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Related post: Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 teen porn thumbs galleries 17:15:32 +0000 From: Kenzie Boi Subject: Gay Celebrity: Kenzie's Crack: Part 1This is big butt teen porn a purely fictional young teens lesbians story and does not indicate knowledge of the true sexuality of the celebrities/people involved. I have no total teen porn knowledge of their sexual orientation, and again, this is all pure fiction. Any resemblance to real events is purely coincidental. This story contains sexual material occurring between two males. If you are offended young lesbian teen porn by old man fuck teen such material, or it is against the law to view such material in your area, please leave now.If you're unsure what Kenzie looks like: comments/praise: Kenzie's Crack - Part OneRomford had been amazing for teen porn pose Kenzie free teen brazil porn and all the boys of Blazin' Squad. They'd sung all their latest hits and made the girls wet their knickers in the front row. Especially when Kenzie lifted online teen porn videos his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face and the girls caught a glimpse of his new, muscled body. Kenzie had worked hard to make his body this hard, his six pack was tightly ripped, his pecs were like slabs of concrete, free teen ass porn and his arms had thick veins running down them. Even his shoulders and neck looked powerful and muscular, and he loved how much attention he was getting from tabloids and magazines. So Romford was over, and the boys were enjoying the sights of the town where stalls absolutely free teen porn and displays had been set up. Kenzie wandered off on his own while the other boys of the teen hentai lesbian porn group went porn horny teen teen lesbian sex off in pairs.While wandering around, Kenzie saw a familiar face coming towards him. It was Chico, the X Factor contestant who had released that really teen sex amateur pix annoying song `It's Chico Time' and nude teen celebs had been through quite a few ups and downs in his career. Kenzie didn't mind him as a person, but hated his music. He also admired the guy's body. He had been homemade porn teen noticing men's builds a lot more since he took up bodybuilding seriously. Chico came right up to him and shook hands, he was about 3 or 4 inches taller than Kenzie's 5'8" and a bit broader. The top of his smooth chest showed at the collar of his t-shirt. "How's it going little man?" Chico asked."Fuck you geocities teen porn man, you know I'm fucking ripped." Kenzie replied with a grin. "I'm one of the buffest fuckers here!""Haha! Yes, I know. You're certainly much bigger than the first time I met you. You were just a skinny little kid back then." They started walking together. "Now you've grown into a fairly well michelle stiles teen porn built young man." He reached over and gripped Kenzie's arm. Although Kenzie was built like a cover model for a fitness magazine now, Chico was too, and he was a lot bigger than Kenzie, so the grip was lebian teen porn quite tight. "I'm surprised to be honest, that you don't show off more.""Yeah well man, I'm not some poser. And I don't think my body's perfect yet. I'd like to get a bit bigger before I start proper." Kenzie smiled at the older man."Come happy teen porn on." Chico took Kenzie's arm again and escorted him through the crowds towards the backstage area again. They slammed the heavy steel door behind them, and walked along the corridor."Where we going, man? I'm supposed to meet up with the group in a couple of hours. "Wait a second, where is everyone?""They're all out at the fair. Come here." tiny tits teen porn Chico said hurriedly. "In here." He led Kenzie into his own tall teen porn dressing room. It was much like Blazin' Squad's, even as big which was surprising seeing as there was only one of him and five of them. Kenzie sat down on the sofa and teen hanjob reality porn put his feet up on the table."It is nice actually, being out of the crowds and not giving out autographs anymore or anything. You wanna watch the TV or something?" Kenzie asked. Chico walked over to the fridge and pulled out a couple of bottles of water and threw one to Kenzie. "Thanks free hard teen porn man." Chico took a sip then put the bottle down. He crossed his arms over his chest and leant against the counter. Kenzie had to admire the way his biceps bulged over his teens first sex clip chest."So why do you think your body isn't good enough to show off more?" Chico questioned him."I dunno man, I guess I just don't. I really hot teen porn mean, you show off your body a fair bit. When teen girlr porn did you feel ready to?" Chico smirked, took another teens having sex drink then set it down. He crossed his arms and took hold of the bottom of his fairly tight t-shirt. He lifted, revealing a very tight, muscled mid-section, a six-pack of knotted abs, and erotic tiny teens nude then a pair of powerful, perfectly square pectoral muscles that formed a hard ridge over his abs. His arms came down showing off his grapefruit sized biceps and powerful, rounded shoulders."I've always known I look pretty good." Chico smirked."Wow, you are buff man!" Kenzie said in surprise. He was even more surprised though as he felt his crotch move slightly and he sat forward in the chair. Chico walked to the middle of the room, and pushed the table out the way. Kenzie gulped; there was now nothing in between them. Chico lifted his arm to the side and threw a powerful looking pose, flexing exlusive porn teen his right arms. Kenzie's mouth went dry. He took a swallow of his drink."Come on little man, stand up." Chico commanded him. He was quite forceful, which reminded Kenzie a lot of the personal trainer he had been with for the last few months. Kenzie stood up and walked so he was a couple of feet from Chico, who now towered over him like a muscled hulk. Chico put his hands out hot teen ass porn and grabbed the bottom of Kenzie's t-shirt and begun to lift."Hey stop." Kenzie protested. He put his hands in the way to stop madison teen porn his shirt going up more."Move your hispanic teen porn hands." Chico said, staring into Kenzie's eyes. Kenzie did as he was told, and Chico slowly removed the free teen porn uk shirt, revealing a body worthy of a Men's Health cover model. It was smooth, tanned, and hard with muscles. "You see, this isn't a bad body at all. In fact, it's very lesbian teen hunter nice." Chico's hand reached out and ran up and down Kenzie's abs. He used his other hand to grab one of Kenzie's hands and moved it to his own brick-like abs. "Feel mine, and think about how hard yours are. If you continue working on your body it won't be long, and you'll have a similar amount of strength." Chico smirked as Kenzie's lips were dry and he teen black porn free was swallowing a lot. He reached up and flicked Kenzie's hard nipple with his thumb. Kenzie gasped and started to protest again. "Does it feel bad?" Chico asked as he slowly rubbed the nipple. Kenzie shook free teen blowjobs clips his head. "Turn around." Kenzie did and found himself facing a full length mirror. Chico was asian teen froo porn stood behind him."Flex your arms as hard as you can." Kenzie did as he was told and the large teen ass thumbs muscular biceps popped up. He was proud of his arms and abs most and he showed off to Chico. Chico stood right behind him and pull the same pose, his biceps free teen tabel porn towering over Kenzie's."Whoa." Kenzie could only mutter before Chico ordered him to flex his pecs. Once of Chico's hands reached over his shoulder and grasped the slab of muscle."Drop your trousers." Chico said."What? Why?""Because I told you to, and because I wanted to see how well your legs are developed." Chico replied to which Kenzie nodded, and, facing the mirror again shucked his trousers down. He was just in his CK boxers now. "Hmmm, your legs aren't well developed yet like the rest of you. You will have to work on that." Chico came up behind Kenzie, and Kenzie could see he had dropped his trousers too. His solo teen porn sites thick thighs stood out on either side of Kenzie's legs and he could feel Chico standing very close to him. "Flex your abs hard." Chico told him. Kenzie did and his six pack dropped into stark relief, etched into his hard body, veins starting to show over it from danish young teen porn all the hard flexing he had done. Chico's hands crept around and grasped Kenzie's top porn teen muscled body, locking over his tight xxx nude teen porn six pack and pulled him back slowly, his body falling against the bigger man's. Suddenly, Kenzie felt something warm and hard against his arse, and he started to struggle. "Stay still little boy." Chico started. "You make me very happy being here, I teen sex gallery wouldn't want you to run easy teen porn pics anywhere." Kenzie struggled a bit more, but Chico increased his grip, and Kenzie was stuck. He felt Chico's cock against his arse, huge, free tiney teen porn dripping and hard. He could also feel Chico's abs and pecs against his back, his thighs against his own thighs and best of all, two huge grapefruit-sized biceps around his middle. His hands instinctively drew to them and began to stroke and squeeze. He couldn't believe the size of teen titain porn the muscles, covered aspiring teen porn stars in thick veins and so hard. Kenzie barely noticed free 15 teen porn as his cock grew hard in his pants, 8" of thick meat that he was very proud of, stood young teen porn free almost straight out. Chico's hands wandered, one up to the younger man's chest and the other down, into Kenzie's pants."Whoa, slow down, stop." ukraine teen porn Kenzie begged as his body gave away its feelings."Turn around." Chico ordered, and Kenzie spun in Chico's arms. His chest was now up against Chico's larger muscles, Chico's hand immediately went to Kenzie's arse and began squeezing, hot teen celebrity porn groping and taking control. Their hard cocks, Chico's bare and Kenzie's in his pants ground against one another and Kenzie couldn't help but gasp and release a groan. He didn't think he was gay, but this incredibly well built guy was pushed teen ametur porn vids up against him and he xxx teen girl porn couldn't believe the size of his muscles. Chico's hand slid inside Kenzie's boxers and his lips lowered to Kenzie's neck and shoulders where he begun to kiss and suck. His hand slid down Kenzie's crack and he slowly pushed a finger against teen whitegirl porn Kenzie's hole."Oh my god!" Kenzie squealed. Chico was pushing harder. Kenzie's cock was leaking, and Chico sucked on his neck. One strong hand went to grip the back of Kenzie's neck hard, so that old man teen sex he didn't squirm too gay teen porn tgp much. "Uh... uh... uh... oh young teen home porn fuck... me!" Kenzie yelled loudly. Chico replied something that sounded like "Later", then went back to shoving his finger in Kenzie's hole. Kenzie moaned loudly once more and could feel his balls tighten, his abs flexed hard and as he gripped Chico's huge arms for support nude teens he shot his load in teen porn nymph his free teen xxx porn pants, his gorgeous face contorting in agony and pleasure. Chico slowly withdrew and released Kenzie completely, taking a step back. Kenzie, exhausted and no longer being teen porn free clips supported, stumbled gay teen cocks and ended up kneeling on the floor, hands on his knees panting. It took him a few sex porn teen fuck seconds to orientate himself. Finally, he looked up as Chico took a step forward. Chico was naked. His body gleaming, smooth white teen age porn and like a marble statue of Hercules. Kenzie could swear he could count an eight pack of abs, and his pecs were so huge they blocked Kenzie's view of Chico's face from this angle. "Fuck. That was amazing." Chico smirked, then Kenzie looked down and saw the bigger man's cock.It was hard. He had nev
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