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Related post: Dan 23: Farewell To Nova Scotia This story is fiction. It depicts, sometimes explicitly, sex between teenage boys, between boys and men, and between boys and females, both teenage and adult. If you find such things offensive, or reading such things is illegal where you live, please read no further. XXIII. Farewell To Nova Scotia Friday morning, the last day of bbs anal summer school. Everyone was in a particularly good mood, and everyone, including Mr. Bell, was friendly with everyone else. It had been a long, hard slug, but the end was now in plain view. "I'm very pleased to report," Mr. Bell announced as he called the class to order, "everyone passed. Those exams were tough, but you all did a good job. boy sex bbs You have every right to be proud!"He would've said more, but he was drowned out by the cheers, the hoots, the applause. It was a good five minutes before he could restore order. When he did, he had everyone clean up and throw out the trash, return the books and other property of the school, and then he handed out the certificates. "Those of you who will be in this school in the fall will find your records already updated," he said. nudes bbs "Those of you who will be transferring will want to take these certificates with you."Dan and Charlie glanced at each other. It was obvious he was talking about them, and they felt a pang of regret as they realized that they might very well never walk these halls again. This was it! Their last day in this school! That was a good thing and they knew it, but right at the moment they were having mixed feelings."There's one more thing," Mr. Bell said before dismissing the class. "I've been asked to announce that the class will all be gathering at the park dance tonight for our own party. I've been invited by some of you, and I'll be ukrainian bbs girl helping set up a table of refreshments along the west side. The refreshments will be my treat. I've really enjoyed teaching you all this summer. I hope to see most of you back after Labor Day. Class dismissed.""Did you youngest bbs dark know about the party?" Charlie asked Lisa as they left the building."Yes," Lisa answered, "I knew. We were waiting to make sure the weather was gonna cooperate before we announced it. Otherwise we'd have had it at my house.""Your house? Your parents said OK?""Well, not exactly. They're going out of town this afternoon and won't be back till Sunday. Oh yeah, they wanted me to be sure and ask you to come over so they beauty teens bbs could say their good-bye's. You'll be gone before they get home.""We can go now, if you like. Jerry's picking us up, but I'll just have him drop us at home so I can pick up the Mustang."Jerry and Dan had been asked out for dinner. Dan was going to Margaret's, of course, and Jerry had become zoo sex little bbs quite friendly with a girl whose name was Monica. He had assured everyone, including Monica herself, that there was nothing serious developing; but as long as he was in Truro he was enjoying her company, and she his. So the boys all went in different directions that Friday afternoon. Charlie took the Mustang, Dan his mother's car, and Jerry, the Lincoln. They agreed there was no need to meet back at home base before going to the party, so they all agreed to see one another at the park at around kds bbs girls 8."Make love fetish bbs to me, Charlie!" Lisa said. They were alone. Lisa's parents had left around 3 PM for Halifax airport. Lisa's grandmother in Montreal hadn't been well, and finally they couldn't put off visiting any longer. So with final best wishes for Charlie, admonitions for Lisa to behave, they had klass bbs girls left."I can't do that, Lisa," Charlie said. "Charlie, I love you! This is probably our last evening together. I want you to make love to me! I know you love me, and you've already told me you enjoy sex with girls.""Yes, russian bbs teen Lisa, I do love you. And because I love you, I can't do it. The sex I've had with everyone except Dan and Jerry have been just that: sex! Yes, I enjoyed it, but it was recreation, and what I did for a living. If I made love to you it would be making love, and I can't do that to you, or to Dan for that matter. I don't even have to ask if you're a virgin because I know you are. I had the pleasure of naturist art pics bbs having sex, making love if you like, my first time with my long term lover. We learned and discovered together. I porn amateur bbs won't rob you of that, Lisa. I'm gonna show you how much respect I have for you by turning you down. I really love you, Lisa. I hope you will always be in my life one way or another, but, well, some day I want to look your husband in the eye, and I could never do that if... well, Lisa, please, let's head for the park, ok?"No amount of talking, checking, arranging, could have prepared Charlie, Dan or Jerry for what they found when they reached the park. As they had prearranged, the girls had all kept their dates at bay until they all arrived together at 8 PM. As they all walked into the park together, Dan saw it first. "Holy crap!" he exclaimed. There stretched over the bandstand was a huge banner that read, "GOOD LUCK DANNY, CHARLIE, JERRY. WE LOVE YOU!""You knew about this, didn't you?" Dan asked of Margaret."Of course I did!" she replied. "You didn't expect to get out of here for the second time without a proper sendoff, did you?""This is so awesome!" Jerry said about twenty times. "I never dreamed anyone in this town even knew I bbs kidz pedo preeteen was alive!""We not only know you're alive," Lisa said with a smile, "we know how much we're gonna lose by not having you come live in this town.""Are you forgetting what I am?" Jerry said, "what I've done?""Not at all," Monica answered. "In fact I think it's remembering what you are, who you are, where you've been and where you're going that makes you so special. It really is our loss, Jerry."Dan, Charlie and Jerry danced with girls they didn't even know that bbs shock porn night. They didn't miss a single dance. But the highlight of the evening was their nude youth bbs encounter with bbs elweb wombat Mr. Bell, their summer school teacher. True to russian virgin bbs his word, he had provided munchies and drinks for any and all, and had been the one, it turned out, who had suggested the banner that had totally blown away three nervous gay boys.Dan and Charlie had really started to wonder if perhaps Mr. Bell was a closet gay himself. He had proven to be so supportive, so caring of his two star students. But no, when he arrived at the party he had with him his wife and infant russian kids sex bbs son. "I respect you two so much," he explained, "and I owe you too. I'm sure you're not the first gay students I have taught, nor will you be the last. But I have learned this summer that you are genuine, real people, not some sick, perverted deviates. I can never thank you enough for what you two have given me this summer! I'm sure this isn't the first time you've toplists bbs heard this, but Dan, Charlie, it is really our loss that you two are leaving. We wish you well, but we wish even more strongly that you didn't have to leave. This entire town has profited from the summer you've spent here, Dan and Charlie! We love you! I really hope, before you leave here, that you will know that we really do love you!"The three boys were already in a state of emotional overload, but now it illegal photo bbs was Lisa's turn. She had arranged with the band playing that night to borrow their piano. As the dancing stopped and someone none of the kids knew made an announcement, Lisa walked up the steps of the bandstand, dragging Charlie with her. She took a microphone and announced, "This is a total surprise to Charlie. I knew he'd never have agreed to this if he'd known, but the fact is he is quite the singer and it's time the world heard him. Since this is his last night in town, I guess this is it. Charlie, I'm gonna sit down and play "Farewell To Nova Scotia" just the way I've done dozens of times young pussy bbs forum in our own living room. I know you love that song, and I know we'd all be honored if you'd girl pictures free bbs sing it for us.""Lisa..." Charlie stammered, "I... I dunno.... I've never..."Lisa sat down at the piano and began to play. Charlie loved her playing; it reminded him of his mother. He had often wondered if that was why he was so attracted to her. But now the introduction was coming to an end and it was time for him to sing. He shrugged and began to sing. This would mark his first public performance since he was nine years old! The sun was setting in the westThe birds were singing on every treeAll nature seemed inclined to restBut still there was no rest for me Farewell to Nova Scotia, the sea-bound coastLet your mountains, dark and dreary, beAnd when I am far away on the briny oceans tossedWill you ever heave a sigh and a wish for me? I grieve to leave my native landI grieve to leave my comrades allAnd my aged parents whom I always held so dearAnd the bonnie, bonnie lass that I do adore So Farewell to Nova Scotia, the sea-bound coastLet your mountains, dark and dreary, beAnd when I am far away on the briny oceans tossedWill you ever heave a sigh and a wish for me? The drums they do beat and the wars, they alarmThe captain calls, we must obeySo farewell, farewell to Nova Scotia's charmsFor it's early in the morning I am far, far away Farewell to Nova Scotia, the sea-bound coastLet your mountains, dark and dreary, beAnd when I am far away on the briny oceans tossedWill you ever heave a sigh and a wish for me? I have three brothers and they are at restTheir arms are folded on their breastBut a poor simple sailor just like meMust be tossed and driven on the dark blue sea Farewell to Nova Scotia, the sea-bound coastLet your mountains, dark top list bbs defloration bbs and dreary, beAnd when I am far away on the porn pass bbs briny oceans tossedWill you ever heave a sigh and a wish for me? Somehow Charlie managed to hold the tears at bay. He loved that song; but even more, he loved the land of which it spoke. Last time he had left, it had been in a panic. There had been no thought process other than fear for what would happen if he'd stayed. But this time it was a well thought out decision. This time, he knew, it was final! This time, for the rest of his life, this place would be a place to visit, not free sunbbs a place to call home. He had to do something to lighten the mood. He had to do something pretty quickly or the evening would be ruined. This was a happy time! This was the culmination of a summer's work and soul searching! Then he thought of something. He asked a member of the band if he could borrow a guitar. He was handed darkcollection bbs ru a beautiful acoustic with an electronic pickup. He immediately thought of a Jim Reeves song; a song that seemed at the moment to fit precisely what he wanted to express. With this song he would explain to the world why he had to leave. As soon as he started to sing, the band picked it up. A rose should be where the sun shines throughNot where the wine is red, and the smoke is blue.A rose should be blooming in the light,Not in a rendezvous, looming in the forum fozya bbs night.And you are a rose, maybe a wild roseBut I'd be proud to take you home for all to see,To stand with me where the candles glowWith orange blossoms all around the wild, nudism bbs wild rose. The band replayed the verse, then Charlie sang again, this time with more confidence. His eyes were locked on Dan's. And you are a rose, maybe a wild rose.But I'd be ls model pedo bbs proud to take you home for all to see,To stand nudist girl bbs with me where the candles glow, With orange blossoms all around the wild, wild rose. To everyone's total astonishment, especially bbs stringbikini Charlie's, the applause was deafening! There were cheers and calls for an encore. The song Charlie had just sung had been meant as a message, both for Dan and for everyone else who cared to hear it. It wasn't clear to Charlie if anyone had heard what he was saying, but Lisa put that doubt to rest. She was still sitting at the piano. She called to him, "Charlie, do you know Danny Boy?" Of course he did, so before he had time to protest, Lisa had begun playing an introduction, and the rest of
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