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Related post: Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 01:36:11 EST From: animated preteen porn Subject: Justin's Secrets (chapter one) Well, I finally got the courage to send in one of my stories. This is a story of homosexual content, I just thought I'd say that right off the bat. In this part, I black preteens tgp know there is nothing to lead you to preteen video site believe that this is a homosexual story, but I have to set it all up otherwise it would just get way too confusing. Disclaimer: This is a fictional story of homosexual content involving the members of *NSYNC. To my knowledge they are not gay and I do not claim to know that they are. If you are offended by this type of material . . . don't read it. If you're under 18 . . . come back when you're older. NOW, ONTO THE STORY!!! The Beginning- October 1995 "Justin, come back!" Lance called after the slightly younger boy. "We're not done yet!" Lance had only been part of the group for a short while, but he had already assumed the position of the groups' unofficial leader. "Let the kid play. He hasn't even seen snow in the last eight years aside from pictures," Joey smiled, walking up behind Lance and placing a friendly hand on his 12 preteen naked shoulder. Lance frowned slightly as he continued to watch Justin's receding figure run down the narrow pretty preteens panties hallway. "Oh, come on, Lance! We're basically done and he's been in the studio all day," Joey coaxed, then let out a laugh. "And hot preteen portal you know you want to be right there with him Mississippi boy!" Lance cracked a smile at that. It was true. "Okay," Lance finally conceded, "he can young cute preteen go." Joey placed his arm around Lance's shoulder and led the 16 year-old back into the preteen cartoon porn control room. * * * preteen nice girls exploited preteen pics Justin ran all the way out of preteen girl hardcoure the dark building and onto the foreign street. He slowed down once on the sidewalk, trying to remember his way back to the hotel. Justin looked defloration sites preteen up preteen nadia mouse at the thick fall of snowflakes as hussyfan preteen pics he continued down the sidewalk. He couldn't help but be in awe. He hadn't seen much snow in his short life, rarely in Tennessee and never in Orlando. His mind began wandering, and Justin found himself thinking back on the day. It had been so long! They'd been image boards preteen in the studio since seven a.m., and they had barely stopped twenty minutes for lunch. Justin knew it was so they could get done with the recording as soon as possible, and it wasn't that he didn't enjoy singing. He loved it, and he loved the song. But eight hours is a long time for a 14 year-old to work without a break. And preteen soft pics JC. What was up with him? The two of them just couldn't seem to get along lately. They could barely even be in the same room together without breaking out lil preteenz into some kind of argument. Justin knew it was his fault really. He just felt so uncomfortable around JC, he wasn't sure what to do about it, so he usually just snapped at JC, which model preteens super was normally how an argument was started. Justin preteen angels ls continued down the street staring up at the snow. He couldn't figure out what was wrong. Why was he so uncomfortable preteen young nudemodels with JC? They'd always been so close. It was only recently that they'd started arguing, within the last couple months. Justin was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice the person walking around the corner until they collided. They fell and landed on the icy sidewalk, Justin lying under the other person. "Förlåt!" a female voice proclaimed. Justin slowly translated the phrase in his head. "Oh! Sorry," he realized after nude good preteen a moment. "You speak English?" the girl asked immediately, a light French accent tainting her almost perfect English. Justin laughed. "Yeah. You do too?" he asked. The girl nodded in response. Nothing was said for a moment as the two stared at each other. Then Justin spoke up. "Um, could you maybe get up off me. I mean, this is okay. . . but it's a little cold," he laughed. The girl blushed and preteen tits tgp immediately pushed herself up to her feet. She then reached down to pull Justin up. He took a hold preteen models hairy of her hand and let her help him up. "Sorry," she said. "Don't worry about it," Justin replied, not preteen girls nudists realizing he was still holding her hand. They stared at each other for a minute, before she blushed and looked away only to have her gaze fall to their intertwined hands. At this, they both blushed and let their hands drop. "What's your name?" Justin asked feeling a little shy, an odd emotion for the usually outgoing boy. "Angelique," she answered also sounding a little shy. Then more boldly, she asked," What's your name?" "Justin," he told her. She smiled and Justin returned the smile. "Where were you going?" Justin inquired. Angelique pointed across the street to a little cafe. "I was going to get some tea," she said. "My hotel doesn't have a cafe." "Hotel? You mean you don't live around here?" Justin asked a little surprised. Angelique smiled and shook her head, her naked nu preteen long blonde hair moving from side to side. "No. My parents and I are here on vacation. . . for nudist preteen boy skiing, but I'm not much good," she laughed. Justin giggled along with her. As their giggling subsided they began staring at each other again. Each one studying the features of the other one. Angelique had long blonde hair which reached the middle of her back. She tucked it behind her cum shots preteens ears, but there was one tendril which always fell back to her cheek. She had blue eyes the color of the sky, competing only with his in their color. Her cheeks and the latin preteen naked tip preteen prostitution nude of her nose were pink from the cold, giving her an almost angelic glow. "Do you mind if I come with you?" Justin finally spoke. Angelique didn't answer for a moment. She had been staring quite bluntly at Justin's figure, and she was obviously impressed. "What?" she asked, shaking herself out of model boys preteen her stupor and focusing back on Justin's preteen for free face. Justin blushed at her evident appraisal. "I, uhm, asked if I could come with you. . ." Justin stuttered. "Mignon!" Angelique giggled. "Of course you can." Justin got a confused look on his face. "Mignon?" he repeated. "Cute," she translated. Justin thought a moment. "Is that Swedish?" super little preteen he finally asked. Angelique laughed lightly. "No. It's French." * * * The girls preteen top two teenagers strolled into the little restaurant and found a nude preteens fuck small booth near the large front window of the cafe. "I wanted to be able to watch the snow," Justin explained as he sat down across from Angelique. "We don't get much snow where I'm from." "Where are you from?" she asked curiously. "Florida," he replied. "In the states." "Really? I went to indian naked preteens Florida once when I was younger," Angelique told him. "When I was thirteen my parents took me to Disney World and . . . what's it called? That studios place. . ." Angelique looked up at him waiting for him to tell her what it was called. "Universal Studios?" Justin asked. "Yes! That's it," she smiled. "It was so much kinky little preteens fun. I got to modell child preteen watch them film chinese preteen girls a TV show. preteen torrents xxx I don't remember youngest preteen girls what it was called because I'd never seen hot preteens x it before. There were a bunch of kids and they sang and danced and such--" "Mickey Mouse Club!" Justin laughed. "I suppose," Angelique answered confusedly. "What's so funny?" Justin took a moment to control his laughter. "I was on preteen rumanian nudes that show," Justin explained still laughing. "You were?!" Angelique asked smiling. Justin nodded laughing lightly. "Yeah, me and JC were both on that show," he said. "Who's JC?" Justin's laughter subsided and he let out a long sigh. "I guess JC's my best friend," Justin replied. "You guess?" Angelique repeated. Justin sighed and nodded. Before child portal preteen Justin hard fucked preteen could speak a waitress all preteenz walked up to their table. "Hello," she said with a thick French accent. "Bon apres-midi," Angelique greeted the free myusenet preteen woman. The woman smiled and looked relieved. "Je voudrais une tasse de the, s'il vous plait," Angelique said with a smile. "Oui. Et vous monsieur?" the waitress asked. "Um . . ." Justin looked at bikini preteen photos Angelique for help. "What do you want?" she sex stories preteens smiled. "Oh, um. . . tea also, I guess," Justin replied a little shyly. Angelique smiled sweetly at him. "Deux tasses preteen girls hentai de the, s'il vous preteen angels pics plait?" Angelique translated for the waitress. The woman nodded. "Oui." "Merci," Angelique said politely, then turned back to Justin. There was a moment of silence before either of them spoke. "Well?" Angelique said finally. "Well?" Justin repeated. "Well, what about JC?" she pre preteen pussy asked. Justin sighed. He had hoped that she would forget. "I don't know," Justin explained. "He's my best friend, preteen lesbian movies but we haven't been getting along very well lately." "Why not?" Angelique coaxed. "I don't know," Justin sighed. "Do you mind if we talk about something else?" Angelique shook her head and smiled. The two teenagers continued talking for hours, preteen thong model not realizing that during their kidde preteen conversation, the sun had set and the snow had begun falling in earnest. Justin set down the now empty mug that had contained his third glass of tea. He glanced down at his watch. "Oh man!" he groaned. "What?" Angelique best preteen blogs asked with worry in her voice. Justin sighed. "It's eight thirty," he told her. "When I left the studio today it was four. The guys are probably worried. . . well, JC's probably not preteenie anal pics worried, but the rest of preteen putas desnudas the guys are probably wondering where I am. I have to go." Angelique frowned, her lips forming a cute pout. "You know that's amateur preteen free really sexy," Justin nude preteen animation stated. Angelique giggled and nodded her wet preteen bikini head. Justin laughed and turned alfa preteen toplist to look outside. "Wow, it's snowing really hard. How far away is preteen asian free your hotel?" Justin asked. "Only three blocks or so that way," Angelique reported pointing in the direction of her hotel. "I'll walk you," Justin suggested. Angelique smiled and nodded. Justin pulled out his wallet and laid a $10 bill preteen picture down on the table. "Shall we?" Justin smiled. The couple stood up and pulled on their jackets before linking arms and stepping out into the flurries of snow. Justin instinctively grabbed ahold of Angelique's hand as they started down the sidewalk as if protecting her from the harshly blowing snow. Five minutes and three blocks later the teenagers reached Angelique's hotel. Angelique preteen lollita slut turned to face Justin with a smile gracing her pretty face. "Well, thank you for spending the afternoon with vodoo preteen list me, Justin," Angelique sighed. Justin smiled an
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