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Related post: Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 21:04:48 PST From: Chris L Subject: Kevin and Chris 33-35Kevin & Chris Part 10: Chapters 33-35Legal Note: Don't read this if you're under 18 years of age or whatever age is legal in your area. The following story is FICTION and shouldn't be taken like it's real or anything. It's not real. I'm not saying the boys are gay or that they act the way I portray them. Anything that is licensed is so and I am underaged teens fuck not an affiliate of the places mentioned.Chapter 33 Kevin woke up early, it was Sunday, and he always went to go work out on Sunday mornings. He changed quickly and grabbed a few things to put into his workout bag. Throwing on an ash gray hooded sweatshirt, he opened the bedroom door a little. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Chris, still sleeping soundly on the bed. Kevin put his workout bag on the floor and walked back over to the bed. Leaning down, he gave Chris a quick kiss on the forehead. 'I love you,' He whispered. Kevin picked up Bailey, who was on the floor next to the bed, and grabbed his bag before walking out of the room. His mom was standing at the door. "Oh, 'morning mom." Kevin said, setting the dog down. Bailey ran quickly down the hallway. "Good morning Kevin." Ann said, leaning against the wall. "Where are you going?" "Gym. I'll be back before breakfast. Chris knows all about this, it's the same every week. You don't have to wake him up or anything mom." Kevin said, closing the door to his bedroom. "Okay, I'll see you later then." Ann said. She had seen everything through the half- open door, and she was amazed at the amount of love that Kevin showed for Chris. Kevin gave his mom a quick kiss on the cheek before heading out of the house. Ann opened the door a crack to check up on Chris, and he was still sleeping. She nearly tripped when the dog came running back into the bedroom and hopping onto the bed. She smiled as she watched it curl up into a little ball next to Chris on the bed. Ann went down into the kitchen, where she started the coffee. The situation was hard to take in. Her baby was growing up, not just for her to see, but in front of the entire world. Kevin had told her about Chris, and deep down inside, her heart sank. She wanted grandchildren. She still had two other sons, though, and they were both down the road to kids, Jerald was married, and Tim was in a underage naked xxx steady relationship. Kevin was happy though, and with that thought, she started making breakfast. "Ann, do you need any help?" Holly asked as she came into the kitchen. "No dear, but thank you for asking." Ann smiled. It was nice to have another girl around the house. "Are you sure?" Holly coaxed. "Why not, make underage sexy pics yourself useful and start making some biscuits." Ann said, handing her the recipe card. She gladly took it and started reading. "Everything you need is in that cabinet over there." Ann pointed to a corner. Holly smiled as she headed over to the cabinet. It had been a while since she had been in a kitchen. Linq groaned as she walked down the street, her heels were killing her ankles and it was too early to be up and about. Half of the town was asleep and the other was at church, nobody of sound mind would be awake. Linq made her way into a hardware store, she would be needing some things for the few days ahead. Kevin came back into the house, parking the new Navigator in the garage. He walked into the house, the smell of baking was everywhere. He walked past the kitchen, glancing in he saw his mother and litle underage sluts Holly cooking up a storm, he couldn't wait for breakfast to begin. He walked upstairs and slowly opened the door to his bedroom. He dropped his gym bag in a corner and stepped over to Chris, he was still asleep, causing Kevin to smile. With all the rush of the holidays over, he wasn't surprised that Chris would be a little tired. Kev peeled off his sweaty tee-shirt and grabbed his towel, he'd get a quick shower in before waking up Chris girls underage fucking for breakfast. His sore muscles needed the relief of a warm shower. Stepping out, Kevin glanced at himself in the mirror. It was time for another shave, his goatee was getting messy around the edges. He stepped back into the bedroom, and put on a mexican underage porn clean white tee shirt. He walked over to the bed, where Chris was sleeping, curled up into a ball with the dog at the foot of the bed. Bailey had woken up when Kevin came in the first time, but refused to leave when Kevin shooed him out of underage girl model the bedroom. Kevin lightly shook Chris' shoulder, trying to wake him up. Chris made a little groaning noise before pulling the sheets tighter around his body. Kevin pulled the sheets halfway down the bed and Chris' eyes flung open. He sat up, and was greeted by the wondrous sight of Kevin. "Did you go work out today?" Chris said softly, rubbing his eyes. "A little, you gotta get up, mom and Holly are downstairs fixing breakfast for everyone." Kevin said, ruffling Chris' already messy hair. Chris pulled Kevin towards him for a kiss, which Kevin gave whole heatedly. When Kevin began to withdraw, Chris pulled him back for more, and pulled him onto the bed. Kevin was brought into that underage girls tgp world that he always felt when he was kissing Chris, the world petite underage modles where nothing existed but Chris and him, a world where nothing mattered but the two of them, and their love. Everything just faded away from Kevin's mind as he kissed Chris, it was such a simple act, but to the two of them, it meant so much more. Chris pulled away this time, and Kevin slowly came back into underage hookers reality. "You need a shave, Kev." Chris whispered as he relaxed on the illeagal underage pussy bed. "You underaged anal bbs need to get dressed." Kevin said, running his hand over Chris' exposed chest. Chris leaned closer to Kevin, resting his weight onto Kevin's body. "Can I wear your sweater?" Chris asked. "Do I ever say no?" Kevin smiled, pulling Chris into a hug. Chris turned his body so that he was facing Kevin, he could smell Kevin's cologne, underage passwords the smell always comforted him, knowing that he was close to Kev, wrapped in his strong muscled arms. Chris inhaled deeply, allowing the scent to linger in his mind. Kevin pulled Chris away, "If we lay here all morning, we'll miss out on breakfast, and I want you to see more of Lexington. You know, get a sense for it." "Why is that?" Chris asked as he looked for his towel. "We might be here a lot." Kevin said, handing Chris his towel. Chris smiled, the thought of spending more time, and more schoolgirl underage Christmases, in Lexington just made him happy. He knew he had a commitment on his hands, and he didn't mind at all. "Okay, let me go take a shower, and I'll be right down." Chris said as he walked out across the hall to the bathroom. Kevin pulled Chris back for another kiss, their lips needing each other. Chris dropped his towel and tip-toed so that he and Kev could be at a more convenient level. Kev pulled Chris closer, his tongue slowly sliding into Chris' mouth. Here he was telling Chris to hurry up, and then he goes and makes him dawdle even more, it brought a small smile to Kevin's face. Kevin let Chris' tongue caress his one last time before pulling away. Chris looked up into Kevin's green-blue eyes, and the love that emanated from them, the love that was directed to him. Kevin lifted Chris' chin, looking back into Chris' light gray eyes. Kevin leaned in for another kiss, but Chris' hand bolted up to stop him. "You need to shave, Kev. underage girls pics You're tickling my chin." Chris laughed. He picked his towel back up and they headed into the underage girls raped bathroom together. Walking down into the kitchen, and Ann pointed to the dining room table, which was empty. Kevin and Chris grabbed the plates and silverware that were stacked next to the sink. Kevin led Chris into the dining room, and they both automatically started to set the table. It was something that Kevin did without being asked. The two of them walked back into the kitchen to see if Ann and Holly needed any help. "You're up early." Holly said sarcastically. nnude underage forum She started to put the biscuits that she baked into a basket. "I'm on vacation, aren't I supposed to get up around noon?" Chris asked. Kev grabbed a biscuit from the basket and took a bite out of it. Chris took it from him and took a bite too. Holly gave them a dirty look, "That was polite. You two couldn't resist could you?" underage girl porn "We just like seeing you pissed off." Kevin laughed. "Chris, how is your stay going?" Ann asked over her shoulder. "It's great. I'm having a really good time." Chris said, taking another bite. Kevin grabbed what was left and popped it in his mouth, smiling at Chris. "How could I have a bad time with such nice people around?" He said, lightly elbowing Kevin in the ribs. "Well, I'm glad to hear underage webcam sex it, what do you and Kevin plan on doing today?" Ann asked. "I don't know." Chris said, looking over at Kev, who was pouring juice into glasses for breakfast. "We're gonna go around, see the city, go to the river, walk the dog." Kevin said. Chris nodded, the plan sounded good. The doorbell rang, and Kevin went to go answer it, he came back with his older brothers, who waved a 'hi' to everyone in the room before heading into the dining room. Kevin and Chris grabbed the glasses of juice and headed to put them on the table. underage sex hardcore Ann and Holly came into the room with big platters of food and the biscuits that Holly had baked earlier. They set them on the table and Brian came running down the stairs with the dogs, Tyke and Bailey. He set Bailey down and he hopped into Chris' lap. "Sorry, had to take care of 'em before they had an accident in the house." Brian said, stifling a laugh. "Sorry I can't join y'all, I gotta get home. See you guys later, bye Holly." He said, and leaned down to kiss Holly on the cheek before leaving. Everyone was at the table, and Kevin grabbed the underage free picks basket of biscuits, putting one on his and Chris' plates. He passed the basket down the table and everyone grabbed one. "I saw you two on TV last night." Ann said, grabbing underage young naked a biscuit for herself. "Uh-oh, what did they say this time?" Chris asked. "Kevin save another plane passenger?" Kevin punched Chris playfully in the shoulder. "You saw the movie premier again?" Kevin asked. "Yes, that Melissa Rivers wouldn't shut up about those shoes of yours." Ann laughed. "I thought that it was kind of cute. Made you look individual alright." Breakfast went on, and everyone shared laughs and stories. Afterwards, Chris and Kev went to go take the dog out, and they decided to just take Bailey along with them today. Holly was going over Brian's underage boy top mom's house along with Ann, Jerald, and Tim. "Are you sure that he should be doing that?" Kevin asked, motioning towards Bailey, whose head was sticking out of the car window. His ears blew back in the wind and his tongue flopped around as girl porn underage the wind hit his little head. "I don't know, he does it no matter what." Chris said, trying to pull the little dog back into the car, but it struggled to put its head outside again. Chris just let him, but he held onto Bailey's chubby body tightly. "You like it down here?" Kevin asked. "Well, it's not home. And I can't compare it to Orlando since we kinda stayed inside. But I mean, yeah, I love your mom, and your brothers are really nice, your cat doesn't like Bailey, though." Chris said, ending with a small laugh. "Nothing's perfect." Kevin shrugged. He parked the car and Chris grabbed the leash. Kevin got out of the car and stood a little ways from it. "You know, this is the greatest gift that I've ever gotten. Other underage child pussy than the whole fame thing." "Well, my mom kinda went over the top." Chris said, letting Bailey walk around the on the leash. Kevin locked the car and walked over to the two. He gave Chris a quick kiss after looking around. "I hate it when you have to do that." Chris sighed. "Me too. Come on, let's get going." Kevin sighed, walking down the path. Bailey ran out in front of the two as they walked along the park path. Linq walked quickly up the path towards the shiny new Navigator when she saw that Kevin and Chris were safely out of the
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