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Related post: Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001 21:05:26 +0000 From: SEBASTIAN WALLACE Subject: Brother Tease Part 2On the way back from town, ls magazine lolita gallery Gareth saw a poster advertising a heavy metal gig which was happening that night in one of the halls in the student union, and he said he'd like to go. Heavy metal is not my thing at all, but Gareth goes through phases of liking it young russain nude lolita and, since he was supposed to be my guest for the weekend, I agreed to go along with him and check it out.I phoned a few friends to see if anyone fancied going along with us - the main intention of inviting them being to relieve my own boredom - but none of them were even vaguely enthusiastic. Thomo had disappeared earlier in the afternoon, having gone off with a few of his mates we'd bumped into in Southampton - so it turned out that Gareth and I went to the gig alone.I remember spending most of the night standing against a wall, drinking warm beer out of a flimsy plastic cup, wishing the band would play something I knew. Gareth got quite into it, though. He didn't exactly dance - I can't even begin to imagine Gareth condescending to dance - but he clearly enjoyed the sounds very young lola nude the band was making and seemed able to identify a rhythm behind the noise. Despite his shyness, he hit it off with a small group of guys near the bar. He stood and talked with them for over an hour and at one point disappeared with one of them to the gents. I wondered if maybe there was a link between liking heavy metal and being gay that had, up until now, completely passed me by.While I was standing there, swirling my beer around inside the cup for something to do, a tall, thin girl wearing tight black spandex came up to me and made conversation. She had a cute, freckled face and blond curly hair. One of her front teeth was chipped. I chatted with her and she laughed at everything I said, regardless of the content. I kind of liked that about her. She was totally vacuous, and she loved herself for it. As I was talking to her, I kept checking out her tits. She was wearing a tight black teeshirt which had a cartoon-like painting of a zombie and the name little loli home porn of some band on it. Her tits were small but the teeshirt was tight enough for them to distort the lettering. I was wondering whether the two of us could sneak off somewhere - there was no way that Kaz could find out about this - when Gareth came back over to join us.I don't know young lola bbs links why but Gareth has this ability to scare girls. He has done it to several mini girl biz lolita of my ex-girlfriends, and he did it to the 18teen loli girl sex girl at the gig. He just has this way of looking through them and talking to me in a tone which excludes them and sends them running. So the girl disappeared within about thirty seconds of Gareth coming over to me.He said he'd had enough of the band. I felt quite relieved. I'd had enough after about thirty seconds of being in the place.Walking back to the University residence, I phoned Kaz. She sounded sleepy and confused and I felt guilty for waking her up. I asked her if she wanted us to get her a pizza or a Chinese take-away and call up with it.There was a long lolita top play models pause on the phone.Then she extreme lolita skinny nudes said, sounding almost breathless, "You know, Seb. I don't think so. I'm so tired. I free nude girls lolitas think I've got a fever. I just need to sleep it off. Sorry... sorry."I said, "I'll come up. You sound - well, I'm worried."She said, "No." There was another pause. "No. Don't worry. I'm just out of it, babes. Fuckin' Lemsip trip."I faked a laugh.She continued, "I'll be okay when I've slept it off. Can you... can you bunk up with Gareth tonight? I just need to get a good night's sleep."I said, "Yeah. Course I can. But I'd rather be with you."She said, "Aw Seb, I know. russian lolitas 13 yo But I'm so hot. I need to just lie here. I'll see you nymphet loli nude pics tomorrow."I was going to argue with her but she hung up.I felt quite worried about her. I felt bad about contemplating sneaking off to shag that blonde girl around the back of the Union Building. Gareth wanted a pizza so I gave him my key and I went up pre lolitas no nude to see how Kaz was.When I got to her flat, I had to knock for a while before very young ebony lolitas I saw her through the frosted glass lumbering towards the door wearing her dressing gown. None of her flatmates were in, it seemed. I felt guilty again; this time for making her get out of bed. She smiled to see me, but her movements were slow and clumsy, like she was drunk.She said, "Seb, I told you... I'm okay."I said, "Like fuck. You're ill."Her dressing gown gaped open slightly, revealing her beautiful, milky white stomach and her dark pubic hair. She said, "Yeah. I'm kind of aware of that. I just don't like having people around me when I'm like this."Eventually I persuaded her to let me in. We went back to her room and she took her dressing gown off and go back into lolita rompl chill pics bed. I sat next to her, gently rubbing her leg. She looked sleepy and poorly but for some reason that me feel horny as hell and I really wanted to climb onto her. I fought the urge to tell her how much childol russian lolita bbs I wanted her. I thought it inappropriate and that it would confirm her oft repeated view of me as a "scrotum on legs".I guess I sat with her for about an hour. She nodded off after a short time but I stayed with her in case she woke again. When it became obvious that she was out of it, I quietly left her and turned off the light. I contemplated sleeping on the floor but wanted to respect her wish to be left to sleep alone. So I headed off back to my own room, hoping that Gareth would still be awake.-----When I got back to my room, Gareth was still awake and talking to Thomo. They'd run into each other in the take-away and Gareth x teen lolita dark had bought a couple of packs preteen lolita bbs imgboard of beer cans from the off-license for them both. Kind of to pay Thomo back for all the cans of his that we'd drunk the night before, I think.Anyway, I grabbed a can and then sat next to Gareth on the bed, feeling quite tired and trying not to yawn. I saw that there were about six cans left and hoped that the two of them weren't planning to drink all of them before we turned in.Gareth obviously liked Thomo by now because he talked quite openly with him. They were talking about our family going back to Norway when we were kids. nude little lolas models Visiting our mother's relatives; that kind of stuff. illegal lolita porn pics Thomo was quite interested because he'd been over to Norway the previous Summer on a camping trip with his girlfriend. He kept mentioning place names and Gareth looked pleased to be reminded of them from when he was a kid.Then it went quiet. They just sort of ran out of things to talk about.I went to take another swig from my can and realised that while I'd been listening to them I'd drunk all of it. I asked Thomo to throw me another one up.Then we sat modeling pre teens lolita there quietly, each of us occasionally drinking from our cans.After a short time, Thomo said, totally out of the blue, "So... what was all that stuff you were doing this morning?"Gareth asked, "What stuff?"Thomo smiled and shook his head slowly. Then he looked back up at us, smirking, and said, "Don't tell me you've forgotten..."Neither Gareth nor I said anything for a top sites preteens lolitas few seconds and then we both spoke at once. Gareth stopped what he'd been about to say, but I continued. I said, "We were just pissing about."Thomo chose to ignore this comment. Still smiling, he said, "So is that kind of stuff - well - is it common among brothers?"I guess we both just stared at him and so he clarified himself.He said, "I mean, have you done that kind of thing before? Is it a regular thing?"I smiled. I said, "You're a bit - ah - fascinated by this, aren't you?"Thomo laughed. Then he held his smirk and said, a bit sheepishly, "Well, sort of..."I said, "I didn't think this would be your sort of thing."He said, "No, I know. I'm not gay, but -"Gareth interupted him: "It's not a gay thing -"Thomo said, "Yeah, I know, but -"Gareth continued, "No, really. It's not a gay thing between us. I mean, we're brothers. We're pretty much the same person. Or at least genetically we are. So it's not a gay thing. It's more like masturbation. It's sex with myself. Kind of." I got the feeling that Gareth was saying this more for my benefit than Thomo's. He'd obviously thought a lot about what was going on between us and had got things sorted out in his cute nude asian lolitas own mind after a lot of deliberation.Thomo considered what he'd said and nodded slowly. Then he smiled and said, "Yeah, that sort of makes sense."We sat quietly for a while. Each of us drinking from our cans. Then Thomo opened a fresh one.Eventually, Thomo said, "I suppose that, as brothers, you can - well - experiment a bit together. Without getting hung up about it."Gareth didn't speak. So after a few seconds I said, "I guess."Thomo said, "How far would you go?"Again, I think we just stared at him. He smiled and looked down at his can. Then he looked back up at us and said, with a mischievous grin on his face, "Would you kiss each other? I mean, properly."I looked at Gareth. He was grinning broadly. He sweet lolitas preteen angels took a drink from his can. Then he said, still smiling, "You field this one, Seb."I looked back at Thomo. He was just looking at me, his smile fading. I said, "Yeah, I guess. Or at least, I wouldn't have a problem with it."I turned to all best lolita paysites face Gareth again. He shrugged and said, "Yeah. No big deal."Then we looked at Thomo. He seemed to be rehearsing what to say inside his head before he came out with it. Wondering how we'd take it. After a few seconds he said, quietly, "Go on then."I turned back towards Gareth. His face was angled downwards so that his blue eyes gazed upwards at me. His irises looked deep and lolita nude erotic photo dark in contrast with the whites which were framing them. He was smirking. He looked devilish.I guess I smiled back. This felt strange but good. Childishly naughty.I leaned forwards towards him. He took the prompt and leaned towards me. I felt his warm breath lolitas land nude virgins against my chin as we moved together. Then his lips tentatively touching mine. I moved further towards him so teen nude blonde lolita that our lips were pressed together. Then he opened his lips slightly and I opened mine. I made a kissing motion against my brother's warm, moist lips. It felt good; natural. I shifted my can to my left hand and put my right arm around his shoulder. He put his left arm around the middle of my back, and his palm gently rubbed my spine. He opened his lips further and I gently pushed my tongue between them. I held it there for a free preteen lolita sex few seconds, the tip of it carressing his top lip and then the lower one. Then, gaining in confidence, he moved nude little lolita movies towards me again and drew my tongue into his mouth. His lips puckered against it, inviting more of it into him. I tasted his beer and felt his teeth. It felt totally different to kissing a girl: the fact that this was Gareth, my older brother, stayed at the forefront of my mind and amplified, rather than dampened, my top list lolla preteen excitement.Gareth's left hand carressed my lolita cgi bbs imageboard spine all the way up between my shoulder blades. It tingled. His hand was large, far broader than any girl's hand that has touched me, but was tender and gentle.I pushed more of my tongue into him, my heart quickening and my enthusiasm growing. I became aware of my cock growing in size inside my jeans. I kissed him passionately. He responded by using his lips on the stem of my tongue, tightening and slackening them in rhythm like it was my cock in his mouth. My grip around his shoulders tightened and I pulled him further towards me. I could feel his breath growing faster, aware that mine was too.Then Gareth pulled away. I opened my eyes. I hadn't realised until then that I had closed them. I wondered if his had also been closed. I wondered whether his cock had stirred inside his jeans.Gareth looked over at Thomo. I noticed that his mouth was slightly wet.Then I looked at Thomo.Thomo was staring at us, obviously captivated by what he'd seen. He seemed almost to free anime porn lolita physically shake himself to recover from the apparent
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