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Related post: Date : Sun, March 20, 2011 December 35th 17 -0700 From: Taboo u003canewtaboo gmail. com u003e Subject : Rise of Geoff and Nina - Part 8 DISCLAIMER: pre-teen nude little girls The following is a work of fiction about family o nudity, incest, and consensual adult / teen / pre -teen sexuality. are applied to all appropriate warnings. the recommendations and suggestions always appreciated: anewtaboo at gmail dot com. Our story so far - Geoff (13) and Nina (11) to spend the summer in happiness naturist in the isolated farm of his grandfather and uncle Lou Rich. You have not only that their caregivers are open, but found actively encouraging and we hope your sex life awakening. =================== Part 8 The rest of the week was a free pre-teen pussy little hazy. Naked all time with Uncle Rico and the grandfather was amazing. And at every point moments when we feel heat, we knew all I had to do was ask. a This week, Nina and I fucked many times. We have also begun to experiment with oral sex, more about each other. the FELt great, that my little sister nurse my kids hard - Dick and I think that enhances our capabilities both in sucking. I loved it, pictures of pre-teen feet the bottom of Nina. Her vaginal juices were still delicious as pre -cum and stay petite pre-teens there and lick sucking until she had to push my head. Grandpa and Uncle often rich in our games, contain, and all enough time in the playroom. At one point the four of us could pthc tara ass fuck in a daisy chain to get to where we were all oral, s mass. It was fun as Uncle Rico and grandfather were set for all n we were curious and never said no to all requests. The following Friday morning, the four of us made the 40 minute trip to town to run errands. I must admit I was a little strange in the clothes after using more than a week, if naked on the farm. So we all decided, using at least are possible. Grandpa brought a suit with a shirt underneath. rich uncle had on some baggy pantsand a tight white tank top. I opted for a tank top and shorts, and Nina was a little sporty dress n yellow summer had left behind the previous summer. The top clung fast to their budding breasts and the skirt barely covers all small base of 11 years of age. None of us bothered with underwear. weeks in the sun, both Nina and I golden, the whites of my tank and is the yellow of her dress emphasizes the copper hue of the body. Grandpa free teen pre-teen sex and stopped to visit Nina at the clinic by his physician, friend for an exam and get a pill. Uncle Rico I went to the store to buy food for the next few weeks. The farm produces a large amount of nude pre-teen female models their own fruit and vegetables, so Uncle Rico and I have rolled a cart through the halls and other staples. As you buy and we both spoke he heard a voice say, "Hey, rich guy " We turned around and saw a very pretty brunette was walking down the aisle toward him. He was my age and DREaste in RT stops and a tight pink top. " Monica " Rich Uncle called her as she jumped into his arms and gave him kisses he fills her mouth. "Where pre-teen sample is your mother? " " She is just back there," said Monica nod over his shoulder, as My uncle sat down again. "Is that Geoff? " Said she looked at me. " Yes," Scrooge, "This is my nephew, and Geoff is Monica. " "It's very nice to meet you! " Monica gushed out. was striking a sweet little Latina with brown eyes and very dark brown complexion. He was shorter than me, but in good condition with no signs of baby fat on her. I noticed that her breasts were a little less developed than Nina, but are well adapted box. Most fascinating was his hair dark black which was collected in a ponytail e go long. I had always liked girls with long hair. " Hello", I said a little shy. I was a little surprised that it belongs to with the rich guy and it was clear to me. " Hello stranger", says Monica, the mother, when sherolled the car next to us. " Hello Teresa," said my uncle, as his arms around his neck and also gave him a kiss on the mouth. Monica setpoints tugged his mother. " Mom, this is Geoff. Remember Uncle Rico and Grandpa Lou told us that him and Nina out n visit? " " Of course I do. It's very nice to meet erotic pre-teen models you Geoff. I am the mother of Monica, Teresa Cardoso. " extended my hand to be polite. " Very nice to meet you, Mrs. Cardoso. " shook hands and laughed. " What a gentleman. Was reached etiquette lessons you? " I have found a slight accent on the nice voice. " God, I hope not ! The young man is much thinner than me, " that my shoulder, fist pounding, he said. While they were there talking to my uncle, I pre-teen naturists was overwhelmed by the lady of beauty Cardoso. It seemed that just kicked the lid a magazine. You must be 5 '8 " and had long hair as of his daughter, but she was not so dark and it was removed. saw hisIn the early and mid 30's and had a fabulous body. that s wearing a men's shirt at the waist, a pair of shorts and sandals tied. I as naturally as she was, she was one of the most beautiful women he had seen. " Where is the rest of the clan ? " Rich uncle asked. " Megan and Jess are back at home. Where is Louis? " " He and Nina to medical practice. " " Oh, nothing really hope that bad things I do ? " " no, no, " laughed the rich uncle. "Only in the review of Nina... and for a prescription. " He smiled and winked at Mrs. Cardoso to the latter part of. " Oh," said Cardoso, smiled and nodded. " Say no more. " " What are you doing something to do this weekend ? " Said the rich uncle. " Surprisingly, no. Finally, a free weekend so I can remember " he said with a smile. " What about you and the kids ? " " You know me, and pop. Hanging over the life of our life without worries. " " carefree," said Mrs. Cardoso quietly, and then looks I , adding with a smile : " clothing optional " in my jaw. Mrs. Cardoso knew ABmy uncle and grandfather go naked! And if they knew they had to know sexy pre-teen underwear about me and Nina? I could feel was my red s face. Cardoso, a woman approached me and whispered : "OK, Geoff, my children I like to go naked It's free so... do not you think ,. ? " I swallowed quickly and managed to squeak out, " Sssssssure. " jumped rich uncle," Well, if well with Geoff and Nina, the are more than welcome to come to our instead of a few weekends. " Monica took this point. " Oh, yes, Geoff, what do you think ? please? We have not been for a long time! " " Well, uh," I stammered. "I think it would be fine with me if s well... Nina and grandpa, too. " Frankly, the idea of women and Cardoso Monica bare hand was a bit difficult because everyone thinks that the blood seemed to devour my cock. My shorts were a obvious tent. " Maybe you could come this weekend ? " God, Geoff, "said Monica grabbed my arm. " That would be soooo amazing ! Do you think Grandpa Lou and Nina WHEREULD mind? " " Let's pick up a little and then can ask: " Uncle Rico we pre-teen free confirm that said I nodded quickly Mrs. Cardoso rich uncle stroked his arm... "That would be beautiful. Why You do not call me and let me know. We will be home in about 15 minutes. " " Perfect, I call you in a bit, " said Scrooge, as a goodbye kiss. N " Geoff Bye for now, " Monica said as he followed his mother the transition. "I can not wait to spend the weekend. " " Yeah, me too, "he said. As the car pulls to the opposite end of the corridor of Uncle Rico looked at me. " Are you okay, friend? " " Yes, that's me. Just kind of excitement. Do we really come? " rich uncle laughed. " Oh, I know they would. But let's make sure that Girl along with him first. " We lost no time shopping and just finished loading the food in the jeep. A short drive to the hospital, where the grandfather and Lou Nina has had to wait outside. "How is it bad ? "Asked the rich uncle. " this is a better question for thisyoung, " said Grandpa increase ina s in the back seat. I realized that her dress for riding their back as he pthc video board did. Nina said that the visit was in order. the doctor was basically, if that a complete physical ` looked back pre-teen portals down there," asked some questions and then sent to the pharmacy and the grandfather of a recipe. She smiled and told me that in a few weeks could have ` to have real sex. " Smiled back, and not even mention the need to I felt the sex we had was wonderful, as it was. " Guess who we saw in the shop, pop, " smiled the rich uncle. " Terese Cardoso and Monica. " " Well, that must have been a pleasant surprise! What are they? " doing well, and have the weekend," said the rich uncle. " Monica was really in the family to get involved weekend. " threw Nina I look calm, mocking. " But of course, I said we had to clean it with anyone," says our man. Nina spoke quickly. "Why would he want out?Why We want to be? " " Now, Princess, "said the grandfather, with sweetness. " They're jumping to some conclusions. First, the Cardoso family like us in every way. If you like naked in the sun, and also inside as we do. You have been several times before the visit and we had always wonderful weekend. And I think you might be interested in hearing, "added added with a twinkle in his eye " which some of our ' special friends '. " Both Nina and my mouth opened must be, because Grandpa laughed. " Are you kidding, grandpa? " " Absolutely not, " he said, " Ask your uncle.. " " Yes, indeed, "said Uncle Rich n " Wow, " said Nina. " How did you do " rich uncle continued," The Mrs. Cardoso and I met through free pre-teen porn jpg some common and friends were out, and she told me early in our girl pre-teen porn relationship, when I mentioned the nudist life, your grandfather and I live on the farm. He " I started thinking about it, Mrs. Cardoso again, and my cock had gotten very vertical. The idea of her naked, with her ​​pretty little girl I was thrilled. " So who are they? " Said Nina. " Well, Geoff met Terese - Ms. Cardoso - and the youngest in the Monica n store Then there is his other daughter Megan and son Jess Jess is nearly seventeen years of age is fourteen.. Megan and Monica is twelve. " " well, then I think it's okay if they leave, "said Nina, quickly. "If is well with Geoff. " I free pre-teen world lola smiled. young pre-teen sex stories N " I was told that was fine with me if it is well with you. " "and then resolved," said Rich Uncle. "Dad, I have to refuel, why do not her name from here? " We stopped at a gas station and fill the tank, while our uncle, Grandpa came the phone and asked Cardoso. ", Ms. Cardoso is very nice, Nina, " I said. " And terrible too sweet. Monica " "is not smarter than I expect," said Nina, as she playfully punched me in the arm. " She's cute, but you're beautiful. And I 'm in love with you. " pthc lesbian tgp That made ​​her smile and squeezed my hand. " So it really is can be naked with them and if they Of course, maybe play ? " He said. " I hope so, but I think it depends on them. Monica seemed certain excited. " " What if the other kids do not like us ? " Nina asked anxiously. "They are older. " " Why do not like the little sister ? You are beautiful and fun, and wonderful. Everyone loves you! " "I mean that just because you are my brother" he joked, , but she wanted to lean over and kiss me on the mouth. "That's why I love you both. " " I would not say if it is not true. " open pre-teen gymnasts nude The grandfather of the door and got into the jeep. "Everything is ready. Teresa and children will be during the day, probably 03 to 00 " The rest of the way home, Nina and I were super excited. In fact, as As soon as he returned from the street that led into the yard, she and I n quickly shucked his clothes, so I can ride the rest of the way naked. Back at the house that we all helped, Uncle Rico and grandfather provideInside Foods. Grandpa helped put the food, had a quick lunch then went to help Uncle Rico in the yard. No The evening was fast enough to pass, and 03 shortly after 00 of the clock we have n heard the crunching sound of car tires on gravel. Nina and I found in the corner of the house naked and cover up to take another towel enthusiast. The Cardoso were coming out of pre-teen tiny her minivan with bags, and things. Mrs. Cardoso saw me and waved. I pthc very young girls approached her and Nina followed along.. "Hello Mrs. Cardoso," I said. "This is my little sister Nina," ' s My God,what a beautiful young man whispered, she is "Mrs. Oliver, stroking ! My sister, the head of strawberry blonde. N n "Hi Geoff," said Monica come to me. had the same clothes y felt my cock tremble a bit, waiting to see
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