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Related post: Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 12:50:38 -0400 From: Robby Subject: Karen's And My Little SecretI couldn't wait to get to my computer this morning. I use it to keep a special diary of things going on in my life both good and bad, mostly good and especially last night!!!!Earlier in the evening my boyfriend Dave putas preteen and I went to the movies to see "Spiderman". I mean this movie was really awesome. But that wasn't the only thing that was awesome. The movie has been playing preteen top list for a couple of months so the theatre was not crowded. In fact Dave and I just about had the whole place to ourselves. About three quarter's of the way through the movie, I leaned over amature preteen softcore and whispered to Dave, "Damn, that Tobey Maguire is a real cutie, I wouldn't mind wanking him off, among other things". models female preteen Then came the surprise of my life. Dave said, "You mean like this?" I wasn't exactly sure that I heard Dave correctly so all I could say was "Huh?" "Just hush, Robby, and enjoy."With that preteen 11 nude I felt Dave's hand move down to my lower stomach. He lifted up my polo shirt so my navel was revealed fozya preteen along with the top of my jeans. "What was this boy doing?" I thought to girl preteen bbs myself. Thank goodness the theatre was dark. Dave started to unfasten the belt on my jeans. When he got my belt now open he went right to work on my zipper and slowly pulled it down. Know I knew what he was doing and shemale preteen gallery so did the erection that I was starting to get!!!! My jeans were now opened and my jockeys were in full view and Dave began to rub the lump over the fabric of my shorts. Then he whispered "Damn it, Robby, when are you going to start wearing boxers?" "Well, I preteen lola girls just happen to like jockey shorts, dickhead" I said to Dave. To which Dave responded, "Well, I bet Tobey Maguire wears boxers". With that conversation out of the maxwells preteen links way, Dave continued to rub young boys preteen my cock up and down through the fabric of my underpants. I started breathing heavier and heavier and moaning loudly as Dave continued to feel me up. "Quiet!" Dave snorted. He reached inside the opening of my jockeys and pulled out my cock. He grasped my dick around tgp sex preteens the preteen mdel nude shaft and moved it up and down. preteen voyeur pictures Then he ran his thumb on my cockhead and around the ring. I just closed my eyes while Mr. Horny preteen list free did his thing, I had no idea about what was going on in the movie, nor did I care. Dave had jacked me off before and I had done it to him, but it was in the more intimate setting of his bedroom. Anyway, he knew that working on the tip of my dick was what drove me nuts. He then grasped the tip with his thumb and forefinger and started to twist it like he was opening up a two-liter movie preteen porn bottle of soda. "GEEZ!!!!, I said, trying not to be too loud. Then it happened. A rush of hot sperm came oozing out of my cock into preteen taking bath Dave's hand. Then came more and more and more. Finally my dick had released as much cum as possible and preteen undressed photos it subsided. preteen supermodel archive Dave reached into his back pocket, took out his handkerchief and cleaned up the mess that he helped make. After that I forums models preteens looked up at the screen and the credits were rolling. We left the theatre and he drove me home. I never preteen board pics ever thought I would get a great hand job like that in a movie theatre.Once I got home, I went upstairs, took a shower, put on my PJ's preteen paysite reviews and hopped into bed. I don't know why but for some reason I couldn't sleep. I guess it was just the excitement of the evening, especially the wanking that I got from Dave. I decided to go downstairs to the kitchen and raid the refridge. I made sure I was quiet because I erotic preteen modeling knew my parents and my sister were all kids preteens nudes sound asleep.While I was in the kitchen looking for a snack, I heard some sounds coming from the basement. I was getting quite scared and was just about ready to go back upstairs and wake my Dad when I remembered something. My cousin Karen was staying with us for the weekend like she does quite a few times a year. Since our house is small and we have limited bedroom preteen image models space, guests usually stay in our clubbed basement.I was just about to go down to say hi, when I heard some loud sounds coming from the TV. It was that of a woman and a man and it sounded like they were groaning. Then I heard a third voice and it wasn't on the TV. It was Karen and she making almost the same kind of sound. I opened the basement door and snuck about halfway down gymnastic preteens bbs preteen boys nude the stairs to see what was going preteens almost nude on. BOY, preteen archive xxx DID I SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!! On the TV was one of the porn video's that my Dad kept in his supposedly "secret" hiding place. He never knew it but I had watched that flick many times. It was this girl and guy going hot and heavy making love and fucking like crazy. And to top that off, Karen was lying on the hide-a-bed having a great time. She was lying on her preteen slut bbs back in shorty pajamas and her hand was down her pants fingering herself. She was moaning and groaning while the two sex stars on the video were putting on quite a show for her. I figured I had better leave so she wouldn't know I was watching. And, wouldn't you know it, I let out with the loudest sneeze. "WHO'S THAT?" said Karen as she jumped up quickly to turn off the TV. She ran over to the steps and caught naturist preteen boys me before I could get upstairs. ilegal pic preteen "Robby", she said," how long have you been here?" "Long enough" I said, and she started to break down and cry. She was really embarrassed. I went downstairs, sat japanese preteens schoolgirls down next to her, put red preteen pussy my arm around her and started to console her. "That's OK, Karen" I private naked preteen said, "I have watched that video many times, it's one of my favorites" "Also, you don't know how many times I almost got caught" "Really?" said Karen. And with that she started feeling relieved. "Well, goodnight, Karen" I said, "I'd better get to bed". Karen responded "Do you have to go to bed now?" "I thought we could talk awhile". I said, "Sure, I was having trouble sleeping anyway" Then I laughed, "Looks like we are going to have our own little pajama party."I could tell that something was on Karen's mind. Finally, after a models vlad preteen couple of minutes she started talking and the conversation went something like this:Karen: "Robby, can I ask you something?"Robby: "Of 6yo model preteen course girl, what's on your mind?"Karen: "When you were on the steps and saw me preteen cocks watching the video, did you see anything else?"Robby: "Oh yeah, I sure did. You were playing with yourself, I could tell".Karen: "Robby, have you ever done what those people on the video were doing?"Robby: "You mean fucked a girl?" (I can't believe I just said, "fucked" to my cousin).Karen blushed and then she noddedRobby: "Hell, no. In fact the only time I have seen a girl naked was my sister and that was a long time ago"Karen: "Wow, that's hard to believe, although my Uncle preteen child galaxy is the only guy I have seen naked." "I accidentally caught him stepping out of the shower"Robby: "Well, maybe tonight is the chance for us too change all that"Karen: "You mean, thumbnails preteen underage get naked, me and you, now?"Robby: "Sure, why not?" "Everybody is asleep" "We can make this our little secret" "Besides, I underage preteen nude think you are so cute, always have"Karen: "Well, you are kind of cute yourself, Robby"So preteen story nude the conversation just went on like that back and forth until finally I decided it was time for action. I put my arm around Karen and gave her a quick kiss on the preteen cartoon porno cheek. preteen jpg video She responded by kissing me on the lips and then a hot make out session began. We kissed for preteen toes hose the longest time as I ran my fingers through her strawberry blond hair. She smelled so good. I slid my tongue into Karen's mouth and she gladly welcomes it. I gently laid her down on the bed as our kissing continued. "Oh Karen" I said, "this elite preteens tgp is so great". Karen was breathing real hard and fast and said "Robby, I want you so bad".I continued kissing her and started to drive her wild by breathing on her neck and kissing her on the forehead. Bravely, I put my hand on her pajama top and starting rubbing my hands to feel her tits. Karen quickly helped me to unbutton her pajama top and took it off young preteen masterbation to reveal her naked boobs. "Oh, Karen you are so gorgeous", I said as my eyes widened at preteens russian model the sight of her naked breasts. I moved down and touched her sensitive nipples that were very erect. I began kissing and kiddie rape preteen sucking on one tit and rubbing her other one with my hand. Karen just had her eyes closed and smiled and lightly moaned as she enjoyed every minute of me working on her tits. I continued to video preteens free suck on them, brazil pre teen alternating right and left and sucking on her small hard nipples.While I continued to suck one of her breasts, I freed my right hand and lowered it to rub her thigh. "Karen", I panted, "I have just got to see your pussy" as I continued to rub her thigh up and down. "Take off my pajama bottoms, Robby" Karen whispered as she lifted her hips. She didn't have to tell nudist naturist preteen me twice as I slowly slid them skinny preteen youngest off, leaving Karen only in a sexy pair of yellow panties. Damn, did she look hot or what? Her panties were really damp, maxwells preteen modle I preteens and nude guess from playing with herself while watching that fuck video, plus the fooling around that we preteen akt model were doing. I preteen boy blogs took my hand and slid it inside her soaked panties. I was in heaven. For the first time in my life I got to feel a girl's private parts and I wasn't disappointed. (Neither was the erection that I had which Karen had yet to comment on). Gradually I took her panties all the way off and my extremely horny cousin was lying totally naked in front preteen camp nudist of me. I moved down closer to her beautiful cunt for a closer inspection. Karen whispered, models preteens pedo "Suck me, Robby, suck me, pics porn preteen please!!!!!!!" I leaned my face into her pussy smelling her hot cunt juice. My tongue started to dart in and out of her cunt russien preteen nudiest tasting everything for what it was worth. She put her hand on my head and pushed it so that I could probe deeper and deeper. It was hotter than an oven in there. I kept on kissing and lapping and sucking her pussy as Karen starting shaking preteen stripping story and moaning like crazy. "Oh, Robby, you don't preteenn galleries free know how good that feels" she squealed. I could tell that hot preteens grils she was just about ready to cum. She shook and shuddered and finally youngest preteen handjob filled my mouth full of her precious liquid. I couldn't get enough alfa sex preteen of it.We were both breathing and panting heavily as I finally came up for air. Karen sat up and I laid my head down in her soaked lap so we could get ourselves together for a little while, and I mean a little while. After a few minutes, Karen started rubbing my chest and preteen thai models stomach through my pajama tops. "These things have to come off."
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