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Related post: Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 21:58:22 GMT From: Dream Spinner Subject: "A Brewster Father's Day " (m/b, m/t, t/b, incest)Caution/Welcome. This is the third part of a three part story involving four brothers, two lolitas young girls free preteens and two fourteen-year-olds, celebrating Father's Day with their dad. The Brewster clan brings the day to a close with a wild climax like only the Brewster boys can. Don't forget, if you are enjoying this series, Father's Day presents, cash incentives and encouraging comments can be sent teenage lolita top sites to the author, J.O. Dickingson, at A Brewster Father's Day Part Three: Evening "So, whatcha wanna do now for Father's Day, Dad?" Brent asked as they piled out of the station wagon. "After all that pizza, I think I'm going to need some exercise to get rid of a few pounds." "Cool. Let's shoot some baskets!" Barry had been a star basketball player in his high school and college years and was especially pleased that his boys all liked the sport too. It was just one more thing he and his boys had in common. He was particularly proud that the twins' team had won the junior high lolita nude too young zone tournament back in April, something he had bragged about to all his colleagues at work for the rest of the month. A game of skirmish with his boys would make the perfect ending of a perfect day. So, lolita pree teen pussy he got out the basketball and they all changed into their T shirts, shorts and runners. It was still early and a warm evening, and the boys played an active game. "Ta-da, and another basket!" cried out Brent and the twins high fived. Having the advantage of height and training, they were playing against their Dad and younger two brothers, who had the advantage of an extra player and their father's height and strength. It was a good division, and each side matched the other basket for basket, which made it all the more interesting. "Well, boys, I think that's enough for this old man. I'm sure I've sweated off all that pizza, and then some," Barry announced, leaning against the garage door to catch his breath. The back and the V in the front of his tan T were dark with sweat, and he noticed the shirts of his four boys were stained also. Bobby pictures of nude lolitas and Benny were wearing white cotton, short-sleeved shirts and bright red nylon shorts with white racing stripes, and the twins were wearing sleeveless muscle shirts and green shorts with a black stripe. Their muscles were glistening with sweat, and they and their younger brothers looked so sexy. "Hot, sweating guys are so sexy," Benny observed with a sigh, shocking his father that he was having the identical thought. "Just thinking about them gets me horny." "Everything gets you ls island lolita magazines horny," chided his younger brother. "Oh yeah," chimed in Brent, "waking up in the morning, your pillow, the smell of frying bacon . . . " "Dogs and cats, mosquito bites, cream of broccoli soup," continued Brett. "Popsicles and lollipops and Brussel sprouts," sang Bobby. "These are just a few of his most favourite things," chorused the three boys as they put their arms about each other. "Yeah, well, I can't help it, I'm young," Benny said. darkangel kid preteen lolita "Joke all you want. I still say hot sweaty guys really turn me on." "Then you must really have the hots right now," observed Brett as he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. "Sure do," responded Benny, making a grab for his older brother's balls. That of course resulted in a free for all with the four boys turning the lolita bbs top lists basketball game into a game of grabass and crotchya. It was Brett who made the daring move and grabbed his dad's large, firm butt, and his twin brother quickly followed by groping his dad's sweaty crotch. Even soft his huge sausage was a thrilling feel, and Brent was quickly followed by his three brothers. Getting caught up in the boyish game and feeling like a kid again himself, Barry reciprocated, grabbing one youngster's butt and then another. The feel and sight of their compact little butts in their nylon shorts started to get him horny, and in his excitement he dared to grab one of the twins between the legs. That was a mistake. The feel of the boy's hot, damp crotch and his warm, semierect penis caused Barry's dick to begin to swell at a phenomenal rate, something which the boys quickly noticed, and something they took advantage of. The game of crotchya quickly became a game of getting dad a boner. Sweat was soon pouring down the ribs and arms of all five as Barry unsuccessfully tried to fight off the four giggling, groping boys. Manoeuvring their dad off the driveway, the boys wrestled him to the ground and he found four squirming, scrambling youngsters grabbing and rubbing his bone through his tan Nike shorts and slipping their hands up his large short sleeves to tickle his sweaty armpits. He laughed as two of the boys fingered his pit, causing them to tickle all the more. "Hey, let's go in the house," suggested Brett. Figuring the boys had had enough and were eager for something cold to drink, or some ice cream, Barry followed them into the house. What he didn't notice were the glances and signals among the four boys. It was not until they crowded around him and headed down the hall toward his bedroom instead of heading to the kitchen that he realized they had something else in mind. "Ah, boys . . . " "Yeah?" "What are you doing?" "We're gonna continue our project," the boys responded matter-of- factly. Entering the bedroom, the four boys immediately turned on their father. Even if he had wanted to, Barry would not have been able to fight four hot, randy boys eager for some fresh cock fun. As it was, he really did not feel compelled to do more than put up a token resistance. He was just as eager for some fun as were his sons. The boys soon had their forty-three-year-old father stripped and tied spread-eagled on his bed once again with his feet over his head and his butt in the air. "What are you boys planning on doing," he asked, not exactly with trepidation, though knowing what he did about his boys, he should have had at least some fear. The boys glanced at each other. "Tickle time!" they shouted with wide grins as they leaped on the bed. While Brent began to tickle his father's left armpit, Benny grabbed one of the paint brushes they used earlier and swirled it in Barry's other sweaty pit. He let out a whoop of laughter and pulled on his bonds even though he already knew the boys would have tied him securely. Bobby quickly joined Brent and began to stroke the underside of his father's forearm with a brush while Brett began to tickle his right forearm. Barry howled with laughter and twisted and turned, causing his already flushed body to begin perspiring all the more. Of course the boys, squirming and wiggling with excitement, began to sweat also. The hotter they got the more vicious they became with their tickling and the more their ls models nude loli father howled, which only incited them on. "Ohhhh, ahahahaooooh, bohohohooooys!" he howled. "Pleeeese, stohohoooop!" "What do you think guys, was that louder than the belly button?" "Naw, but it was louder than his ribs." "Right," the others agreed. "So, we gonna russian lolitta pussy freesite write this up on the poster?" "We gotta find an erogenous zone to check out first," said Brent. "I'm so horny I feel like I'm going to explode." "Uh, oh," said Bobby, with mock fear, "hot boy cannon loaded and about to fire!" "Gotta get it uncovered first," said Brent as he pushed down his shorts along with his black, cotton knit Calvin Klein boxer briefs. "Anyone want to smell a hot, sweaty crotch?" "You bet," said Bobby as he grabbed the boxer briefs out of Brent's hand and stuck his face in them. "Mmmm, mmmmm," he groaned. Tossing them to Benny, he quickly pushed down his bright red nylon shorts and his tighty-whities, Stanfield regular rise briefs with a double panel fly front and support pouch just like his dad often wore. Sniffing the crotch of his underwear himself, he glanced at his dad, and with a grin, bounced onto the bed. "Here, Dad, something to keep you hot til we find one of those eery rogenous zones," he said, holding his sweaty underwear under his dad's nose. They all noticed their father's semierect cock quickly expand another inch. "It says here that the lips can be highly erogenous," observed Benny, who had removed his T-shirt and shorts and was sitting on the floor reading the magazine article in his navy blue polyester-cotton briefs. The crotch was darker than the rest with sweat. "Lips? Cool!" observed Brett as he pushed down his ribbed Marky Mark boxer briefs and fondled his sweat-damp hairs and balls. "Your lips erogenous, Dad?" asked Brent, sitting down on the bed and bending over so that his own, slender, delicate lips were inches away from his dad's. The boy's lips reminded Barry so much of his wife's, thin and delicately curved, except they were coloured a boyish rose. The teenager's long, blond hair fell over his face and brushed against his dad's cheeks as he bent closer. His sweet boy breath blew into Barry's parted mouth, causing his cock to begin to swell still faster. Benny xxx naked lolita pic grabbed his father's watch and scrambled onto the bed to watch. Brent brushed his soft boy lips against his dad's, and looking into his hazel eyes with his sparkling blue ones, the boy blew gently in his dad's mouth. His sweet boy breath caused Barry's cock to expand another inch. As he drew away he was quickly replaced by his twin brother, who with the same sensuous smile gently caressed his father's lips with his own, causing his father's cock to begin to rise. Benny wasted no time and pressing his smooth, soft lips against his dad's much larger and coarser ones, gave his dad a firm, lingering kiss. As Benny got up, Bobby threw himself across his dad's hairy chest and pressing his lips firmly against his dad's, the ten-year-old slipped his tongue in his dad's mouth. He ran his small boy tongue over his dad's, causing his dad's tongue to rise up as if about to duel. "Hey, dad's fucking hard already!" observed Benny. "Wow, three fucking minutes! You got hot lips, Dad!" Brent observed. "And a fucking hot cock," said Bobby with a giggle and he slid down his father's body and wrapped his fingers about his father's towering, nine-inch member. Brent and Brett lay down on either side of their bound dad, and snuggling up to him, they kissed him on loli girls cp photo each cheek. "Holy fuck, you should feel how you made his fucking cock jerk!" announced Bobby with amazement. The twins kissed their father on the cheeks again, much to Bobby's delight, and then a third time so Benny could check out the reaction. Benny and Bobby quickly took the twins' places, and the two teenagers took turns grasping their dad's dick while their two younger brothers kissed him on the cheeks as they had, and then on the lips in an impromptu experiment to see if they could make his dick throb harder. loli tgp pics nymphet They did.. "Bet I know where a kiss would really make Dad throb," said Bobby. The youngster scrambled around behind his father and a second later his head poked up between his father's legs. Barry almost went berserk as he felt his youngest son's spiky hair brush against the inside of his thighs, and then his smooth cheeks slide across them. As Barry felt his youngest son's teen preteen lolitas nymphets hot, lolita school grils list moist breath against his pucker, and then the boy's mouth press against his butthole he went vintage naked lolitas pictures ballistic! His ten-year-old boy was kissing his goddamn asshole! "Holy fuck, that was like an earthquake!" announced Benny, who had been holding his underage lolita asian model dad's cock at the base. His hand was quickly replaced by Brent's, and then by Brett's. "Oh maaaaaaan, I bet that tremor is like a ten on that scale they use for earthquakes." "If we were in LA they'd probably be evacuating my little lolitas pussy the city," observed his twin brother, and they all laughed. "Mom ever do this to you, Dad?" Bobby asked, looking up from his butthole. "Actually, no," Barry observed. "You like it?" his ten-year-old son asked. "Oh yeah!" he sighed as a clear drop of pre-cum oozed out of his cock. "Hey, he likes it!" the four brothers all
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