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Related post: Katie-5 Katie-5 Note: If you don't like preteen hentai videos stories of women in intimate, sexual situations with each other, stories about femme women with butch girls, stories about male impersonators or if you're not old enough to handle any of the above, please do not read this story. Tony was right, actually. preteen naked vagina Lillian and I had this connection like long lost sisters... lovers... playmates. I was surprised. After all, Lillian is so much older than I am. Hell, she's got daughters older than I am. She has a completely different perspective on the world. At the same time, she spent so much trapped in her marriage that going to school and "playing the field" seems to have unleashed this insatiable tigress that preteens incest has the means and savoir-faire to satisfy herself. Confidence. That's what a girl likes. Hence, my attraction to her and to Tony. That Christmas break, I couldn't go home. Mom and Dad were going to Grandma's for the holiday, and I videos fuck preteen had to be back at school much sooner than they were returning. So, I stayed at school with Lil. With just the two of us (and few others) in the sorority house, we didn't have a lot holding us back. So, for New Year's, we tried nude sexy preteens something different. Downtown, there are a few drag clubs where men dress as women and sing. "Birdcage" kind of stuff. We heard through the grapevine that there was another drag little preteen virgins club. Kind of a reverse "Birdcage". Women dressing as men! Now, I'd seen a whole thing preteen ebony models on MTV about these and, at first, I wasn't interested. What I'd seen had women dressing up as Eminem and other rappers that, to be honest, did nothing for me. I changed my mind when Lil did some investigating. Her girlfriend, Karen, knew the place. Very high end. preteen rape stories Actually preteen stockings model owned by a guy who owned one of the other clubs. Insisted on flash. Insisted on showmanship. O.K., that's the rationalization. In reality, I saw the brochure. Call me crazy, but I've always had a thing for the young Wayne Newton. When I saw that the headliners were "Wayne Newton" and "Elvis Pressley" (Lil went weak at the knees at the preteen russian masterbation thought), I ran out and got tickets for the New Year's show. That night, we were dressed to the nines. Lillian gallery nymphets preteen actually went out and bought a new dress. Lots of sequins. Very sparkly. sun child preteen Of course, I liked that it was backless. After many early mornings looking on her naked back, I liked that others were going to be able to see it too. I, on the other hand, took another approach: white blouse, black skirt almost to my ankles but nude preteens illegal with a long slit up the thailand preteen models side, thigh high stockings and heels. Underneath, I wore a matching lace bra and panty set. Red. Something told me that was the color. As if to say, "Yes, I'm THAT hot!". Finally, I put on my Grandmother's pearls. So, out we went wrapped in our winter coats on our way to see "the boys". The club was nice. Not lavishly decorated, but classy none-the-less. They'd apparently been open for a couple of months. The owner had a reputation for rewarding clubs preteenmodels galleries that did well. So, when they opened, preteen fucked free decorations were a bare minimum. When they made more money, they looked like they made money. His other club, the one with the boys pretending to be girls, started out in the remnants of an old strip club... and not a nice one either. Now, it was the belle of the ball. Once inside, we checked our coats and found our table close to the stage. On the way there, we met with some friends of Lil's, Jacqueline and Iliana. Actually, Jackie and Iliana. Jacqueline looked more like a Jack or Jackie than a Jacqueline... if you know what I mean. Iliana, on the other hand, was stunning. She and Lil apparently liked to shop together, chinese preteen tits or so I got that impression. Jackie greeted preteen sun bbs me warmly. So did Iliana. They both gave Lil a look that says, "I'm impressed." Later, Lil explained, kind interracial nude preteen of cryptically, that they had helped her admit who she really was. No reservations. Knowing Lillian's appetites as I had over the previous few months, I almost felt like I should thank them. But, considering they were out for the night without their two girls, I figured it best to leave them by themselves. Besides, the show was starting. "Ladies, ladies, ladies... and gentlemen," the emcee looked vaguely like Ed Sullivan, but she had the voice down pat, "welcome to our New Year's eve show! For the next two hours, we promise preteen links samples to show you an allintitle preteen model array of talent unlike anything you're ever seen. Talent that's rock solid. Talent that's dream girls preteen stronger that steel. Talent with the stamina of a mountain ram." The barrage of sexual innuendo was getting to be too much. Just in time, some one in the back, obviously preteen girl nightgowns with a head start on celebrating, shouted, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but will they fuck me?!?" Ed Sullivan preteen tgp amateur blushed. "As I tell all the boys in back, whatever happens between you and the ladies stays between you fresh preteens movies and the ladies." Applause! The show soon started with a comic looking a lot like Rodney Dangerfield. Certainly not as funny. Then, there were a couple of other groups that, honestly, did noting for me. Next, Lillian's favorite. "Elvis!" We played it up! Screams! Wild applause! Lillian, along with half a dozen others, threw their panties on stage! I can see why too. This Elvis was something! He was the young Elvis too. White jumpsuit. Cape. Hips swiveling all over the preteen girl forums place. Lillian was melting in her seat. After a couple of songs, Elvis sang "Love Me Tender" and picked Lillian out of the audience to serenade. She was smiling and laughing. She was almost crying too! I've rarely forum preteen pics seen her get this emotional outside of talking about her girls or Karen. This performer had it all: moves, songs, weeping women. I was impressed. Afterwards, Lillian calmed down and had a couple glasses of wine. Then, as my main event was about to take the stage, she turned to me. "Katie, " she had this preteen models nipples look like she was about to ask permission for something, "would you be upset if I went..." "Went backstage to meet `The King'?" She smiled and blushed at the same time. I put my hand on hers. "Go ahead, baby. I've got my hands full with Wayne!" Her smile was infectious. "But I want details later!" She kissed me and scurried off like those girls you see running after the Beatles... or, N*Sync... if twelve year olds wore evening gowns and two hundred dollar pumps. What is it about Wayne Newton that gets me so revved up? Keep in mind, the current Wayne Newton does nothing for me. In boys preteens naked the same vein, the thought of being with the old Elvis has Lillian saying she'd rather be with her ex-husband. I'm much the same way. The young Wayne Newton, however, is "da bomb". I'd noticed girls ever since I hit puberty, but once I saw preteen on preteen tape of the young Wayne Newton, I was a goner. At that age, I preteen models forms can't tell whether he's a "he" or a handsome looking "she". Then, I noticed girls that looked like him. Masculine. Almost androgynous. The most beautiful person in school could boy preteen pictures make a pass at me and I'd be unfazed. I'd handle it like a champ. If one of these girls would ask me about homework, I'd be lucky to spit out a coherent sentence. So, imagine my state as Wayne Newton took the stage and started serenading us. Actually, he serenaded me. fprbidden preteen girls To everyone else, he gave the searing, performer's professional gaze. With me, he preteens galleries biz connected. I know, that's what he does. He's that good. Everyone else is uncensored preteens models thinking he loves them too. I gave that a thought... until... He brought women up for each of his songs. Sang to them while looking into their naked preteen modeles eyes. Everyone melted. I wasn't the only preteen legal incest one with a love for Wayne. Afterwards, he'd lead them to their seats, preteen thongs desing hand on the small of their backs. Finally, preteen lol pitcures he sang "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" and preteen usenet gallerie brought me on stage. Oh, I was amazed. It wasn't a preteen girl bbs romantic ballad, but I was his. I was totally his. The energy. The electricity. The hand on my ass as he seated me afterwards. Once the next performer took the stage, I was starting to wonder about Lillian. But, I figured she must have gotten her audience with The King. So, I wasn't going to worry. I was just going to sit here, accept drinks form the occasional woman, have some small talk preteens en naturism and then diffuse the situation when I mention I'm waiting for my girlfriend to finish balling Elvis. Just like guys, most butch women, at least in my experience, take blunt hints the best. Another one approached. Actually, the tuxedo told me something was up. Only the club preteen saxy employees wore tuxes. She was tall and broad shouldered. Hair slicked back. She crouched down and handed me a card. "Miss, are you preteen child fuck available to meet with Mr. Newton?" Shocked, I preteen hardon pic looked at the card. "I would love the honor of meeting you. If not tonight, any time that's convenient for you. `Wayne'" I still felt the hand on my ass. "What about my friend? How will she know...?" The Tuxedo said, "Ms. Lillian is in with Mr. Pressley. We'll keep your table and look after your things. If Ms. Lillian comes out, we'll be sure to let her know where you are." I smiled. "Let's go." Backstage, the Tuxedo opened the door to the dressing room. "Ms. Katherine, Mr. preteen pussy pis Wayne Newton." There he was in all his splendor. Tuxedo jacket. Bowtie. Like a cherub version of Dean Martin. "Ms. Katherine," he said as he walked across the room, "so pleased to meet you. Thank you for coming back and agreeing to meet with me." I extended my hand. He took it gently and kissed it just around the knuckles. I wanted to just gasp. Instead, I said, "My pleasure." "Would you like some wine?" It was the same wine I'd been drinking all night. Damn, I was so flustered. I could barely talk. So, I decided to take the approach that preteens raped photos many do, "Let them talk. I'll pretend to listen while I fantasize about their hot perspiration dripping on my equally flushed skin." But, Wayne wouldn't hear of that. He kept asking me questions. Who was my companion? Was it serious? What brought me to town? Was there some pthc preteen links jealous person he should keep an eye out for? I spoke as well as I could, but it was difficult. The sight of him. The cologne. The atmosphere. The feel preteen vouyer pics of his hand on my ass. "Would you like to dance?" I smiled and nodded. Before I knew it, I was preteens fucked movies wrapped in his strong, teddy bear-like arms. At first, we were at arm's length. Slowly, we drew each other closer. Eventually, my arms were around his neck and his hands were back on my behind. Strong hands. On my flesh. I preteen maxwell model rested my head on his shoulder and enjoyed it. Wayne pulled back to look into my eyes. "Katherine, thank you for coming to see me. I do appreciate it." I just closed my eyes and parted my lips. preteen rape porn "Please," I said in my mind, "read the signs. I can't speak. I black preteen gay need legs asia preteen you to know..." Just then, soft, wet lips pressed against mine. The hands slid from my ass to my back. My arms pulled him closer if it was possible. I just knew I had this teen idol in my arms and his tongue was teasing my lips on its way to my throa
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