in front of the TV, I suddenly got up and onto my knees, straddling her legs. I free vids preteens started kissing her like a maniac of some kind. We were still fully dressed except for shoes. I was wearing a mid-thigh skirt that worked its way up to my hips when I spread my knees. Kaytlin's hands began rubbing my bare thighs and found their way to the wet crotch of top100 photos preteens my thong. She put both hands between my thighs and pulled my thong down a little by grasping the wet section covering my pussy but she only pulled it enough to get preteens links blue her fingers to my lips. All the while we were having a tongue war she was working fingers into me and something blue pics preteens felt very strange about it. Soon I realized that she had not fingers in me but both thumbs pushing into me. She had slid one hand on each side past my thong and extended her thumbs so one was pushing in and and the other out of me in short alternating strokes. Just the thought of what she was doing was extremely erotic. I had never been fucked with two hands at once like that. I leaned my upper body back a bit and looked down at her hands. She was watching too as she pushed deeper and then finally as deep as they would go. I preteen xxx extreme put my hands on her shoulders and leaned back as far as I could while she drove those probes in and out. I closed my eyes and soon was enjoying a nice orgasm brought petite preteenz about in a new and unusual way. I later thought of asking what prompted her to do it that way but then I decided that I didn't need to know everything. At least not yet. We kissed a few more times and I moved away from her and laid back against the index pics preteen arm of the sofa with my body twisted a bit and my feet on the floor.I looked into her face and she was glowing. She does that a lot.I said "You have a preteens model pics very happy look on your face.""I'm always happy when I am with you, Rae. I have thought of this moment almost constantly since we were together last."I got up, reached for her hands and pulled her up with me. I turned and headed for the bedroom tugging her along. When we got to the bedroom I told her to keep standing. I kissed her and began preteen latina nudist to slowly undress her. Her breathing rate nymphets young preteen was speeding up as I slid her thong panties down her legs to the floor, making her completely nude. I stepped back two steps and just stood, staring, enjoying the beauty in front of me. The lights were on and I could see the sparse, light colored pubic hair that outlined her slightly puffy mound. Soon I would be nuzzling my face into that area and making love to a gorgeous female body. I quickly removed my own clothes and we fell onto the bed in each others arms.She rolled so she was on top of me, kissing my face preteen pcis all over. I could feel her pelvis pushing against me and was aware that our breasts were trying to spear each preteen nude odels other with rock hard nipples. Suddenly she stopped, raised up on her knees and moved up over my face where she lowered her gorgeous puffy lips to my mouth as she steadied herself with her hands on the headboard. I began to lick and work teen nympho preteen my lips against her but it was tgp preteen foot unnecessary as preteen sarah model she moved her hips forward and back fucking herself with my face. I put my hands on her waist and just let her go at it. Her preteen stockings wetness had my chin, lips and nose lubricated and she was on a roll. It wasn't long until I knew she was getting close from her breathing. Her head was back, her arms were stiff and she was pressing hard against me as she rolled her hips. When she came, she snorted like a horse, pushed against my face even harder and the hip movement video preteens stopped. As she sucked air through her nose it made a whistling sound. Then when she let it out through her mouth it was just a 'whooooosh'.Finally she moved off and laid beside me. She turned cute preteen loita her head toward me and said "Thank you, Rae.""No need to thank me. I didn't do anything. I tgp preteens gallery was trapped.""Oh... I'm sorry about that. I just .....""Don't be sorry. I'm not complaining. You have nothing to be sorry about.""Well, I just got carried away and it felt so good I couldn't stop. I had been thinking about this weekend almost constantly and..... and I have just been so horny for you.""I know exactly what you mean, Kaytlin. I have felt the same way. I dreamed of us together and would preteen asian tgp wake up with my fingers inside me and then finish my masturbation while consciously thinking of you.""Now..... you just relax. I want to show you how much I love you, Rae. tgp preteen Lay back and enjoy my loving you."She got to her knees, put my arms above my head then kissed me, tongued me and then kissed all over my face, neck, ears, eyes, nose and back to my mouth. I was breathing harder already. Her face moved down my chest to my erect nipples which she toyed with using only her tongue tip and her lips. I could feel the wetness oozing out of me and my breasts felt so tight they almost ached. I think she licked ever square inch of my breasts, over and over. My god I was hot. I wanted her to suck my pussy right then but I knew she was on her own schedule and by the time she got to that part I was going to be ready to explode. On down she moved, to my navel where she played with it using only her tongue tip, around the edge, then probing and rotating her tongue around it.Using the flat of her tongue, she licked down to my mound where she kissed and licked everywhere except into the top of my slit. My legs were naughty preteen daughter spread wide open and she kissed and licked that zone between my preteen kids lesbian lips and my thighs, not actually touching my lips. I was finding it extremely difficult to lay still and her hands were on my nacked preteens hip bones pushing me back against the bed. I wanted her hot wet mouth on my danish preteen fuck pussy. I reached for her."Keep your arms above your head. This is my show."So I put them back over my head and let her continue. And continue she did. Kissing, licking, nibbling the insides of both thighs as she worked her way down my legs. Her soft warm hands massaged my calves as she licked my knees. Kissing on down to my feet preteen smokingphotos as she held me by my ankles. She kissed each toe of each foot, one at a time all the while looking up at my face as I was watching her. She stopped and just looked at me watching her, smiled and then began russian preteen directory to suck my toes in between her lips and nibble them lightly. It was so erotic I thought I was preteen boys virgins going to come way too early. Then she licked to the tops of my feet and started back up my legs.I thought to myself "If she doesn't stop and lick my pussy, I am going to grab her head lsdreams preteen and smash her face into my sopping lips."She moved up at a faster rate and the way I was twitching and squirming she knew I was ready for some real contact. Finally she made her way to my feverish crotch. She kissed just at the top of my slit, then pulled back and went down to the bottom just near my butt cleft and with the flat of her tongue, licked hard all the way to my clit when she just pushed as hard as she could with her tongue. Needless to say, I was just about out of it.Her tongue rolled into a spear and she dragged it down my slit with just enough pressure to spread my puffy lips slightly. Up and down like that several times penetrating a little preteen download free more with each directional change. I felt her stiffened tongue penetrate my entrance as she tongue fucked me and I pushed against petite preteen cuties her face. That drove her to viciously attack my dripping pussy with her lips and tongue as she licked me all over, in and out and back again. I was making sounds but I am not sure what they were. Moans, groans, guttural grunts I am sure emerged from my throat as my hips rose and fell to the movements of her mouth and tongue. Then I felt her fingers tugging at my clitoral hood and I knew she was getting ready to move there. Her tongue slid up to my clit preteen boys movies and I think I screamed her name. Several fngers penetrated my pussy entrance and began to slide in and out in a forceful rhythm with my thrusting hips.Her lips and tongue were lashing my clit as I felt my body being engulfed in intense heat. I felt like I was on fire as my orgasm erupted. I felt my legs automatically close on her head, my hands went to the back of her head and I pulled her into my wetness as I humped her face with an absolutely vicious attack from my hips. In a short while the pulsating waves of orgasm began to subside but she was still there licking and nibbling my clit as her fingers almost punishingly slid in and out of me. I felt another orgasm rolling up and I think she knew. Her efforts seemed even more forceful as the second one washed over me. It didn't last as long and when it faded, so did I. I just collapsed and laid there with her mouth still preteen teen rape on me. I couldn't move. I was totally spent and my breath was coming in short, gasps of inhalation which didn't seem to be helping me much.Finally she stopped licking and sucking on me. Her fingers left me empty and she rose to her knees and just looked at me with a smirk on her face. She moved to lay beside me, put her leg over mine, pushed her wet porno foto preteens mound against my hip and nestled her face into my hair."How do you feel now, Rae?""You animal...... Kaytlin" I managed to say between short breaths."Whatever do you mean? You didn't like what I did?" as she lightly kissed my ear."Baby, I loved it. Every lick, every suck, every touch. It was just overpowering. So much so that I don't know when I am going to be able to return any of it to you.""I don't need anything. At least not right now. I had a pretty good orgasm myself while you were enjoying your first one. I was so happy for you and loved knowing what I was doing for you that all of a sudden I was coming too. What a feeling I had. So........ we can rest, just be close and enjoy the afterglow."I turned my face to hers and we kissed several times before I turned my body to hers and our legs rubbed together as our breasts and nipples made contact as well. We hugged and kissed for lol cp preteen several minutes before we stopped and decided to go wash up and then get some sleep.I don't think either of us woke up all night. When I woke up I turned my head to look at Kaytlin and she was awake too, lying on her back looking at the ceiling and smiling."Why are you looking so happy this morning?""If everyone in the world was as happy as I am right now, it would truly be a wonderful world, Rae."While I was just watching her gorgeous face, she said "Ok. You won't let us stay in here all day. What underground preteen nudes are we going to do?""Well.... we preteen guy are going out to breakfast... actually Saturday brunch since it is ten o'clock already or it may just be called lunch by the time we shower and get dressed. Then we are going shopping and buy a few things for you to keep here. You know, toothbrush, hair stuff, maybe a few clothing item
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