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Related post: Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 16:51:02 EDT From: Subject: Justin's Story Chap 23Justin's Story Part V Chapter 23April 3, 2001------------Justin and Tony's Story Chapter 1 - Our Beginnings Written By: Justin Case------------Disclaimer: Hey, you got this far so I guess you know what you're doing. This story is fiction. It is about gay life, as I know it to be. If you find this material objectionable you may leave. If you'd like to learn more about 'us', please stay. This work is the property of the writer. It is purely fiction, so paysite movies preteen any similarities to actual persons, places, or things are sheer coincidence. If you are not of legal age to preteen actress nude view this material you should leave this site. The author, his editors, and the site publisher accept pics preteen english no responsibility for your actions. This material is protected in accordance with the copyright laws of the United States of America. Justin Case is a registered trademark. 2001-My SoapBox-- Hey, it's me again! How have you all been? I see that many of you are visiting my web site, I had over a thousand hits in the first week it was up. I was surprised. I don't know how to thank each and every one of you for showing me your support. My mail has been swamped, so colombian preteen photo it's been taking me a little longer to get back to some of you. I answer all my mail and try to do it within twenty-four hours from when I receive it.I want to thank Geoff. You see, my good friends, I was infected with the dreaded computer virus. I lost all my hentail preteen work. Silly me, I never kept anything on disc. I lost all my mail files. Over seven thousand letters from you fine people are gone. I will keep most of them in my memory. I lost all my stories; Geoff was kind enough to send me copies of everything I had posted in the Nifty high school archives. Now I can post it to my web site. Thanks, Geoff.As I adolescent preteen nudes sit here and the creative juices start to flow, I am humbled. I am truly and forever in each and every one of your debts, for you letting me into your lives. Thank you all! If you want to drop me an E-mail or IM, the address is still the same. or visit my site at"Morning, babe," I whispered to Tony, as I awoke next to my long lost friend."Morning. lolta preteen photos I missed you," he tenderly replied, as he kissed me lightly preteen nudists pics on my lips.I thought about how we got here. I thought about how my life had changed so many times in the course of the last eighteen years. I hoped that the reunion with Tony would be a lasting one. I lay there in my bed, next to a boy I had loved preteen preview photos and lost. I looked into his preteen pictures clean brown eyes and preteen model alina watched his long lashes flutter with each blink. I could feel my attraction to him from deep holland preteens within my soul. I thought about others in my life that I had loved. I preteen illegal video was thankful that God had allowed me to love so many."What you thinking about?" he asked."How much I litle preteen missed a big part of your life." I felt a tear roll down my cheek, as I made my confession."Oh, Justin. I missed you too. I always wanted to run to you and tell you how much I needed you. super preteens models I tried to convince myself so wet preteen stories many times that preteens nudists it was wrong. I tried to tell myself preteens land it was just a phase.""It was all my fault," I continued. "I meet young preteens just thought it was the best thing to do. I worried about you and what Jerry Massey could do.""Well, it's all behind us now. preteen bikini girl We were little kids. preteen bikini nudists I'm sixteen now and you're eighteen. The little charms preteens law here in Connecticut says I can leave my home as long as I candid photos preteen have a place to stay. Do I?""You mean you want to live here with me? Oh Tony, really? Do you think you should? What would your mom say?" The questions flooded my mind."Justin, I have loved you ever since I met you. preteenrussian models videos When I was preteens defloration thirteen I forbidden nude preteens told my preteens nude magazine mom and Jeannie. models young preteen They preteen 13yo ls accepted me being gay. They also know how much I've illegal virgin preteen loved you.""Why didn't preteen pusy photos you tell me? Why didn't you preteens modeling photos come to me?" I asked, feeling hurt."I tried many times. You were never preteen preteenz models home. I would call and leave messages and you were never there. I knew you were avoiding me. young preteen sexpics I just went on."My mind began to race. I remembered. preteen peeing It was naked preteen russians me that shut him out. I was afraid for him. I blamed myself for what we had done homemade preteen sex in the woods that day. I figured that if I stayed away from him I wouldn't be tempted. I was afraid for me too."Oh, Tony. Can you ever forgive me? I didn't know any better." I felt another tear run down my cheek.He tenderly wiped my tears away. He looked deep into my eyes. I felt his warmth against my body. I wanted to make love to him, but was afraid to."Justin, it's in china preteen sites the past. What we have now is now. I hope it will be what we have tomorrow and the next day and the days after that."I felt him boys gays preteens pull my body preteen hetai clips close to his. I put my arms around him. I remembered the feeling preteen little butts of his body next to mine. I felt like I had never left his side. We laid in my preteen nymphet pics bed embracing each other and said nothing; our bodies did all the communicating."You hungry?" I finally broke the silence."That depends. What you offering?" Tony chirped."What do you feel like eating?'"You."He kissed me long and hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth. He wrapped his hands around my free preteens video buttocks and mary angel preteen pulled my pelvis thick nn preteen toward his own. I could feel his raging hard-on pressing against the fabric of his cotton briefs. It was pressing into my hard cock. I felt him rub his member against mine. I couldn't help it; my dick responded tasteful preteen pics and started to pulse against his. I ran my hands down his back. I slipped preteen model xxx them into his underwear so I could only preteen nudes feel his cheeks. I preteen models list squeezed at his taut muscles in his ass. I pulled him closer to me and met his thrusts."Oh, Justin, I love you so much. Never leave me again," Tony gently said to me."I promise," I said with conviction.I moved my right hand around the inside of his jockey shorts until I preteen nudity videos hot preteens tits found his prick. It had grown since the last time I had touched it. I could feel forbiden preteens nude bbs elwebb preteen his hot and hard cock in my hand. top preteen babes I ran my hand up and down it. I danced my fingers around preteens pedos the head of it. I felt the liquid at the tip, the clear juice that flows before an orgasm. I moved my hand deeper in his underpants to his balls. I felt his large testicles in my right palm. I rubbed his ass with my left hand.Tony wrapped his lovely preteens models hands around the waistband of my boxers. preteens bbs boards I felt him as he slipped them down and lifted my side so he could preteen loves pussy remove them. I felt his hands as he traveled preteen kids nude down my legs with my boxers. blue tgp preteen I felt his breath against my stomach as he lowered his head to remove my underwear from my body.His tongue darted out of his mouth and flicked at the head of my rod. I felt the xxxs preteen models head of my engorged preteen nude girles member as he wrapped his lips around it preteen bbs board and began to suck it. He moved his preteen pc illegal tongue around as he sucked the head of my cock. He grabbed the base of my cock with his right hand and british preteen model jerked it preteen boys sexy up and down, while he worked on the head with his mouth."Oh God, Justin. I want to taste your cream. I need your hot juice."His words electrified my thoughts. I russian preteen upskirts couldn't get enough of him. I wanted to feel his penis in my mouth. I wanted to run my lips up and down his shaft. preteens nature issue The sucking preteen feeling in my cock was beyond description. india preteen sex I had never felt such pleasure. I moved so my head was near his manhood. I jerked his briefs off. I pounced my mouth on his hard cock. I drew it into my mouth. I pushed my head down onto him as far as I preteen nude babysitter could. I began to gag. I relaxed the muscles in the back of my throat. I wanted to bury his dick into my throat. I preteen lesbos pics wanted to feel those hot blasts from his cock. preteen little ladies I pushed his butt with my left hand to force him deeper into preteen porn forbidden my mouth."MMmm," I moaned while I had him in my mouth. I wondered if he could feel the vibrations.I lost track of what he was doing to me. preteen art sample All I could think about was giving him preteen panties gallery pleasure. I wanted to feel his come shoot deep into my throat. I wanted to feel his cock twitch as it shot its load. nude preteen are I began to use my right hand to stroke him while I sucked. I let my left hand travel below his balls, where I applied pressure with my fingertips. I grabbed at preteen list models his balls with my preteen boys picture left hand pregnant preteen gallery and massaged them. I squeezed at them, imagining what it must feel like."Yeah, Justin. Suck me," Tony hissed, as he let my petite preteens sexe dick slip from his mouth."Mmmm," I moaned again."Suck me hard. That's it, preteen pass forum suck it." He gave young preteen girls me instructions. "Suck preteen nudists video my dick. You love it, don't you?""Mmm," I moaned, while I sucked with my mouth and jerked with my hand.I moved my left hand to his ass. I tickled at his crack with my fingers. I ran my fingers up and down his ass, finally stopping at his hole. I preteen lesbian vids felt his warm moist hole. I probed cute preteen cheerleaders it with my finger.'Yeah, oh Justin, put your finger in 5yo preteen pthc me."I preteen nymphet art pushed my finger preteen sex acts into him. I continued to stroke and suck his cock. I felt it as it grew harder in my mouth. I kept my lips wrapped around my teeth so I wouldn't bite him. My face was covered with my saliva. I squeezed my model preteenz right hand hard around his shaft. I shoved another finger into his ass. I pushed them in as deep as I could, I tried to reach into his dick from his ass cavity.His hips began to buck, pushing and pulling his cock in my mouth. His thigh muscles were taught. The foyza preteen cheeks of his ass grabbed my hand as I fingered his hole. His balls had shrunk secret preteen pics and tightened as they preteen nud epics readied to burst."I'm coming. Oh, Justin. I'm commmiiiiiinnnnnggggggg," he gasped.I felt every shot as it left preteen ls galleries crazy preteens the head of his dick and hit the back of my throat. I felt his dick pulse as each shot was released. I kept sucking. I didn't want to take my head away. I felt my prick sexy preteens topsites tingle. I shot my own load while I sucked Tony's seed into my mouth. My cock erupted all over his face.I moved so my head was back up ne
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