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Related post: Brady Jeston #page free lolita preteen pix { width: 800px; margin: auto; padding: 10px; text-align: left; DISCLAIMER The fictional story you're about to read contains descriptions of a sexual uncensored little lolitas toplist nature that involve minors. If this subject matter is not for you then please don't read it! All characters and situations are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. Any comments, criticisms, or flames are to be sent to: [ create(dot)inspire(at)hotmail(dot)com] Please do not publish this story anywhere else without the authors consent. The Ghastly Obscenities of Brady Jeston Chapter Twenty-three By TurtleBoy Brady and Mark sat outside the grocery store waiting for it to open. It was an eerie feeling to be the only signs young lolita developing tits of life in an entire town for such a long time. It had been at least forty-five minutes, and still they waited. "Maybe we should have packed up the campsite before coming here," Brady thought out loud. Mark nodded lazily with his chin mounted between his knuckles, elbows on his knees, and leaning forward. "Uh-huh... Or maybe we should have had another young virgin lolita pussy swim," he said with a devious grin. Recalling their time in the creek, Brady couldn't help but turn three shades of red. "Or maybe we could've gone back in the tent..." "Ooh - you're dirty," teased Mark as he wiggled his left leg, which had fallen asleep and was now sending waves of tingles from his heel all the way up to his mid-thigh. "Shoot. I'm dying here! How long 'til this place opens?" Brady shrugged. "No clue. I don't even have a watch." "Really?" asked Mark in surprise. "You remember to bring all of that other stuff, but you forget a watch?" "No one has a watch these days," replied Brady. "That's what iPods and cellphones are for." "Yeah... but we don't have a cellphone, and my iPod doesn't tell time.""Can I help you boys?" asked the sudden voice of a woman from behind them. Both Brady and Mark twirled their heads around and looked toward the store's entrance to see a small, chubby, elderly woman standing in the doorway. "We're waiting for the store to open, Miss," said Brady after a long, uncomfortable silence."Oh?" replied the woman, adjusting the glasses on her nose as if she were trying to focus them. "Haven't seen you two around here before," she observed. "New to town, are you?" "No, Miss," replied Mark, standing up pedo pthc lolita underage and turning around as he shook his still-tingling little bbs babes lolitas leg. "We're here on a camping trip and need some supplies." The woman smiled and flipped the 'Sorry, russian nn lolita galleries We're Closed' sign to "Open, C'mon In!'. lolita pics sexy hamilton "Well then, guess you two best come inside before your parents start to get worried." "Oh! We don't have to worry about - ooph!" blurted Mark, who was interrupted by Brady's elbow to his gut. "I mean... They know where we are." Brady rolled his eyes and then stared down at the ground as he followed the woman inside the store, attempting to avoid any suspicious inquiries. However, the woman didn't seem to care. Instead, she walked straight in behind the register and continued her morning routine of preparing the till and arranging miscellaneous items on the table. Mark went straight down the centre aisle to explore, as Brady diverted to his left to grab a basket and strolled down to where he remembered the hotdogs were kept. Within ten minutes, the basket was filled to the brim and Mark was already working on basket-number-two. His, of course, was filled with marshmallows, chocolate, and soda. When Mark brought his basket up to the front desk Brady giggled and took it from his hands. "Did you think to get some water?" he asked. "We need at least three cases." "Holy mackerel!" replied Mark with wide eyes. "How're we gonna carry all that?" Brady stared down at the two baskets and then turned towards the stacked cases of water piled next no nude lolitas toplist to the coolers. little cp 13 lolita "Um..." he looked back to the woman behind the register. "You don't nice and young lolitas have water in two-litre bottles, sweet dreams lolitas home do you?" The woman shook her head. "No, sorry Dear. Only what we have there," she said, gesturing her eyes toward the 24-case stacks. "How far is your campsite?" "Right now it's at the park, but we're hiking a half-day to the lake," explained Brady. "Hmm," the woman contemplated for a moment. "Best I can think of is emptying them into shoulder bag to haul free lolitas bbs preteens on your back," she suggested. "There's some backpacks on the back wall, if you like." "Ummm," Brady rummaged through his pocket and pulled out their money. "We'll need to see how much we have left, first. Can we pay for this now?" The woman smiled and immediately went into action tallying up the boys' total. "With three cases of water, it comes up to $92.84," she said, as Mark turned and ran to the back of the store, "Guess that means you're mi name is lolita getting a bag?" Brady smiled awkwardly. He had hoped to save enough money for two bus tickets home. But with the bag added on top of what they were already paying for, he feared that they would now definitely be stranded. Within moments, Mark came back with a backpack and was already opening the cases of water and dropping the water bottles inside. Brady looked back at the woman, from watching Mark. "So, how much is the bag?" "That's a grand-total of $110, even," she said. "After a photographs nude lolitas net tiny discount, of course." Brady thanked the woman and helped Mark pack their water in the bag then awkwardly put in on his back. "Ugh - oh God," grunted Mark, feeling the weight of the water shift back-and-forth as he moved toward the door. "How far is this place again?" "We can switch when you get tired," said Brady, trying to balance two large paper bags in his arms. "Hopefully this stuff will fit in our bags, though. Otherwise we're going to die." * * * * * "What do you mean, 'they're not a priority'?!" screamed Brittany to the dispassionate police officer in front of her. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Dawson. lolita nude petite darlings Please try to understand. Most runaways come back within a couple of days," said the officer from behind the incident-report desk. "You can file a report, but runaways normally return within a couple of days," he explained. "Have you contacted their friends?" Brittany felt her face heat to the point that she feared her entire head might explode. "He's WITH his FRIEND!" she cried in gothic and lolita bible disbelief. "Haven't you been listening to a word I've been underage preteen lolitas gallery saying?! You... YOU..." Brittany clenched her fists into a ball causing her knuckles to turn white. "Brittany," interrupted Natalie, placing her hand on Brittany's shoulder. "Let's just go. We'll just go back to looking on our own, okay?" she suggested, fearing that Brittany was going to get herself in trouble, while regretting her suggestion to come here in the first place. Brittany shook Natalie's hand off and stepped toward the desk. "Who's in charge here? I want to talk to YOUR supervisor!" she demanded, shaking her trembling fists at her sides, using every ounce of will-powered strength to prevent herself from knuckling the man in the nose. "Mrs. Dawson, calm down," said the police lolita free tour bbs officer, barely batting an eye in her direction as he continued to strum on his keyboard. "If you just have a seat an pre loli 11 years officer will be with you shortly to take a statement." Brittany turned her head to the side, underage preteen lolita cgiworld her chin appearing to knock against some invisible wall and stopping as if it had been placed into a perfectly fitting socket. "Sit down? SIT DOWN!" Brittany's cheeks began to shake. "I've BEEN sitting for two BLOODY HOURS, you TWIT!" Natalie could see it, Brittany's right arm lifting upward, but it happened so fast that she couldn't very young tiny lolita prevent it from happening. Brittany screamed with young lolita nude ls a borderline roar and swung her tightly-balled fist directly into the officer's nose. The man's head bounced back and then whipped bbs best lol post forward as if he had just been in a car accident. His hands rushed to his face the moment it was still enough to grasp, and - for a brief second - Natalie could have sworn the large, grown man was about to cry. The thought of this, even through the surge of horrified-adrenaline, nearly caused Natalie to laugh. Instead, though, she lunged forward and grabbed Brittany's arm, who looked as if little lolita being raped she were about to climb up over the officers desk. "Brittany! OH MY GOD!" * * * * * "OH MY GOD! I'm gonna die!" cried Mark as he collapsed to the ground. Brady carefully lowered the groceries down next to the tent and walked over to Mark. "Careful, dude! You're gonna burst all the water!" he said in chuckle as he grabbed the bag from Mark, who was attempting to roll out from the clutches of its straps. "We're never gonna make it to the campsite with that, Brady. I feel like I'm gonna die." Holding the bag in his hand, Brady moved it up and down contemplating nude virgins lolitas nymphets its weight. "Well, maybe we can put some of them in another bag or something?" he suggested. "We can't stay here. There's no camping allowed..." Mark rolled over and sat up, looking around at their tent and then the fire pit. "Umm - shouldn't you have mentioned that last night?" "We didn't have a choice last night," explained Brady. "But we should probably very young lolitas fucking get everything packed before someone sees us here." Mark groaned and naked little lolita portals climbed to his feet. "This place better be awesome. I'm tired and hungry, and you're making me work." "Are you always such a big baby?" teased Brady as he pulled one of the tent-posts out of the ground. "Come on, it won't be that bad," he said reassuringly. lolitas ten angels models "We'll be there in no time, and then we'll be able to do whatever we want." "Whatever we want?" Mark grinned and bent down to pull a post from the ground. "Yup. Anything." "Well then," Mark quickly circled the tent and tugged the posts out of the ground. "Guess that means we better hurry, 'cause I can think of like a hundred things that I want to do..." Mark's smile widened free lolita pic list and his cheeks became red, "with you." * * * * * "HOLY CRAP!" squealed James, jumping into the back seat of the SUV. "Is Mum really in the slammer!?" "James... Calm down," replied Peter as he started the engine. "No, she's not in the 'slammer'. She's on time-out." "Time-out?!" James's forehead wrinkled. "Grown-ups russian lolita boys models don't get those!" he protested. "Me Mum's in the slammer!" Peter sighed, giving up, and shifted into reverse. "Buckle-up. I don't need another fine for the police to pin us with." James loli young nude images reached to his side and spun the seatbelt across his waist and secured it to its clasp. "Is Mum gonna get deported?" asked James in sudden seriousness. "No." Peter couldn't help but to smile. "Your Mum's not getting deported." "So..." James shifted in his seat impatiently, "what's gonna happen then?" "Nothing, James. We're just going to pick her up, and then we're going to go back out to nude underage lolita site look for petite young lolitas nude your brother." "And Brady," added James, looking out the window. "Is Mark going to go to jail, too?" "What?" Peter looked up at James in the rear-view mirror. "Why would Mark go to prison?" "Because he stole Brady." "Mark didn't steal Brady. They ran away, James," Peter tried to explain. "Why?" Peter sighed in exasperation. "I free underage prelolita sex don't know. Maybe because they're confused." "Why are they conf
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