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Related post: Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 03:00:17 -0500 (EST) From: Pat Davis Subject: Mount pedo xxx 10 years Storm 2This story is pure fiction. To my knowledge, no place like Mount Storm School girl 14 years sex exists. This story may not be sold or posted anywhere without permission from the author. If you do not like homoerotic fiction don't read teen sexo 12 years this and besides, what are you doing here? All disclaimers appy, but you knew that right?I hope you laugh, cry and learn to like, even love some of the guys in the story, I know I did as I wrote the story for you.Feedback is more than welcome, I need to hear from photo nudist 16-18 years you gentle reader, your feedback is the fuel that powers an author and makes sure you get the next chapter.--------------------------------- Mount Storm Chapter Two I urge you all to read chapter one first. The boys sat stunned, nothing had prepared them for what had happened in the past hour. Many, even the boys who played at being tough were scared and showed the fear in 13 year hentai their eyes for all to see. Some pussy photo 14 year we openly sobbing and shaking with fear, a few were openly praying. Hollings cast a careful eye over the room, looking to see if any of the boys showed signs of giving way to panic, he and several others were ready to deal with the situation. He knew that would be a setback in the program for the boys involved, all of them in the room not just those who lost control. 13 years nude portal A small setback for the staff and boys involved but it would mean many days or weeks of work for him and others. The goal was to shock the boys, forcing them out of the patterns sex porno 16 years of behaviour that brought them to him. He wanted them close to panic but not to cross the line into panic. Now was the time to change the 15 year teen pics pace, to get them settled in and comfortable in their new home. "Guys, all of you had days of tests before you got on the bus to come here, and we have learned a lot about you. Based on that panty 15 years nude information we have picked a student here as your sex 14 years pictures friend to help get you settled in, answer your questions, and show you around our campus. Please sit quietly until your name is called, then stand up and your new friend will find you and lead you out of the room to the next part of your orientation period." At this point, the door opened and boys of all 12-years old teens sizes and colours entered the room, they were all naked of course and hairless except for the tops of their heads and that was a short buzz cut. Like the guys whom the newcomers saw before, they nude 16 year gallery were lean and well muscled and nudist boys age 13-year walked with the grace of athletes or trained dancers. They glowed with good health and all wore the same bracelets as the newcomers now wore, they walked into a loose circle surrounding the new boys. Then in a clear confident voice began to call out names. The new boy's named were called and they raised there hands, this time with no problems. The mentors, the role they would have with the new boys, walked up to his 14 yearsold rusian girls boy and offered his hand to shake along with a bright open smile. As the new pairs are formed, they walked together out the door. Joshua Snowden one of the new boys, paired with Jeremy Nordstrom who took the lead, walked through the door, down a short corridor, and into a large room filled with comfortable looking armchairs in pairs close together. On one side of the room, there stood a couple of what looked like vending machines. Soft music with an oriental sound but with a gentle rock beat background filled the room. Jeremy led Joshua to a pair of the chairs, took one, and motioned to Joshua to take the other. "Joshua, or do you prefer Josh? You 14 years old porn can call me Jer" Smiling softly he added, "I need something to drink, 16 year girls pic want to join me at the machines? It will give you a chance to use your bracelet for the first time." "Yea I like Josh, 16 years old lesbians Jer, how long yuong cunt 14 year have you been here?" "About 8 months and I know how scared you are right now man, but try to relax a little, it has not killed me and it won't kill you. My first day here I 14 year naked gay was scared shitless, 13 year old schoolgirls hell the first couple of weeks. Now I know it was the best thing that ever happened to me ending 16 year teens pics up here. They push you hard here, very hard. However, never more than you can take, they push us all the same way to do things and learn stuff I was sure I could never do, but I did and so will you. I am happy here, more happy than I have ever been in my past life. I was real fucked pedo 17 years up when I got 18 year old anal here, now I never want to leave this place but I know in time I will be ready to leave or I might stay and nude photo 10-12 years work here, who knows? But one thing I do know, I will be ready for anything." The boys walked up to the machine and Jer waved his right arm with the bracelet in front of a panel on the machine and buttons lighted up. He pushed one of the lighted buttons, a door opened, and there was a carton of orange juice. Jer took the carton 16 year teens porno and turned to Josh. "Wave your bracelet in front of that panel, and the machine will know it's you and light the buttons for the drinks you can have. Pick one and lets go back and chill, I know you have a million questions and the ones I can't answer now, I will find the answers for you later and have them next time we meet." "Man Jer your right I am scared, but you look so cool and happy now and man you got a great looking body, I wish I looked like 14 years hot xxx you. I am skinny and weak; everybody picks on me, and calls me a fag, a sissy and shit, I HATE IT, my life in school was hell. My mom nude 10 years pussygirl is no help; even if she cared 13year old porn freevids about me, she would not know how to help free 12 year sex me" Jer saw the deep pain in Josh's eyes, he knew that pain well, and 8 months ago, he had carried that same pain in his own 13 year porno pics eyes. His heart almost broke watching Josh suffer and wanted to hug him tight and take his pain away but he knew it would not work. Josh would have to deal with his pain and work past the pain just as he young teen 16years old had done. There was no easy way. The boys returned to the comfortable chairs and 13 years girls toples Jer looked at Josh expectantly erikson teen years and waited for his questions. "Jer, why do we have to be naked all the time, I hate people seeing my skinny body?" "Josh, I wondered the same thing at first, and I found out there were many reasons not just one. First, is a complete break with the outside world, people out there wearing clothes? Second, because it makes us 16 years old all the same, naked and no body hair patterns to make us look different. Third, it makes it hard to hide, your naked 15 years fuck porno for all to see you, it is tough to hide something going on inside you when you are naked. They could give us uniforms I guess, they are all the same but that is too much like the army or like jail for me. At first I was embarrassed and the first time I got a hard on for everybody to see I wanted to run somewhere and hide. A couple of the guys I came in with pointed and laughed but the ones who have been here a while checked me out for a second and that was that, no big deal. In a few days, I got used to being nude, it was comfortable, I felt free and this place is warm, you never nonude 12 year links get cold in the complex. Now I hate getting dressed to go somewhere, even the hikes and skiing, I feel all smothered and the clothes bind my freedom of movement. I bet they have other reasons to but that's enough for me, besides I like it and the other guys do too." "Ok man if you can handle it, I guess I can, but the first time I bone up in front of everybody I will want to hide just like you, besides I ain't all that 13 year boys nude big in the cock department." Jer laughed and said, "Hey man from what I saw when I checked you out, your bigger than lots of others and smaller than some, about average I think; besides I bet your tool works just fine". crazy 13 year porno Josh blushed then giggled, "Yea it teenage nude 12 years works, and it has a mind of its own sometimes. I checked you out too and any 41 years porno time you want to trade let me know, that thing looks deadly." Jer punched 14 year nudist Josh lightly on the arm and said "hey, no deal man, I had this dick all my life, we are damn good friends, I know what he likes and 16 years nonude he knows what I like, it would be a bitch breaking in a new one. Shit man, teens sex 15years I bet I would piss all over myself until I got used to a new dick." Both boys doubled over and laughed so hard they had tears in their eyes. All the others looked at them and the tension, that a moment before was 14 years-old naked so thick it could be cut with a knife was gone. You could see in the body posture of the new boys they had started to relax. The tension and anxiety was gone for the moment at least, but a major step is taken and one more hurdle was jumped and left behind. After the boys naked girls under 16years had calmed down from their laughing fit, Josh asked about the bracelet on his wrist, by this time he had almost forgotten he had one on. "I know it makes sure we eat and drink the right stuff but what else does it do? "Many things, I bet some stuff I do not topless 14 year know about yet. It opens locked doors that it is ok for you to open. 15 years sex It helps you find your way around here at first, it buzzes a little if you go the wrong way to get were your supposed to be going, A couple of months ago some guys tried to preeteen 13 years make a break out of here, there are no fences, no barbed wire this is not a prison, it looked easy. Sure, they were naked but it was summer, no problem or so they thought. I found out later sexpics 16 years girl that when they moved off the campus the bracelet made a loud buzz and even started to shake their arms. They started running and got a little further away and the bracelet got hot, and the next thing they knew they were back in the intake area. It must have knocked them out somehow virgins nude13 year and led the staff to them and they carried them back. I think it monitors your body, your state of health. I saw this guy get sick in class and he asked to go to the clinic. He walked to the door and stumbled and grabbed teens 16 years anal a desk, the guys close to him jumped up to help him and seconds later the door opened and the doctor and his student aid came in and took over. How did they know he was sick and needed help so fast? I found out later a bee stung the guy porno 13 years as he was eating his lunch at the outdoor pavilion. He could have died if they had not got to him so fast. He is allergic to the poison in the bee venom as was going into shock. He has a little necklace now with a needle of anti venom he can use if it happens again. Well Josh, if you don't have any 12 years girls nude more questions that cannot wait, lets head down to the dorm and I will show you the bunk that is yours while you are in intake. I will sleep next to you in the dorm until you are out of intake. Any problems and I am right free porno 15 yearsold there to help. The guy who monitored me when I teens 13 years fucking came in and I are still close friends and I hope you angel nonnude 12 year and I will be the same. By then its dinner time and the food is great, we eat like kings." "Ok Jer lets go, I am 12 years old upskirts all questioned out right now but I bet I think of a zillion more before long. Hey man thanks, without you're helping me I would be a wreck by now, you're the greatest." "You are welcome dude, now it is my turn to help you just as I was helped at first. One day it will be your turn to pass it on to the next guy. This place grows on you, you will want to help others and they will want to help you, I don't know how they make it 16-17 year old nudist work like that but they do. This is dorm 2, 10 guys in here 5 newbies and 5 Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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