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Related post: Date: Sun, ilegal preteens site 18 Sep 2011 17:17:25 -0700 (PDT) From: Midw Stud Subject: Juvenile Reformation 5After Billy cleaned the captain's cock and nuts for a few minutes, he abruptly walked away without a word went over to where his clothes were by the pre teen fuck line and preteen naked beaches got dressed. He said something to one preteens pics art of the COs who walked over to Billy and jerked him up by the elbow. Without a word he marched Billy over to one of the horses, roughly bent him across it, and went to work tying his legs apart. Billy couldn't believe it, was he about to be raped again? From where he was he could see Eric on one of the other sofas, sort of straddling the arm with his face pushed into the top of the cushions. The CO fucking him was bucking wildly and really giving it to him preteen girls photographs hard. He felt preteen model sveta bad for Eric before remembering what he had just been through. This place was hell.The CO behind Billy never said a word preteens photo xxx and Billy had almost forgotten about him until he felt a cock poke into him and travel deep on the first thrust. When he felt the pubes on underwear preteens pedo his butt the head of the cock didn't feel quite as deep as had the captain's, but this 14yo preteens gallery one was thicker, chezch preteen and he could feel his butt tube being stretched preteen sfree gallery in new henti preteen cartoons places. The CO preteensex stories got right into rhythm and was fucking Billy fairly hard and at a good pace. Every 30 seconds or so Billy would feel images preteen kissing one of his hands leave his hips and deliver a hard smack on one of his ass cheeks.The chain around his preteen galleries fantasy waist was beginning to hurt him just above his preteen wet models pubes where it was preteen see thru pressed into the horse. The CO fucking Eric was going fast now and really slamming into him. Billy could preteen fashion magazen see Eric's body jerking with the force of the fuck. The CO obviously came preteen little th and pulled out of Eric. He could see Eric just laying there as the CO walked towards where Billy was. He had a big dick, bigger than the captain's. Where did they webcam preteen address find these guys? Billy had always thought he had a big dick at just over 8 inches, but most of these guys were all hung bigger than he.The CO walked right over to Billy and stopped when his dick was almost touching Billy's face. Billy just opened his preteen interracial vids mouth. The CO preteenz pantyhose slid his slimy greasy cock into Billy's mouth. At least Eric was lucky this guy had used a lot of lube. Billy figured sexy underaged preteens he just wanted it cleaned, so started licking around the penis. porno preteens video The CO had other plans in mind, and as soon as he was fully hard again, began a real assault on Billy's mouth and throat. He didn't gag model japan preteen as bad as he did the first time with the captain. Billy just took it, not even caring anymore when the big head slipped into his throat and thrust deeper and nonude preteen galeries deeper before pulling back out and letting him breathe.The bald preteen virgins CO behind him carried on with the deep fucking he was giving Billy. There was still pain, but not nude art preteens like before. After ten or so more minutes, the cock in his mouth stiffened up and shot four big gobs of cum into the back of Billy's mouth. He was surprised and didn't know what to do, after gagging a little bit, the penis slid out of his mouth, and Billy choked down the sperm. Probably horny from seeing his colleague bust a preteen photos thong preteen nn girl load in Billy's straight-until-that-morning virgin mouth, he grabbed Billy's thighs hard, thrust really hard and deep several times, and shot his naked pics preteens load deep into Billy's rear end.The CO pulled preteen family nude his joint out of Billy's battered ass and walked around the horse where he nonchalantly displayed his 15yo preteen nude dick in front of Billy's nose. It was covered in cum and ass juice, but most worryingly piss drinking preteens to Billy, there was more streaks of preteen nude sample blood on it than there had been on the captain's dick. He opened his mouth and cleaned the third dick he had that day. preteen tits games With that, the COs all left.Billy looked around and saw all nudes of preteens the other boys were on the line, as soon as the door petite preteens angels closed, they spread out around the room, most, including Eric, coming over to preteen model eating where Billy was. "Sorry man, they really gave it to you," Eric said sympathetically.Billy wanted to cry, but remembered his warning. "What happens now?" Billy asked."Well, that was the night shift, I flower model preteen am not sure why the captain was here so early. We have to clean up the wing and shower now. You'll get a break. They don't usually mess with us much for most of the day, although any day shift CO can come in here and fuck one preteen junior sex of us if he wants. Or use the suck table. But most of them get off on doing preteen cuties hardcore it in groups, so we are usually pretty safe till day shift ends at dinner.""Why'd they leave me tied up?" Billy non nudepreteen list asked."You're fresh meat," Eric replied, "they want us all to fuck you so they left you strapped down. We don't do that in here, it's bad enough as it is. General population is a different story. Lots of guys mess with the younger and smaller guys there."Eric motioned for another guy to come over to where they were. He was a nice looking boy movie preteens nudist of about 16 or 17, with longish fashionable preteensnude tgp hair and a tight smooth body. He looked like a cross country runner, or maybe a swimmer preteen polish girl like David. "Hey Conrad, help him out," Eric said. Billy then understood why he had called him over. Since Eric was low-cuffed like Billy, video preteens portal he could not undo the Velcro leg-spreaders on the floor. Conrad got down on his knees, then flat on banned preteen pics his belly on the floor and shifted to where he could reach the Velcro ankle restraints. It took a while to shift himself to get at each one, but within a minute Billy was free. Billy was unsteady on his feet, but Eric sort of let him lean into him. Just then the door buzzed and a CO appeared with two boys one pushing a mop bucket, the other a trash can with cleaning supplies."Who are they?" Billy hot virgin preteen asked. preteen bodys model Those are trustees from gen pop, they come in to shower us.Eric waited until the door closed and the CO was out of sight and went over to one of the kids and asked for a lesbian preteen nude sponge. He took it over to the butt washer and got it preteen girl forum wet and went back over to Billy. "Turn around man," Eric said, "let me clean you up a bit, your ass is a mess." Billy then realized he had cum leaking down the inside preteen thumbnail movie of his legs and god knows what daddy preteen pussy else. Eric gingerly young nudist preteen sponged out around his crack and hole, and 12yo preteen art squatted down a bit so that he could reach Billy's inner thighs to try to get some of the cum off from there."Thanks man." Billy said when he was finished."No prob buddy," Eric replied, "it doesn't look too bad, but there's still some blood, hold on." Eric walked into their cell and came back with a little piece of fabric from the bedsheet. He balled it up and motioned for Billy to bend forward. "This will help," Eric said as he gently pushed the wad cutie preteen modeli of fabric into his bruised butthole. Billy's hole was a mess, the formerly invisible ass lips were swollen and discolored, and even now 20 minutes after his last preteen boys girls fuck, Billy's hole hung open about an inch. "We have to go out and exercise later on. They make penis youth preteens us wear undies, and the guards and gen pop love it when they see a blood stain on your tighty whities. This will keep that from happening. It's just more mind fucking from the guards."By this time some boys were in the shower. One of the trustees had taken off his uniform, which at Pine Creek preteen delight model was sweatpants and a t-shirt, blue for trustees, white for the rest. He was naked under the smaller tits preteens shower washing each boy off as it was his turn.It was very quick. The boy stepped into the shower and the trustee squirted soap all over him and then used a cloth to preteens boys gays scrub him from top to bottom quickly. Then nude preteen tweens the boy got about 15 seconds to rinse, and walked out to where they other trustee toweled him off, threw a pair of tighty whities on the floor, pulling preteen nubile thumbnail them up once the boy stepped into the leg holes. The shower just came preteens nude preview out of the wall where the grating was and the sloping floor directed the water down young incest preteens the grate where the boys pooped out their enema water in the morning. preteen sex thai Eric and Billy got in line and were soon showered off. Billy couldn't believe the underwear he got. They were the size and type had had when pre teen quizzes he was ten years old and were so tight they were crushing his nuts.Just then the door buzzed and in walked top preteens angels four COs in nymphets family preteen riot gear, carrying a boy between them. They dropped him on the floor in the middle of the room. The boy was pale, preteen thai pictures and was hogtied. The COs left preteens in photography again, leaving the boy on his stomach, legs chains to pussy preteens naked his handcuffed wrists. A murmur went up in the room with boys wondering who he was and what he had done. The trustees seemed to know. He preteen under age had apparently refused to come out of his cell, soft models preteen and when the COs went in to get him, he fought them, actually new preteen mode getting some good punches in on one of them.Inevitably, he had been beaten and tased, and was now in punishment. Eric looked at him and then in a serious whisper told Billy: "that's bad. Hitting a CO is the worst thing you can do in here. They'll make an example of him. preteen topless movies He's gonna get the butt buster for sure.One of the boys rolled the chained boy over on his side. He had a black eye, and some good baton bruises coming out on his back ukrainian preteen poohnany and legs. "Whats your name dude?" one of the boys asked him. The boy was very good looking despite his injuries, and had the type of haircut usually preppy jocks had at Billy's school."Reiner," he mumbled."Man you're in shit," one of the boys told him. "Have you ever been in here before?""No man," Reiner replied, "I only got in here russian preteen lo last week, and was supposed to get out yesterday, that's tits preteen jpg why I got into it with those asshole COs. I was on probation for a school prank, and broke it when I got pulled over driving after curfew."Eric spoke to Billy. emo preteen models "Poor guy. A curfew violation, shit. Now he's in for it. They're going to fuck him good. A fighter like that, only in here a week. No way he's gotten fucked in gen pop. The guards love to bust a cherry, especially a feisty one like that. shock preteen b
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