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Related post: Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 23:30:12 -0500 From: Writer Boy loli pic russian underage Subject: boys of summer - part 11Obligatory warnings and disclaimers:1) If reading this is in any way illegal where you are or at your age, or you don't want to read about male/male relationships, go away. You shouldn't be here.2) This story isn't based on anyone in particular, alive or dead, so any resemblance to anybody is unintentional.Questions and commentary can be sent to "". I enjoy constructive criticism, praise, and rational discussion. I do not enjoy flames, and will not tolerate them. Unless I often hear from you and would recognize your address, please put the story title in the subject, or my junk mail filter may screen you.Thanks to everyone who has written so far. To answer little lolitas galery nud a frequent question from those who are unfamiliar with my other stories, they're called "Brian and Tommy", "Thieves", "JC's Hitchhiker", "Tangle", and "Rebound", and they can all be found in the Boybands section, which is a subset of the Celebrity section of the Nifty archive, for those of you who have not been there.***I hadn't thought I was so tired, and I really wasn't the kind of guy who came and passed out like men were usually so famous for doing, but somehow, sprawled out on the bed with Casey, both of us covered with a thin sheen of sweat, smeared with cum and saliva, when I closed preteen lolita my eyes I dropped right off to sleep. I hadn't slept well the night before, what with my brain rerunning everything that had happened against the refrigerator and trying to figure out what was going on in my head and my heart and my life the rest of the time, but now, panting, exhausted, watching the sun go down out the windows and turning the bedroom a gauzy crimson as the slight burned through the drifting curtains, I felt so relaxed and content. As I lay back on the bed, naked, spent, with Casey's strong arms wrapped around me and his mouth gently nuzzling at my neck, kissing lightly while he lolitas fuck vulvas peludas made little sighing noises of contentment, I felt extremely safe and comfortable, and even though I wasn't drowsy I couldn't keep my eyes open.I didn't have any dreams, nightmares or wet dreams or anything else. It was like no time at all passed between when I closed my eyes and when I opened them again.It wasn't just that I felt safe. Who wouldn't, alone in a bedroom with a man who was basically just a pile of warm muscles? It wasn't fair to think of Casey that way, though. He wasn't just a hot guy, or a good fuck, or whatever else it was that I was supposed to be thinking. He was kind. He knew I was afraid to take what I wanted, to do the kinds of things I thought about, so he gave himself to me. He'd surrendered completely, guiding me a little, but allowing me to do whatever I wanted, to touch his body wherever and however I chose. He'd trusted me, even though he barely knew me, and because of that, I now felt totally at ease with him. I wasn't afraid of the things I wanted, or of what my family would think, or of anything else that had kept me tossing and turning all night.Instead, I felt like this was exactly where I was supposed to be.The room was darker when I opened my eyes, the sun finally gone down behind the horizon. I stretched, catlike, squinting and yawning, taking a second to child models lolita nymph remember where I was and why I was naked without even a blanket on top of me. There was one light in the room, a small lamp on top of the dresser, and as I looked toward its glow I saw Casey, half inside the cone lolita teens little ladies of light and half in shadow, folded up on the chair his jacket had been sitting on earlier. I didn't know how he'd gotten out of bed without waking me, since I had drifted off with him draped over me and our legs entwined, but here he was now, turned sideways in the chair, his back against the arm and lolitas naked young model his legs folded evil top lolita pic up, bent, shielding his penis and balls from my view. Mine, on the other hand, was just hanging right out there, dangling between my legs, and I blushed, feeling it wash over my entire body."Don't, please," he said as I reached for a pillow, wanting to cover myself, and I paused.His dark eyes twinkled in the light from the lamp, glistening beneath a fall of his hair, the strands hanging like stripes down his face, their shadows amplified by the bulb that was almost directly over his shoulder. He reached up to push his hair back, and as soon as he did a lock fell forward, defiantly, back down over his forehead. I let my eyes drift over him, taking in his folded body in profile, the dark hair peeking out from under his arms, the smooth legs that made me think of animals, of flanks, folded and full of strength, waiting to send him kicking across a field or through a stream like some sort of wild thing. He seemed almost leonine, with the mane of hair and the muscles and the way every movement was graceful and precise. At the same time, he was soft, like a cat, his skin smooth and warm, and, of course, there was the way he used his tongue."Hi," I said, not covering up.I wanted to. I wasn't the same kind of person he was, didn't have the same kind of body. I was long, and thin, and even though my hair was growing back in for the summer I was, for the most part, practically hairless. I had muscles, underage teen lolita guestbook but not like his, not the bulging hard curves and thick sinews. If he was a lion, I was a dolphin, smooth and sleek and streamlined. Even though I was pretty comfortable showing my body, under the right circumstances anyway, like competing in a meet in front of hundreds of people wearing a little tiny suit that left nothing to the imagination, in other circumstances I was pretty shy. I could feel my chest blushing, and maybe even my arms, redness flooding down from my face and my neck, but he'd asked me not to cover up, not to reach lolita loli pics sites for that pillow, so I didn't."Hi," he answered, smiling.Casey's smiles weren't like mine, or Sam's, or anyone else's that I knew. Sam grinned, full out, with all his teeth hanging out like Carly Simon or Mr. Ed, all pearly whites and lips peeled back, reckless abandon telegraphed by mouth. My smile, on the other hand, was less exuberant. I flashed teeth, but not all of them, not at once. I didn't grin like a jack o' lantern. I was happy, but I was still reserved. Sam was wide open, I was halfway there, and Casey? He never showed teeth. I'd seen him smile like me maybe three or four times, only when he was very amused and very comfortable. He'd never done it when someone else was around, not once during the party or either of the times Sam had been with us, but he had done it when it was just him and me. The rest of the time it was a thin, curling at the corners of the lips, no teeth sort of affair. He was happy, or amused, or even just content, but his smile was guarded. There was something there, something I didn't know among all the other things, but for a second it was something I was afraid of. He was so strong, so confident, and I couldn't imagine what was capable of hurting him, of leaving him unwilling or unable to let down that wall. What did he think was going to happen, and what had happened before?"Why can't I cover up?" I asked.I propped my russian little pussy lolitas head up with my hand, bending my arm and digging my elbow into the bed. I wanted to put my eyes on the same level as his, turn them in the same direction, so that I could see him better. I wanted to get a read for what he was feeling, what he was thinking. I felt lost for a second, adrift. While I was content to lay on this bed and stare at him all night, letting him stare at me, at the same time I didn't know what we were supposed to do now. I was right back where I'd been last night, confused and uncertain, unsure of what he and I were supposed to say to each other, what we were supposed to do, where we went from here, and I needed to see him, to feel like he was here with me. He'd guided me today, lolita goth model nude picked me up when I'd floundered, and I needed to feel like he was still doing that, like he knew, in some way, where we were going, even if it was just a general direction."Because you're beautiful like that," he answered simply, and I wanted to melt into the bed.No one had ever talked to me that way. I'd had girls tell me I was hot. Sam told me I was good looking. My mom said I was a catch, but beautiful? Guys didn't use words like that. Hell, no one used words like that when they talked about me. I felt my blush get even stronger, right when it had started to fade. I was soft right now, which seemed completely out of place to me since it was the first time I'd ever been around him without getting stiff. What we were doing now, even though we were both naked and I was lying on a bed that still smelled faintly of our sweat and our sex, didn't feel sexual. That simmering tension between us all the other times we got anywhere near each other, that crackling feeling of anticipation and possibility that I felt this afternoon when I walked through his top list lolita sex door, wasn't here right now. Instead there was just a warm feeling of togetherness. I'd heard of afterglow, but could it really last for hours?What time was it, anyway?"You have no idea how you really look, do you?" he asked, shifting in the chair a little. I could see the side of his torso, the abs crunched, the ladder of his ribs, one nipple in profile as his arms rested on top of his knees. "I tell you you're beautiful, and you blush, but I was watching you sleep, Nate. I've been watching you for hours, listening to you breath, watching your chest rise and fall, looking at your body and your face and your skin. You're so smooth, it makes me want to touch you. It makes me want to run my hands all over you. I can't believe you haven't done anything like this before, haven't given yourself to anyone, because I can't believe people look at you and keep themselves from touching you. I can't believe that anyone could listen to you, to the way you talk and the things you say and that giggle of yours, the one you make half under your breath like you don't even know you're doing it, and not want tiny lolita non nude to be with you, and you act like it's a surprise.""Casey, I'm not," I began, thinking of what he'd just said. I didn't really come up with anything, blushing again. "Jesus.""Is it tiny little lola sluts too much?" he asked. I wondered why he was still in a chair when I was over here. Granted, we'd already done this, but I was starting to feel, looking at him, like I might be ready to do something again. "I didn't mean to embarrass you. I've just been thinking about it while I've been watching you. You look so calm when you're sleeping, so peaceful. It's the same look you had on your face when I saw you in the pool. It's like you're completely shut down, drawn into yourself, and I was wondering what it was like to be in there with you. What do you think about when you're in the pool?""When I'm doing it right?" I asked, and he shrugged. I don't think he knew what I meant, but that was ok. "Nothing. When I'm doing it right it's just me, and the water. If defloration lolita free samples I'm in my zone, nothing else exists, nobody can touch me and nobody can bother me. All little hot lolitas galleries I have is breathing and kicking and keeping the little wet lolita pussy pace, and that's all I need."Casey nodded, looking thoughtful. He was still watching me, but I didn't think he was really seeing me. His eyes seemed to have turned inward, fixed at a point somewhere near my knees, not moving."I know what that's like," he said quietly. 12yr old lolita videos "I remember how that felt.""You swam?" I asked, surprised. He was pretty built for a swimmer, almost too large, and I'd never seen him in the pool. I was also pretty intrigued to hear him mention his past. At this point I wanted to know teen video lolita girls anything I could about him, because I was still so fixated on him, so infatuated with him, that I had to know where he came from and how he got here. I was like a mouse following crumbs, waiting eagerly for him to toss me the next one."No, baseball," he answered, shy lolita bbs toplist his voice still low. When he spoke to me this quietly the other time his voice had been husky, sexual, but now it was just soft and hollow sounding, like he didn't even realize he was spea
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