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Related post: Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 20:30:42 -0500 From: Silent Ninja Subject: Karate Force Ch. 7Disclaimer:This story is totally Fictional, a fantasy, a story made up in my own head.It contains erotic and sexually explicit behavior between men and consenting teen and pre-teen boys. If it is illegal for you to read such material, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it! Copyright Statement:Copyright laws protect this story. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be changed in any way without the expressed written consent of the author. Story Dedication:I would like zoom preteen sexy to dedicate this story to Miguel Sanchez and Phantasm for your inspiring stories on homeless youth and ways to help them. Thanks guys, keep up the AWESOME work, because I was once a homeless youth myself, and thank God someone came along and helped me. I'll reply to all positive comments but flames will be ignored and deleted. Special Thanks:Special thanks go out to Miguel Sanchez and Paul P. for their great work on proof reading this chapter for me. Thanks guys, fucking preteen nymphet I videos preteen russian really appreciate your help on making this chapter even better by preteen orgies nudist preteens pic clearing up my mistakes. From the previous chapter:Mark nervously got up and followed the bailiff into the judge's chambers. Josh looked at me and said, "I told mexican preteen you he is a real asshole, he is known as the judge with no heart among us local lawyers." I kept glancing at my watch and I finally said, "Josh, Something is wrong he has been in there too long." preteen henti preview no sooner mexico preteens nude than I got the words out of my mouth, I heard preteen pic model a heart-wrenching scream from the judge's chambers, "NO! Help me Daddy! Help me!"To Be Continued Chapter 7I was up, on my feet, and already at the door of the judge's chambers before the bailiff even had time to react. I was reaching for the doorknob when I heard the bailiff say, "Sir, you can't go in there." Then Mark screamed again and when I heard the fear and anguish in Mark's voice, it was more than I could bare. I tried the doorknob finding the door locked, so I took a step back, shattered the door with a single kick, and was through the doorway asia preteen nudes ready to fight for my ukranian preteens bbs boy. The first thing I saw when I stepped into the room was Mark cringing in the preteen hardcore underground corner with a peaches preteen model bloody nose and an eye that was rapidly swelling shut. The next thing I saw was red and I tried to take Judge Wilson's head off with a swift punch to his face, breaking his nose in the process. But before I could do anymore damage to the asshole Tim Blackmon and my attorney quickly grabbed me and led Mark and I into another room. While I was holding and comforting Mark a female police officer came into the room and introduced herself to Mark and I. upskirt preteen models She smiled at Mark and asked, "Mark, may I ask you a few questions about what happened in Judge Wilson's office?" Mark knodded his head and said, "He wanted me to say bad things about my daddy that wasn't true." As tears ran down his cheeks he continued preteen photo cuties and said, "He said daddy was a bad man and didn't really love me, and then he began to hit me when I called him a liar." The female officer thanked Mark for being so brave, gave him a hug, and then left the room. She walked back into Judge Wilson's chambers, read him his preteen with ass rights, handcuffed him, and immediately led him off to be booked. We all were surprised to see Judge preteen getting Chambers come running into the courtroom. The bailiff quickly filled Judge Chambers in on the situation and he promptly took over and brought order ls free preteens back to the courtroom. Judge Chambers began by saying, "First off I want to apologize to everyone for the conduct of Judge Wilson. I am outraged to say the least, that a Judge would preteen leg spread not little preteens mod only dishonor himself but the preteen modles art dignity of this court also." "I also apologize to everyone for being late for these proceedings, but I just came from the hospital where my daughter gave birth to an eight pound baby boy." After everyone applauded he said, "Now let's get started." "Now if I understand the preteen boys link situation preteen nu artistic correctly, the first case before the court today is the Petition of adoption of preteen nudists pages Mark Davis by Matt Jones, is this correct?" "Yes it is your honor." My attorney replied. Judge Chambers then turned and looked at Tim Blackman preteen dirty cunt and said, "Does CPS object to this adoption?" Tim Blackman stood and said, "No sir your honor, we model preteen paradise are in favor with gallery gymnastics preteen this adoption." Then Judge Chambers said, "I wish to speak with young Mark for a moment up here at my bench and preteen nymphet 12 to make him feel more at ease he can bring Shawn up here with him." Shawn stood up, took Mark by preteenz pedo site the hand and they walked up to Judge Chambers' bench together. As Shawn introduced Mark to Judge Chambers he reached over and gave him a big hug and said, "Thanks again Judge Chambers for giving me preteen english nudist my new daddy." Then tiny pussy preteen everyone in the courtroom saw Judge Chambers reach up and brush tears away that escaped the corners of his eyes before saying, "Your welcome Shawn, I'm glad to see you nudist preteens photo happy." Then Judge Chambers turned his attention preteen gallery toplist to Mark and said, "Mark I'm so sorry for what Judge Wilson did to you and I preteen model uncensored promise you he won't hurt no more little kids. I need to ask you a few questions though, do you Trust me?" Mark took a moment and stared into Judge Chambers' eyes before replying, "Yes sir I trust you." Judge Chambers spent the preteens hardcore bbs next few minutes talking to Mark and preteen swimsuit pics asking him several questions. With his gentle nature and great way with kids nude preteen anal he soon had Mark chatting up a storm. By the time he was finish Mark was smiling again. Judge Chambers told preteen nude 12 the boys to return to their seats. After Mark and Shawn walked back over to our table and sat down, preteen candid models Judge Chambers began to speak, " After talking to a very well mannered young man and receiving a hug from a good friend, it is the judgment of this court that the Petition of adoption of Mark Davis by Matthew Jones be granted and from this day forward he shall be known as Marcus Edward Jones. Court is in recess for ten minutes." When Judge Chambers stepped down from his bench Mark ran over to him and gave him a big hug saying, "Oh thank you, Oh thank you Judge Chambers." Mark excitedly repeated over and over. Judge Chambers chuckled as he preteen nymphets photos replied, "Your welcome little buddy, you be good to your new daddy and he will be good to you." Then Mark looked up at me and said, "I can't believe I'm really your son now, I love you daddy." Once in younger preteen sex the Expedition, I handed Mark my cell phone telling him to call Mrs. Gonzalez and tell her his good news. As soon as they hung up Mrs. Gonzalez started planning a celebration for the special occasion. Everyone was in a great mood as we headed toward russia preteen nude the hospital to get Travis and Timmy. When we entered Timmy's room Dr. Brown was just finishing up examining Timmy. He shook my hand smiled and said, "Timmy may go home today if he promises to take it easy for the next 30 days, so his insides will have time to heal properly." Then he turned, looked little tgp preteen preteen miniskirt gallery at Timmy and said, "Well what xxx preteen 14yo about it Timmy? Do you promise to take it real easy for the next few weeks?" Timmy looked up at Dr. Brown, smiled from ear to ear and said, "Oh I will Dr. Brown, preteen nude loving I promise." Then Timmy looked at Travis and asked, "Travis, will you help me get ready to go?" Travis quickly agreed and went and got Timmy the clothes they brought him, and placed them on the end of Timmy's bed. As Dr. Brown, the preteen elwebbs ls other boys and I preteen ukranian models walked out of the room to give Timmy a little privacy. Travis pulled the covers back and helped Timmy set up on the side of the bed. He started by helping Timmy out of the flimsy hospital gown they make you wear and then he preteen girls handjob helped him wash up some before helping him get dressed. When Travis had Timmy dressed in the new underwear, jogging pants, the t-shirt, the new socks and shoes we got him, he gave Timmy a very passionate kiss before opening the door and telling us he was dressed. We didn't have to wait long before Timmy's discharge papers were complete and an orderly showed up with a wheelchair to take him down to our car. First before going downstairs Timmy had to go to the bathroom and Travis quickly helped him into the bathroom to pee. When they came out Timmy sat down in the wheelchair and then we headed down to the car. Once we got Timmy and the other boys into the Expedition, we were off to our house and Mark's adoption party. Once we arrived at home the boys quickly filled Timmy in on Tank and Daisy so he wouldn't be terrified when he saw them. Then we all went inside and saw what Mrs. Gonzalez fixed up in honor of Mark's adoption. As soon as Mark saw the banner that said "Welcome to the family Mark Jones," the balloons, the streamers and the big cake Mrs. Gonzalez had prepared for this special occasion, he ran over to her and gave her a big hug and a preteens nudes photos big kiss on the cheek. We all sat down and had a special lunch and then we had cake and ice cream to celebrate Mark's adoption. Once preteen tennie we finished our cake and ice cream Timmy was hurting some, so I gave him one bb models preteen of his pain pills and sent him to lie down. Travis chose to lay down with Timmy so if he needed anything, he could help him. Travis took Timmy up to the bedroom he was using, helped him out of his clothes and then helped him get into bed. Then Travis quickly got undressed and slid in beside Timmy to snuggle with his boyfriend. When I went up to check on them a couple of hours later, I saw both boys snuggled up to each other with their arms around each other sound asleep. I let them sleep for another hour or so and little preteen gallery then I went up to wake them for dinner. When everyone had finished their dinner, I asked the boys to take the golf cart and show preteen moddeels Timmy the horses. While the boys were gone I took advantage preteen fucking kinder of the peace and quiet and I was able to preteen bondage nn make final preparations crazy preteen com for the tournament tomorrow. By the time the boys came back I had everything ready for our school's big tournament. I started getting the boys ready for bed about 8:00, telling them we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow. After they all got their showers, I started making my rounds, going to each room, kissing them on their foreheads and tucking them into bed. I decided to turn in early also because tomorrow was going to be long and busy. It seem like I just got to sleep, when I was awakened by the irritating buzzingg of my alarm clock. So I smacked the alarm clock to silence the buzzing, and headed to the bathroom to take care of my morning business. Once I was done with my preteen elite nymphets shower, shaving and getting dressed, I headed down stairs where Mrs. Gonzalez had me a cup of coffee ready when I sat down at the table. Coffee done. I got up, let the dogs out and I headed upstairs to wake the boys up so they would have plenty of time to eat breakfast and get ready. Once the boys were awake, I went back downstairs for another cup of coffee. It wasn't long before we heard the boys coming down the stairs like a herd of buffalo. Each boy gave cindy preteen pics Mrs. Gonzalez a big hug
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