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Related post: Date: Thu, toopless models 11 May 2006 10:01:37 -0700 (PDT) From: Jess preteeen bathingsuit models Sudhir Subject: JVStars2-Boner BoyAll day long I was hard model rusia teens and distracted. I would teen glam models think about Boner Boy and my throat would go dry and my palms would sweat. I was in fear that I would see tiny lingerie models him in the halls and somehow give myself away. But at the same time, I was ever so eager. I couldn't wait for the day to end.As I pulled up in front of his house, I almost chickened out. In fact, I circled past his place once before I finally got the nerve to park. But my dick wouldn't let me run away.When he came to the door, he was still wearing the preppy A&F shirt he had on at school. He seemed surprised blonde model pussy to child model miniskirt see me. teen model vids "Oh, hey," he said. "I didn't know you meant today."I don't know what I had joanna teen model been expecting. Did I really think he was going to come naked and hard to the door? Whatever my subconscious hope had been, it threw me for a loop to see him looking sexy supermodels gallery and acting so normally. I could barely stutter out a greeting. Then we stood there for a moment."So, what did you want ala laney model to do?" he asked finally. Was there a dirty undertone to his voice? Or was it models teen topsite all in my head? I started thinking that the whole thing had been a complete mistake. Maybe he was just some guy who had thrown wood at the wrong teen model store time, and not the lust-crazed maniac my mind had made him tenn model girls up to supermodels girls pics be. Maybe the only lust-crazed maniac was me."I don't know," I heard my own voice say. "Shoot oriental lesbian models some hoops?"He gave me a look. "You really came model mania teens over nude calander models here just to shoot hoops?"I laughed nervously. "Of course! 13yo asian model What else would I be here for?""But I thought you twisted your ankle.""Oh, it's almost healed now," I said. "I just can't run on it."He stared at me for a moment more, and then shrugged. "Okay," he said. "Wait out here, nude motorhome models and I'll get changed."What child modelling sites followed was the longest two minutes of my life. little girlnude models I almost broke and ran, april scott model except it would miami amateur models have meant a new set of tough questions atk models mandy to answer. Instead I stood there looking awkward as chinesse model visions of sex and humiliation roamed alternately through my mind. At one best models playmates point, I glanced down and realized to my horror that I was rubbing my still hard hawaiian pantie models dick through my pants. I was basically masturbating myself in full view of the street in broad daylight. I must be losing my mind."What did you want to play to?" said Boner Boy as he came coed models nude through the door. He was dressed in an old Knicks jersey and tight shorts."Huh?" I said."Fifteen or twenty-one?" said Boner Boy."Um... twenty-one, I guess," I girl toplist models said.I don't remember if I made a single shot in the game that followed. I know I was playing terribly. For one thing, my ankle was acting up. For another, all I could think about was his body being models 12yo so close to mine. Basketball panty model young isn't normally much of a model 17yo full-contact sport, but it seemed like we were making pre nude models it one... was it me, or was it him, rubbing up against the other?"Game.""What?" nonnude teen models I said."Game," said Boner alt nude models Boy. "That's twenty one.""Oh," I said. "Um, do you alpa models want to play again.""Hell no," ashley model tgp said Boner Boy."Yeah, neither do I," I said."So what do we do now?" said Boner Boy. I shot a quick glance down at his shorts. True to his name, he was bulging them out. Just seeing his hard dick outlined against the nylon gave me new courage."I'm pretty... um, sweaty," I said casually. "How about a shower?"Boner Boy's forehead wrinkled."Um, okay, 12yr girl models I guess," he said, as I followed him inside."There's a shower down here," he said. "I guess young model picturesl I'll go take one upstairs.""Why don't we take one together?" I said. He shot me a crazy look, and I started to backpedal."I mean, we're on the same your girl model team. I mean we used to be. Showered together all the time. No big deal, save time and water, right? I mean, if you don't want to..."He gave me another look, amused this time, as if he was trying to figure me out."No, that's okay. Um, I guess we better go upstairs then."The upstairs bathroom was large and bright. Boner Boy reached over to turn on the water, and then tugged off his shirt. He had a completely hairless chest, and an impeccable six-pack."So," he said. His voice seemed to have gotten deeper."Yeah, guess we passion models girls better get our clothes off," I said, as I suited action erotic modell agency to words.Boner Boy sighed softly, and pulled off his shorts. His stubby dick sprung up, hard and free, just like I remembered it. "Well, there it is," he hotest teen models said softly. "Is this what you wanted to see?"Covering my own german teen model burgeoning errection futilely with one hand, I leapt into the shower, and let loose with lilly model a burst of inane chatter."I think the team's gonna make state this year. I'm not the only one injured, but we have a lot younh models of good players nonnude models photo still left, and..."My voice trailed off in to nothingness, as Boner Boy corinna teen model stepped into the steaming hot water nadine teen model next to me. It was much more close and intimate than the school luana model vids showers had ever been. It was almost impossible naked man models to avoid skin-to-skin acemodeling girls contact... baker model or the electric shock that came cedar park model with it.We stood there for a moment, dakar models face to face, water pounding sandra model nudes down on 4x4 bikini models us from above, and our hard dicks quivering towards each other, with barely an inch between their tips. Then Boner Boy slowly and deliberately turned around."Can you wash my back?" he said, as he model bambi free arched his neck. "It's hard amature bikini model for me to reach."He backed up until my dick was nude models kinder poking against his buttcheeks, but never said a word. So I grabbed the soap and began massaging models teen video his shoulders. The sensation was so erotic I felt like I was high, like I was in an altered state of consciousness. He moaned softly as I moved my hands lower and lower until at last I was playing with his little rosebud, within his tight round ass. As I worked my finger adult model search in and out, he bent forward and braced himself against the shower wall.I could wait no longer. Soaping force model 92f6b up my dick, I pushed myself inside. He was tight, but my holly model pics dick was so hard I could have african sexy models penetrated a thumbs models porn stone. teen nn modeling He babyphat kid model let out a groan, and I heard another voice moan at the same time, and realized it was my own.But then, just as I was getting into my rhythm, there was a noise like a door slamming."Stop!" said Boner Boy. kids nude models "There's someone arban bondage model in the house."I paused mid-thrust. Now that he mentioned it, I could hear it too... footsteps moving around."Shit, it's my mom!" said Boner Boy. "She must have gotten home early. Quick, you gotta get dressed. male penile models I can't let her find me like this. avon cosmetics model She almost caught me giving head to Mack last week."For a moment I thought about pulling out, but my dick was still tiny models galleries itching, and it felt too shy nn models good where I was. Instead, I started thrusting my hips again."Stop!" said Boner asiannude model Boy, "what are you doing?" His butt went all tight, but that just made the feeling japan supermodels better, and I started slamming him harder."You gotta quit!" said Boner Boy. "Uh!" He began wiggling around, trying to get away, but again, that just made it better and better to me, as I pinned him against the wall. His cries of protest faded away as he began moaning and panting, and I pounded into modells him, harder and harder until I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum up into his gut. At the preeteen nu models same time, his own dick exploded, spraying semen all over the inside of the shower. When I finally pulled out, and he looked at me, I couldn't tell if the look on his face was the aftermath of nn maxwell models pain or pleasure."Please," he said. tristin model teen "Please get dressed."I rinsed off and turned off the water. For some reason, even though I had just finished screwing my basketball teammate up the ass, bikini models muscular I phat models didn't feel the slightest bit guilty or in a hurry. Boner Boy was already dressed by the time I had finished drying with his towel. He slipped out the door as hardcore model sex I was putting my sweaty clothes back on, and I top models 13yo heard his voice in the hallway."Oh hi, tiny dots models mom! You're home early.""Just had to pick up the presentation I forgot here this morning. Are you all right dear? You look flushed."Like an asshole, I picked that moment to stride out of the bathroom, still shirtless, with Boner Boy's towel over my shoulder. His mother, a little mousy-looking blonde, gave a little shriek, and Boner Boy shot me the most evil look I had ever seen."Oh," he said, his latina super model voice cracking. "This is my friend from the basketball team. peteenx models He dressed dropped by to shoot some hoops.""Yeah," I said, shaking her hand boat model restoration heartily. "He kicked my ass on the court. But I got him back, though." I slapped him hard on the ass, and he jumped. I could fre littel model see the hidden panic in his mother's eyes, as she desperately tried to believe her son teen sister models wasn't a fag."He's just leaving," said Boner Boy. "He modeling foe teens wanted to shower before russian models girls he went home."I youngteenmodels gave him a nonude model blog wink as I sauntered out the door. "We'll have to do this again sometime."--------------Will the asshole narrator get his models girls tgp comeuppance? russian sister models Find out in "Things Get Nasty," pt teen models the next exciting installment of JV Stars.You may also enjoy: farmboys and ghettoboys /gay/interracial/farmboys-and-ghettoboyz/ day of the boner /bisexual/highschool/day-of-the-boner/ the virgin /gay/interracial/the-virgin/I love fan mail, so please send it, and if you're over eighteen (and ass models portfoio under 30) send me a pic too. bikini models milfs
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