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Related post: Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 17:23:38 PDT From: Chip Dyp Subject: Call Boy 3 The following program contains material suited for a nonude elweb bbs mature audience. If you are not over 18 you should be leaving now. Of course I can't control you and neither can anyone else really. This story is entirely false except for the true parts. And now for our feature presentation. Viewer Discretion is advised... My web site is located at Boy 3 by: Chip Dyp ( After Ryan had walked out child xxx bbs message on me in anger, I spent the week staying busy. I thoroughly cleaned my condo, and my car. I studied ahead in my law classes. I finished projects ahead of time. I watched videos that I had been meaning to watch for a while. It didn't matter though. Ryan was still front and centre in my thoughts, my dreams, and my fantasies. I'd dream of him and me together. Making love in our bed, in our house, trying to stay quiet while our sons slept. I'd fantasize bbs nude gallery about marrying Ryan in a big ceremony. About growing old together. About having someone to love, someone to talk to other than my cat. I even went to the bar one night, but that was a futile gesture. There was no one around that could even start to compare with Ryan. The three guys I talked to were too vain, too stupid, and too unhappy to even bother getting to know. japanese pedo bbs The week dragged and dragged and dragged. When Saturday rolled around, I was feeling a little better. Ryan was still something I thought about, but he wasn't always foremost on my mind. I was sitting at my desk, my nose buried in a book of case law looking up a precedent when a page came in for me. little virgins bbs post kidds bbs I glanced free angels bbs down at the number, half hoping it was Ryan, and half hoping it wasn't. It wasn't. It stories bbs sex was Hugh. I had a client. I looked at the number and then got up and grabbed my coat. The client wanted something special. I walked down to the payphone at the 7-11 and dialled in Hughie's cell number. "Hi beautiful," I said as Hugh answered the phone. "Hi yourself, gorgeous. The client is looking for a son. There's an extra $200 in it for you if you play young russians bbs the part." "Age?" "17 bbs lists russia porn or 18." I thought about it for a while. Guys looking to fuck their sons always bothered me a bit. It was really, really kinky. But, for two hundred bucks extra...I'd do it. bbs lm 114 "'Kay. kids porn bbs russian I'll do it. What time and where does dorki bbs pics he want me?" "4:00, room 934, Hotel Fort Garry." kbook sven star bbs I mentally deducted 3 from the three room numbers. teen art pics bbs Room 601 was where the job was. Biting my lip, I thought about the job for a second longer. "All right, I'll be there. Have a good night." "You too." bbs nude 2007 magic I walked back to my car and looked at the time. It was just after two, and I ls models links bbs needed about half an hour to get to the Hotel. I had just enough time to have a shower, get dressed in a t-shirt, my old high school jacket, and a pair of jeans. I debated shaving a little bit of my pubic hair, but decided against it. I used to shave regularly but I always hated when the stubble grew back. I was continually scratching myself because it itched like mad. When I got home, Mac meowed loudly at me. I smiled at sven bbs nicepix bbs my cat. "Don't worry, Mac. I'll be okay." I picked him up, 12 yo girl bbs and scratched him behind the ears. He rubbed the top of his head against my chin, and bbs porn teen then struggled to get free. I let Mac drop to the floor and walked over to the storage closet. In the closet was my old models vlad russian bbs high school jacket. I bbs dark images had removed anything that might lead a trick back to me personally, but topsites bbs girl it still looked good. The tricks seemed to like it anyway. japanese lorita bbs Made me look young and virginal--something I haven't been for a while. I could still remember my first time like it was just yesterday. Michael was two years older than me, and is the man most responsible for making me who I am today. When I met him, I was decidedly shy. Now I can stand up, and defend myself verbally. I had had few friends. Basically I was an outcast. I didn't go in for sports, I didn't do guy things like the rest of the guys in my school. I just sat in the library, reading books. Not to say I was a teacher's dorki ls bbs pet. Everyone knows, teachers klass post bbs like jocks and brains. Everyone else just falls through the cracks. My ascerbic nature didn't make me any friends among the faculty or the student body either. russian naturist bbs Michael was a nice guy. password bbs mom That's the only way that I can describe him to this day. He was smart, but not overly so. He was athletic, but not athletic enough to play on the school teams. He got along with everyone, no matter what clique you were in. I despised him. I despised his popularity, his suave nature. When he walked down the hallways, girls would always look at him and smile. bbs cp pictures And for some reason, no matter how short I was with uncensored photos bbs him, he always said hi to me when he saw me walking in the halls. One thing I can say about Michael free bbs pussy is that rorikon bbs he is a very persistent man. Everyday, he would sit down in the school library with me, and just talk about life in general. He wouldn't say anything about schoolwork, or our angel bbs parents, or even other kids in school. He would talk about something he had seen in the paper, and ask me for my opinions. In the beginning, I hated being put on the spot, but as time wore on, I began to enjoy our conversations. Eventually our daily chats were the reason I spent so much time in the library. He'd always come down to the library after school and say hi to me. He always assumed that I liked doing my homework at school before going home, but the truth was I didn't want to deal with my parents. They never let me forget that I was an accident, and that I was a burden to the family. Because of me, my mom never finished university. Because of me, we never had any money. Because of me, my parents drank. Everything was my fault, and they never let me forget it. best teen link bbs One afternoon, Michael walked into the library and walked over to where I was sitting. I had had an especially bad day, and I didn't want to talk to anyone. I wanted to sit and soak in my misery, to revel in my own self-pity. Michael wouldn't let me though. xxx youth bbs He kept xxx links bbs nattering away until I freaked out. I went to bbs girls boards porno leave, when he grabbed me and hugged me tight. I broke down and started crying in his arms. Everything came out. How I hated my parents. How they hated me. Michael took me out to his car and drove me down to the Forks. As we walked around the historic heart of Winnipeg, Michael listened as I talked and talked. When littles bbs pussys we got ls mix bbs tired, we sat down on the bank of the Red River and stared at the flowing water. And then he kissed me. I was stunned to say the least. bbs very young teens It felt so good, so right. I kissed him back and rubbed his chest. He smiled at me and took my hand. We went back to his house, and he made love to me. He was so gentle, so sweet, so caring. I spent that night in his bed, my head resting on his chest. When his parent's woke us the next morning, they were a little surprised, but they took it well. They had known that Michael was gay; they just didn't expect to find me lying naked in his bed. They were friendly enough though. They also told me that they wouldn't tell my parents, which had been a major concern for me. Michael and I stayed together for two years. The year I graduated from high school, he got accepted to the Dalhousie School of Dentistry. I wanted to go with him, but my parents wouldn't hear of it. I was going to the University of Manitoba or nowhere. So with a heavy heart, Michael and I broke up. Neither of us wanted a long distance relationship. We still talked though. Well, we did until I became a whore. I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I had sunk so bbs dark angels low. I sighed and walked teens collection bbs into the bathroom. It was time to get ready. After a quick shower, I did my hair to make me look younger and shaved so I could pass for someone under 18. It wasn't hard. I grabbed a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs out of the chill porn bbs drawer and pulled them on. Being young is a state of mind. Pull the boxers ls magazine bbs nn up a little higher, so people can see the waistband, and let the baggy jeans hang on your hips and sex anime bbs voila. You are a young punk. I pulled on a white CK ranchibbs One shirt and took a quick look in the mirror. I didn't look a day older than Ryan. tgp teen free bbs With a sad smile, I turned around and packed my backpack. I always hated packing my backpack. It reminded me that I was about to let some man drool over me, use me and then when he's done, discard me. I had to make sure I had enough condoms, lube, and other necessities. It would never do to run out of protection before the client ran out of sex drive. I left my wallet in the bedroom and grabbed my keys. Mac yowled at me once more, and as I bent to pet him, he ran away. The drive to the hotel took about 35 minutes, which was longer girl bbs links than I was anticipating. I drove my car into the parking garage, and then looked in the rear view mirror. I took a deep breath and hoped out of the car. Time to go act like I'm someone's son. I paused in front of the elevator and smiled politely at the businessman who was waiting for the free bbs nude pics elevator to arrive. bbs free pics When the doors opened, we let the bbspornillegal family that was in the car out, and took their place. "Which floor," The gentleman asked me after he pressed the button for the eighth floor. "The sixth floor please," I replied politely. "So where are you from," The man asked to make conversation. forum bbs teen "I'm from Red Deer. I'm here to see my dad for the weekend." "Your parents are divorced?" "Yeah," I lied. I was in character now. I wanted to be on my best behaviour for my daddy. "That's too bad. I don't think I could handle losing my son." "Yeah, it's tough." The elevator doors opened and I got off on the sixth floor. "Have a good day," I said with a smile. As I walked down the hall, I paused to look at myself in the mirror. I rearranged my hair a bit, and smiled. I sighed and pulled the tazer out of my coat pocket. If daddy tried anything dumb, he'd regret it. When I got to the door, I knocked three times and glanced around the hallway. It was empty, save for the elegant bbs post sex furniture. I always loved the Hotel nude models bbs Fort Garry. It was old, elegant, and full of class. I heard someone approach the oak door and watched as the peephole darkened. My trick was waiting. "Who is it?" "It's your son, daddy," I replied as I tried to look young. "Are you going to let me in?" "Just a second, son." I heard the door lock click and the door was pulled open. Standing at the side of the door, was an older man, maybe forty years old. His hair was thinning, but he still looked like he was in good physical condition. nude photography bbs I walked into the room, and past the trick. Without thinking, I had violated one of my rules. As I passed the trick, he pushed the door shut and clubbed me on the back of the head. I crumpled into a heap in the hallway of the ro
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