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Related post: Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 19:21:06 -0400 From: teen years porno Dave Starr Subject: Mountain Hike Story, chapter #5Mountain Hike, chapter #5, The end, my end !All rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for personal enjoyment, no part of this story may tits 14 years girls be reproduced or transmitted by any means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. Comments masturbating 14 years on the story are appreciated teen bikini 14 years and may be addressed to the author, Dave at thicknhard5hotmail.comThis story contains descriptions of consensual sexual contact between Males. As such it is homoerotic, designed for the entertainment of mature adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, or if the subject matter would create any kind of personal moral 12 years girls erotic dilemmas, please exit now. =====================================================The next day my trainer continued my training in earnest. My balls were wrapped in thin leather strips and my leash was attached to the cord. " I bet now you'll follow me very close eh boy. We're having a guest today so this is kinda like your debut. I didn't really know what he meant then. It wasn't very long until I was ordered to kneel in the corner, ready for our guest. I was surprised when a tall, pretty woman of about 40 showed up. After some small talk I was ordered to 18 year nude girls crawl over for an inspection. I know that this must have looked very ackward, it's hard to move with your hands behind you. The lady seemed very interested in me and asked if she could inspect me. I was soon told to get on my feet. As I stood there like a docile dog she walked around me slowly groping me and commenting like I wasn't there. "He's not too bad is he ? How is his service , has he been well trained ?"Actually Jane he has just begun training but I'm encouraged so far. I don't know how good a cunt 7 year old kids lapper he is but I think he's going to be a premo cock sucker. It nudist year old seems that he's a natural slave , really getting off on the shear joy of the act of girls 16 year sexy submission. If you keep the humiliation factor up I think he will do anything you want , a true slave.""Well we'll soon see eh." I was really surprised at how different being a slave in 10-14 year teen nude front of three people was. She cupped my balls and gently squeezed them as she smiled at me. That made it doubly surprising when she slapped me across the face still smiling. "Your 7years teen porn to keep your eyes lowered unless your Master tells you different. You're 16 years young porn a slut pig and you have no ight to look at your betters unless ordered to. Do you understand pig ? Yes Mistress , yes I do. I noticed that the man just sat there smiling."I don't suppose that you think you know how to serve a nude 14 year girls couple eh , 12year girl hardcore gallery well we will make sure hot 16 year porn that you learn. Understand that your nothing but another animal sex 14 years porno to use as far as were concerned, like a kitten or puppy. To us your mouth-cunt is your best feature. You're to keep quiet unless you're told to talk, were simply not interested in any opinions you might have. porno 14 year As I said you keep your eyes averted and always fall to your knees with your hands behind you and your eyes lowered when a Master approaches you. You are never to refuse a Master's order, never." "Don , I see you've kept his wrists restrained , that's good. Have you broken him to a phallus yet ?"No I realy haven't had the time and I'm not experienced enough to break a pig to a phallus ; it would be interesting to watch you though." Get him dressed and we'll take him home to continue his training, before were done he'll be as great a Ladies maid as he 20 yearsnude is a cocksucker. I really don't even want to inspect him here." I was dressed and put in the back seat and driven to their house in town, boy it felt good to be without handcuffs. I followed them into a large addition in back of the house. I was very apprehensive.After they had availed themselves of some wine they again returned sex 10 years xxx to me. "Well boy porno twelve years old you'll now see the difference in how a Woman trains and controls her slave. Slave, we must remove all of your clothing. Give them to me." She used a key to open a small, young nude 13 years wood-paneled locker while I sat on an ottoman and pedofilia 13 year took off my shoes and socks. Afterward I stood and unbuttoned the rest of my garments, surrendering them to her until at last I wore only under shorts. "Those, too," Mistress said, holding thirteen year old pussys out her hand. Even after what 16 old years nude I had been through in the last few days a flush of embarrassment swept over me. I hesitated. "Come on," she urged. I put my thumbs inside the elastic and slid the garment past my knees, to the floor, and stepped out of them. I was now 12 year lollita sex totally naked in front of them. She smiled and let her eyes wander over me, then put my shorts in the locker and turned the key. I stood next to the ottoman and could tell that she was pleased with the image of my ass globes in the mirror.She opened a drawer and found the handcuffs. "Slave I must follow 14 year nude the tried and true training rules. 14years old girles sex I know it is difficult, but I'll be with you as you learn, turn around and give me your left hand." I hesitated, then faced the mirror. She quickly handcuffed my hands rather 12 year teens nudity comfortably behind me, double locking the ratchets. She turned me around, explaining in a firmer voice, "Now we gallery teen nude14 year want you to porno 13 year spread those legs. You must remember to do porno 13years girl it this way," she said to her partner, tapping my inner thigh. She urged my feet outward on the warm carpet until my legs were spread unnaturally, stretching my thigh muscles tightly. My genitals hung free and glaringly exposed. She moved her hand over my ass globes, feeling and squeezing. This treatment made my erection grow rapidly, to her satisfaction. "And adolescents 13 years nudes remember never to speak unless asked."She returned to the drawer and withdrew a white hand-towel and a small tube of clear jelly. She opened 16 years porn pussy the towel and lay it on the table, put some 16 years old hardcore jelly on her fingers and carefully spread it over the head of my cock, causing it to surge rigidly upward. She closed the tube and laid it on the towel. I was so ashamed yet so excited by being handled like this. "I know that neither of you have participated in breaking a slave to the phallus. She carried a small leather case and I wondered what it held. I saw her glance fall to my genitals as she put bikini girl 16 year the girls 12-16 years nude case down and walked slowly around me, circling me like a 14 year porno pics cat would a trapped mouse, her eyes moving over my body from head to toe. She continued her appraisal for what seemed like several, long minutes. Finally asking my trainer, "Have you whipped him?" "No, he's new and untrained, a seventeen years foto porno beginner, Jane." So that was my new Mistresses name. 10-16 year teen pussy I certainly want to thank you for sharing a specimen with this much promise. Of course I will have to examine him myself.""Of course." "Shall we begin?"" Oh Yes, please, let get on with it.""Good." She sat down on the other ottoman. "Bring him 13 year sex free closer." Master took my elbow and walked nude 12 year kds me in front of Mistress Jane, my erect penis had to be at her eye level, and again she tapped the inside of my thighs with the crop, I spread my legs wide and nervously 12 years desnudas pulled against the handcuffs, breathing faster. "When you are finished 14 year pussy pics here," Mistress Jane addressed me directly, you will have teen 16 years fucking become a trained, sexual slave in every respect. You will be a prize for your owner, rather than just another clumsy submissive." She looked at Don, "Has he been sized?""No, but is it necessary, so soon?" "Oh yes, we must do it right away. But, in a moment." She idly ran her hand up my leg, beside the scrotum, my balls tightened. Her fingers played with my testicles, one by one, moving them up and down, feeling their shapes. I couldn't sexy girl 13 years help it, I emitted a small moan. Using both hands she spread my scrotum, testicles apart, and examined them. She lifted my balls and 15year old nude looked behind them, feeling the shaft at the base of the penis. Finally, 12 year old fuck with two fingers, she squeezed the very tip of my cock, forcing out a clear drop. "Yes he is a remarkable choice."It's time for us to finish. Bring me the case, please, and if either of you have any questions as we girl 14 year xxx go along, ask them." Master set the case in front of Mistress 14 years hardcore video Jane and asked, young xxx years "How long must he be handcuffed?" "Only until he learns not to touch his privates without permission. Some learn quicker than others. The training harness helps. I believe this will do." She chose a phallus from the case. It was a magnificent dildo smooth and veined like 14 years nudes a real cock, with a ring attached to the base. naked girl 14 years "Bend him 12 year young pussy over porn 14 years the ottoman and bring me the jelly," 14year girl she said as my eyes widened.I was soon positioned with my legs spread, but my head teenies 14 years nude down on the ottoman and my buttocks raised sharply. xxx 16 year I was quite conscious that my balls were hanging down in full view of my Masters and Mistress Jane. I could not see, but only feel what they were doing to me. Mistress Jane squeezed some jelly onto the tip of the cock like phallus. "Now Don stand beside him, turn his feet inward on the floor as much as possible, and use both hands to spread his cheeks."Master complied and I 16 yearold girls fucking felt his hands on my ass globes , pulling them apart and exposing my anus. My ass hole was now fully open and exposed. "But why do you turn his toes inward, Jane?""It prevents him from pressing his buttocks together to resist the training cock. Now watch carefully." The jellied tip of childs nudes 12 years the cock-phallus preeteen 11 years nude felt slippery to me as it touched the mouth of my anus."When you do this, Don, tease the sphincter with the cock-instrument as I am doing. It teaches his anus to grasp 12 years young pics the tip and makes penetration easier. You might also pull slightly on his scrotum, like this. It's essential that this be done slowly and gently so he can absorb the full measure of his humiliation and also learn 10 year nude teen to crave cock." She took my scrotum, above the testicles, and pulled gently down in a milking motion. Again I couldn't help it and moaned loudly. "This milking action relaxes the males, Don. Helps them learn to take the cock-phallus. Now feel his cock. Is it very hard?"Master reached underneath my stomach and felt my penis. It was bone-hard. Another loud moan escaped my lips. Mistress Jane spread my cheeks again. "If you looked at the end of his cock, Don, it would be red and flared," Mistress Jane continued, still teasing my ass hole with the cockhead of the phallus. "Relax and breath through your mouth, slave."How could I relax!!!!"Now Don, when you 14 year old russian push it in, do it slowly, backing out slightly, then in again, moving the shaft downward, this way," year teen nude she 16 years erotic nude demonstrated, as the tip disappeared into my ass and 15 years porno videolar%
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