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Related post: Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 03:37:25 bbs pretty girl -0800 (PST) From: Orpha Kreed Subject: Cult of the Fem part 4 by Orpha Creed Cult boy sites bbs of the Fem part 4 The phone on the lamp table next to Georgie's bed rang. Doris rolled over and looked at the clock rompl models bbs which said 9:47 AM. As it rang a second time, Doris heard Georgie in the shower so she picked up the receiver. "Georgie?" the voice on the other end asked. "No, it's Doris." "Oh! pedolola bbs cp You're Georgie's niece from Iowa,"the voice proclaimed. "Is Georgie there honey? I'm just outside the gate and want to come in for a cup of coffee." "Who is bbs nude list this?" Doris asked. "I'm your Aunt Georgies best friend loitas little bbs and colleague from work, Orpha Creed. Where is Georgie honey?" "She's in the shower but I'll call Dorthy bbs teens models Cramer and have you let in as soon as I check with Aunt Georgie." Doris made the arrangements, stepped over to the window and watched as the heavy iron gate rolled back and the nude 100 model bbs vintage 1954 MG Roadster pulled through and parked out in front of the apartment. The hairy teeny bbs door opened and a tall, slender woman with short black hair and sunglasses started for the girl bbs pics front door. Doris was captivated by the sinuous, catlike motion by which she moved. Her head seemed to pedophilia bbs float motionless as her body's slender, bbs ru boy muscular resilience gracefully propelled her forward. She amature teen bbs glanced up at the window as though she sensed that she was being watched and a very subtle smile curled at the corner of her mouth. "Come on in Orpha, coffee is almost ready," Georgie said warmly as she pulled on her robe. "Doris honey, be bbs small asian teen a dear and get Orpha and I a cup." Doris went into the kitchen and waited for the coffee to finish perking while she set three cups out on zoo bbs free the cabinet. Doris listened intently as she heard what seemed to be a young girl bbs romania disagreement between the two friends. Orpha illegal childporn bbs had her back toward the kitchen, unaware that Doris had returned. "Georgie, I think that she's too young and immature to be staying here in this environment. You do have a responsibility here to... Orpha stopped talking when Doris handed her a cup. "Thanks baby," Georgie said as she took the cup from Doris. "Meet non nude bbs models Dr. Orpha Creed dear. Dr. Creed is my very best friend and confidant. She's a writer and I have been doing a lot of research for her for her latest book on cults that exist in the world." "Very pleased to meet you Dr. Creed," Doris said as she held out her hand. "Call me Orpha dear or Aunt Orpha if it pleases you." Orpha dark bbs sex grimaced at Georgi. "You know how I feel about bringing a young person into this environment. Please pedo stories bbs give it considerable thought. An example of what I'm saying is the whipping alfa fuck bbs that you both received the other day. The Cramers are very wealthy and politically powerful people in California as well as the East Coast and Florida. Can't you see that they're just using you women by enticing you all with the wealth and luxury provided here?" "Oh Orpha dear, you can be such a bore sometimes. If we ever Nudist bbs tgp think it's too much, we can just walk away from it. We're not held prisoner here against our will you know?" "That's bullshit Georgi, the very fact that you chose to be horsewhipped elwebbs and put your own niece in that situation is proof that you are captive here by your own desires and greed. You don't need this crazy environment to find happiness. Don't you understand?" "Oh! bbs sites I know where I've seen you before Orpha," Doris said surprised. "You were on the bed after the whipping attending to Aunt Georgie's welts and pain. You were wearing accountant's glasses and looked bbs galleriy over at me." "Yes dear, that was me," Orpha replied coldly. Doris jumped up and opened the door in response to a loud knock and the ringing of the doorbell. A very husky, tall woman stood outside in a security guard's uniform. "Ladies, I've been instructed to escort all visitors to the front ru bbs teens gate immediately," the guard said politely as she looked at Orpha Creed. "Please accompany me to your car parked youngest nude teen bbs outside and depart the premises immediately Dr. Creed." "What's yo lol bbs tgp going on here?" Orpha asked as she looked first at the guard, then at Georgi. "It's OK Orpha, it's what they do when they have someone very important coming for a visit." "Who for Pete sake?" "If we told you, we'd have to shoot you dear!" Georgie responded with a broad grin. Georgie looked out of the window as the Iron gate closed behind Orpha's car. "Is she your lover Aunt Georgi?" Doris asked sadly. "No, just a very close friend. In fact, my very best and lifelong friend." bbs thumbnails The iron gate opened again attracting their attention to the main courtyard just inside the gate. A BMW pulled bbs pretty in old very young bbs and parked shocking tgp bbs at the main lobby in front of the Cramer's. Two men got out rori bbs of the car and immediately escorted over to the servant's entrance where they departed through a gate, locked securely behind them by a female security guard. The two men entered another larger car which was parked at the curb bbs dreambook young models just outside. The Cramer's walked over to the BMW and opened the back door. sex bbs pedo cp A woman got out and was immediately hugged by teen sex bbs tpg Ruth Cramer, followed by bbs ranchi guestbook he sister Dorthy. The woman was wearing a black business suit, wearing a head scarf and large sunglasses. They walked over toward the front of the Cramer's residence. The woman removed her glasses and looked over toward the pool area and around the facility. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Just look at who that is Aunt Georgi!" Doris screamed in surprise. It's . . . . . . . . . " Georgi little black girls bbs placed her hand over Doris's mouth. "No names little girls bbs galleries here dear. Never use anyone's name at anytime except for me and the other women that live here. Never a guest! Ok? bbs lotita picture Do you understand what I'm telling you?" "Yes I understand thai sex bbs but my God, lil teen bbs I never expected to be this close to anyone like her. This is awesome!" "Arrangements must playtoy bbs have been made by someone very wealthy and powerful for her to board bbs ukranian show up here at this place." Georgie said quietly. "One thing's for sure, we'll never know. I'll bet that we are confined here for the entire weekend and nobody from the outside will be allowed on the premises except for us residents and level one attendants." Georgi picked up the phone on the first ring. "11:45 at the pool?" pedo toplist bbs she repeated back to the person on the other end. "Ok Jeanie, bbs girl nn we'll be there. What's the dress code?" Slight pause as she listened. "Birthday suits? Ok Jeanie, see you there." "Oh my God, illegal bbs free we're going to be naked in front of her?" Doris asked embarrassingly. "She'll be naked too honey. Doesn't surprise me much. Does it you?" "No it doesn't. I had heard that . . . . . young bbs sex " Doris pedo bbs top quit in the meddle of her sentence when Georgi shook her finger at her. The smoke from the outdoor grill drifted across the pool area as Georgi and Doris sat down at an umbrella table at the opposite side bbs defloration of the pool from the guest and the Cramers. The Guest was wearing sunglasses erotic models bbs and a beach hat but was naked like the other japanese bondage bbs 20 resident women with the exception of Ruth Cramer who was wearing a long beach coverup. One by one, the women strolled by as they were non nude bbs girls introduced to the guest. "Meet our newest member Doris," Ruth Cramer said as Doris held out her hand to the Guest, trembling slightly when she felt her hand being held firmly, preventing her from withdrawing it from her grasp. "Hello Doris," she said mature bbs forum in that familiar voice as heard on TV naked bbs 13 numerous times. "How old are you dear?" "I just turned young bbs pay sites 19 a couple of days ago," Doris replied nervously. "Well I'm very pleased to meet you dear," the guest said smiling politely. "Maybe we can share some wine together bbs cp child later if it's alright with everybody." Doris smiled back and strolled back to her table. The guest was still looking in her direction when she sat down across from Georgi and Jeanie. "Her breasts are larger than I thought and she has nice skin," Jeanie said with a grin. "Her legs look long and curvaceous but I do think that her ankles are a little thick, but not bad at all." What do you think Doris?" Doris shrugged as she slipped on her sunglasses and continued to look across at the guest inconspicuously. "Definitely chemistry here'" she thought to herself as the guest crossed and young bbs ranchi uncrossed her long full legs. Doris pretten galleries bbs flexed and un-flexed her vaginal muscles as she continued ls flash bbs to watch, squirming very slowly in her plush padded chair. Doris's squirming intensified when she later watched naturiste bbs the guest playing in the bbs free naked water with 5 or fotos bbs porno 6 of the women, each trying to make breasts and leg contact with the guest. Doris wasn't sure, but she thought tight jeans bbs that she could detect an occasional glance in her direction and she made sure that her legs were bbs naked kids model parted at times exposing her now very wet genitals. "Come swim with me," freeedom bbs the guest said as she extended her arm and hand toward Doris. Doris stood and walked over to the edge of the pool and sat on the edge of the deep end. "I don't swim very well but I can just hang on to russian angel bbs the railing for awhile," Doris said as kiddy underground bbs she slid in the water. " toplist bbs lo Just turn towards me and put your arms around my neck," the guest instructed. "I'll keep your head above water. Doris complied and was little boys bbs forum immediately pinned against the side of the pool. The elwebbs forum list toplist guest's legs, stomach and breasts were very slippery and tantalized Doris as they slithered against nude baby girl bbs hers. The guest removed both hers and Doris's sunglasses and said them at the the darkcollection bbs edge of the pool. Their bodies moved together under the water for a few minutes as they gazed into each other's bbs babysitters fun eyes, then the guest cocked her head to one side and pressed her lips over Doris's mouth, extending her very long tongue deep within. Doris sucked feverishly on the guest's tongue as she moved it in and out of her mouth slowly and deeply. The flutter of a distant helicopter attracted everyone's attention as an indigenous security guard dashed toward the west edge of the pool with her cell phone ringing. She talked with the helicopter as it hovered to the West bbs anime porn of the pool, the two men inside peering out at the spectacle in the pool area. "I kbook ranchi bbs free wonder what that's all about," Doris commented with a puzzled look. "It's Ok Doris, they're with me," the guest responded as she waived to the helicopter bbs youngest which was now retreating back toward the North. "Would it be ok if I stayed with you in your apartment tonight Doris?" the guest asked as she slid her leg up zepps list bbs between Doris's l
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