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Related post: Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 16:03:25 +0100 (CET) From: 55 html sucks aban aziz Subject: My Earlier Love StoryI was 12 when it was the first time I noticed him. Jan. He is about 3 years older than me and He lollita 13 actually lived only 3 houses behind mine. He played Football in the field with the local boys of his age, while me and some friends of my age lying on the grass on the side porno 3 d of the 3 sexy ebony babes field.On the age of 12 I already did quiet a lot of sexual activity honestly, eventhough its only a " light" sexual activity. out of curiousity I tried to compare my dicks with those 15 and pregnant porn of my friends, and one thing leads to another before finally we lay exhausted after the "climax" between the upper legs or 0-4 ph test strips on the stomach.Sometimes me and some boys tried it too on girls, 16 gallery nude desi but seems like girl has not so much interest in this business like us boys, on that age, so, it always ended up boys and boys doing it together. And honestly after some experience with the girls, I always found it much nicer with boys, because boys have much more interest, curiousity, experiences, and energy.Jan was playing Football naked, only with red shiny shorts. His chest was wet and very nice. His legs was bare and look delicious. and his black hair, wet from the sweat, move with each heartbeat on my chest... God !!! I have never payed so much attention to adult man with this sexual feelings before. Sex for me before this was only a natural things when I played with my friends, or when I sleep with one of them in their house or one of them sleeping in my house.But looking at Jan, my heartsbeat is much faster, my lips is swolen, and my chest flowers !!! And I don`t even know what happens in that age. I just watched him in awe, and my body feels so light and I didn`t feel 5x sexy lingerie the touch of the ground !!!Jan noticed me in the end, He noticed me looking salsa kids mp3 at him with passions. So when they have a break and another team played on the field and Jan`s team is on the rest on the side of the field, 3 lesbians fucking watching the new team played, Jan take his place beside me, lying on the grass.His aroma of sweat smell so sweet, and his glanzing body and face, send quiver in my throat. He wrapped one of his arms on my back. And I inform you something before you think it is too quick, but I lived in a Small village far from the big Cities. The life in our Village is very , very different with the life on the City. The people on my Village are going nudes 16yo out and helping each other. Everybody knows everybody, so the whole Village is like a big familly. So, it is 14 girl pics no strange thing non nude pre 18 when I sleep this night in this familly and tomorrow nights with other familly. Of course, the familly I slept in has to have youngsters my own age as friends.And between boys, we go 8th strett latinas out together hand in hand, or walking around with our arms in each other`s shoulders, and things like that are acceptable not as sexual activity but intimacy between famillies, or good friends.So, as Jan lied beside me and have his arms on my back, as I lied on my stomach watching the football, It Isn`t a problem at all for the public. He asked me hi with his big smile, and later on in some occasions he massage my back and even playfully also pinched my ass !!! In public, on the side of the field while watching the football team played their game.I don`t girl 18 pic porn know who has started it but in the end, Jan lead me to the Toilet. He washed himself a little then he took my hands and lead me to the toilet cabin and locked the door. It is dark and very hot with the door closed, and it is even hotter with porn 16ans my pulse racing like F1 and his breath puff like that from the bull`s.He touched me and porn 10 yers picture I was trembling from fright and excitement. The barefoot pregnant 21 darkness makes his touched feels very intensive. He is trembling too, and his heart beating created a music of drums and gongs with mine. He is sweating again, and I am too. He let my shirt opens, then my short, and his. 70 plus porn I can`t see anything so I was 34c cup breasts a little schocked when 77 position sex I felt something big and hard and very hot and wet, touched my stomach. porn 4 ps3 And when he hugged 21stsextury me his big throbbing thing pressed flat on my stomach. he is bigger and taller than me. his thing is on my stomach level when both of us are standing.He started to move his hips, and he tried to kiss my forehead, cheeks, and finally my lips. girls 17 old porno It was my first time, I dont know what to do insex tests 5 but his disciples 3 renaissance crack kiss feels so hot and wet. and his breath, burn my lounge as I can only inhaled his hot breath. He keeped kissing my lips . His saliva feels strange the first time I feel it but as my body`s temperature rised and I started to enjoy his kiss his saliva feels so nice and wet and heavenly. That kiss was the kiss that makes me loved by every man I kissed afterwards. As that kiss was so sweet, and passionate, and wet, and long. 30 something nudes Sometimes he put my upper lips between his both lips, then he chewed and sucked and even licked it with his tounge. Then my lower lips nude boys 12 y.o in turn. Then his tounge will invade inside my mouth , tried to reach it deep, or tried to lick the upper wall of my mouth, under my tounge, or running along my teeth.God that kiss sex 91 was heaven, it makes me forget everything else, even my own desire or his hard prick that was anal casting 18 old amazed daddy big boots mp3 me a minute before. He kissed me like that for seems like hours before he 13yo blowjob lifted me up and pushed my body to the wall and adjusted his dick between my legs. I realized then again about his hard prick. It was big compared to my young one. and it feels very hot between my legs. it burns me. burns my inside. and my heart is melting... I hugged him deep while he pushed in and out of his dick between my legs. Our body is wet from sweat. So nice, so nice. I never felt that heaven on earth before.His lips now are playing in the back of my neck while I hugged him. It sends 18 under porn shiver through my body. and I bit his shoulders with my lips. his sweat 102 fever in adults and aroma feels so powerful each time he push forward. and the saltiness on his skin is an aphrodisiac which burns me when the wet skin 3-speed bicycle adult of his prick sliding in and out between my upper legs. 4 11 women porn And he goes faster and faster. Untill finally I felt he bits me on my neck, and his breath explode. His mouth roar like a tiger. and his prick jolted between my legs, and spray of hot cum that I felt running down my legs was nudes 14 yo like an angel knocking on heavens adult agmes flash 2 door. I don`t know what that is, like I don`t know if angel exist.Later on free porn ab 40 I asked him what that was, and he answer that it was what people calls climax. adult man have it when they have sex. And tits 15 y.o he was surprised that I never have it before. Yes. I have a lot of " Sex " with other boys of my age but I never experience climax. none of my friends have it. and I never have it. We played with each other penisses, we ground our sexes on each other completely naked. and it feels nice, warm , and in someway sometime we feels like we are "exploding" but never like Jan.He wants to make me Climax he said, but another time. Yess, I agree. We washed and then we go out of the toilet and some boys are still playing football but it`s getting dark and most of my friends 35mm sldes of celebrities left already so I go home, washed , and do 16 yr sex porn my homework from school.Around 21.00 o' clock, I heard a nap nap on my window, So I 15 yo nude sex come to it and there was 2010 hotters swimsuit Jan standing, and beg me to let him come in. So I let him jump in through the window to my room. He help me closed the window, and animal porn 98 the curtain, and locked the door. His breath is racing again like this afternoon in the toilet and he hugged me." I want you again, I can`t stand it I have to have you again !! " He said between his breathing and his hands is all around my body already." I am not alone , I am afraid my familly might hear us " I answered him eventhough I know I wont be able to stop him from my daria nc-17 incest own passion." We will do it quietly, I will not make much noices " He kissed my lips and I can`t answer him. He kissed me deep and wild , and he lifted me up to my bed.I am heated articolo 31 fuck you up already by his closeness and his heavy breath. He kissed me long while his hands tried to freed my clothes and his. Finally we are stark naked and I can feel his skin and his hard dick on my body. It feels different like this afternoon with the comfort of my bed and 14yo sexpics the room.His kiss runs down to my neck, my nipples, ohh that was wonderfull, but his kisses keeps going down and ... God !!! He has my dick in his mouth !!!! I never knew it is possible before, but.... God !!! His mouth feels so warm and wet... he play with his 12 yr boy nude tongue, with his saliva, I was wet, wet, and hot, and hot !!! bleach 4 And I climax !!!!! Yess, I feel my blood and all the liquid in my body runing around all of me, makes every part of my body warm and quiver, and it runs all over my body, and going down, and up, and centraled on my penis in Jan mouth and.... God !!! I never felt this one before, but something is out of my penis to Jan`s mouth, and he 3g adhesive strips swallow it.He looks into 30 dd bras my eyes and smilling. porn hub 24 ch then kiss me on the head, and hold me. His prick e-card 4 submissive husband is still very hard, he took my hand to it. I 16yr fucked hold his prick in my hand, hard and throbbing. I play with it. But he has another idea. He change his position with his head back sucking my dick again, and his dick was level with bleach 155 eng sub my mouth. In someway he is trying to make me suck him too, but I don`t know about that. So I just keep playing it with my hand." Would you please put it in your mouth... Please I am so hot.... please take it in your mouth...." He begged me in between his sucking on my cock.His action makes me fly to heaven, but I am really not ready to take him in my mouth in those time so I just kiss it lightly and keep it played with my hands.He finally understands 1933 essex teraplane and change his positions and he lied on top of me and wet my upper legs and his hard dick wit his saliva before he slipped his hard dick between my legs and tighten it up and he started his ritual. Kissing my lips deeply. chewing on my neck, and pushing and crushing his hips to me. He cried out loud when he Climax. So loud that I have to put my lips cover his lips in fright of my familly will hear him.Days change to months and months change to years. In between my familly accept Jan as my bestfriend eventhough Jan was a little too old for being my friend. They even allow Jan to sleep with me in my bed. Of course, they have no idea of what is going on between us, and we dont let them have the idea of what is going on between us. I don`t want my familly to prohibited him for being my friends.In nudes 13 yr between Jan and me have create our own language too. So when we are in public or in blog fox 10 dating familly circle we can talk easily about our passions without being covered. Sometimes in the Familly meeting, everybody was there, and Jan sudenly shouted loudly," Hi Aj.... there is a naughty mise outside, let`s run and shoot it !!! "And I will laugh because that words mean his cock is getting hard and he wants to make it cum but i only answered " Allright " and both of us running outside to the darkness of the garden and make it behind the trees, or on the grass.Another time I 27 weeks fetus am
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