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Related post: Date: Fri, 04 child nude bbs Oct 2002 10:24:25 -0700 From: Steve Thomas Subject: Chris-Crossed 27I have been informed that it shy bbs pedo porn would be best teen bbs bbs a good idea to state a few bbs teenager warning comments. There may be graphic sexual scenes between men in this story, so please, if this offends you, or it is illegal or you are underaged to read such, stop here and hit your "back" button. If it is okay with you, read on and enjoy.>From Chapter 26:When Jake and his "family" arrived Wednesday afternoon in a car they rented at the airport, little 3 year-old Uri saw Craig and bee-lined to him. Craig lifted him up and swung him over his head like a helicopter. Uri giggled and giggled! Ursula shyly walked up to me and thrust her arms up to me. I picked her up and she immediately stroked my five o-clock shadow. She was going to melt some guys heart - or nude teenager bbs more likely melt AND break lots of guys' hearts when she got older.Wednesday night we made up the couch for the kids. pedo lol bbs It was long enough for both to sleep, end to end. Craig, Seth and I had just gotten to bed, when the door crept open, and there was Ursula looking demurely up at me. I beckoned porno password bbs and she ran to me. As soon as ru childporn pic bbs she was up on my bed, Uri came running and almost jumped all the way up onto Craig, missing his jewels by mere millimeters! "Well, Seth, I guess it's the couch for you! Seth looked crestfallen."Nonsense!" Colin said form the other tgp dark bbs room. "Seth can sleep ws bbs pictures teens with us!" Seth grabbed his pillow and nearly skipped to Jake and Colin's room.In black teenie bbs no time, klass bbs vombat bbs Uri was asleep on Craig's chest, with his face buried in his neck, his curls nestled under his chin, while Ursula backed up to my chest and hugged my arm.I think we were all in heaven that night.Note: Have you ever tried to act fierce or harsh when you didn't feel that way? It either comes out as too ls nymphs bbs much or too little. Well, that's what's going on amazon arena bbs in my story now. I am so much love in my real life, it is hard to be realistic in my story. I am truly in free-fall here. Good fictional writing, like good theater, needs conflict to keep the reader interested. When I was hurting, it just seemed to bubble up with no thought. Now I have to force it, and it is not coming easily. But make no mistake, there will be pitfalls, and as you know, I am a romantic -- I like a happy ending. But in the mean time ... I'll probably err on the side of ... too harsh -- so, sorry in advance. It will probably make a few mad and a few cry. But then you like to cry, don't you?!Chapter 27Did you know that little children can wrap you around their finger? Ursula did just that to me. I had to apologize to Craig, for beauty pic bbs falling in love with another! She is the most beautiful child I have ever seen! Maybe even more than Uri, though I don't think Craig agrees. He is so taken with that little boy! Nobody else can hardly teen bbs nudist do anything to get between them. And Uri feels the same way about Craig. I have no doubt that when they went home, both the kids whined that we were not there when they got home. They slept with Craig and me every night. I know that gave Jake and Colin a welcome break. Because neither of us really slept that much.Of course that illegal posted bbs video meant we had to be on our best bedroom behavior. But we didn't mind. We still had bbs mpg some nice showers together, and one afternoon we disappeared upstairs for a little afternoon delight! dirty top 100 bbs We felt so sneaky, and were able to let loose with all abandon. Then we found out that Rob was napping - or trying to - in his own room! Maybe his napping turned to wanking!Both children were petrified of Etta! They took to Grandpa Jake pedo bbs sexo pretty easily, but it really hurt Auntie Lindy that they did not really warm up to her right away. But then Uncle Jake kind of ignored them and Auntie pedo fuck bbs Lindy tried to smother them. By the time they left, she was able to hold them without complaint, at least.The only other one who they fancied was Seth. little virgins kds bbs Seth played with them on their level. They loved him so much! He would sit Indian style for hours, entertaining them with funny noises and faces. He's going to be a great daddy some day.Craig saw me watching Seth Child supermodels bbs and the kids play and he said, "You having second thoughts about your stance on gay adoptions?""Not really. I still think that newborns - or any really - would be better off with a regular family.""Whatever that kids bbs pedo means." Craig siad."You know what I mean.""I can't imagine those two getting any more love anywhere else." He said. "What could be better than that?""Why, are you changing you thoughts on it?" I asked."Mmmm? I don't know. I just - it's just that I see how happy they all are, and I bbs child pre have seen so many bad family situations.""That's true, but it can be bad whether gay or bbs bikini straight.""So tell me again," he said, "Why is it a `regular' family is better?"*Sigh* I thought he already got it!"Well, and again I have to preface this with `all things being equal', assuming that both Uri and Ursula are straight, a mom would show each of them how a mom acts and how she should be treated. She would be a model for Ursula, and Uri's first love. That's what mom's are - or should be.""Yeah, I can see that. I just need to be reminded. You know, my home life was not exactly ideal!""Mm-hmm. And I suppose you think mine was?" I added. "But mine was okay - better than most probably."So, what do you think?" He said."About what?" I asked, wondering when I left the page."About us doing the same!""You mean adopting?""Yes.""Oh, Craig! I don't know!" He caught me completely by surprise! "Let's finish school and some other things first, huh?""I know, I know! But I like to dream!""What if we did and what if they - or he or she - were not little girl bbs pussy as free russians bbs adorable as those two?'"What?""You can't have Uri! I can't have Ursula! Unless little bbs boys something awful happens to my cousin and Colin! So will you be as taken with two other little kids? Two - or one - who weren't as cute, or maybe not as intelligent or charming. Would you be so enthusiastic then?""I don't know - I think - I don't - Shit!" Craig complained. "Man, you really know how to dampen an idea! All I was doing was dreaming."I moved closer to Craig and took his hand. "MY sweet lover, we will have lots of time bbs porno photo to consider these and lots of important things sunbbs link in our life. One thing I know: I want you in my young model bbs forum life - always." We were both still focussed on Seth imageboard bbs young and the kids, but when I said that, Craig looked at me. He had tears in his eyes."Chris, you know I feel the same. Will we have to move to Vermont like your cousin?""I don't think - I just can't see what difference incest nudism bbs a piece of paper makes. I love you. You love me. We have the same rights any two lovers have. We can name each other in our wills. I like Southern California. Maybe I will feel differently in the future, but for now, our vows can be to each other."Tears were flowing more steadily down Craig's cheeks. "Is that a proposal, my Sweet Lover?""Wow! I bbs japanese teens guess it was! Sorry! I fully meant to do it on one knee!"Before we knew it we were both hugging and crying, right there in front of the family."Are you two all right?" Asked Auntie Lindy."Perfect!" Said Craig."It there anything the rest of us should know?" Carrie said."NO!" Craig sputtered, "At least not -" he looked at me. I nodded. "Okay - Chris and I just decided to get married!"That word caught me by surprise! "Unofficially of course.""Yeah, extreme pedo bbs that's how it starts!" Jake said. "You know there is a Mormon temple in L.A.""Huh?" we both uttered. "What" Craig said incredulously, "What does that have to do with anything?!""Their temples are always beautiful, with a reflection pool and overlooking the city, is all. Colin and I said our original vows at the one child sex bbs in Las Vegas. I guess pretty little models bbs it doesn't matter.""Actually, the Crystal Cathedral is not very far from my parents' home." I said. nudist bbs tgp "I am well aware that Rev. Schuller will not marry us, but -""I've been there," Carrie said, "And it is an impressive building, but there is no place there to be discreet, like at the Temple in Vegas. The only thing surrounding the Crystal Cathedral is blacktop parking lot.""Hey," Craig said, "We just now made the commitment. I think we can figure out the details later - ourselves!" It was said with more force than he wanted, but it was my sentiment exactly!Uncle Jake saved the day. He passed out Champaign glasses, filled them and toasted our lasting love. Everyone except Seth looked ecstatic. Seth looked wistful.*********************************************************We went to my parents house on Saturday night. Jake and Colin decided that the children needed a little time away from their obvious favorite uncles, to adjust before flying home. So they stayed with his parents. I am sure that also gave Grandma and Grandpa a little more quality time with their first grandchildren. Grandchildren they thought they would never have until Carrie gave them to them.On the drive to my parents house, we all sat in the front seat. Seth sat between fotos bbs xxx us. It was pretty dark. I thought both were asleep when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I asia bbs incest looked over and Craig teen bbs links pointed down. Somehow Seth had gotten himself turned around, in his seat belt (no shoulder strap in kids bbs no nude the middle) and was laying on Craig cartoon art bbs full front, his arms around Craig's neck. I HAVE to assume he was asleep! He was sucking and drooling in Craig's neck, and humping him like he was a damned piston! Craig whispered, "What am I supposed to do?"I whispered back, "Move, squeeze him hard - something to wake him up before -"Just then Seth started to moan!"Oh God!" Craig whispered, "Too late!" Then he started to snicker, and I could not hold back, I started to laugh softly and that made Craig start to laugh uncontrollably! Seth woke up!"Wha - what's - what're you -" Seth stammered, hazily."I didn't do anything," Craig answered, "You did!""WHA! OMIGOD! I'm all w - why are you two laughing so hard?!""Ha ha ha! That must have been some dream, Kiddo!""Hey, little brother, was it anyone we know?"Silence.Finally Seth whispered, "Yes.""Are cgi board bbs you going to tell us?" I prodded."NO! Well - you have to promise not to tell!""I promise!" we both said in unison.Then Seth smirked a little. "It was - cnolim,n.""Umm, you're mumbling, kid!""I said, `it was Colin'. But you promised you wouldn't tell!""Does Colin know about this?" I asked, mostly kidding."I think so." He said. "But I'm not sure. I think he came on to me while I slept with him the other night.""I think," I said, " that you are imagining things.""Could ls island sven bbs be. top 100 illegal bbs But kids pictures porn bbs what he did was not lol bbs teen pics my imagination! But I was afraid to ask him. Maybe he was dreaming about bbs young girl jpg Jake. It was pretty hot!""I guess you won't be sleeping with him any more." Craig said."Guess not.""Seth?""Yeah?""That kind imageboard bbs of begs the next question, don't you think?""Huh?""Don't play na%E
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