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Related post: Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 11:30:57 -0800 (PST) From: Mark Stevens Subject: In the Direction of Happiness - Part 6The following is property of the author. Permission to post is granted to Nifty Archives.Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to individuals, living or dead, is pure coincidence. Do no read this story if man-to-man romance or sex offends you. Do not read if you are underage according to laws in the country, state/province, county, city/town/village or township where you live. This is a love story. I've attempted to create a tale where the characters are involved in living life to its fullest. Although sex is part of this story, so are romance, pain and self-realization.Ever since I was a little boy I've loved the Spanish language and the traditional Mexican culture. I suppose that's why I've chosen to incorporate the nonude loli model language into my story. I ask both your forgiveness and your indulgence for any atrocities that I may have committed in the writing of this lovely language. The effort has forced me to call all the way back to the two years of Spanish I studied in high school, which in my case, was more than a few years ago.I hope you enjoy the tale. I like to receive e-mail and will attempt to answer all messages. Mail to: IN THE DIRECTION OF HAPPINESS - PART 6 Chapter preteen loliota modles 17 - Dan and Gary Dan was waiting for me when I arrived home. One look at his face and I could lolicon boobs gallery tell he had been worrying about me. "Dan, I'm sorry. You've been worried haven't you?" "Well of course I have. It's not like I care about you or anything. What in hell is going on?" I told him. He agreed to move in with me until the "fuckers" were captured or Mark was here, whichever came first. He informed me that he was going to go home in the morning to pick up some things he would need, including his gun. That alarmed me greatly. I've never liked guns and frankly I was afraid to have one around me. Dan assured me that he knew how to use it and would only do so if he were left with no other option. After considerable debate, I agreed. I could tell that something else was on his mind. "Is there something you want to talk about, I sense that you have something on your mind?" "Well, yes," he said sheepishly. "What is it?" Instead of answering he walked into the kitchen and poured himself some iced tea. "Can I get you anything?" he called. "Yes, I want you to talk with me," I called back to him. He walked back in and sat on the couch. He snuggled next to me and leaned his head on my shoulder. "I want you to be totally honest with me about something," he said. "Alright, I'm always totally honest with you. What is it?" "I think Gary is really handsome. He is so masculine looking, like you and Mark. "He is a hunk," I replied. "I'm still in love with you Steve, but." "But?" "Well, I have a crush on Gary. Now that I know he's Gay, I'd like to ask him out. Do you think he would be interested in me?" "I do know that Gary likes you very much. He's told me so. But Gary doesn't date much." "Why is that?" "Gary had a lover for several years. When the relationship failed, he put up walls. He once told me that he wouldn't risk the heartbreak of a failed relationship again. I don't think he has been with a man the entire time that I've known him. I just lolicon freevideo can't figure him out. With his gorgeous looks and wonderful personality he could get any man he wanted. I don't think he realizes what he has going for himself. If he'd get over his fear of being hurt, he'd make an excellent partner. He's loyal, considerate and very passionate. Frankly, I'd love to see the two of you together." "Why did he and his partner breakup?" "I really don't know, he's never told me. "I thought he told you everything." "He normally does. I do know that the guy is fifteen years younger. Gary told me that he loves motorcycles and has an active social life. Gary is more like you and I. I suspect their personality differences had much to do with the breakup." "What do you think I should do?" "I'm having lunch with Gary tomorrow. Would you be embarrassed if I told him of your interest? He will be honest with me." "Yeah, I'd really appreciate it man. Thanks." "Not a problem." "Any possibility of me talking you into some sex right now?" "Not real likely buddy." "Then I'm going to bed with father palm and his five sons. I love you Steve, goodnight." He gave me a light kiss on my lips and walked into the guestroom. "I love you too. Good night Dan," I called after him. I awakened early and confused. I had evidently slept deeply, and momentarily couldn't remember what day of the week it was or what I needed to do. As the events of the day before came rushing back to me, I felt a vague sense of foreboding. Since Brad had not called, I knew he would be in touch this morning. I had plans to meet Gary for lunch and was looking forward to it. Because of our schedules I hadn't had the opportunity to see him for the last two months. I also needed to call Mark. Of course I was excited to talk with him but was apprehensive about telling him what transpired with Sarah and Miguel. I knew he would start worrying. I should have called him last night but was hoping I'd have more information from Brad. I poured myself a cup of coffee and began daydreaming about Mark. I had only been home for two days and I already missed him terribly. I missed sleeping with him. I longed to put my arms around his strong body and kiss his beautiful lips. I guess we all have our own unique scent. Sitting in my kitchen with the windows open and a slight breeze blowing the curtains, I caught the scent of the moist, dew-kissed earth outside. Mixed with the fragrance of the Blue Gum Eucalyptus, it reminded me of Mark. Clean and exciting. preeteen loli I missed his laughter and mischievous grin. Lost in thought, I jumped when the phone rang at precisely 9:00 a.m. I checked caller I.D. and recognized Brad's phone number. "Hello Brad, this is Steven." "Good morning Steven, you must have caller I.D.," he chuckled. "I do. Some calls I'd rather let the answering machine pick up." "Well thanks for picking up mine. loli teen nudist I have news and it isn't good. I checked with the Santa Fe police and learned quite a bit about Gilberto Cantaneda and his friends. Evidently they have a list of arrest warrants as nude loli nymphets long as my arm. In their wake they have left a trail of misery including rape, kidnapping, armed robbery and illegal drug trafficking. Their crimes have been senseless and vicious. One of their victims was gang raped and left for dead. Fortunately she survived, but will bear the physical and emotional scars for the rest of her life. I'm worried about you Steven. These men will stop at nothing." "Not exactly the news I was hoping for Brad. Where do we go from here?" "Because their threats have been aimed at homosexuals, I can remain involved. Among other things, this is being considered a hate crime. In addition to their crimes in New Mexico they are alleged to have held up a liquor store in Kingman, Arizona and the vandalism of the Ortiz home in Los Angeles. Their crime spree has crossed state lines and the FBI may become involved. We'll have to see about that. Sarah and Miguel allowed us to put them in protective custody last night. For their safety, and yours, I can't tell you where they're located, but you can communicate through me." "Brad, this is terrible. Are they okay? They must be so frightened." "They are. Miguel is concerned about losing his job but I've assured him that the L.A.P.D. will intervene on his behalf if necessary. They both send you their love and gratitude. They are worried about you Steven, and so am I. We are going to increase the frequency of street patrols around your home but there is only so much the police can do to protect you. Is it possible for you to get out of town for awhile?" "Not really. Besides, I'd be leaving my employees in danger. I'd be worried sick about them." "You're right. I want to meet Dan and any other employees you have. Can you get everybody together so I can meet them? Today, if possible." "I have an early lunch date but will be home around 2:00 this afternoon. When I get back Dan will leave to make deliveries but should be back around 4:00." "That's fine. Can I come by about 4:00?" "Yes, I'd like that very much. I only have one other employee and I'll ask her to join us. Her name is Karen Vernon." "Good. Does Karen ever work alone?" "Yes, but not often." "For the time being that isn't a good idea. Can you adjust schedules so somebody is with her at all times?" "Sure. I spoke with Dan last night and he has agreed to move in with me until this blows over. He also wants to bring his gun. I'm nervous about that. He says he knows how to use it and would only do so if left with no other options. He's a levelheaded man. What do you think?" "Let him. I'm not supposed to say that, but I'll feel better knowing he has it." "How can I ever thank you?" "Just help me install my sprinkler system and keep yourself safe. "It's a deal. Thank you Brad. I'll see you at 4:00." As hard as I tried to not become nervous, it wasn't working. Before leaving to see Gary I took Dan aside. "Do you think I should close the nursery until this blows over?" "No. We just have to be extra careful. I doubt they will try anything during the day and I'll be with you at night. As long as Karen is not left alone we should be fine. Have you ever fired a gun?" "Yes. As a kid my father would take me to San Francisquito Canyon and we'd shoot at bottles. He had a .22 caliber rifle and revolver. tgp banned loli It loli girl swimsuit models was fun, but of course the bottles didn't shoot back." "Would you know how to use my gun if you needed to?" "I hope so. When Brad is here this afternoon perhaps the two of you can give me some pointers." "That's a good idea." "I'm worried about leaving you here. Would you like me to cancel with Gary?" "Absolutely not. I'll be fine; besides, I'm expecting you to get some important information for me. Do you remember? There was a sly grin on his face." "Remember what?" He was about to remind me of our conversation when he saw the glint in my eyes. "Asshole." "Be careful Dan. Call Brad if you suspect anything at all." I hugged and kissed him goodbye then headed for Pasadena. Gary lives in a modest neighborhood, by Pasadena standards, with loli nymphets underage lovely-established landscaping and obvious pride of ownership. The street is narrow and winds gracefully up a steep hill that always gives me the impression of San Francisco. A majestic Brazilian pepper tree loli breast shades the front of his house and flowering shrubs are tastefully scattered throughout his numerous flowerbeds. Gary has three cats and torrent lolit bbs two dogs. The backyard is completely fenced and the dogs have free run. As I approached the concrete walkway I noticed all three cats sitting in windowsills patiently watching the day unfold. The dogs proudly announced my lolicon porn xxx arrival and Gary stepped out onto the front porch. Seeing his smiling, handsome face, I realized how much I had missed him. He was wearing a pair of Levi's with no shirt or shoes. For late November the weather had been unseasonably warm so I wasn't surprised. When I met Gary he was forty years old. Today, loli muvies eleven years later, he still looks the same. He's kept himself shocking nude loli girls in great shape and paid attention to his appearance. I marveled at his near washboard stomach and muscular chest. loli jpg To my knowledge he didn't belong to a gym and I had no idea how he stayed so fit. We embraced and held each other litlle loli top bbs for a few moments. He looked relaxed and happy. "Gary, it's so good to finally get back together. I've missed you." Patting his flat stomach I boys loli asked him how he stayed in such good shape. "I don't know, I've never had a weight problem. It's good to see you too. Lunch is ready when you are. Let's take advantage of this weather and forum loli photo eat outside. We have so much to talk about." Eating outside at Gary's means eating in the driveway. It's actually quite nice. Because his backyard belongs to the dogs, he has a picnic table and umbrella set up at the back of his driveway. Shaded by huge pine trees, which are usually filled with songbirds, you get the feeling that you are eating in a park. His barbecue sits near the table and I noticed that the coals were a
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