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Related post: Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 10:23:39 -0600 From: ru 2 Subject: Story Submission: Brothers Are The Best part 1 (teen/incest)This is a fictional story. Brothers Are The Best Part 1 by dan xI am a firm believer in brotherly love. It was about 1990 when events happened that would bring my brothers and I closer. I had an older brother from my dad's first little lolita pussy pictures marriage. I hardly saw Eddie except for Christmas and maybe sometimes on vacation. He lived with his mother and step-father free hot young lolitas in young dark lolita sites California. He was 22 and I was 17. I was about to finish high school. Despite the bitter relationship between lolitas naked young girl his mom and our dad, we still stayed friendly through the phone and sometimes by postcard. My little brother, Luis, was 13. We were all born from a Latino father, but Eddie's mother was Puerto Rican and he shared her features more than dad's. Luis's mother and mine was Caucasian. However, we were all very dark skinned. Eddie had very handsome, black features and we had our father's Central American features.Growing up, Luis had never been the annoying little brother that most naughty teen nymphet lolitas guys have. We were always good together. I guess since he never begged to hang out with me and my friends, I ended up letting him come along with us often. He mainly came to watch us play basketball behind the school. Some of the dudes would even let him play, pretending to let him occasionally score. That really boosted his confidence. Other than that, he was often on his own. There weren't too many kids his age at our end of the neighborhood. I was 5ft9, and at that time he was a foot shorter. Later he grew to an equal height. He was trim and fit for his age. Not beefy, pretty young nude lolitas just lean and fit. I was starting to work out with some weights in our garage. My grandma had given them to us the year before preteen lolie models com and I finally got them out and used them. I had lots of dates in high school, but was never really "in love" with any one girl. I'd already had sex four times with Laura Metz, a cheerleader type at school. Luis often went to the movies in groups of kids from school, but never brought a girlfriend home while he was in junior high. He wasn't really a loner, but little lolitas nude photos stayed to himself as the junior high years began.That video children lola bbs summer of 1990, I had been playing football in a field with friends on one hot day. The summers in central Texas were very fierce. On top of the heat, my leg was sore from the previous day's antics of goofing trying to race one of the guy's home. To make it worse, I ran to index of lolita jpg the edge of the field and twisted my foot. I didn't break anything, but sprained my foot badly. Back then, physical therapy was not such a big deal. The doctor had requested it, but my lolia models private pics family couldn't afford it.After I returned from the hospital emergency room the day I hurt my lolas model top 101 foot, I was tired and drugged. I was given some pills to make me relax and to ease the pain. My dad was at work all day and my stepmother had to go to work in the evening. As I lay in my underwear, my bbs cp girls lolita leg and foot killing me, Luis stepped into my room. I told him what had happened. He said he'd rub my leg if I wanted him underground russian lolita sample to. Normally, I would have said no, but I was out of it and I thought it little lolita video pics would feel good anyhow. We had seen each other naked before or changing, it was not any big deal. My brother sat down next to me and started to gently knead my calves and ankle until he got to the part of the foot that was really hurt. It felt really nice. Very tingling. I must have dozed off. The next thing I knew, it was nearly nine at night. Dad and Marie had the only upstairs room. Growing up, we were lucky that the stairs creaked next to our rooms--it warned us lolita real pre kds if anyone was coming downstairs. I heard the familiar creak. It was Dad. He came in to check shy lolita bbs bbs on me and to gently scold me for being so careless. Then he laughed to himself. He was glad he had a macho, active son, he free nn lolita tgp was very proud of me. I think I reminded him of him when he was a teen himself...that is, always getting into scrapes, but having fun. We chatted 11 yr bbs loli for a few. He asked me if I'd seen that pretty girl again, the one I'd brought home for dinner. I told him she was gone for the summer. He told me goodnight and left the room.I watched some TV, and then decided to go to bed lolitas 100 preteen gallery again. Luis came into the room to check on me. He asked if I wanted him to rub his leg and foot again. I was a little embarrassed. I was completely aware young teen lolita gallery of bbs lolitas kingdom sites everything at this point, and felt a little awkward. I thought to myself, 'It's like a coach or trainer rubbing your arm or leg, why not?' "Sure, go ahead." I said.Only a small lamp lighted the room. Dad was in bed now and Marie (stepmother) was still working her late shift. No one was up except for Luis and I in my room. Luis now sat closer to me at the foot of the bed. He started massaging my sore leg very methodically, like it was routine for him. We both stared at the TV and laughed at the stupid talk show that was on. As he went on rubbing my leg, five minutes passed by. Little by hot teen lolita fucked little, my brother subtly started to rub a little more passionately. It then felt more like strokes. I was distracted until I realized I had started to pop a boner in my white briefs. He pretended not to notice. I put my other leg up so it would cover my crotch from his tiny little bbs lolitas angle. He slowly slid the sock off my foot. He gently unwrapped the ace bandage.Then, he caught me by surprise, and started to gently rub my toes. Only the middle of my foot was really hurt, and my ankle. I was about to tell him it wasn't my toes that were hurt, but what he was doing felt really nice. He also seemed entranced, like he was in deep young loli girls thought. I pulled some of the covers up non-chalantly to cover my crotch. I stretched out the other leg. He lil lol bbs pix took the cue and started massaging the good foot, too. He gently stroked between my toes...he moved on to the ball of each foot, the arches, and then the heels."Man, you need to be a masseur," I told him, trying to make conversation. He smiled and said, "You think so? I'll bet your shoulders and neck are tight, maybe I indian young lolita grils should rub your shoulders.""That's cool," I said. I was glad to roll over and hide my boner. My little brother, unconsciously or not, was turning me little lolita nymphets links on. This time, still in just my white briefs, I didn't cover myself, but my boner was not visible while lying on my stomach. I looked over at the glass door of my stereo rack and could see our reflections. It looked like my brother had his eyes glued to my ass. I couldn't tell lying there if that's what I was seeing for sure.He abused lolita teen legal came over to my left side and started to rub young nude lolita movies my shoulders. His smaller hands were soft, but strong. After working on my shoulders, he moved down my back. He used his elbow to get right into that spot under the shoulder blade. I was in bliss. Where did he loli lolita nude lolita learn to do this? At some point, I fell asleep again. When I awoke, it was morning and I was alone. real young lolita xxx I got up to pee. It killed my foot to stand on it, so I was models nn pre lola hopping to the toilet. As I took out my dick to piss, bbs ranchi underage 3dlol I noticed a dried spot in my underwear. I must have been oozing last night, however this looked like more than a wet dream. I snapped out of that thought when I heard the front door slam. It must have been dad going to work.I didn't see Luis most of the day. Some friends had invited him to the lake so I had the house to myself. Marie slept late but later got up to run errands. pretty free preteen lolita I kept thinking about Luis. Was he gay, I wondered. Maybe I was just drawing things out of proportion. Curiosity got the best of me, and then I did something I'd never done. I went to his room and looked through some of his things. Teens, including myself, always kept some kind of secret stash of Playboys or something similar. I wondered what Luis young lola nude galleries looked at to jerk off.I never caught him jerking off, but hell; I did it then and still do it. He must have done it late at night in his room. We had lots of privacy growing up, so no one ever entered without knocking. petardas mamadas lolitas masturbandose I opened some of his drawers and found nothing interesting. That was too obvious, anyway. I opened the closet door preteen nude lolita link and found nothing japanese schoolgirl lolita pictures but clothes, boxes, and illegall underage lolitas fucking shoes. I noticed a panel that had been cut out of the wall once when we had repairs done. lolita japanese girl models Instead of nailing it shut, it had been screwed back into place. The screws were loosely put in. I twisted them and the panel fell open. And there it was....some kind of stash. There was a shoebox pushed into the indention. I was amazed to open it up and find a pair of my sox! They weren't preteen little lolita pussy clean; they had been worn once. I couldn't figure out that one. Also there was an unsmoked joint, a 14 yo lolita angel condom, a video, and various knick-knacks. Everything looked like typical hidden treasure material, EXCEPT for my sox. Maybe he had used them himself, but they were much too big for him. I looked at the video, it was titled, "The Art of Erotic Massage From Playboy." I remembered that video--it was kinda lame. My dad had received it for free with his subscription to the magazine. I had grabbed it out of the trash myself and watched it. It showed little nudity and didn't hold my attention. I guess it was the only thing my brother could find as far as videos go to jack naked underage loli preteen off with. I saw then too, that he had boned up on his "massage techniques"with this real lolita pic nude video, apparently. I thought it was very cute in an awkward way.I put everything back the way it was and left. Just as I hobbled back to my room, Luis came in the front door. I was startled, only because I had been sneaking around. When he came in I was re-affixing the ace bandage around my foot."Still hurting badly?" He said."Yeah, I need to get some crutches instead of hobbling around.""Marie says she is bringing some home from the hospital today. She had to go back and borrow them from a nurse friend of hers." He answered."Good, I can't wait." I said as my foot tingled again.I winced as I made it to the couch. lolita girls nude sites I top lolita girlie models pretended not to notice, but he was staring at me in a dreamy kind of way. Had he been doing this all along and I never noticed? Probably. I never would have guessed it. I figured out I'd test porn pedos small lolitas him to see. Somehow it was a turn-on to think my brother had the hots for me. I hadn't even considered having sex with a guy, but this was my brother and it seemed really different.I really couldn't get out and do anything, so preteen underwear models lolitas I decided to go lay out in the back yard. We were naturally dark skinned, but the sun made me even darker, and that gave me extra looks from the ladies. I grabbed the radio and suntan lotion. The lounge chair was just nude youngest sexiest lolita outside the door on the patio. I laid back on the lounge and pulled preteen pthc lolita blog off my shirt. I had on my black gym shorts. The sun felt so good beating down on my body. I had always loved to sweat f
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