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Related post: Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 17:56:05 -0800 (PST) From: Kristen Abrhams Subject: Kailen-9----------------------------------------------- Kailen - 9 -----------------------------------------------***** ***** ***** ***** ***** NOTE: This more of a Kristen story than chubby preteen sex a Kailen & Shelly story. Many people have asked if the Kailen stories were autobiographical. While I can't claim that, I can say that this story has a definite basis in fact. Enjoy! ***** ***** ***** ***** *****I'd gotten plenty of mail since I started posting the Kailen stories. Most of it was very complimentary and very flattering. Some of it was, I'm sure, complimentary, but I just couldn't understand what they were trying to say. Kind of like a hand written message where a person with incredibly bad handwriting doesn't have the presence of mind to print. At least, their intentions were good.Her letter, however, threw me for a loop. I wasn't even sure if she was a girl or a guy pretending to be a girl. The idea, however, of her reading my stories and getting as excited as she said had my mind racing.So, I prepared. I'd taken a bath earlier and shaved my legs. Hell, I even painted my toes. It's not like anyone was going to see them, but the ritual of it made me even hotter. I then continued with my preparations.Which way do I want my hair? Up? Back? While brushing it and exploring my choices, my mind wandered."I am not gay, and am not interested in any women I know... But I have this fantasy woman free preteen movies that I want to suck ls site preteen my tits, and I want to suck hers... I am only 16 and have only been with guys... I don't think I could cindy preteen serie date a woman, but I would love to try it for one night."With preteen hentai images my hair down, I checked myself out in the underage preteen babies mirror. No makeup except for my dark lipstick. I can't believe I'm going through such preparations for this, but makeup in bed would be too much.Perfume. Just a bit more than usual, but this slutty young preteens is for me... not someone else.At my dresser, I pull out the cream colored lacy preteen film bra I love. It makes me feel so sexy with the lace against my breasts. The material that's so soft and delicate against my breasts. I smile.Lastly, the pearls. They were Grandma's. She's still alive, but Grandma always said that a girl could use a good strand of pearls. "They'll catch the eye of any man or woman." She knows I like girls. I'm sure of it. She won't say much of her love life except that Grandpa was the best lover she ever had. I'll bet a few of her "close, personal friends" would be better described nude preteen african as "intimate".But, I digress.Ashley was the girl. Ashley isn't gay. Ashley, preteen art galerie however, thinks it would be fun to be with another girl. I parted my robe and let it slide from my shoulders to the ground. Sliding in between the sheets, I imagined Ashley waiting anxiously.I was ready. My toys were at hand. It was time to begin.The scent of my perfume clouded my mind as I teased panties preteens gallery the downy hairs on my belly with my fingernails. Light strokes. Barely noticeable. Highly erotic. The bedspread covered my naked body (except the bra) to above my shoulders. It was warm and wonderful, though I knew I wouldn't need it for the entire night. My fingers roamed where my body needed. Belly. The edge of my bra's cups. Teasing my nipples. Up my throat to my mouth.- - - - - - - - -Ashley lay back taking in the sight of my body over hers. Her hands were clasped behind litte preteens naked my neck and stroked up and down to encourage me. My mouth clasped to one of her nipples. "Ohhhh." My fingers caresses and massaged the other breast. Pinching her other nipple made her buck and scream."Wow!"Pulling her luscious breasts together, I pulled both nipples into my mouth simultaneously. Her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer.- - - - - - - - -My fingers traveled the length of my torso to between my parted legs. Lightly, they brushed the tuft incest preteen pics of hair surrounding my sex. Already, it was matted with the moisture of my excitement. As my fingers got closer, I could feel their heat before they made contact pre teens underwear with my sex."Ohhhhhhhhh...."I'd done this thousands of times, but it never got old. Feeling my fingers on my excited pussy always lead to more. More fingers. More wetness. More moans and screams. Naked in my bed, I was never the demure, young lady everyone saw. I larisa net preteen was a sexual animal model teen preteen willing to take on whoever entered my fantasies.- - - - - - - - -"Oh, Kristen, God, yes. Please. Suck my tits. Suck them."Ashley held my head tight to her breasts and trapped me with her legs. I wasn't complaining. However, I never anticipated that this little "wanna-be" would react so forcefully to my preteen flashers preteen shirtless boys ministrations.Breaking my soul kiss with her nipples, I reached up to kiss her preteen pantie groups on the mouth. exclusive preteen nymphet Soft. Wet. skye model preteen illegal preteen gallerie I opened pre teen cfnm my mouth and her preteens closeup tongue came to me looking for attention. Our breasts met between our hot, excited bodies. Her nipples were warm and wet with my saliva. Their hardness felt preteen clothes models wonderful against my own erect nipples.Soon, I kissed my way down her neck, past her tits, down lara model preteen her belly and between her waiting legs. Her preteens porn sites hot, open pussy waited for me. I looked up at her. Her eyes said everything I needed to hear."Please."- - - - - - - - -One finger slid from just below my clit to the bottom of my lips. Back up to my clit. Around and down. "Mmmmmmm." My sex was warming up child modeling preteen like a choir. Soon, it illegal download preteen would open up and shout a wonderful song.Slowly, I inserted one finger. Oh, the feeling of something inside of preteen flash me always makes my toes curl. Something warm and wonderful that you know is meant only to bring you pleasure. Finger. Dildo. Cock. Tongue. At that moment, I'm not real picky... as long as preteens nudes free I benefit.- - - - - - - preteen thong com - -The musk of her sex was more enticing than the perfume I wore. It permeated my mind and induced even more passion. Her pussy opened up like the blooming flower it is. Open. Wide. Inviting. My tongue slid between her parted lips effortlessly."Oooooohhhhhhhhhh!" Her moan grew the farther I pushed. The farther my tongue penetrated her, the louder she got. The louder she got, the tighter her pussy felt. The tighter her pussy, the more she thrashed on the bed.My hands slid up her flat belly legal preteen nude to her pert, luscious breasts. The fingers wrapped around them and caressed her nipples. Dark. Hard. Just touching them caused Ashley to shout louder. I put my fingers to her lips and she sucked them in hungrily as though they were their own sexual organs. After a moment, I pulled them from her lips and traced around her nipples again, leaving a trail preteen gone nude of her saliva to lubricate the trail and make her even more sensitive.- - - - - - - - -With one hand stroking my pussy, my other hand insest preteens girls massaged my breasts. If anyone had walked in, they have seen me spread eagled under the covers with my hand deep between my legs and my other young preteen dreams hand between my rock hard nipples. With fingers pulsing in my wet, cuban preteen slut hungry sex, I brought each of indian young preteen my nipples to underage preteen gallery my mouth. I'm not one of those girls with gigantic breasts, but since I was seventeen, they've nakesd preteen cunt been big enough for me to preteens nude youth do this. Extending my tongue, illegal nude preteen the smooth underside bathes the rough, textured areola and I quickly flick the hard tissue of my nipple. I then preteen bikini pageant give them a quick kiss.I'm big fresh preteens cock enough to get them wet with my tongue, not suck on them myself. Helps you appreciate having a partner in bed to do it for you.- - - - - - - - -"Cum for me, Ashley. Cum for me, baby."She moaned preteens model nonude and young preteen xxx thrashed and rode my tongue for the longest time. It wasn't that I was doing anything wrong. She just enjoyed it that much that she didn't want to cum. "It would be over then."Finally, she raised her butt in the air and shook it in front of me. She wanted me to play with her ass.Grabbing two pillows, I placed them under her butt cute preteens thumbs to raise it. She pulled her legs back and I placed preteen pantyhose forum one hand on her pussy to keep stroking her clit. Just like I'd done with her sex, I extended my tongue between her cheeks to circle her anus."Fuck, yeah. Fuck me, Kristen. I love it."Usually, I don't play with a girl's ass, but this made her so excited that I had to go further. I just closed my eyes. preteenie and pussy Slowly, I pushed. Actually, I thought I'd go in just a little bit and pull out. Nope. Before I knew it, her cheeks cambodian preteen girls were tight against my face. My tongue danced inside her ass as I ate her. preteen bbs 2007 She thrashed and gyrated like I was electrocuting her.My fingers danced on her clit too. Up, down. Up, down. Up, down. nude cartoon preteens Side to side. Up, down."Oh, god, Kristen. tessa preteen model Eat me. Fuck, yeah. Eat me."The dirtier she talked, the more I wanted her. The more I wanted her, the harder I worked. I knew she'd cum for me. I had no doubt. I preteens russian ped wanted to feel her anus contract around my tongue. I wanted to feel her pussy twitch against the fingers I slipped inside when naked adolescent preteens they weren't on her clit.I was going to make her to orgasm if it meant me physically sucking it from her.With that, she exploded.- - - - - - - nude preteen lust - -It took a moment for me to catch my breath. It wasn't preteens fucking daddy as preteen male fuck enormous as I imagined Ashley's, but when I have the tiny orgasmic explosions, I know more are on their way.I threw back the covers to reveal my naked body. "Too hot." Sweat had broken out. So, I lounged in all my glory. Wet. Partly satisfied. I needed more.I got up on my knees and gathered my pillows at the head of the bed. Taking my dildo from the nightstand, I lowered my head to the bed of pillows and kept my ass in the air.The tip of my dildo lightly caressed the soft folds of my pussy. I was still excited girls preteens naked from my last orgasm and not ready for everything... but I would be soon.- - - - - - - - -Ashley lay with her head against my breast. I held her close. Coming down from orgasm is always much more intimate when you have someone to hold you and caress preteen faces you.Finally, she looked up and said, "Thank you."I blushed. "My pleasure."She looked down at my naked body and said, "Nope. Not yet. That's my job. Get up."She hand me on all fours as though she were going to "do me doggie style" then had me lower my head to the pillows on the bed. She preteen paedo models scooted between my legs and lowered my pussy to her hungry mouth."Oh, fuck, Ashley!"Her hot tongue shot fire between my lips and directly to my chest. Even if it turned out preteen masturbate that she couldn't
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