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Related post: Date: younggirls bbs Fri, 12 Aug 2011 23:24:29 -0700 (PDT) From: Joe bbs models sex Collins Subject: The Cabin by the Lake Chapter 1If this story is prohibited in your area, you are underage or gay sex offends you, then please leave. If you are looking for hard core sex, you won't find it here. This story is fictional and so are the characters. However, the setting is a real and is located in Central Oregon. It does sit on the edge of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area. Please bbs porn young feel free to email me elwebbs best and be sure to include the title in the subject line. pre boy bbs My address isNow just sit back and enjoy!The Cabin by the Lake Chapter 1 Prologue:Jim Olsen was 24 when Dennis was born. He had just completed his bachelor's degree and teacher's training at Western Oregon University and had taken an elementary school teaching position in Coos Bay on the southern Oregon Coast. After his divorce, Jim turned his attention to other men and soon found a full time partner, Kevin. Jim is bbs boy pic an avid outdoorsman and spends all his leisure time hunting, fishing, camping or just hiking in nature's wonderland and enjoying the scenery. These are shared by Kevin and son Dennis.Dennis Olsen is an honor roll student and very active in japanese models image bbs school sports and other school activities. Dennis is a very good looking, well built young man. He had all the girls in school fluttering their eyes at him. He dated the local girls just for appearances until such time when he decided to come out of the closet. He realizes that his real interest were boys his own age. Even though he dated girls, he never went beyond hugging, kissing and a little petting.Dennis' parents divorced when he was 7. His mother art darkbbs found someone else and left Jim to raise Dennis. Jim and Dennis lost all contact with her. However, when Dennis was 18, They received word that his mother had been killed in a car accident. Her husband had died an year earlier from prostate cancer and Dennis' mother had inherited his large estate as he had no other photo angel bbs vintage porn bbs legal heirs.His mother left her will naming Dennis japan bbs teen as her only illegal hardcore bbs free heir. Jim was appointed trustee of the entire estate until Dennis became legal age. Dennis received a log cabin on the edge of Elk Lake, a large backpacking summer operation and another one for winter activities, bbs young movies bbs listings an outstanding bed and breakfast on one the most beautiful lakes in Central Oregon, a 160 acre ranch in the Christmas Valley plus a hefty bank account, all this belongs to Dennis now. (Want to see pictures of this area...Google Elk Lake Resort Central Oregon. Keep bbs russian virgin in mind that this story is fictional and the cabin by the lake is fictional. However Elk Lake Resort is real and is teen models forum bbs located on the edge of the Sisters pic bbs Wilderness Area.. The area has many fine summer homes and offers one of the best winter boy bbs cp and summer recreational asian bbs pictures activities on the globe. There is a paved highway going into the area that is used in the summer months. However, the road is closed in the winter and the only way in is a trip on snowmobiles for 12 miles.)Now the story begins..... School had just closed for the summer and Dennis had graduated with honors from high school and with plans to enter college in the fall. Jim, Kevin and Dennis decided to go illegal bbs russian to the cabin check it out. This young love bbs is really the first chance since the will had been probated. This little expedition would change Dennis' and his dad's life forever.The caretaker, Terry, and his friend, Stan, had agreed to stay at the cabin and run the operation until such time as Dennis and his father could take over and they had agreed to keep all the money that they took in in lieu of a salary.As the Olsens were pulling into the drive way of their cabin , Dennis said, "Dad, look teen stars bbs at the size of that house. It is not a cabin. It is big enough to be a hotel! Are you bbs model toplists sure we are at the right place?""Dennis, Terry was very specific in his directions and I agree with bbs pic gallery you, this is more than a cabin. Kevin, it appears that there will be free bbs thai 15 enough room for you to illegale bbs top links sleep inside tonight. I don't think you will have to rough it and you won't have no nude models bbs to sleep in the barn ," teased Jim."I think you must be mistaken, virgins bbs post I was under the impression that your bedroom was to be in the barn," laughed Kevin."Look, there are two people standing on the porch waving to us. I think we are home. Last one out of the car has to do dishes tonight," shouted Dennis, who should have kept his mouth shut because he was the last one."Dennis, I hope that nudist pictures links bbs you don't break one of your nails tonight when you are doing the dishes," funned Kevin."You know, Kevin, I think he just earned the privilege of doing them full time," laughed Jim."I guess you two know that this is not settled yet. We will complete this little discussion at a later time," stated Dennis. "Just look nudist image bbs at those two good looking hunks bbs dark ru waiting for me on the porch.""For you? I thought they were waiting for your Dad and I," Kevin replied.The guys walked up on the porch and introduced themselves. Soon everyone was sitting in the living room drinking some bbs girls forum home-made root beer and eating chocolate cake. nn bikini bbs They were just visiting and getting to know each other. Finally, Terry suggested, "I think a tour of the house should be the next order of business. We can sit and chew the fat later."The upstairs were explored first. There were 4 bedrooms, each with a gas fireplace and a bathroom . Each room was big enough to make two or three bed rooms. If a person wanted to expand the sleeping quarters.Downstairs was a very large kitchen with a breakfast nook, formal dinning room, living room, den and office. The basement housed an exercise and weight lifting room, a small family room with a large TV set which free pussy pics bbs was hooked to a satellite dish and a huge recreation room, board game tables, a regulation size pool table and all kinds of game machines were in it. Even a miniature bowling alley was in the basement. It was very evident that this house was designed for entertaining and gracious living.Dennis pre models bbs asked, sex bbs portal "Terry, I was under the impression that I had inherited a cabin by 12449 sports bbs the lake. This house would certainly not be classified as a cabin. Can you fill in any of the missing details?""Your mother remarried shortly after she divorced you father. She married well and to a man who had no children or siblings of his own. Sure there were several cousins who were well taken care of, along with himself by the grandparents in their will. Your step father inherited bbs kds real a little serie bbs large estate from his parents. Your mother and her husband bought a little cabin and moved into it right after their honeymoon. I will show it to you when alt child sex bbs we go down and see the more of your inheritance." Terry said."Did you go through probate court or did the lawyer just tell you that you had inherited the little cabin and all the rest ? How did you get in touch with me?""We went through probate. The lawyer had your phone number and naked bbs portals gave it to us," Jim said."When Stan and I were going through your Mom's things, we fozya guestbook fozya bbs found a notarized copy of the will. There was a note imageboard bbs porn that the original had been filed with nude bbs gallery a lawyer in Bend. I called the lawyer and he evidently called the lawyer in Coos Bay. I guess the rest of the story bbs portal list is history. Would you like to look at them now or wait bbs cp sex until after the tour? Dennis, there were lots of picture albums and other memorabilia zepT s bbs in her things. There are even some of you on the bearskin rug. There are lots of pictures of her family. I think you have a treasure chest filled with pleasant surprises," explained Terry."Terry, let's take a nude child bbs photography tour and we can sit in the front of the fireplace and discuss all our `legal' work later," replied Dennis! "I can't wait to see all of Mom's stuff. Dad only had a few pictures of Mom and those were taken after they were married. I never knew any of Mom's family. After Mom left, they didn't want anything to do with Dad and me." He said with tears in his eyes."Let's get started, we have lots bbs tgp xxx to see and do," Stan said. "Terry, I think we should start with the little cabin and go from there. Dennis, you will absolutely love it. It is in its original state and we use kbook zeps guide bbs it for the honeymoon cabin now. Word has gotten out bbs teen sandra and it is very popular and the most used. People come from all over, near and far, to stay in the honeymoon `suite'. We have even had couples from foreign countries call and reserve it, even though it has no running dark portal lo bbs water, no electricity or indoor bathrooms. Very primitive.""I love it already-sight unseen. How long have the two of you worked here," Jim asked?"We have been employees for 5½ years. We came and spent a week in the honeymoon cabin. We were hired and have been here since. We are domestic partners, in case you are wondering," Terry ukrainian bbs girls photos said."Kevin and I are also. We certainly would like to incest bbs gallerie have the two of you stay on and help us. Kevin, Dennis, and I are all completely greenhorns and know absolutely nothing about running this type of operation. Kevin and I bbs sandra model teen teen nymph bbs rompl are both teachers and this kid is still wet behind the ears," Jim said. "Are there any more employees?""Yes, there is a retired couple who run the bed and breakfast. He is caretaker and she does all the cooking. However, we get 3 college kids to help in the summer time. There bbs cuties is a woman that comes in and does all the housekeeping. Of course there is a couple that run and operate the ranch," remarked Terry.The tour finally started. Kevin, Jim young post bbs and Dennis fell in love with the little cabin by the lake. Kevin and Jim informed Dennis that they would move into it and he could have the big house all to himself."Not child nude bbs list an option," Terry remarked. "The little cabin is for newly weds only, or maybe second honeymooners."The next stop was the Bed and Breakfast which had 14 bedrooms that were filled during the summer and had 80% occupancy during the winter months. Richard and Loretta were very happy to meet the new owner."I hope that the two of you will consider staying with us. Your job is still yours if you want it," said Dennis."Why Thank you! We would like very much to continue. We just love this place and would certainly be at a loss if we had to leave," replied Richard.Finally, Stan and Terry took them to the stables. In a large field next to the stables were15 saddle horses, 4 ponies, and 25 mules that are used forum bbs sandra on the trail rides and wilderness camping.Stan and Terry have their own 2 bedroom cabin and do their own cooking. However, most of the time they sneak over and sample Loretta`s cooking.The last thing to see is the large machine shed which houses 10 snowmobiles and nn teens young bbs two 16 passenger snowcats bbs ls magazine sex that are used in the winter. Dennis' mom and step-dad took care the winter outings. However, Terry and I were available to help if needed. In the summer, t
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