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Related post: Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 00:20:21 -0400 From: The Enlightened One Subject: Keeping it in the family: My uncles part 2All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction and not meant for readers who are nn preteen lina not of the legal best preteen gallery age in their state or country. This contains man-on-man sexual content if you are offended please don't read. schoolgirl xxx preteen It also contains sex between older and younger family members so youngest preteen boy if preteen lingerie freepics you free horny preteens are still offended then you shouldn't still be reading. I hope you'll support Nifty and keep it going! innocent pregnant preteen The story is partially true mostly fiction but in my head it's all good. Enjoy!My Uncles Part 2 We preteen pussy images just stood there, preteen renos the heat preteens in lycra causing us both to sweat and his innocent preteens fucked sweat dripped off the end of his nose onto my face, but we did not move. I could feel his breathing quicken against my chest, my heart raced and I'm sure the people at the party could hear it. "Why?" Saj-cha asked. "I don't know." I replied, as I started turning my head in shame. "Look at me." he said softly, his Indian accent and sweet voice doing nothing to bring my boner down that still twitched in crotch. "Are you ..." "I don't know." I cut in. "Then why?" "I don't know, I've always ..." I trailed off "What? You've always what?" "I've always loved you." I whispered lowering my gaze at the golden cross around his neck. "I've told you that my first memory of family is you, and I've always loved being around you. When I was young sometimes I wished you were my dad." Nothing but preteen voyeur nude the sound of his breathing could be heard. halloween nude preteen So I kept on going. "I don't know if you remember or were awake the first time we stayed at your house back in 2000. I slept in your room and somehow my hand ended up on your crotch during the course preteen cock pics of the night. I woke up and I felt my hand there and ... free preteens I liked it. I cupped and touched and delighted in the sensations that I felt and I needed more. I did what I used to do with Aji and Ranju I parted your mundu (the wrap around mallu men wear, preteen nonude gymnastics it's basically a piece of cloth nn preteen panties that they wrap around their waist and usually wear to sleep or around the house, like a sarong. Most men never wear anything underneath, but it's easy to get into preteen open pussy jpg preteen free just by parting the preteen sex picts front like filipino preteens pictures a curtain) and let my hand slip in and felt your manhood. That was one of the best nights of my life." I confessed slowly. "I remember." "You wouldn't remember ... preteen forum photos WHAT!" I exclaimed and moved back looking into his eyes. "You KNEW?? Then why didn't you stop me! I would never have carried around all those memories and preteen nude pedo these feelings pre teens tgp and this would never have happened!!" I stammered out, tears coming to my eyes as porno preteen girl I looked into the face of the man I loved. And the one who now knew my deepest, darkest secret. "Because I didn't mind it, I ..." he broke off "You what?" "I tgp preteen facial enjoyed it too." He said looking at me intently gauging my reaction. My reaction was not too hard to hide as shock and comprehension and everything just spilled out. Tears were flowing freely down my cheeks; I just looked at him as tears welled up in his eyes too. "Then preteen picture board why did you stop me last year?" I enquired asking about preteen bikini softcore when we preteen nymphet models were in India. "Because I wasn't sure of preteen asian sex my feelings at that time, I let you do it on the first night, but I began asian free preteen to doubt myself and my feelings for you and for my preteeninsest stories family." He said with a thai preteen massage quiver of emotion in his voice. "I know bbs preteen yo that this is not right, but what can I nude art preteen do? This preteen nude non hasn't happened to me since a long, long preteens underaged teensex while." "It's happened before?" I asked incredulously, wiping away the last of my tears and moving closer. "Yes but I don't want to talk about that." Saj-cha replied back, as he flicked off a stray tear. "Saj-cha do you know how much this tortured me?? I had dreams, these feelings, and thoughts that I couldn't tell anyone because no one would understand or even accept. I hated myself for feeling this way about you, I love your kids and I didn't want to break up super naked preteens your family by saying all this." I said as the waterworks slowly started again. We just stared at each other, emotion showing on our faces in the gloom of the garage and like a bucket of cold hot preteen ass water anal preteen angel his cell phone went off startling preteen photo candid the hell out of both of us. He fumbled with the phone and answered. "We fully nude preteens can't find preteen bikinipics it I think it's lost. We'll go buy some and be back soon, hopefully the stores preteen cams are preteen girls strippers open." With that he preteen sex gallerie ended the call went into the house grabbed the keys to his minivan and grabbed me by the shoulder. We both got in and drove off. The stores weren't close in the area that they lived in and he wasn't completely familiar with the back roads yet. We went through neighbourhoods, over train tracks ... twice, and came to an area almost completely surrounded by trees. He suddenly pulled into a deserted route and stopped 50 feet or so newsgroups preteen free from the main road, no one could see us through the trees unless they really, really tried. He got out and walked preteen kisses to the front of the car. "Is something wrong with the car?" I asked jumping out and walking preteen blacks to him. "No but I want to do boys preteen art this." Saj-cha said preteen undies and he pulled me into underground nude preteens a bear hug and pressed me into him. He kissed the top of my head and hugged me tighter. Totally confused, all I could do was return the hug as I pulled myself into his preteens chicks loving embrace. In the whole time from the garage to now, my dick never went soft, but I didn't even notice. I ground my crotch into his to be surprised to find his cock hard and pushing back into my crotch, I let out a sigh into his neck as we let go. We looked into each others eyes and smiled. "Are you young preteen contortionist ok with this? I mean what about your family?" I asked, genuinely concerned. No reply. All he did was lean in and kiss me softly on the preteens suck lips, his thick moustache meeting with my thin one and brushing together. At 21 my first kiss was with my uncle and he wasn't asleep or drunk. Fucking score!! I leaned in further and parted my lips allowing him to slip his tongue in and wrestle with mine, I could taste whiskey and cigarettes and I'm sure he cute preteen boys could taste the beers I had. I let my hands preteen shocking explore his body running it up and down his muscular back. Sure he had a little fat on him, but I wouldn't like my men any other way, his back however alison model preteen was still firm and as I moved my hands down to his ass I underaged preteens pics knew that they hadn't gone to seed either. He groped my flabby ass and slipped his hands under my tee rubbing my hairy back. We separated after what seemed like hours and looked tgp movies preteen at each other still hugging each preteens underage hard other. "Well we won't make it to the store in time, might as well head back." He said, leading me back to the car by the hand. We both hopped in smiled at each other and headed back towards the main road. We kept shooting looks at preteen adolecent each other on the way back and my boner was now attempting to go through the roof of the minivan. I looked over at his crotch for the first time since the garage and noticed his bulge. euro preteen nudist Saj-cha was quite impressive, which surprised me as he was only about 2 inches flaccid when I had my way with him the past few times. I guess he was a grower and my, did he grow. We gave the party a call, it preteen nymphets lola had been around 45 mins since we'd left to look for the cards in his garage. We got pulled into his garage licking preteen girls and got out, I quickly young preteens photo walked over to my hidden box pulled out the packets of cards and handed them to him with a sly grin. "You found it? When?" Saj-cha asked scathingly as he tried to grab them from my outstretched arm, leaning over me his hard cock pressed into the fabric of my preteen tits thongs shorts and into my ass. youngest preteen blog His beautiful Indian cock was hard preteen cartoon legal and pulsating and thicker preteen incest at than I remembered. We stopped moving and stayed in that position, our breaths came in rhythm and in that moment I took the chance cora preteen model to shove the decks of cards into my boxers. I turned my head to the left while remaining glued to him and flashed him a wicked smile as nymphets movies preteen he grinned back playfully. We moved back in unison a couple of paces so that he was leaning on the hood grinding preteen teen pic my ass into his cock with every step. He leaned in and we kissed once more as his hands slowly explored my chest and down my stomach and slowly into my shorts. His hands felt free preteen candids amazing as he cupped my bulge, 3 decks of cards and all. He slipped his left hand into my boxers and deftly fished out the preteen females nudes decks of cards, before going back kelly preteen model and fisting my russian preteen nn hard 7" cock. I moaned into his kiss with pleasure beauty preteen bbs as I ground my ass into his cock harder, the flimsy material of my shorts let his cock to go as far as his pants and my boxers would allow. I reached around back and fondled his cock through his slacks. Still not breaking our kiss I undid his hungarian preteen sex zipper jpg preteen sex and reached in and blindly grabbed at his cock, getting a good hold on it I moved my hand down to the base of his cock. Finally I broke our kiss and turned around to face him, he had to withdraw his hand leaving my aching cock longing for more. I looked at him and he flashed me his beautiful smile, smiling forbidden shocking preteens back I looked down in the darkness at his cock. From what I could see and feel it felt like it was around the same size as mine, not very thick but veiny, latina preteen photo meaty and with a big mushroom head. The foreskin just barely covered his cockhead and his bush covered half his dick. I stepped back hooked my thumbs in my boxers and lowered my shorts and undies under my balls. "You like?" I teased, waving my hard-on around. "You fucking bet I do." He said grabbing me
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