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Related post: Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 08:35:58 -0700 (PDT) From: tag michaels Subject: Brazen BrothersI actually had a dream about these two boys. In it there were some five episodes where they groped my crotch through my shorts just as I describe in the story. The groping were progressive in duration and brazenness until the last part of the dream lolita angels xxx pics where I simply lay still while preteen lolitas undressed models one lolita preteen models sites of them put his hand up the leg of my shorts and felt my stuff while the other one watched. It never went farther than that but I did top vagina lolita biz wake up with a tremendous hard on and immediately began writing this story. Well, almost immediately. Hope you like it. Hugs Tag_mI had leased the two bedroom cottage for the three months that I was on "sick leave" and vacation. I'd Chosen Costa Rica for a variety of reasons, none of which I'm going to go into other than the fact that I was considering retiring there. Granted that long awaited time wasn't for another fifteen years or so but if I could make it happen I would be retiring a good ten years short of the usual retirement age in the U.S. I'd been looking at the country since I was a teen because of child nude xxx lolita a school mate in eight grade who had moved from there. The stories he told about the weather, beaches, the jungle, the animals and everything else sparked my teenage imagination and desires and I'd had a fixation on it from then on.I had gotten wind of a house from a co-worker who had a friend who had a friend sort of deal. A phone call or two were made. The initial house wasn't available but apparently another one in the area was and would I be interested even though it was at least four miles outside of Jaco where the other house was. The second house was actually a two bedroom cottage that was just off of a much larger nude russian loli pics estate villa and as it turned out it wasn't much but it was clean and the degree of bugs seemed to be at a minimum. I wasn't a huge bug fan but if I was planning on living in a tropical country I knew I'd best get used to them.My landlady was an elderly woman, although she looked older than her actual sixty one years. The cottage had been occupied until recently by her daughter, son-in-law and their two boys until lolita nude models ru they had moved to San Jose to find decent work, not an uncommon decision in that area. Andrea, pronounced Ahn-dray-ah with the emphasis on the middle part, was the landlady's name. She told blue link lolita models me her grandsons would be returning to little lolita pantie models stay with her for a while as their parents were apparently having some difficulties finding suitable housing. She was fine with that as the boys were the shining light in her life, the son-in-law quite a bit dimmer.The main house was quite large having been the living quarters for the owner of what been the largest farm for miles around for over a hundred years. Andrea and her husband had inherited the place from her father twenty years before but by then it was in decline and when her husband passed away some five years before things had gotten worse. Over the years chunks of the property had been sold off so by the time I got there it was only a paltry three thousand four hundred and sixty three acres in size. Originally it had been over eight thousand acres.A typical hacienda, its original two storied whitewashed fa‡ade was now a mess of muddy brown, almost a burnt sienna. The same was true for the eight foot high walls that bordered the four acres that the house sat on. The gardens inside the walled compound were fairly well over run except for a vegetable garden. There were garden pools whose water was long gone and a cracked swimming pool in no better condition. Chickens ran wild but were tame enough for one to be caught from time to time to grace Andrea's dinner table. Said dinner table, actually a long table with a bench against one lolitas porn bbs young wall and a few chairs on the outside of it, sat in a corner in the huge kitchen. A more formal dining room with a table that sat sixteen hadn't been used in years.I said the kitchen was huge and it was but really, everything about the hacienda was huge including the seven bedrooms on the second floor, some of which offered a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean lolita the little girl barely a quarter mile away. The house had plenty of open space with lots of large easy to open windows as well as verandas, and tile flooring to help 9yo lolas non nude facilitate coolness. The house was filled with antiques that angel lolli bbs nudes mixed well with items that had been home made a hundred years before. I fell in love with lolita underage nude model the place and Andrea almost immediately.From Andrea I learned the local history and the fact that her great-great grandfather had come there from Spain when he lolita bbs erotic stories was barely sixteen. With a bit of a blush she told me that hard work coupled with brutish behavior had earned him the property along with an unsavory reputation and for a century lolita innocent secret girls anyone within five hundred miles knew of the villa la Joya del pacifico-The Jewel of the Pacific, which was the name of the estate. A great deal of the property was now jungle but originally it had yielded an income from fruit, coffee and cattle but had begun to fall into disrepair shortly after world war I and gone downhill ever since. There had been some money in the local bank but that was dwindling at a rapid pace which was why she was renting the cottage. She didn't want to have to sell lolitas bbs pedo preteen off the property even though she had received some offers that would have made her a millionaire many times over. Part of the reason her daughter moved was because her husband was seriously discouraged that his mother in law had turned down sex pics preteen lolita such glorious free lollita xxx sex offers. There were other reasons and frankly she didn't like him at all."He is a rather lazy bum so he saw the money as preteen lolitas top 100 a 14 years little lolitas way for him to not work the rest of his life. Well, phooey on that," she'd told me with a snort.I spent the first few days exploring the property which of course was mostly jungle. There was a medium sized river on the property which provided the water for the house as well as a beautiful waterfall and grotto less than a mile from the house. There were a couple of creeks as well. Among other things there was little russians lolitas photos also a good 2 miles or more of unsullied, unused and very private beach.I drove into Jaco, a town of about 5-6,000 people unless it was spring break and the population swelled considerably. Apparently Jaco is THE hot spot for a wild time in Costa Rica. I would be eschewing the night life. I did a little exploration further down the coast, thankful that I'd had the foresight to rent a four wheel drive vehicle. Hell the road from the villa to Jaco itself was no prize. On Saturday I took Andrea into bbs lol ls girls town to shop for food and was amazed play lolitas xxx top at how far a hundred dollar bill could go, at least at the ferias, the Latin version of a Saturday farmers market. That was where we picked up the staples of fruits, vegetables and beans. The supermarkets were much more expensive. My landlady was a bit outraged when I insisted on paying the bill but she was a hell of a cook and I was eating in style so I didn't mind. Had I known just what "a dwindling bank account" meant to her I would have let her pick up the tab.without a second thought.While I had ebony tee tgp lolita read about it, on my own I discovered that the area was excellent for all manner of outdoor activities from surfing to hiking. There was a national park within easy driving distance as well as a nature loli girls with dicks preserve. Even though there were plenty of hotels and touristy type businesses I felt the germination of an idea in the back of my head. I needed to think it through a little, or a lot, before I went any further with it.At the end of my first week I hiked down to the beach for a swim and since there wasn't a soul for miles I went skinny dipping. I'd done my share of nude beaches and loved the freedom of wandering about unencumbered by clothing. Andrea had packed me a lunch so I was down there most of cute teen lolita nude the day alternating between swimming, sunning, and dozing in the shade along side of a softly babbling stream.I was dreaming about lord knows what when giggling touched the edge of my semi-consciousness. I opened my eyes to see two boys standing about ten feet in front of my spread open legs and all but staring at my crotch. Both were wearing shorts, t-shirts and leather sandals, none of the clothing new but not tattered either."Oh, he's mucho grande," the smallest of them said and I quickly grabbed my shorts and held them against my crotch."You top lolita a lolita are Senor Greg?" the oldest looking of the two asked in accented but understandable English. I nodded my head and sat up, my nuts resting on the soft sand."I am Javier and this," he said pointing to the younger boy whose beaming smile battled with the tropical sun for brightness, "is my brother Angelo. We are senorita Andrea's grandsons." I nodded my head and extended my hand which both boys took in turn. Angelo seemed a little excited about seeing me naked for his hand crept to his crotch and massaged it a bit, lolitas bbs tgp pthc the cute young thing unselfconscious about what he was doing.We sort of just stared at each other a moment then I said I should get dressed. I stood up and turned away, keeping my front covered, then started to put my shorts on."Sand Senor," Angelo said so I stopped what I was doing to reach behind myself and brush the sand off my ass and then my balls and started to pull my shorts up."Wait Senor," Angelo said and I felt his hand brush against my lower back just above my butt crack as well as my back. "There," he said and I went about getting myself covered up."So," I said, turning back toward them, "sorry about that. I wasn't expecting visitors.""That's alright top 1 lolita paysites Senor, we swim like that too," Javier informed me, Angelo nodding his head in agreement. That I would have loved to see. Both boys were strikingly cute, large dark eyes and crystal white teeth the dominating features on their smooth brown skin. Their pitch black hair was thick, slightly long and unruly. Eyelashes and brows of equal thickness and color matched their hair, the lashes also long and luxurious. Angelo looked to be about ten, Javier twelve or maybe thirteen. On closer inspection I could see that the older boy had a very light smattering of hair starting to sprout on his upper lip which of course led me to believe that he was experiencing a similar growth in the basement and boy did I want to pay a visit to the basement.I was a gay man and a lover of boys. When I say a lover of boys I mean I loved boys but my experiences were mostly limited to men, except of course when I was a boy. Actually my first experience had been at fourteen with my Costa Rican friend Carlos. He had initiated, I had followed along in an "I'll show you mine" sort of vignette. We'd both gotten hard which led to a jack off session. I was fascinated by his cock for of course he was uncut whereas my wrapper had been taken at birth. The first time we'd jacked each other off I had taken the time to fully examine how his foreskin worked, wishing that I still had mine. Carlos was a shooter whereas I caught some air only once in awhile. I loved watching him cum, his sperm often arcing out to land at his nipples, the white of his juices a contrast to his darker skin.Carlos showed me everything about boy sex. The first time he sucked my cock I thought I was gonna die on the spot. He told me he loved my dick because it was nice and big and nymphet met art lolitas fat, which I already knew because of my gym class showers. I wasn't the biggest in my gym class of thirty boys but I was in the top three or four. Carlos was a nice five and half inches and his cock fit into my mouth very nicely. I loved sucking Carlos' cock, loved playing with his smooth balls as he shot his warm sperm into my mouth.Carlos confided in me that he had learned a lot of his stuff on the streets of San Jose where tourists paid boys and girls for sex. It was quite common actually and helped put food on the family table. He said that he could make a couple hundred American dollars a week letting men suck his cock and even m
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