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Related post: How the milk of heaven was stolen IDIOT'S DELIGHT 03 by Khasidi The characters here are under copyright (c) by Lois MacMasters Bujold and are taken from her many Vorkosigan novels. The story is my own invention. It and all other elements not borrowed from Ms. Bujold are copyright (c) 2005 by Khasidi Katugraha No sex yet -- just the forces of attraction/repulsion. Ivan loli naked top 100 and Byerly get a tingle, but Ivan is still too stupid and By is top100 loli too scared to do anything about it yet, But what about the herm? This is the first story I have written and I would love to get some feedback, especially if you are already a fan of the Vorkosigan series. If you have criticisms, I would also like to read those; but I am sensitive (goes with the territory) and cry easily, so please be nice, or at least funny. Mostly, porn pedo loli I just want to know if anyone is reading this. Khasidi - or - (I am gradually switching away from this one) IDIOTS DELIGHT III HOW THE MILK OF HEAVEN WAS STOLEN This is a "Winter Story." These stories are told only during the first new moon after winter solstace on Athos. They are told at night, in the sweat house, in the dark with no lights or any fire burning. They are not written down or recorded on any electronic device that we have been able to discover. This re-telling was done from memory by Artu Semling. All good things come from the Father. From his semen were the stars of the heavens created. When the dark mother created her first children she created them from the semen of the Father's Child of Light, but she saw that the children would die for she had not that which would nourish them. So she stole areté from the light of the stars that were the Father's seed and placed it into the breasts of women as food for the children. But the nipples of men she cursed, causing them to be barren. Yet the 3d loli underage Fathers of men, through sacrifice and fasting, were able to turn away her curse and feed their children. Blessed be the name of the loli ass Father. THE USE OF MILK IN RAISING teens lolicon sex galleries CHILDREN ON ATHOS Newborn children on Athos are chiefly fed a formula based on the milk of goats. Breastfeeding, however, is a very widespread practice. It is well known that men as well as women have mammary glands. What is less well known is that the mammary glands of men are capable of producing milk, though in lesser quantities than those of women. The men of Athos have a rite that is commonly practiced by expectant fathers. It involves, among other sites lolicon porno kids things, severe fasting from food and daily stimulation of the nipples. This stimulation can be shaved lolits done through mechanical means with a device similar to the common breast pump; but more often it is loli doll virgin pics performed by other men and even boys. The most common helper will be the partner of the man undergoing the rite, but others in the loli girl pix man's commune will alo spend time sucking on the man's nipples. Scientific study shows that this stimulation of the nipples encourages the production of prolactin which, along with other hormones such as estrogen, signals the mammary glands to begin to produce milk. Other studies [Viucies and Donnelly, 2503 and Beriandos 2509] have verified the fact that, after a period of starvation, eating can result in an increase in hormone production that can cause men to begin to lactate. About porn teen lolite 65% of children on Athos are breast fed during infancy; however, except in rare cases, the father's* milk is insufficient in quantity so it is supplemented by goat's milk formula. It is interesting to note that the word commonly used on Athos for milk is the young lolia bbs board same as that used for semen, "areté." This word is used in other contexts to signify spiritual energy that promotes virility coming from God. Athosians believe that one can receive areté in the form of milk or semen, but also as a result fasting or meditating under starlight. The radiant energy from the sun which grows plants can also at times be referred to as areté. (See Sex and Religion on Athos).** *Note: The milk that comes from women's breasts, while not mentioned very often, is never referred to as "areté," but loli videos pictures as "foreshchyeh" or "false semen under loli pic from a woman (witch)." Woman's milk is, of course, not found on Athos; however it is an element in popular folktales where it is frequently used as a poison or an element of black magic. "'Resche!" is also used as a swear word and is considered to be extremely vulgar and profane and lolite pics is never used in front of children. **Sex and Religion on Athos will be loli kidz guestbook published with a later chapter. CHAPTER III IVAN AND BYERLY GO ONBOARD Ivan and Byerly passed through the scanners of the Komarr space terminal and retrieved their hand luggage. Ivan took a lungful of the delightful recycled space station air. "Smell that?" He asked his companion, "Non-Barrayaran air. Isn't it great? That's the smell of freedom! Let's go get something to eat. They have a couple of famous restaurants here!" His companion looked less than convinced. This had been his first wormhole jump; 3d lolicon twins and the jump between Barrayar and Komarr was a particularly rough one. Byerly was still feeling a little ill. "Perhaps we should find our Dendarii contacts first? And loli cp porn teen then maybe rooms in one of the hostels?" He thought longingly of loli bbs dark top a nice comfortable bed. "They'll find us, don't worry young loli pussy board about that. No sweat! You can't get lost on a space station. Come on. Let's go eat. And you should see the shops usenet petite loli they've got here! You'll love `em!" Now that Ivan was over his depression, his enthusiasm was hard to withstand. Byerly was thinking that it might be easiest to just take the path of least resistance and follow along, when a striking person of medium height with platinum blond hair that stood up in spikes and very young loli pussy skin as dark and lustrous as burgundy wine strode up. In spite of himself, Byerly stared, lost in pure aesthetic wonder. This extraordinary person was decorated with metallic tattoos that contrasted with the dark skin. They swirled down the face and neck accenting the chiseled features of the young…man? The decorations made it a little difficult to be certain. Whichever sex, there was a piratical air about the person, something to do with the fact that it only wore one earring and had a short cape on over the grey military uniform. "Are you coming, By?" Ivan called back over his shoulder. His body swivled to follow his widening eyes as he caught sight of the sparkling apparition. The young person approached them and asked, "Are you Byerly Vorrutyer?" "Well, yes, I am." Byerly murmured, still lost in admiration. "I'm Lieutenant Volėké Vegnam, jump pilot of the fast courier Ariel, Dendarii Free Mercenaries. I was sent to find you and get you on board as quickly as possible. We are due to jump free porn loli to in just under 26 hours and we have to cross quite a bit of Komarr space to get into position before then. I am sorry to have to rush you, but Admiral Quinn is in a hurry for some reason." "You're a herm, right? From Beta Colony?" Ivan asked, hoping the question was not rude. Several hundred years earlier when the science of genetic engineering had been in its infancy, scientists on Beta Colony had developed a strain of humans who lolia message boards were true hermaphrodites. These had both male and female top100 loli sites sexual organs and were sexually functional. Extremely functional from everything Ivan had ever heard. This jump pilot was apparently one of them. "Yes," it said, "I am. Now, do you have your luggage?" free naked lolicon It looked around as if expecting to see their trunks lying about in the middle of the concourse. "They were checked through from Barrayar," said Byerly, rousing himself from his reverie. "Oh, good!" Vegnam exclaimed. "Then we can just slide out of here. Come with me, we're docked over with the freighters on the other side of the station." Lieutenant Vegnam lead the way, striding like a comet towards one of the smaller archways loli kindergarden nude leading out. It seemed to have no trouble wending its way through the crowded concourse, people just melted away before it and Ivan and Byerly trailed like plasma in its wake. They soon left the passenger areas and found themselves wending their way through a maze of corridors, hangers, and warehouse spaces. The gravity in this area was limited to walkways that curved around the floor, the walls and across what appeared to be the ceilings in a meaningless way that Byerly found faintly disturbing. "Can't get lolicon tgp mowie lost in a space station did you say, Ivan? I confess, I would have no idea how to get back the way we came." A huge cylindrical agglomeration of trunks and suitcases all strapped together into a roughly cylindrical shape floated out from around a bend ahead. It was controlled by a little pod in front and another tied on behind. They came to a fork in the walkway and Vegnam lead them to the left. Their path apparently went up one of the walls and then upside down across the ceiling; however, when they got to the wall and then the ceiling, they seemed to turn into the floor, while the part of the walkway they had just left appeared to be upside down. "Oh dear," Byerly muttered to himself. Even Ivan, who had some experience in null G looked a little green. "Almost there, folks," Leutenant Vegnam announced cheerfully. Just step through here. If you're feeling queasy, don't look up." Byerly and Ivan immediately looked up. They were in a long corridor whose sides and ceiling were completely transparent. Above them, etched against the black deep of space, were the stars. Not the friendly, twinkling lights of Barrayar's night preteen nude lolits sky, but billions of tiny, completely distinct points of lights showing with the crystal clarity against the pitch black of absolute vacuum. Floating directly over their heads with impossible buoyancy was an Illyrican fast cruiser, the Ariel. It was actually quite a small vessel, only about the size of a large house, but to Byerly, the Ariel appeared vast and dangerous. Intellectually, he knew that the ship was floating, weightless, in space; but, perhaps because he was himself still standing within the artificial gravity field of the walkway, his body was convinced loli preeteens that he was about to be crushed by the vast object above him. The walkway curved upward, though it appeared, when they reached the next section, that they were still on a flat surface. But looking back, the path they had just traversed looked like it was going straight down. At this point Byerly became completely disoriented. He lost all sense of where up was or down or left or right and, along with his sense of direction he lost the remains of his lunch eaten several hours earlier. Apparently Leutenant Vegnam had been expecting something of the sort for at the sound of poor Byerly's first retch it whipped around with a sack it had been holding ready. "Don't worry about it, it happens to everybody. Personally, I think the old system where you just floated out to the ship through an opaque tube was much easier to deal with for most people. In weightlessness the body doesn't have expectations. There! Better now?" Ivan listened with some amusement to the almost motherly tone of voice coming out of the glittering herm. He was a little queasy himself, but he had experienced null-G quite often and was more hardened. "Okay, sweetie," the herm went on, with his arm around Byerly's shoulders, "You see where the tube goes totally transparent just ahead? That's where there the artificial gravity ends. You just grab those handles and give yourself a tiny little push and you'll float right through. On the other end, you can see from here that there are a couple more handles just like these. You want to grab those and stop yourself. You'll just float across stick out your foot and put it down on the mat. Then you ease the rest of your body over and there you are. Once you are on the lolits video bbs mat, you will be in the ship's gravity field and you can stand up. It's a piece of cake. That fellow on the other end is Telcha. He'll catch you. Byerly
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