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Related post: Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 16:27:56 -0700 (PDT) From: adm2780 Subject: lolita 13 yo pussies Brads Idol Chapter Fifty-OneAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. As in real life, the sexual themes unfold gradually and are kept to a realistic level. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed little lolita non naked to the author at adm2780yahoo.comThis story contains descriptions of consensual sexual contact between males, adult and minor. As such it is homoerotic, designed for the entertainment of mature adults. If you are not of loli boy nude pics legal age to read such material, or if the subject matter would create irresolvable personal moral dilemmas, please exit now.NOTE: Special thanks to Greg for his time and efforts proof reading and editing the chapters. Greg's assistance contributes substantially to a more enjoyable story Chapter Fifty-One: Brads IdolAfter the Labor Day weekend life settled into a familiar routine. With our bikes and skateboards, Larry and I were able to visit friends and, as Uncle Ray said, get out and do something besides hanging around the house every day. We didn't hang with the same friends most of the time, but we did some of the time. little lolita model We didn't always go places either. Sometimes the candid pantyhose lolita pics guys came to hang with us. Uncle Ray had already given me permission to have Donny over, also Todd and Andy. If someone else was coming, we had to call him first. The other big rule was no skinny dipping in mixed company, like that was really going to happen.Donny came over the second day and helped us build a jump ramp and slide for the skate boards. My personal skills were far from the best but I could usually hold my own lil lolas nude teen well enough not to get embarrassed. The big surprise for us was Larry. When we left Ft. Pierce in early summer he was barely able to stay up on his board. He usually fell before he went twenty feet. He must have spent most of the summer practicing."Way to go, bro! You practice all summer?" I asked, excited for him. The reason I was so excited was that Larry usually came in last little lolitas being dirty in any sporting contest and looked like a beginner's beginner. best lolita model sites All he did was run the driveway and clear his board a couple of times. For him, that was major."Okay, Lar. You ready to try a ramp jump or ta run the rail?" That wasn't a challenge, it was an offer from the guys to teach. girl loli r ygold He was smart enough to know that was a good thing for him. After that day, Larry spent part of every day practicing on his board. Sometimes, that wasn't until after supper, but he did it.Most times when Donny came loli preteen url pics over we wound up in the pool, au natural, naturally. Donny's family were nudists so he was more accustomed to being naked sven bbs lolita preteen than he was being dressed. I liked being naked with him except that sometimes I'd start getting ideas and my physical reactions would advertise what I was thinking. That's no problem so long as the guy you're with has the same idea. If you don't know if he's straight, gay or both, physical reactions can be bad.The times Donny came over and we didn't go skinny dipping, we stayed inside and played with the pool table or one of the machines. Donny has his own thing going about Uncle nude lolita models biz Ray's pinball machine."Hey man, you play that thing like you've lolly superch ld model been doing it forever. You got one like it at your house?""Naw," he told me, "Dad and me come over here sometimes. Ray always challenges me to a game. I got to get as much practice as I can; Ray's good and wins most of the time.""What happens when you lose?" I was curious and had no idea they had these bets. Uncle Ray really hadn't been living here that long so Donny must have been here a lot while I was home or at my grandma's."Well, let's just say I bet I've washed more dishes in this house than little lolo model art you have." Nice idea. I prelolita model sexy pics tucked the idea away for future use; if not Uncle Ray, then Larry.At the end of free naked young lolitas that week Uncle Ray had young lolita girls models invited Donny and his dad, Paul, over for a cookout. Larry was spending lolita nude preeteen girls the weekend with Ben and I thought it was going to be just me and Uncle Ray. Since they weren't staying overnight, I thought a little party might be fun. A cookout was Uncle Ray's favorite way to entertain. I knew that Donny lived with his mom and dad, plus one sister. There was another sister in college that came home for visits, so she didn't count. lolita bbs incest board Turns out that weekend his mom and sister went to visit the sister in college.I'd been naked with Uncle Ray most of the time I was with him. With him and me, it was unnatural not to be naked together. We even worked on russian lolitas and nymphets the cars some naked. It didn't bother me to be naked with Donny; in fact, I liked it. Donny wasn't what you'd call pretty or ruggedly handsome, you know, like a he-man type. Donny just had one of the most fantastic forced lolita free movies bodies you ever laid eyes on. The muscles were defined without being overly defined. His skin was smooth and an olive tan color, all over, of course. With Donny, everything just kind of flowed the way most guys would like for it to, but rarely did. The nice thing was that he didn't flaunt anything. He was as natural acting and easy going as anyone you'd want to know. His dad; he was a different story to me.I had only met Paul (I originally called him Mr. Paul, but he quickly told me to drop the 'Mr.') once at the apartments. He sure seemed to know a lot about me though. That said Uncle Ray did a lot of talking which actually made me feel good. However, to walk around naked with him, I wasn't too sure about that idea. Paul was about the same size as Uncle Ray but with a lot more 15 yr lolita pictures hair. You could see the signs of a six pack and he had strong shoulders. His tan said he pre teen loltia pic spent a lot of time outside with no covering. The big problem was that he was an adult and I wasn't accustomed to being naked around adults. In fact, there were only teen model lolitas top a few people I was accustomed to being naked around.As soon as Donny and his dad arrived, they got as comfortable as anyone can get. Paul and Uncle Ray grabbed a beer and headed to the garage to look at something lolita model image bbs on one of Uncle Ray's cars. Donny asked me what I wanted to do and I challenged him cute girls panties loli to some pool."Okay, pool it is." Donny stated. "This for fun or are we gonna make it interesting?""Let's start for fun." I told him, not knowing what he meant by interesting. I know what I thought interesting might be, but I doubted that, even if wanted to, he wasn't about to do anything with his dad there. My idea was for us to do something simple, like jerk off lolitas nude little angels in front of the other guy. I could handle that and thought it would be preteen lolita models pussy interesting to watch Donny. Again, I didn't know if he would go nude lolitas thumbnails child in that direction.We played a few games for loly girls non nudes fun and Donny suggested we head outside. I suggested we play some pinball, which we did."You ready to make it interesting, now?" he asked me and I still wasn't sure where he was headed."Interesting how?" I asked, trying to call his hand."You name it. I'm game for almost anything you want to do." top 100 lolita xxx Was this guy sending me a message? My heartbeat doubled at that point. I was kiddie lolita top 100 afraid he had figured out how I liked to play and I was afraid to play. So far, everything was kept preteen lolitas porn picture real close and safe. Going outside could be dangerous."Okay, how about a full body massage?" I asked, smiling. Did he know what I meant by 'full body'?Before the game was over Uncle Ray came looking for us. When Uncle Ray walked in, Donny excused himself and headed for the bathroom. That was interesting because just before we started he had gone to the bathroom. I had this strange feeling the two of them had talked."Brad, what are you hiding in here for?""Why do ya say that? I'm c p lolita galleries not hiding, me and Donny's playing a game." I became very defensive."Brad, this is me, remember? What's up, kiddo? It's not like you not to be in the middle of everything." I was caught and felt trapped."I don't feel right 'bout bein' naked around Donny's dad," I finally admitted."As much as you like to run around in public, showing all you can, you're turning modest on me? There's only one tiny lolita movie rape sure way to cure your problem. Come on kid, time to join the party."Before I could say anything, he grabbed me and had me over his shoulder. There was no getting loose and protesting was like talking to a wall. He didn't stop till we both were flying through the air young lolita girls nonude and landed in the water. When I surfaced, Donny and his dad were in the pool laughing. I thought Donny had gone to the bathroom! I'd been setup."Hey Brad," Paul called out, "you ready for a game of chicken. We're going to make it interesting. You're on me and Donny's on Ray. Losers do the dishes." So much for being bashful, modest or uncomfortable.After we ate, it only took Paul and me a few minutes to clean the table free lolita incest sex off and load the dishwasher. Somewhere along the way I totally forgot about us being lolicon model litlle lesbian naked; he was actually a funny guy and easy to be around. I never said anything to him but I was willing to bet he threw the chicken game just so he and I would have to be together.Everybody wound up back outside around the pool. After awhile I was getting tired and lay on the chaise. Before I knew what was happening I felt somebody standing over my butt. There was also something moving back and forth tickling me. One quick guess told me it was somebody's balls. I felt that same someone get on their knees straddling my butt and when I looked up process of elimination told dark lolita teen young me it was Donny. The look on Uncle Ray's face and Paul's told me they put him up to it. lolita russian nude beach God, it felt good; and hot. I immediately started getting stiff and embarrassed, much to the delight of the adults and Donny.Donny began giving me a massage that I really enjoyed. When he leaned forward he teased my crack. When I looked up I could see Uncle jp lolitas nn blog Ray's and Paul's reflection in the glass patio doors; they were giving Donny directions. I decided to sit back and play the game. When I flexed my butt against Donny he started showing a physical reaction. When I felt part of his tool slip in the crack I clamped down little lolita cunnie tgp and felt him get tense; the flexing game began This was a game two could play even if I didn't have two coaches."Brad," Donny spoke almost in a whisper, "you enjoyin' the feelings you're getting?"I shrugged my shoulders, then answered, "You're doin' a nice job massagin' me. It feels good; all of it." I saw his smile reflected in the patio door. We spoke low enough that only he and I knew what was said.After a few minutes I watched Donny's reflection as he got up and tried to turn away from Uncle Ray and Paul, and jump in the pool. He missed; Uncle Ray and Paul saw his state of interest and had a good laugh. I followed Donny into the pool and took a quick swim to let things settle down.After Paul and Donny left I helped Uncle Ray clean up and then we settled into his big chair. I was happy now that it was just the two of us. I'd been looking forward to this ever since I learned Larry was spending the weekend with Ben. I leaned underground lolita love pics against Uncle Ray and found my comfort zone."Did you have a good time, kid?""Yeah, it was fun. I wasn't sure, though, 'bout bein' naked around Paul at first. Then somehow I forgot about it and everything seemed kinda natural." I felt him chuckle a little and he rubbed my back for me."Running around au natural, everything should
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