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Related post: Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 23:48:11 -0700 (PDT) From: slpwriter Subject: Nick Lachey: My Everything-27First of all, let me just say that this is my first time writing any kind of fiction like this.DISCLAIMER: childfuck very This is a work of total fiction and is not meant to imply anything about the sexualities child pussy thumbnail of Nick and Drew Lachey or anyone else mentioned in this story.Yes it's true. Nick and Jessica are no longer together. I wish them both the best and I hope that they both find happiness childsex video free childporn pictures again one day. Nick's brother, Drew, is married to Lea, his longtime highschool sweetheart. I wish them all the best free child porno in their marriage.If child nud gallery you japanese fucking child are too young to read this, or if Homosexuality offends you, then please don't continue any further and leave.Other 98 Degrees stories I'd like to recommend are."Give Me Just One Night" by Unanoche. "69 with Jeff Timmons" by Zachary Scott Pritt "Nick Lachey" by Ken. "98 Degrees Is Hot" by Gay Night "The Reunion" by RinSong. and finally: "This Gift" by Sprout.Now, I"ll let you get on with the story.Enjoy.previously on "My Everything"..... What I saw next totally tore my heart out.Drew was lying in bed, still only in his boxers, staring off into space. Jeff was right. He was hardly recognizeable. He looked like shit. His face was streaked with tearstains, as well as the fresh tears that were still falling down his face. He was so out of it, he hardly noticed the tears and made no effort to brush them away.I stood there, gazing at him, my own nude childrens day tears starting to fall. I couldn't bear to see him like this and decided to make my presence known."Drew?"He didn't seem child panties top to hear me, so I walked over and shook him, slightly."Drew, it's me, Sean." I said to him. He nodded, but still wouldn't look my way."Drew, please, look at me?" I asked him. Drew slowly turned his head and raised his eyes to meet mine. As soon as he looked into my face and noticed my tears, his eyes closed and he started sobbing to himself, quietly. Then he sat up and extended his arms out to me, wanting comfort.I walked over and grabbed him into a strong child kds forb hug, which he returned strongly. He held onto me like a lifeline and continued to cry. I just sat there, holding him until child foot lovers he could calm down a little. As soon as he did, he released me and sat back, looking at me, through saddened eyes."Thanks for coming." He child fuckporn kids whispered."Where else would I be?" I asked him, wiping at my tears."I'm so glad that you're here." He said, then grabbed me into another hug"Oh, how I love you so." He murmured. "No other man has meant as much to me as you do. No other man has ever come close. I need you. You're all I need. Don't ever childs hentai gallery leave me again, Sean, please. Don't ever leave me again."He hugged me even tighter as he finished saying all of that. This was killing me. Not only was Drew depressed but he seemed to be in denial as well. He had the wrong idea of why I was here. I only hoped that what I had to tell him wouldn't push him over the edge."Drew, there's something I need to tell you." I said, releasing him."What is it?" He asked. Chapter 27 "Sean, what is it you need to tell litle children porno me?" Drew asked again, a mixture of fear and worry in his eyes. Again I hesitated. I was trying to think of a way that I could break my news to Drew, but wasn't child ukraine naturism coming up with anything. Besides I didn't free childsex movies really think that there'd be child rompl pics japanese child funlumpkinsed any way child porno list that he'd take this news easily. So, I decided to just come out and say it."Well, after you child erotic picture and the rest of the guys left the party, I gave porno rape child Nick another birthday present I'd gotten him and gave it to him when we were alone."What was it?" Drew asked, brutal children porno a look of curiosity coming to his face for a moment."A wedding band." I said, watching his face closely to see his reaction.He gasped in shock and his face took on fuck children a look of sheer jealousy."But, what about you and me? I thought you came here to tell me that you wanted to be with me. That I'd have the most wonderful relationship with the man that I love more than anyone else in this world." Drew rambled, getting more agitated by the minute.I shook my head, knowing that this was useless."I'm sorry." I whispered. "But it's not gonna be that way, Drew. There's no future for us. Not romantically. Nick is the only man that I love and he is child naturist torrent the only man that I will ever love in that way. You and I are no more than just friends. Drew's expression fake child porn changed and turned into a look of anger, hurt, and utter despair."Oh, God." Drew stuttered, as a new set of tears started again. "Oh, God I did it again.""Drew.... I started, but then Drew cut me off."I've humiliated myself!" He stated, locking eyes with me. What I saw in his eyes, chilled me to the bone.I saw anger, hurt, and despair, but that incest child porn wasn't was scared me. It was the other emotion I saw in nudes children his eyes.Hatred."No, you haven't, Drew." I said, trying to dad childsex soften the blow, but obviously Drew wasn't children porno fucking hearing any of it."Yes, I have. I've made a fool of myself! I poured my heart out to you!" Drew sobbed. "But you don't want me, you want my brother! You still love him and child pron pic you still want him! You're clinging onto your relationship with Nick, and I'm left with nothing! I.."Due to the tears and the new set of sobs that started, Drew was unable to finish the sentence."I've got nothing." Drew mananged to gasp out before he broke down, crying again."Drew, the other thing that you need to know is that Nick asked me to marry him last night. child girlsex movie And I said "Yes." I told him, then added. "And I'm asking you to accept it. Please?!" And besides I want you to be my best clip children erotic man at our wedding." That did it. Drew's head shot up and he gave me a look of disbelief. And the Hatred was still there as well."You want me as your best man?" Drew asked me, sarcastically. "Are you out of your fucking mind?!" He screamed. I wasn't prepared for what he did next.He punched me, really hard, across the face, knocking me to the floor. I cupped my hand to my face, and looked up at Drew in total shock. Drew usually never swore or used the "F" word. But this time, he didn't hold back."Well you know what?" Drew asked, then blurted it out. "No way! You have hurt illegal child incest me for the last time, Sean! As far as I'm concerned, you can just go to hell!"As soon as I heard him say that, I cringed and broke down, sobbing myself. Drew's words were really hurting me. I knew right then and there, that any friendship between me and Drew was gone. Maybe Forever."Drew, please, children extreme piss you don't mean that, you're just upset." I sobbed, getting up and trying to put my arms around him."Get your hands off of me, you sick son of a bitch!" Drew screames, shoving me back into the wall. I hit the wall with a thud, my head hitting the wall hard. My face froze for a second, my eyes on Drew, who had a look of chillporn cartoon sex total panic and horror on his face. The last thing I saw before I lost conciousness was Jeff and Danny child pussy tgp rushing into the room and grabbing Drew to prevent him from hurting me anymore than he'd already had. And also Nick who had arrived and childrens xxx mpegs was kneeling down in front of me.Then everything went black.*******************************************************When I came to, I could hear Nick's voice calling out to me."Sean, wake up. Please, wake up!" I heard him, yelling. "Damn it, Drew, see what you've done, you fucking childs nude porn idiot.""Nick, I'm sorry." I heard Drew say. I could chill porn portal tell he was sorry by his tone of voice."Drew, what has happened to you? You've never acted like this." I heard Jeff yell at him. The concern, as well as anger, was evident in his voice. He was worried about Drew. And frankly, so was I. "He's right, Drew." I heard Kandi's voice say. "You never are one to throw punches. Especially towards someone you claim to love so much."The next thing I heard was a loud crack. Then someone gasping. I don't think I needed to guess who slapped who. That was made quite obvious next. That's when I decided to open my eyes. That's when I saw Drew holding his hand to his childporno free face, childrens sex nudes which was wet with tears, and tiny child porno Nick standing in front of him with an angry glare on his face. Jeff, Justin, Danny, and Kandi were standing in the doorway, watching japanese child nude them. none of them noticed that I was awake. They were all watching Drew and Nick to make sure that there wasn't going to be xxx hot child child incest hentai a bloodbath anytime soon."Damn you, Drew." Nick yelled, tears of anger and hurt, running down his cheeks. "Damn you! How could you do this to me?! You are my own brother! You're the person I trusted more than anyone else in this world! The fact child cunt image that you could hurt the man that I love, hurts me too and it proves to me that you don't love him. You're obsessed with him!""No I'm not, Nick, I love him! I love him every bit as much as you do! And I'm sorry I hurt him! More than you'll ever know!" nacked child pic Drew cried, before running out of the bedroom. I heard a door slam, signaling that he'd run out of the house. I decided then to make my presence known."Guys, can you give me some help here?" I asked.Hearing my voice, they whipped their heads in my direction, and seeing that I was awake, let out a sigh of relief. Nick was at my side in childsex girls nude a flash."Oh, Sean, I'm so glad you're awake!" Nick gasped, the tears still falling. "Are you ok?""Yeah." I answered. "My head just hurts, but I'm fine.""Alright, let's get you up and out to the living room." Nick said, childsex mpg lifting me into his powerful arms. "Can you guys get a blanket ilegal child pictures and a pillow for him?" Nick asked the others, who were standing around, looking at me with concern."I'll get the pillow." Danny said, grabbing a pillow from the guest bed that Drew had been sleeping in."And I've got the blanket." Kandi said, grabbing a small blanket, sitting on the foot of the bed."Great." Nick said, holding me in his arms. "Now, let's take Sean and put him out on the couch."Nick then fucking litle childs carried me out to the living room and set me down on the couch. Danny put the pillow under my head and Kandi spread the blanket over me."Are you alright?" She asked me, giving me a concerned look. I smiled at her concern. I was starting to like her more and more everyday I saw her. She was a real sweetheart."I'll be alright. I just have a headache but I'll live." I said, looking up at her. Then Nick leaned down and kissed me on the forehead."Do you want anything? I'll do anything to help you feel better." He aske me, smiling."Only if you join me." I said, seductively."Oh, you are feeling better." Nick said, chuckling slightly."Yeah, and I'm as horny as a horse too." I giggled."Ok, I don't think I need to be hearing this." Kandi, said, raising her sex child porn hands up."I agree." Danny said. "Too much information.""We second that!" Jeff and Justin from behind them, at the same time, making us all laugh. I swear tho
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