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Related post: Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 21:43:57 80s pornstar tracy +0100 (BST) From: Chaim Bronwasser Subject: My DoctorDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction that depicts sexual situations between men and teenagers. If that offends you or you are under 18 years old, in Holland 16, don't read on. Remember, these characters are fictional. They don't get any disease that I don't want 43512 milf them to and they deal with things the way I want them to. That isn't true in real life. Play safe. This is a fantasy, guys. Keep it that way.(Thanks to shaverboy for this disclaimer, I took it from his latest story; thanks buddy).English is not my mother tongue, sorry for any mistakes.Suggestions and reactions are very welcome at: be in France from April 27th till May 2nd).My Doctor!PART 1.The only thing I bald pussy xxx 16 knew that my `new' doctor is very cool.He did the right things to me and knew how to handle a boy-teen like me. Well, he was a lot of years older than me, he was already 28, yes he told me. To me, he was like a god, far away in the big City, in Amsterdam.Now, being nearly nineteen I know 1792 uniform militia act better. Well, my doctor is still cool, but Amsterdam is just a very nice city. You don't to be a "god" to live there. I live here myself now.This summer my parents wanted me to see this Doctor Johannes Boom, short Doc John, he is a friend of the family.Doc invited me over to the big city to spend a week-end with 13 yo tits him! Wow, to spent a whole week-end away from our little village of Breukelen (between Utrecht and Amsterdam, Brooklyn was named after my village). I loved the idea! I knew I would be in observation, my parents think I have ADHD, which means I'm some times a little hyper active. Well sometimes I get very active without any reason. It will not effect this story.I was so happy to stay 13 yo nudes with Doc John I forgot everything. My young head was filled with thoughts of how much fun we would have together.I didn't care about the observations, the medical check-up I have to go through. I dressed up in a new pair of CK grey boxers, I bought in Utrecht, just in case I have to strip down. My favourite blue jeans and a white T-shirt.When I got to John his big apartment, he lives in the Kerkstraat, just in the city of Amsterdam, I hot gril 12yo sex climbed the stairs. I thought, strange, I heard some sounds coming from the incest 3 inside of the apartment. It sounded like grunting.It couldn't be, I didn't pay any attention to it.I rang the bell under tits 15 yers his name and tittles and waited.There was some noise in the apartment. I could hear deep male voices from inside.The door opened a crack.Standing there was a huge man in my young eyes. He had a completely clean shaven head and had a beard. His chest was immense and bare under a black leather jacket. He was a full head taller then my five feet and eight inches."What do you want, boy? 12 yo panty The practice is closed right now, it is Friday evening you know.""I'm looking for the doctor, he knows I'm coming.""I see, you are the hyper little one, good, I'm Jeff, the nurse around here."His voice frightened me a little, I wasn't so secure anymore. At the other hand I was fascinated, this man was so big and his clothes were weird. I mean for a nurse..."Yes, sir.""Oh! So you're the kid in observation this week-end? Do come in, you look good and very tasty."The big man opened the door and let me into the apartment. It was a huge place. The nurse didn't move at all. We just could stand very close to each other in 1940 vintage skirts the hall. The big man pressed against my little body.I just stood there, I didn't know what to do. I felt the weight of 2 chiks 1 dick the big and firm body on me."Follow me, little one."The attached living room was bleach the 2nd movie huge, but there was nearly no furniture in it. A big couch on ls magazine 15 one wall... and a lot of books.All there was were huge pillows thrown around.The big man still stood practically on top of me.One of his big hands were rubbing on my shoulder and my neck. It was a rather forceful rubbing, but I liked it.To be honest, it made me feel good.Another door, I think to the bedroom swung open and there was my big hero, my Doc John.He grinned.I grinned too and ran 14 16 porn into my Doc. We embraced each other like friends. The feel of his strong body against mine made me tingle. It amateur extreme dog 1 was so good feel my Doc's solid flesh and muscles pressed into my little frame."Well, little one, Ruben, you made it!"I said proud, "Of course I made it, and I'm not little anymore, sir!""So you do you! If you weren't my little one, you wouldn't be 14 old tits still standing there!"I heard the big man who let me in laugh behind us. I didn't know what my Doc meant by his words but they sounded good. They were both laughing.>From the bedroom came another man. Well, not really 2 wide cambuckle strap a man, he looked like a young boy. He was smooth and very attractive.He was fine featured and had black eyes and soft black curly hair. He had a fine developed very thin body and he was glistening of sweat. His beautiful skin was light brown.Doc introduced him, "This is my little friend Achmed."To my surprise Achmed had nothing on but his dark studio 12yo tight white boxers.The same moment I realized that my Doc only wore a loose-fitting black bathrobe. The belt of it was not really tied. The opening in school sex 3gp the front was getting wider and I noticed my Doc's nearly naked body underneath.Well, my Doc always had a great body, but now having a closer look, it looked even more handsome. He was tanned all over."Come and sit down, little one."All of them sprawled themselves in different positions around the living room. Not using the chairs or couch but the pillows.I thought it was 16 dutch porn a little odd that all these man sat so closely together, I mean, nearly naked and so close. Don't get me wrong, I didn't mind, though.Achmed sat down at my 23 webcams big Doc's feet, between his strong hairy legs. Doc John played with the boy's black hair as they sat there.I learned my Doc's nurse, who opened the door for me ddoggprn 12 was Jeffrey. He told me. I was proud to be the first.We talked and Doc John explained the house rules, which were very simple: "Boy, be yourself."During Doc his words, Jeff was touching my knees in my 1940 s slip tight new jeans. He hands wandered up to my crotch, touching the outline of my balls with his fingers. 14 old sex jpg I knew by instinct this was the kind sweet 16 old pussy of man I could never say "no" to.I spread my legs a little, to give him better access.You know, just by reflex.I looked across at my doctor and wondered what he would think of my acting this way with his nurse. It will all in the report to my parents?Doc only smiled at me.The young Moroccan boy was licking his leg, well all around his knee and part way angel nude 13yo up his thigh.Reading my young mind, "Don't worry, feel free to do whatever you want, no this is between you and me, I will discuss everything with you, not with your parents.""Yes, sir, thanks, sir."Doc's robe had fallen completely open now as he lay back on one of the big pillows. I could see his great muscular torso. I had seen female reporters 1920s before his big bulge between his legs. Now I got a good view!Doc's cock was enormous in my young eyes! I could see all, totally exposed, his large soft cock. His 4some bi clips large cock laid across 2010 exhibit rfp his left leg and it rested easily 3some asian across his thigh.Wow, what a sight!What a magnificent cock my Doc has! There were a pair of great balls hanging loosely beneath it.Jeff, the nurse, smiled at free 70 naked galleries me. He knew!Slowly he took arab sex movies 3gp my face by my chin so I had to face him directly into his eyes."Well, little one, you want some of that?""I don't know. What free 14 tiny porn do you mean, sir?""Yes, you know, I saw your eyes on your 1960 pinups Doctor's huge 4x black leather jeans cock. Don't fool with me, little boy. You like that? Yes, you do, I'm sure, looking at your jeans, I'm very sure!Well you're going to get it, pretty one."Jeff quickly flipped me over. I was laying on my stomach. It 12 yo sex gallery happened so fast! I barely knew I cuadrado latino 5x5 was turned over.The giant man was sitting on my back in a split second. I felt his strong, big, powerful non nude 12yo body weighing down on my young slim frame.I could feel Jeff's hard cock through our clothing.His cock was firm, pressing hard against my little ass.I tried to fright him, but it felt so wonderful!Well, never thought for an instant that I would win this fight to get this giant away. 1968 female clothes He is so strong... And I want to do him everything!The big man was moving on my little boy back. He took a handful of my curly blond hair in his strong hand and pulled my head back.I felt he sunk his teeth into my boy's neck, just above the line of my t-shirt.It was hard enough to make my whole body tense, but not hard enough to give me any pain.My own boner fought with its 40 percent hiv sandf own Nba live 06 videos prison.I felt my young teen cock begin to harden in my new jeans, pressing against the pillows I was still lying on.Jeff's breath was hot in my ear. I was so turned on! "Come on, pretty little one, just eat me!"With those words Big Jeff raised my 3 piece penile prosthesis body and flipped me over again. I found myself now suddenly on my back again. Big Jeff had unzipped his tight jeans and had moved toward my 3-d incest cartoons face."Take it out, little sweet boy, amateur angels 1 14 little boy, you need more pressure?""No, sir!"What could I do? I loved it!I reached out to take his huge cock out the cotton prison free porn video 3gp of his tight white boxers. In the mean while I heard 42 inch bath vanity Doctor John breathing heavily and panting and moaning. I was brought back to my own business very soon."Not like that, my boy, don't use your hands, your mouth and little teeth will do the job."Jeff grabbed busty hot bbw 03 my hands away from his blue jeans and tight white underwear.I was shocked!I never took anyone's cock out his pants by my hands, much less with my mouth.Of course, incest bulma nc-17 I hesitated.Jeff quickly asian 9 ball tour grabbed tiny 13 nude my by my curly hair again and pulled my little head up. I obeyed the strong silent demand. In a split second, my face was on this big man's unzipped jeans and I smelled his manly crotch putting my nose close to his white 2 month old fetus tight underwear.Wow, the bulge of his big cock was forcing the cotton of his white boxer to the limit.Slowly I 15 yr girls xxx removed the white cotton 24 rope lights from his big cock, of course with my teeth. Till I found the scratch of Jeff's public hair on my smooth face.His stiff cock 2 girld 1 cup hit me!"Well boy, do you like what you sex 4 free see, little one?""Yes, Jeff, sir.""You can have it little one, put your tongue out and eat it, be cool, my boy, just eat it. Take it easy, little one, we have time.Take my cock into your little mouth, little kid!"Jeff pushed my smooth face into his huge erect cock.Wow, it was a magnificent cock, I never saw such a huge manly cock before. It must be even bigger I ever saw, even in the showers being there with the university guys, taking a shower after a good soccer 14 y.o. tgp pics game.Jeff opened my mouth with his strong hands and shoved my smooth face on his big cock. My soft lips touched his beautiful cock-head.Slowly, I felt the 10-14 pics xxx 0540 hula sensor big strong cock filled up my little mouth. What else could I do? I nearly gagged, but loved it all the way!The eager hard shaft was covered with soft skin. It felt so wonderful!"Suck on it%
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