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Related post: Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 01:25:20 EST From: Subject: Kelly's Problem Part 7Part 7 -- Kelly's ProblemPreamble:This is a story based on real people in a situation which they were never in (Though I wish that they had ;)). The names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. This is purely a fantasy of the author and is not meant to be taken as fact.Also, please note that the sex that occurs in this and succeeding parts is unprotected sex, which while understandable in the early '80s before the scourge of AIDS was fully understood, was still dangerous because of the possibility of other sexually transmitted diseases. The characters in the story can only catch what I allow them to, even if it's a case of the pimples that are the bane of teenage life. Practice safe sex!My thanks to those who have written me with words of encouragement and asking for more of the series. I have bounced ideas off of several of you and appreciate the help. From Part 6:I leaned back on topless 13 preteenz the couch and held out my arms. He sank between them. After a preteens bare feet short but passionate ls preteen guestbook kiss, we just laid there and cuddled. Before we knew it, it was 9:30. Kelly had to go. If it hadn't vintage preteen underwear been a school night, I preteens nice nude would have kept him there and damned the consequences, so much did I want to hang on to him.Instead, Kelly stood up. He pulled his briefs and jeans back up and put his t-shirt back on. He smiled and said, "I wish we could do this every night. I love porno preteen movies you so much that whenever I leave you, it's almost painful. But I guess we'll have to settle for whenever we can find the time." He sighed.I pulled up my own pants and stood up. I told him, "I know how you are feeling, Kelly. I feel the same way. I don't want you to leave. But I know that you have to go. I'll see you tomorrow morning, my love."I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I really didn't want him to go. He gently unwrapped my arms and said, "Goodbye John. I can't illegal preteen top wait until I see you tomorrow."He picked up his books, put on his coat and walked to the door."Goodbye, Kelly. See kids pedo preteen you in the morning."He opened the door, turned gina preteen model toward me and blew me a kiss. Then he closed the door and walked to his car. I watched him as he pulled away. I woke up bright and early puffies preteens tgp Tuesday morning. I really wasn't looking forward to it. The folks were coming home today and I wasn't sure modele preteen nude what I would tell them, if anything.And then, of course there was Kelly. The events of the last few days that Kelly and I had engaged in were not going to be able to be repeated for the foreseeable future. For some reason, I didn't see either my parents or his allowing us to sleep in the same bed while they were in preteenchild nunude art the house. In fact, I was very much afraid of what would happen if either set should find out what we were up to. I couldn't afford to be thrown out of my preteen ru school house quite yet, and I knew the same went in spades for Kelly. Neither of us had any other place we could stay; even if we did, the way rumor spread around this little berg, it wouldn't stay that models preteen way for long.I got up, crutched into the bathroom and hopped into the shower. My mind wandered to Kelly with the usual result of my cumming, hard. I preteen illigal sites got out of the shower, got dressed and was early enough that I had time to make some eggs and bacon for breakfast.When I got to school, I saw 15 preteen pictures Tim waiting for me by my locker. I said hello to him and he greeted me in return. I asked him what was up. He motioned me over russian preteen cunts to the side, out of the preteen model poohnany way of the rest of the students."How careful were you guys Friday night?""I think we were careful enough," I replied. Then with a smile I added, "Although once Kelly got inside, we kind of ignored everything but each other. Why?"Tim answered my smile with a slight frown. "Sally was talking preteens bbs ukrainian to me last night. She said that Linda had been driving her home Friday night and they had driven by your place. She remembers doing it because Linda had asked her whose car that was in the driveway. When she said that the car looked like Kelly's, Linda told her that she thought that he lived in another direction from Ken. Sally said that that was John's house, and she told Linda who you were. Linda got upset and wondered aloud what Kelly was doing there, even telling Sally that she had heard that you were gay." This was the confirmation that Linda was the one that had told Tony about Friday. That little bitch was going to be a problem. Especially if she kept egging preteen movie trailers Tony on in an effort to get to one of her least favorite people, me. Damn shameless pre teens her! But it was what Tim said next that really got my attention."The reason I bring up Linda is that Kelly is on her blacklist as well. They went out for one date last year, but Kelly broke it off because she got too aggressive. She said she would have thought that he was gay, but she knew that he had gone out with other girls before her."I looked away for a model preteen pictures second to collect myself. "Damn it, Tim. childrens digest preteen I guess we'll have to be even more careful than I thought. All because a little bitch couldn't have her way with either of us."All right, Tim. Would you mind passing the message to Kelly that I want to talk to him at lunch. Let him know what's going on. tiny preteen supermodels It's going to be tough, especially because I want to feel his arms around me as often as I can.""I understand, John. I'll tell Kelly. See ya later.""Yeh, later," I said as Tim walked down the hall.The time passed slowly before lunch. In one way, it yunger preteen pics was almost a repeat of Friday when I couldn't concentrate on any of my classes. But the reasons for it were entirely pantyhose pre teens different. This time I was anxious about our relationship being discovered. I was extremely lucky that none of my teachers called preteen models extreme on me.Lunch arrived and my anxiety level hit an all time high. I had asked Jack to keep Tony occupied because Tim wanted to discuss something with me at lunch. Jack had said OK, but looked puzzled sex preteens models about why Tim had to talk to me. I told him that Tim had something about the JV team he wanted advice on and that it couldn't wait.When I entered the cafeteria, I looked in the direction of the table that Tim and Kelly normally sat at, but didn't see petite preteens models them. A sense of panic came over me as I tried to find them. Finally, I heard Tim call out preteen pussy pic "Over here!" from a table over in the corner. I hentai preteen breathed a sigh of relief and went over to the table and sat down."Hi guys," I said nervously."Hi, John," Kelly replied. "What's up?""I think we may have a problem. Has Tim told you about the conversation he had pussy rusian preteens with Sally? And the one I had with Tony?" I asked Kelly."Yeh, Tim told me. preteen slut index I take it you're worried about something coming from this?" Kelly replied."Very worried. Linda can be very persistent about something she wants. And right now, I think she want either or both our heads. preteen fuck young And if she can use Tony peing preteens to get at us, it's even better. The problem, at least from my point of view, is that I want, no need, you in my life. I need to be in your arms, or to wrap my arms around you. I know it's going to sound weird after such a short time, but I've become addicted to you in a way I wouldn't have thought possible.""Hey John, kdz preteen pics settle down. preteen nude artgallery We'll come up with something to throw Linda and Tony off, won't we Tim?""Sure we will. Listen, I haven't had a lot of time to think preteens pussy deflowered about this but here's an idea I have. Linda didn't consider Kelly gay because he'd gone out with several girls and had at least made out with a few. I think foreign nude preteen that its time for John to seem to be dating a girl. The only problem is finding someone who is willing to date both of you without spilling the beans. Now I would ask Sally to help out but she might just be too close to Linda to carry it off. The best thing would be to find girls who like each other the way you two do, but I don't know if that's possible. Are there any girls you know John who might be willing to cover for you?""No, I don't know any right off the top of my head. You know my history. I've never really given much thought to girls. Do you think Sally might know any?""John, are you sure preteen pantyhose stories that you want to involve Sally? You know that anything Sally does might get back to Linda," Kelly said."Come to think of it, if we set this up through Sally, we might pull it off," I said. "We just tell her that I want to quell some of the rumors going around about me. She'll understand that I'm just unsure of myself around girls, and don't want to make a fool of myself. Do you think that would work, Tim? Do you think that she would help us nudist girls preteen under those circumstances?"Tim thought about it for a few seconds, while Kelly and I waited anxiously for his answer. So much depended on whether Kelly and I could make it appear that we weren't a couple. To carry it off, Tim had to help us. "She might. I don't know though if she would believe that John needs a 'cover.' I might have to tell her the truth eventually and then where would I be? She won't take being used like this very well. You said so yourself, John. She IS too good for me. But I think I love her just the same.""Look, Tim," said Kelly, "you won't be telling her a lie. John is uncomfortable around girls. You just won't be able to tell her the whole reason why.""OK, guys. I'll talk to Sally tonight. I hope you both realize what you're asking me to risk here. If preteen girl nudity she turns on me, I'll never forgive either of you. vlad preteen models Do you understand me?" Tim looked from Kelly to preteen incest clip myself and back. "See you undressed preteens guys later." He got up and left the table.Kelly glanced at me and said, "Are you sure that this preteen futanari stories is ukraine nymphets preteen the way to go? Tim's a good guy and, next to you, my best friend. I don't like sexy preteen girls using him like this.""If you can preteens home pics think of a better way to go, please tell me. I'm not thrilled about this either. If this were a different world, I'd shout my love for you from the rooftop. But it isn't, so we have to do something else." I felt my temper beginning to rise."Calm down, John," I told myself. "Kelly's just trying chubby preteen porn to protect Tim from getting hurt and still help solve the situation you both are in.""John, settle down," Kelly whispered. "All I'm saying is that Tim could get hurt if this goes wrong. And russian preteen incest he could turn out to be our greatest problem if he decides that preteen fuking porno we're the cause of his pain. OK?""OK. I apologize for seeming not to take Tim's feelings into account. I just wish that we didn't have to do this at all. I tell you what Kelly, I go and see if I can find Tim and apologize to him as well. I admit to being a jerk when it comes to trying to protect us, and trying to force Tim to act like I want him to is just that." I got up and left the table mex preteens to go and try to find Tim. "I'll see you at practice Kel.""See you later, John."I tried remembering where Tim's next class was. Nothing came to mind. I decided to preteen pussy sucking see if he had headed to the library. I found him leaning against the wall outside the library. He looked very much preteen tgp sweet downhearted. "Tim, can I talk to you for a minute?"He looked up at me. "Yeh, sure," he answered. His tone said that ls preteenmodels he wasn't sure he wanted to. "Look Tim, I want to apologize. Kelly told me what an ass I was being by forcing you to do what I asked. I
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