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Related post: Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 11:37:12 -0700 preteen anal pics (PDT) From: Dave Subject: Kelso nude preteen models & HydeThe characters in this story are based preteen cp porno on characters from the Fox TV series "That 70's Show," produced and copyrighted by Carsey-Werner Productions. Nothing in these divine cute preteen stories should be taken as a representation of the actual sexual orientation or behaviors of any of the actors from the show. This is purely a fantasy, totally fictional.The characters in these preteen libido stories do not use protection, this story is free preteens tits fiction, you live in the real world. Please be carefully and use a condom! nonnude preteen Kelso & HydeKelso and Hyde were hanging out, as usual in the Forman's basement. Also as usual an argument broke out between them. What was it over? who knows, just some stupid bullshit. This time though instead of just trying to "burn" each other they started wrestling. Kelso is the bigger of the two, but he is not very strong or very coordinated. After some clumsy messing around Hyde gets Kelso on his back on the floor. "Alright, say uncle" Hyde tells Kelso. "No nonude preteen underwear way man" is Kelso's answer. Hyde is sitting on Kelso and starts to bounce up and down on him. "oof oof, get off me you big ox" Kelso tells Hyde. "Not till you say uncle" and Hyde keeps bouncing. While just sitting and resting before his next attack Hyde begins to feel Kelso's cock poking him nudepreteen models in the ass. "What the fuck is that?" Hyde ask preteens 15yo nude and reaches under him and feels kelso now almost fully hard cock. "Jesus Kelso, you got a hardon for Christ sake" "I can't help it, with your russian preteen nymphette ass on my cock" Kelso moans. Hyde bounces a little best preteen pussy more and now Kelso's cock has reached its full 8+". "Goddamn Kelso what the hell you got in there a log or something?" Kelso preteen grils pics lifts his hips and pushes his hard, cloth covered cock against Hyde's ass. "Nope, just my cock" kelso tells him. "And besides, from what I can see in the front of your pants your getting hard to, Does my big cock get you excited Hyde?" "Fuck no, its not you its just, uh, its uh, lusty preteen females preteen girls wet I don't know what the fuck it is" Hyde wiggles his ass on asian preteen schoolgirls Kelso's big cock preteens sex fotos and preteen bikini mpdels Kelso has his big stupid grin on his face and says, "I cum eating preteen think you like it buddy" "Fuck you Kelso" Hyde tells him but he keeps moving around preteens gays nudist preteen european sluts on Kelso's fat cock. Kelso reaches out and strokes Hyde's hard cock through his pants european preteen cuties and Hyde moans. Hyde leans down and puts his lips to Kelso's and Kelso open his mouth and tongues Hyde's open mouth. Both boys are moaning and squirming around and kissing each other. Pulling back a little Hyde ask, "do 13 preteen models you wanna go to my room?" "Shit yes, I got to do something about my hardon or I will bust a nut right here"Once they are in Hyde's room, for preteenz bbs with the door locked they look at each other preteen img board and seem a bit unsure of what to do now. Kelso starts to strip, putting on a little show for Hyde. He shakes his ass as he removes his shirt sex preteen s and then turns his back to Hyde he bends over and pulling of his pants shakes his cute ass which is cover by his bikini underwear. "Fuck, you look hot Kelso" Hyde tell him. Standing and turning to face Hyde Kelso says, "its your turn to show me what you got Hyde" Hyde for his part can just stare at Kelso standing in his tight bikini which can barely hold his huge, hard cock. "Fuck Kelso your fucking gorgeous, no wonder all the chicks want you" "Yeah, the chicks and camp nude preteen a lot of the guys to, now lets see what you got" Kelso helps Hyde strip and he pulls Hyde's pants and tight white briefs off all at once. Hyde's hard cock, while not in Kelso's pre teens horny league springs up over a hairy set of balls. "Not bad Hyde, bigger then I thought" Kelso says as he takes Hyde's cock in his hand. "I didn't know you were so furry though" Hyde says, "shit you think I'm hairy you preteen nudes japanese should see Red." "Huh, what are you talking preteen underwear pic about, when did you ever see german preteen bodies Red with topless preteens no clothes on?" "Uh, wet preteens naked never mind that, lets see what your hiding inside preteen xx models that bikini." Hyde reaches out and just pulls thumb pic preteen Kelso's underwear off and just stares at the big cock with the over sized head. Then taking it in his hand Hyde say "Jesus what a fucking cock you got, man its huge" "Yeah, and today its all yours" Kelso replies, still with that dumb grin on his pretty face. Still holding each others cocks the boys embrace and begin to kiss and lick preteen and modeling each others lips, face and ears. "come-on big boy" Hyde says as he pulls Kelso to the bed. yahoo preteen pussy Laying toples preteen face to face they preteen pedo blowjob kiss deeply, with much tongue action. Their hands roam over each others backs and caress the others bustypreteen no nude ass cheeks. Kelso with his long arm is able to run his fingers through Hyde's hairy ass preteen orgy lover preteen crack from this position. "Hmmm thats nice" Hyde moans as Kelso slips a finger into Hyde's tight, hairy hole. "You like that, wait till you feel my cock in there" Kelso tells his new lover. "Man I don't know about that, you are so fucking big!" Hyde says. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing and I promise you will love it" Kelso tell him as he sticks litle preteens pictures his tongue halfway down Hyde's throat. "Well you can try, but preteen nude candids if I say stop you better preteen pussy tits stop or I'll kick your pretty ass." Hyde says with a small laugh. Hyde says "I gotta taste that big fucker nonnudes preteens russians man" and Kelso replies "go for it." Hyde kisses Kelso on his full red lips and then starts to kiss his way down. He pauses at Kelso's pert nipples and gives each one a tongue bath henti preteen porn before moving on. He pauses again at Kelso's innie belly button and laps at that for a bit and then he follows the happy trail preteen intercourse sex down to the silky hairs of Kelso's bush. "Hmm that is so nice" Kelso moans as he runs his hands over Hyde's bushy hair encouraging his new lover to continue down to his cock and balls. Hyde really doesn't need any help, he know just where he wants to be. He lifts Kelso's big cock in his hand and stares at it in awe for a second before lapping the drop male preteen of precum from the big cock head. Hyde hefts Kelso's big balls in his hand nude preteen s and says, " Jesus Man everything you got is big." "I know" says a cocky (pun intended). Hyde takes the big head of the cock fuck preteen darkcollection into his mouth and has to open his jaws as wide as he can to get it in. Once he is past the head he starts to move down the fat shaft. He can only get a few inches in before the cock hits the back of his throat. Breathing through his nose Hyde is able to get a couple of more inches in but thats it. Hyde moves his head up and down, stopping at the flared cock head and then down towards the pubes. He preteen nude sexi is about two inches shy of being able to take the whole length of this cock. Kelso meanwhile is enjoying the blow job but he want to get in on the action and he tell Hyde to swing around so they can 69. Without taking the cock from his mouth Hyde moves up preteen toplist banned so he is straddling Kelso. In this position Hyde is able to get the last of the long cock in his mouth and throat and now nn preteens hot his drug fucked preteens nose is buried in Kelso's pubes. "Uh uh" Hyde moans on each stroke, never has he had so much cock in illegal preteen cartoons his mouth. Kelso is now staring up at Hyde's hairy ass and balls. He pulls Hyde's cock down and take it in in one gulp. A slurred "Ooohhh uuuhh" is preteen stories nc all Hyde can say with ilegal girl preteen his mouth so full of cock. Kelso sucks on Hyde's cock and also japanese preteenmodels runs his fingers up and down young preteen upskirt Hyde's furrry crack. "Red is fuck preteen 12yo really got more hair then this?" Kelso ask. "Hmmph, hmmph" is what he gets for an answer and being Kelso who's attention span is about 2 seconds goes back to sucking cock and fingering asshole. Kelso takes his mouth from preteen passwords xxx Hyde's wet cock and laps his balls and then raising his head buries his pretty face in Hyde's ass. Kelso's tongue pushes at Hyde's tight hole until he gets the romania top preteen tip in. Hyde pulls off of Kelso's cock and says "holy shit, goddamm, oh fuck don't stop." Kelso puts a hand on each round globe of Hyde's ass and pulls them apart so he cgi board preteen can go deeper. The tip and more of his tongue are now fucking Hyde who preteen topless incest is jumping around begging for more. "You ready for my big cock kiddie model preteen you fucking slut?" Kelso ask. "yes, yes, yes give it to me, fuck me you big cocked son-of-a-bitch." Kelso flips Hyde off of him onto his back and lifts Hyde's legs in the air exposing the wet and ready ass. Putting the tip underground preteen model of his fat cock at Hyde's pucker he pushes and then pushes harder until the oversized helmet of his cock head pops into Hyde. "Oh fuck, stop, take it out, Jesus I'm fucking being torn apart." "Just relax man, get used to it" is all Kelso says. "Fuck you get used to it, you try preteens virgins porn getting fucked by a tree trunk and see how you like it, now take it out." girls nude preteen Ignoring Hyde's protest, Kelso drops a glob of spit on the exposed part of his cock and moves his trim hips forward sinking about half of his long, fat shaft into Hyde. Again Hyde begs and threatens and is almost in tears but Kelso applies the pressure and soon his ball are resting on Hyde's cheeks and his pubes are flush with Hyde's ass. Kelso stop there and just holds still for two or three minutes. Slowly Hyde adjust erotic teen preteen to the huge invader and he moves preteen wet video his ass a bit and finds the pain is almost gone being replaced by pleasure. Hyde fucks his ass back and forth on the huge best preteen sexteen cock imbedded in him and now he is preteen butt girl moaning and telling Kelso to start fucking. Kelso has fucked enough tight asses to know that this is the result he always gets, pain then pleasure and then heat and pleas for a good long fuck. He does not disappoint Hyde, he starts to long dick him, pulling back until just the head of his cock is in Hyde and then rams forward so that both boys let out a big "ooofff" as they gasp for air. Kelso nude preteen pages is long preteen virgin hardcore lasting and after fifteen or twenty minutes he speeds up preteens sex photo and leaning down to kiss Hyde he says "soon baby, soon you get my load of cum in your hot ass." "Yeah man fill me with your sweet load, give me your hot cum." Faster and faster Kelso fucks and then fully in Hyde underage russian preteen he preteen videomodels stops and lets out a long slow "ooooohhhhh, here it is man, here it is I'm cummming." As the first spurts shoot from his cock Kelso starts fast short strokes untill preteen list model
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