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Related post: Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 04:58:52 EST From: Subject: Justin's Story, Chapter 5Justin's Story Chapter 5 3/25/00Written By: Justin CaseDisclaimer: This story contains graphic sex between gay young teens, if this is illegal where you are please exit now. If you are offended you may leave too, or become educated. The shirtless preteen choice is yours to make, I will accept no responsiblity for your actions, as I can preteen models kinky barely be responsible for my own. This story is fiction, based on my life. Any similarities to actual people, places or events preteen models forums is purely coincidental. It is my intent that by writing my story, I will give hope to others who have lived through similar situations. I will close with these things did young cuties preteen happen to me, not necessarily in the sequence I write them, but they did happen. If you would like to e-mail me with your comments please do. I can be preteen nude russian found at And now on with my story. As I took the right onto Enfield Street from South Road, and began to pass the Enfield preteen vaginas Congregational Church, I glanced in my rearview mirror. I noticed one of Enfield's finest, and his lights were flashing. Sometimes I hate my car, I get pulled over alot, and never know why. They see a young kid driving a sporty car, and pull me over. Always with some foolish explanation. What was is it this time, I hope this guy hurries, or I'll be late for school. What a way to start a Monday morning.I pulled the Seabring to the side of the road, after I put my directional on of course. Shit, I just remembered, my license in at home, I forgot my wallet. Damn, well I know my license number anyway. As I'm watching the cop in my mirror I notice he puts on the take down lights. These are the bright white lights on the front of their light rack, usually used at night, for taking down criminals on road stops. Its only 7:15 am, why does he feel he needs those, then he turns on his spot light. Oh Oh, a Ronny Rookie, is pulling me over, either that or he's just over zealous. Either way is not good, these kind usually give tickets, not warnings.I try to casually wait for Mr. Lawman to approach, I push the beach preteens nude button to lower my window as I follow him in the mirror to my car. At the last second he approaches the passenger side, with his 18" flashlight in hand. Did I mention its day, not night. This guy has a fetish with lights. "May I see you license, registration, and insurance card please." preteen pink models this young italian, and cute cop says. "Sure officer. Wha't's the problem?" I say. "You ran the stop sign." Jonnie preteen naturalist camp Law says, man he is adorable, I wished I met him under nn preteen underage different circumstances. "Are you sure? Because I did stop at the sign, and preteenz galery proceeded after I stopped." I say very politely. Just then Cindy Lauper comes on TIC FM with Craig and preteens sexy hot Company, belting out "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", I forgot to turn the radio off. I love the vast array of music 96 TIC plays. From DMX, to Cindy Lauper, go figure, but I have a wide variety of music taste. I quickly reach over and turn the radio off. "No you didn't" Mr. Officer of the Law replies. He's new can't be more than 22 years old. How can "they" lesbian preteen fotos let these egomaniac kids carry guns?After fifteen minutes preteen story board of sitting in my car preteen naked beauty I get a sixty dollar ticket for something I didn't do. "I'm giving you a break by not citing you for preteen breast not having your license with you." Ronny Rookie says, "Thank you" I reply, yeah right, a break. "They" must teach the cops to say that, as they hand you the ticket, I've heard that line before. The only solace I have, is I know how the traffic court system works in Connecticut. If you fight the ticket you have a 99.9% chance of getting off. Never send the fine in, always check not guilty, and almost guanranteed you'll get off. I think the courts must know how these young enthusiastic, egomaniac, power hungry guys, can be.I cautiously manuever my car back into traffic. Fuck, I'm going to miss home room, and have to go to the office to sign preteen child erotica in. I hate Monday preteen sunny pics mornings, especially when I'm late. I pull into Enfield Highs drive, its really cool, about a half mile of "S" curve as you head down a hill preteen galleries models the entire time. The school is built in the valley on the Connecticut River. It's kind of tucked away, it really is a choice location for a school that is. Alot better than Fermi, the crosstown rival high school. I mean Fermi High, is just there at the intersection of North Road and that other street. What the hell is it called? It doesn't really matter, it will come to me at some point when I won't remember why I wanted to know.As I enter the lobby, I see Tricia, Shelley, Champ, Robert, and Gerard waiting to pantiless preteens greet me. My group, my friends from the neighborhood. My niggas, my dawgs waiting for little old me. Tricia is probably my best friend, she is irish, last name is Brennan. She has long dark hair, and pretty blue eyes. She has a long chin, and is really self concious about her looks. nn busty preteens I think she's adorable, and really smart. She's kind of like the leader, after me, of the group. I'm the oldest, they're all sophomores, except Champ, he's a freshman, But I've known these kids all my life, and we love each other like brothers and sisters.Tricia looks at me with that look of her's, and says "What you all smiles about Justin?" She can read my mind. "I have a new free preteen mpeg friend, I finally got to know Jon Thomas Serimbelli." I announce to her and my other freinds. Shelly looks crushed, but Champ is beaming with a smile. Rob could care less, he must not have any pot, he looks depressed. Champ is like a little brother, he's five foot even. He has preteen baby chat dirty blonde hair, and green eyes, perfect teeth, and a really great complexion. The best looking 14 year old I know. We had sex a couple of times, he let me blow him. He never touches me though. He knows, right away, what I meant when I said I got to know JT. So do my other friends. They have accepted me and my sexuality, afterall they've known me before we had sex. It doesn't seem to matter preteens teens sexy to anyone except preteen asian nudwes Robert.We keep it to ourselves, just like all our sexcapdes. We've all had sex with each other at some point in our young lives. And Robert is currently photobucket preteen girl going with Shelly, which is short for Michelle. Shelly and I used to go out, before I confirmed to myself that I was gay. I used to sneak out my bedroom window at night and ride my bicycle to her house, she lived in BirdLand. We used to go in her parents camper in the back yard and make out. webcam preteens nudes I could never really get into though. Don't get me wrong shes pretty, long light brown hair, and naked preteen cuties blue eyes sitting on her rounded face, and very white teeth. If was attracted to girls, she would be the one. I liked rubbing her, and holding her, but little Justin never reacted. I think I just like being close to another person sometimes because I feel so unloved at my house.Then I make my other announcement, preteen candid photographs "Sarah Jane is getting married this Saturday, to some Air Force Guy." You could have heard a pin drop, they all know my sister. "You're kidding. Right?" Tricia asks, "No for real, trust" I tell them. "Turns out she's pregnant, and has to get married." I continue the story as my Moms told it to me. "The preteen erotica bbs wedding is this Saturday at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Father Johnson is marrying them, his name is Phil." I preteen gallery tgp go on, just then first period bell rings, and I haven't even signed in yet. "I gotta bounce, later guys." I yell as I head up the stairs, and hear a chior of "Laters" from my gang.I burst through the office door, and nearly knock over Mr. Fury, my Business Law teacher. He looks down at me, through his bifocals, and smiles, "In a hurry Justin, late for Mrs. Humphries class I bet." he says. He's one of my favorite teachers, he's really tough, but I like preteen hairy cunt Business Law, you get to argue, and as long as you do it well; you're never wrong. "Yeah, I got a ticket on the way in this morning." I tell him all about hardcore preteen panty it as I wait for my pass. He nods at me, and says "I'll see you in class, preteen naturist beach by the way I have your midterm results, and you were number one again. Highest score of all my classes." I can't believe it, I thought I did terribly. We only had three contract case questions to write about, and we had to write from both opinions, or sides if you will. "Thank you preteen model dark Mr. preteen cheerleader models Fury, I really needed some good news after nymphet preteen sex that ticket." I say to him as he leaves the office, cute nude preteens for the teachers lounge, and I make my way up to the preteens kinder nude third floor; for my English Composition with Mrs. Humphries, to hear more about my fragmented sentences, a inability to use proper puncuation.As I climb the legal preteen stairs I realize I haven't seen JT preteen anya gallery yet today. I haven't bbs preteen rompl seen my new love since last night at his house. My little friend begins to stir as I remember last night on JT's rec room floor. I get to Mrs. Humphries room, room 312, and knock before I enter. Mrs. Humphries is a tremendous teacher, but very strict. You have shock preteens pics to knock before you enter, and be recieved. You can't just walk in on preteen nude glamor her, no she'd throw you right back out. I wait outside the door until it is opened, Pat Gilhooly is the lucky doorman, as his chair is the closest to the door. He's another hotty preteens ls world that I wouldn't mind getting to know. He's about 5'4" dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes, cute little turned up nose, and bowl legged, I find him preteen magazine bbs rather sexy. I am a horny guy. What can I say?I walk in and place the yellow pass on Mrs. Humphries desk, she's in the middle of a lecture about our mid-terms, and the results are in. She announces, "Class, our late friend here; did the best in this class, someday you maybe reading Mr.Case as a published author." preteen nudes gallery she continued with "Justin you preteen models artistic should be very proud of your talent, but you need to work on run-on's and fragmented sentences." I can't believe it, she is the toughest teacher teen gallery preteen I know, and I got the highest score in the class, preteen hardcore bondage a 98%. "Thank you Mrs. Humphries, you are too kind." comes out of my mouth as I turn bright red in the face. I take my mid term and move towards my desk. I sit in the second row, first seat, right next to Mr. Gilhooly.Mrs. Humphries is about sweet preteen nudist fifty years old, she has black hair preteen real nude and brown eyes. She wears these really big glasses, that practically toplist preteenmodel take up her whole face. She has a very soft preteen photos illegal look, and is always very serious. She is strict and tough, but she loves all her students. preteen nubile photos She has never turned me down for extra help, and always talks to me like I am the only person in the room at the time. I've noticed she does this with any student she talks to, she makes the person the center of the universe. That's what makes her so totally awesome. preteen in speedo I latv an preteens remember I told her I wanted to go into politics when preteen toplists I was a sophomore, and she made reference to it this year. I mean she remembered my dream, as preteen nude body preteens pic com it was one of her own. She really knows how to make you feel special.The next three periods flew by,
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